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Dragon Lizard Star.

In the middle of the well-lit palace underground, many members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe were operating. Members of this tribe had green faces and yellow fangs, which made them more like demons. They lived underground year round and they hated light. Thus, their features were dark and sinister with bloodthirsty deeds.

The members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe were really short. They were as tall as ten-year-old human kids. However, their bodies were tough and full of cold Yin. Most of their power Upanishads were malicious.

Currently, an Incipient G.o.d Realm Earth Ghoul expert ran to this palace where the Dragon Lizard Clan accommodated theEarth Ghoul Tribe. He met the leader of the tribe coming here this time. He screamed excitedly. "Sir Barago, I have good news. It's very useful for you!"

Inside the palace, Barago of the Earth Ghoul Tribe at Second Sky of Immortal Realm was the head of their delegation to the Dragon Lizard Clan this time. He was one of the hotshots under the forefather of the tribe.

Barago's eyes were white-gray and it gave people a heavy impression of death. He snorted and said impatiently, "I need to meet up with the Soul Clan quickly. If you have any news, you better report quickly. Don't waste my time."

"Sir, as you've ordered, I've always paid attention to the treasures that can affect or control the soul. When I visited the trading zone of the third-cla.s.s clans, I found that the Heavenly Eye Clan was selling a Fascinating Divine Eye. They said that the eye could even hypnotize the soul at the Immortal Realm…"

He hurried to report the situation, his eyes yearning. He looked at his master and a.s.sured him, "I've tested it. It worked well. I got fascinated immediately. However, I didn't have the materials they wanted to trade and I couldn't force them to give it to me, so I came to report it to you."

"The Fascinating Divine Eye?" Barago was surprised. He was excited as he nodded inwardly.

He knew that the members of the Heavenly Eye Clan were born with a third eye with magical effects. It wasn't some sort of power Upanishad but an innate supernatural power. The power of the eye increased as the warrior's realm increased.

Sometimes, the power of the third eye remained even after the owner died. The members of the Heavenly Eye Clan would keep the magical eye of their deceased precursors to exchange for some special cultivating materials.

Barago was sent by the forefather of the Earth Ghoul Tribe to work with Singh. Singh had told them to find something that could hypnotize people.

Singh had made himself clear that if Barago could find the top treasure that could function as he pleased, he would give him a lot of good rewards.

Singh was the General Commander of the Soul Clan and even the forefather of the Earth Ghoul Tribe had to respect him. If Barago got his favor, it would be very good for him.

Barago was moved, his face more sinister. "What realms do the Heavenly Eye warriors have? Do you know where they are staying?"

"Sir, don't worry. I found them. Among their group of three, only two have reached First Sky of Immortal Realm and the woman is at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. As long as you go there, we can take that fascinating eye as easily as flipping our hands. We won't encounter anything unexpected!" said the other.

Barago thought about it. He guessed that the area lodging third-cla.s.s clans wouldn't have any strong warriors.

"Lead the way. We're going there!" His eyes raked around and shot a look at the two First Sky of Immortal Realm experts. "You two, come with me."

Barago's guard heard him, they stood up, and the four of them ran toward Shi Yan.

Shortly after, Barago took his men to the cave where Shi Yan's team was lodging.

Many members of other clans were staying near the cave. Seeing Barago at Second Sky of Immortal Realm come and recognizing him from the infamous the Earth Ghoul Tribe, they were frightened. They stayed as far away as possible from them. No one wanted trouble.

In this area, the Earth Ghoul Tribe was a clan that n.o.body liked to stay close to. They lived deep in the dark underground. They were abnormal and bloodthirsty, indeed. Also, they looked for revenge for the slightest grudge.

The Earth Ghoul Tribe wasn't weak and they got the Soul Clan, their master, behind them. They had troubled the other second-cla.s.s clans a lot.

The Water Tribe near them especially hated the Earth Ghoul Tribe the most. However, the Water Tribe was afraid of the Soul Clan, so they didn't dare to confront the Earth Ghoul Tribe directly. In many cases, they had to press down their anger.

The guards of the Dragon Lizard Clan in this area were supposed to keep up security and control the situation. However, after Barago showed up, the Dragon Lizard guards reluctantly stepped back and hid in the caves. They observed the situation from the cave entrance.

The guy who had come to warn Yvelines was standing with his friends. With a heavy complexion, he shook his head. "I warned them. If they had left immediately, the Earth Ghoul Tribe wouldn't have caught them. Now, they can't leave even if they want to leave."

"Sigh, if the Earth Ghoul Tribe wasn't the henchmen of the Soul Clan, we would have killed them already!" said a guard of the Dragon Lizard Clan while looking outraged.

They knew that the forefather of the Earth Ghoul Tribe was a.s.signed to monitor them. He often visited the Dragon Lizard Clan and asked Dragon Lizard to unite with the Soul Clan.

The Dragon Lizard Clan, the Earth Ghoul Tribe, and the Water Tribe dwelled near each other. Sometimes, they had minor conflicts, but the Earth Ghoul Tribe would use the Soul Clan as their backup to gain the upper hand. The Dragon Lizard Clan and the Water Tribe couldn't deal with the Soul Clan, so they had to yield most of the time.

Gradually, the Earth Ghoul Tribe's arrogance expanded. Recently, they had acted haughtily around as if they were the real overlords of this area.

This could be seen from their deed of attacking Yvelines' team while staying in the Dragon Lizard Clan's territory.

Since it was the area where third-cla.s.s clans gathered, the warriors here, who weren't the Earth Ghoul Tribe's opponents, decided to stay away from trouble.

The Dragon Lizard Clan had to open one eye and close one eye, pretending to see nothing.

Of course, there was still an exception.

In a corner in front of Shi Yan's team, Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were watching the situation from their cave.

They had disguised themselves again. Ya Yun had changed back to her hag appearance. Tu Shi Qi didn't have a bald head anymore. Now, his hair grew lushly like a bush and he appeared as a filthy, ugly old man.

At this moment, they stood by their cave entrance while looking surprised.

"Isn't that cave where the two kids were staying? The Earth Ghoul Tribe is the Soul Clan's watchdog. Why did they come to find him? Strange. The Earth Ghoul Tribe has heard wind of our affair that quickly?" Ya Yun mumbled as she was bewildered. Then, she snorted, "If they dare to act rashly, we have to show ourselves to kill them!"

When they had fought against Singh, the forefather of the Earth Ghoul Tribe had supported Singh. After Tu Shi Qi got into the spatial lock as he got hurt severely, Ya Yun had had to conceal and disguise herself to run away. She had to be cautious because of the Earth Ghoul Tribe's ears and eyes. Along her way to Dragon Lizard Star, the Earth Ghoul Tribe had often troubled her. It filled her with indignation.

"Don't beat the gra.s.s. It will scare the snake," Tu Shi Qi shook his head. At the critical moment, he was placid. "On the surface, the Dragon Lizard Clan has a good relationship with the Soul Clan. If we're exposed and Dragon Lizard doesn't know Singh's plan yet, I'm afraid he'll join hands with Singh to deal with us. Then, our plan will be gone. We won't be able to escape safely."

"However, those two kids aren't an equal match to the Earth Ghoul Tribe. I'm afraid they will be killed instantly," said Ya Yun.

Tu Shi Qi had a strange halo in his eyes as he grinned. "You underestimated that kid. A warrior who has understood Dark Energy when he's pretty young won't be killed quickly and easily. Also, his life form has transformed. It's one level higher than ours. He's much stronger than warriors at the same realm. I think it's not easy for the Earth Ghoul Tribe to kill him."

Listening to him, Ya Yun looked bewildered. "You rarely appreciate a man that much. Even the outstanding juniors in our clan have never received your compliments. So, you think that he could defeat that Earth Ghoul Tribe expert at Second Sky of Immortal Realm with his Incipient G.o.d Realm? How could that be possible?"

"Well, if he confronts him directly, it will be impossible. However, if he uses his head… he'll still have a big chance," Tu Shi Qi smiled and comforted his wife. "Don't worry. We'll just watch from here. If things accelerate in the wrong way, I will take action immediately to kill the Earth Ghoul Tribe experts. Then, we will take that little couple out of Dragon Lizard Star as fast as possible!"

Taking a deep breath, Tu Shi Qi put on a serious face. "His life is more important than Singh's. Even if he can't become the Nonnative Officer of our clan, it's also useful for our clan when we can create an enemy at the Territory Ancestor Realm for the Soul Clan. Muahaha, the warriors from Desolate Territory aren't as weak as people have rumored. There is someone extraordinarily powerful. It's just that not many people know about him."

"Have you ever met anybody from Desolate Territory?" Ya Yun was surprised.

Tu Shi Qi shook his head, "I've never seen anyone, but our clan has some records. A man called Bloodthirsty used to come to the Sea Domain of Nihility from Desolate Territory. He didn't stay in theSea Domain of Nihility for a long time, so not many people know about him. A precursor of our clan used to mention him in a confidential record. He said that Bloodthirsty was very terrifying and could bring a destructive change to the Sea Domain of Nihility. Unfortunately, in this Sea Domain of Nihility, he was just like an orchid cactus that bloomed and withered quickly. He had left quickly afterward.

"He could bring a destructive change to Sea Domain of Nihility. Er, was our precursor wrong? I didn't think that Bloodthirsty could be so powerful like that." Ya Yun shook her head and smiled as she thought that Tu Shi Qi had just exaggerated.

"I don't think he was wrong because he said that he had battled that expert once and he knew that he was a little weaker!" said Tu Shi Qi.

"Well, then it could be because of his low competence, right?" Ya Yun pouted her lips.

"His low competence?" Tu Shi Qi gave her a forced smile.

"Who?" Ya Yun was surprised.

"Sir Han Tian," Tu Shi Qi said the name with a respectful, stern complexion.

Ya Yun jolted up. She looked bewildered and she couldn't even speak.

Han Tian was one of the Territory Ancestor Realm of the Mysterious Sky Clan. He was also the strongest warrior of their clan. He was famous for his brutality and power in the Sea Domain of Nihility. He was one of the Ten Great Territory Ancestors with an earth-shaking reputation in this vast sea of stars.

This vast sea of stars has so many territories and there were very few experts who reached the Territory Ancestor Realm. However, Han Tian was one of the ten strongest experts.

The Ten Great Territory Ancestors were the strongest individuals among countless warriors. They were acknowledged as the ones that had reached the greatest realms.

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