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The Ten Great Territory Ancestors were the real heroes among the other Territory Ancestors. They were the strongest individuals in this vast sea of stars.

The Territory Ancestors could create a galaxy and new species. It was the greatest ability of the warrior's power Upanishads. They were the ultimate existences in the Sea Domain of Nihility and in every race. The Territory Ancestor Realm was the highest realm that warriors could reach.

Han Tian was one of the Ten Great Territory Ancestors. He was the pride of the Mysterious Sky Clan and the super expert that people in many territories acknowledged. He was the main pillar of the Mysterious Sky Clan and the most supernatural hero.

Also, he said that the unknown Bloodthirsty could turn the Sea Domain of Nihility upside down and that he was one level weaker than Bloodthirsty…

Ya Yun didn't have any doubt.

"So that Bloodthirsty came from Desolate Territory? How could that territory create such a genius?" Ya Yun was perplexed for a while. She asked with surprise.

"Sir Han Tian and that Bloodthirsty had met up for a short time. He saw Bloodthirsty slaughter the members of the Devouring Clan brutally. And the strange thing was that his power Upanishad was very similar to the Devouring Clan. It seemed like he had mastered the lost power Upanishad of the Devouring Clan. Also, he had mastered the eight great evil power Upanishads of the Devouring Clan. It was unimaginable!" Tu Shi Qi was also surprised.

"Rumors said that Devour, the Absolute Beginning creature, had created the Devouring Clan using his flesh and blood. However, Devour had disappeared for a long time. No one knows if he's still alive or not. However, after so many years, the Devouring Clan has developed a lot, and the competencies of the experts in their clan could be as high as their Ancestor Devour. The Devouring Clan is the most mysterious clan among the seven clans. We don't know how strong they are. Even the cruel, brutal Soul Clan and the overbearing Dark Demon Clan don't dare to challenge or offend the Devouring Clan. Why did Bloodthirsty go ma.s.sacre the Devouring Clan? How could he know Devouring power Upanishad, the lost Upanishad of the Devouring Clan?" Ya Yun felt a little puzzled.

Tu Shi Qi gave her a forced smile. "I think even Sir Han Tian couldn't answer your questions. When he saw Bloodthirsty kill so many members of the Devouring Clan and make blood flow like a river, he was excited. He wanted to try. He had fought Bloodthirsty. Sir Han Tian was defeated. Then, he tried to create a good friendship with Bloodthirsty. They drank together and then he invited Bloodthirsty to visit our clan when he had free time…

"Bloodthirsty had accepted his invitation. However, after they bid farewell, they hadn't met up again. Bloodthirsty seemed to have disappeared from the Sea Domain of Nihility like a random traveler. However, Sir Han Tian couldn't forget him. He highly appreciated him. He asked us to pay attention to see if we can find any information about Desolate Territory. As Bloodthirsty was so powerful, we hoped to unite or be friends with him."

"Oh. Now, I know why you tried your best to create a good relationship with that kid. It turns out that you know Desolate Territory has given birth to someone so terrifying!" said Ya Yun.

"If that kid can become a new Bloodthirsty, let alone the things we offered him, even if we give him ten times more than that, it will be worth it!" said Tu Shi Qi.

Ya Yun was surprised. "You're a hardcore gambler. But you're always right."

"Wait to see it. This kid will be one of my biggest bets and I will win for sure!" Tu Shi Qi laughed haughtily.

Right at this moment, an earth-shaking explosion came from the cave entrance of Shi Yan's cave.


The stone door of the cave entrance was broken into pieces and dust scattered everywhere. Barago of the Earth Ghoul Tribe had directly crushed the stone door. He didn't even care about the Dragon Lizard Clan. With a sinister smile hanging on his face, he brought the three subordinates storming into the cave.

When the members of other third-cla.s.s clans around heard the loud explosion, they retracted their neck and closed their caves.

The ones who still had the guts to observe the situation were staying far from the cave of the Heavenly Eye Clan. They were fearful as they looked at this area from a distance.

"The Earth Ghoul Tribe has become more rampant!" said a guard of the Dragon Lizard Clan through his gritted teeth.

The other guards of the Dragon Lizard Clan had the same thought. Their eyes turned red as if they hated that they couldn't kill and pull the intestines of those Earth Ghoul Tribe members out of their stomachs.

However, they knew that the Earth Ghoul Tribe was the Soul Clan's hound. It wasn't tough to kill the Earth Ghoul Tribe, but the Soul Clan wasn't the enemy that the Dragon Lizard Clan could handle.

Unless… Unless their forefather Dragon Lizard could reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. When that happened, they would have a strong backup, though.


"Hey friends from Heavenly Eye clan. Don't hide. Get out and talk." Barago grinned sinisterly. He walked into the cave, his face calm. He appeared with the green face and yellow fangs, accompanied by a strange smile that made him more gruesome.

His voice echoed loudly as if he did that on purpose so people would know how haughty and proud their Earth Ghoul Tribe was.

"So they are the members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe?" Shi Yan walked out of the stone chamber, his face surprised. He eyed the four clansmen of the Earth Ghoul Tribe and said seriously. "You're right. They're like fearsome, nauseating ghosts. They're really one of the ugliest races in this universe, indeed!"

Audrey stood by him. After a short glance at the members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe, she looked cold and disdainful. Her facial expression and manners suited Shi Yan's harsh words well.

Yvelines forced a smile. He didn't know if Shi Yan's plan could work. He focused and checked around. He found that the four members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe hadn't found anything strange yet. He snorted and closed his eyes. "You guys smashed my door to get in here. I wonder what made you do that?"

Barago didn't look at Yvelines. His white-gray eyes gazed at Shi Yan as he said coldly, "Little doggo, what is the ugliest race in the universe?"

"Isn't it you guys?" Shi Yan was astounded. His face was awkward as if he wanted to say, "You knew it and you still wanted to ask me.""Well, everybody knows that, but you don't know anything?"

"Kill him! Kill him for me!" Barago shouted ear-piercingly.

A member of the Earth Ghoul Tribe at First Sky of Immortal Realm behind him immediately stormed over and spurted out a black, Yin ball. The ball was icy cold with thick Yin Qi that fell on Shi Yan's head.

The black ball exploded and turned into an icy pond that covered Shi Yan.

"Keep that woman alive! I want to f*ck her to death. I want them to see the result of offending our Earth Ghoul Tribe! You f*cking alien. You dare to humiliate our n.o.ble Earth Ghoul Tribe. You can't be forgiven. I will torture you to death!" Barago screamed wildly, his voice thundering and echoing around the valley.

Only the third-cla.s.s clans gathered in this area. Since the Earth Ghoul Tribe was a second-cla.s.s race and depended on the Soul Clan, Barago thought that no one dared to interfere with his business.

Even the Dragon Lizard Clan didn't dare to do that!

Audrey gazed at Barago with her cold eyes and said coldly. "Even the Soul Clan's dogs are that haughty. You don't recognize your responsibility as the dogs, so you should become dead dogs!"


Shi Yan was indifferent. His lips parted to make one sound, which then turned into a scorching flame that shrouded the cold pond. Shortly after, it burned the pond into ashes.

The Earth Ghoul Tribe warrior at First Sky of Immortal Realm turned red and tried to swallow a gulp of blood that had just churned in his throat.

"Uh-huh, members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe, I'm enlightened now. Just like what you told us. They are haughty and ugly. Thus, we don't need to talk." Shi Yan said calmly, his power surging. Shortly after, the room was filled with magical s.p.a.ce energy.

Right after that, Yvelines, Adams, Masha, and Audrey faded and disappeared as if they were just illusions.

"Sir, this place… this place isn't the cave! It's a spatial trap! We're trapped in another s.p.a.ce!"

The member of the Earth Ghoul Tribe at the First Sky of Immortal Realm who had just fought against Shi Yan discolored and shouted as he found something wrong.

He was right. This place wasn't a cave. It was the new s.p.a.ce that Shi Yan had created by using the Fantasy Boundary Stone!

This s.p.a.ce was the exact copy of the original stone common room with the same walls, stone tables, and stools. Everything here was created with the power of the fantasy s.p.a.ce. They were indeed just illusions.

At this moment, Audrey and the other three had returned to the real stone chamber where a light cl.u.s.ter hovered in the middle. Inside the light cl.u.s.ter was Shi Yan and the members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe. Audrey and the others could see the situation clearly as if they were watching something under the lake through the water surface.

"That world looks so real. I hadn't expected his s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to reach such a magical level. It isn't different from reality here. If we hadn't returned, I would have thought that we were still in that world and thought it was real!" Masha said as she was totally convinced.

Audrey was also surprised. Now, she knew that when Shi Yan solved the spatial lock, he harvested new achievements in s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. Otherwise, he couldn't have deceived the others by creating an illusional world using the Fantasy Boundary Stone that the others couldn't tell if it was real or not.

Just like her, Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were also astounded.

Different from the other warriors of third-cla.s.s races who couldn't tell the situation because of their low realms, they knew exactly what was going on inside the cave.

Because Ya Yun had given Shi Yan the Fantasy Boundary Stone, they could recognize the feeble s.p.a.ce energy from that cave.

"I think today is a bad day for the Earth Ghoul Tribe. That kid is correct. Being the dogs, they should have recognized their responsibility as dogs. They shouldn't deem themselves as the wolves. Because if they do that, they will get pretty close to death." Tu Shi Qi laughed fiendishly. "That kid has power. He used the Fantasy Boundary Stone to create a cave and seal the door. He lured the Earth Ghoul Tribe to break the door to get in his trap. Haha, in the world he has created, how could the Earth Ghoul Tribe members do anything?"

"His understanding and application of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad are really extraordinary. This kid does have endless potential," appraised Ya Yun.

While they were talking, Shi Yan stayed inside that world and curled his lips into a smile. "Well, stay here and enjoy the marvel of the exploding s.p.a.ce."

Then, he left the s.p.a.ce and returned to the real stone common room. He pointed at the world that looked like a cl.u.s.ter of light.


Just like eggs that exploded, the light cl.u.s.ter burst and sent out the formidable energy of a collapsing s.p.a.ce.

Audrey, Yvelines, Adams, and Masha could see clearly that the members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe inside that world had their bodies shatter like gla.s.s falling on hard ground. Their bodies burst into so many pieces that they couldn't have a worse death.

Their soul altars were smashed. Their souls turned into feeble wisps that tried to escape the cave.

"Rascal! I won't let it go! The Earth Ghoul Tribe will make you pay the bloodiest price! Wait to see it!" Barago's soul slithered and tried to escape the cave while shouting crazily.

The power Upanishad that the Earth Ghoul Tribe cultivated was bestowed by the Soul Clan. Thus, it was also magical. After their soul altars broke, their souls were still able to escape.

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