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Inside the s.p.a.cious stone common room, Yvelines, Adams, and Masha winced. Seeing Shi Yan walk toward them, they reluctantly smiled to greet him.

Shi Yan noticed a shadow flash and disappear in front of the cave. It seemed to follow the three to their lodge.

"Did you get anything nice?" Masha sat at the table and poured herself a cup of water. She finished it in one gulp and then asked Shi Yan.

"Yeah, we got something," smiled Shi Yan.

Right when he finished, he was startled when he looked at the cave entrance.

A member of the Dragon Lizard Clan at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm appeared by their door and called, "Can I come in?"

The members of the Heavenly Eye Clan looked tense. They urged their G.o.d power, their faces grave.

"Come in," Yvelines spoke cautiously and winked at Shi Yan to make him more cautious.

That Dragon Lizard clansman was around three meters tall. He looked like a rock with a lot of muscles. While moving, his long spiky tail dragged on the ground and created an ear-piercing noise.

After the lizard walked through the door, he talked to Yvelines's group with a heavy face. "I suggest you guys leave as soon as possible. The members of the Earth Ghoul Tribe knows your location. I'm afraid they will act against your will."

"We're in your Dragon Lizard Clan's territory. You can't even ensure our safety? We're invited here. Just a small problem and you show us this face?" Masha was outraged and she screamed.

Shi Yan didn't say anything. He didn't know what had happened, so he turned to ask Yvelines.

"Oh, we also have some items to trade. While we were in a bustling area, a member of the Earth Ghoul Tribe was interested in one of the items, but he didn't have the materials we wanted. He forced us to trade with something we didn't want. So we quarreled," explained Yvelines.

"Earth Ghoul Tribe?" Shi Yan frowned.

After he had received the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s from Tu Shi Qi, he had taken a look of the surrounding areas. The Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s had a record about this tribe.

He knew that Earth Ghoul Tribe controlled the area closest to the Dragon Lizard Clan. In this vast sea of stars, the Earth Ghoul Tribe was a second-cla.s.s clan. The forefather of the tribe was at Third Sky of Immortal Realm. Although he wasn't as powerful as Dragon Lizard, he was famous in the surrounding areas.

The most important information about this tribe was that Earth Ghoul Tribe was the Soul Clan's loyal watchdog. The ancestor of Earth Ghoul Tribe used to be a servant of a strong expert at the Territory Ancestor level in Soul Clan. His master had bestowed him the power Upanishad, which he had cultivated to Third Sky of Immortal Realm. When he returned to Earth Ghoul Tribe, he called himself their forefather.

Thus, Earth Ghoul Tribe stuck to the Soul Clan. Rumors said that Earth Ghoul Tribe's ancestor had returned to his tribe because he was a.s.signed to watch over the Dragon Lizard Clan, which was next to their tribe. His mission was to persuade Dragon Lizard to unite with the Soul Clan.

The Heavenly Eye Clan was just a small, third-cla.s.s race. It wasn't as strong as Earth Ghoul Tribe and it didn't have a strong foundation. If they had a dispute with Earth Ghoul Tribe members, they wouldn't get any support.

"After that Earth Ghoul Tribe clansman left the scene, he immediately went to another area. I think he must have reported to the experts in his clan. Earth Ghoul Tribe and the Soul Clan have a close relationship. This time, Commander Singh of the Soul Clan is here too. We… It's really hard for us, you know. You guys exchange the Fascinating Divine Eye to him or you better leave now. Otherwise, I'm not sure if our Dragon Lizard Clan can protect you."

The guard of the Dragon Lizard Clan reluctantly talked them out of it and then left hastily. He told them to consider the matter carefully.

"The Fascinating Divine Eye? What's that?" Shi Yan frowned, "Why does that Earth Ghoul find your eye interesting?"

"This eye," an eye emerged on Masha's palm. The eye was a rhombus, pink crystal, which was so beautiful and full of sparkling energy that could enchant people. "It's the third eye of a precursor in our clan. After she pa.s.sed away, we kept her eye. This eye can fascinate people and make them tell secrets they hide in the bottom of their hearts. That man said that he wanted to give this eye to the Commander of the Soul Clan. He knows that it's very useful, so he forced us to trade the eye to him."


Audrey's closed door sprang open. She had resumed her cold, arrogant, and indifferent face. She had changed into a pure white dress. She emerged from the door and screamed, "That Earth Ghoul warrior wants to offer the Fascinating Divine Eye to Singh so Singh can use it to deal with Ming Hong from my clan! I'm sure they will do that!"

Shi Yan understood her idea. He complimented Audrey for her quick thinking that could connect the events together.

Singh had made Ming Hong the brutal soul. However, since Ming Hong also cultivated Soul power Upanishad, he had a special method to protect his memories. If he was attacked by the soul extracting technique, his soul would self-destruct. Singh wouldn't get anything from him then.

Of course, there was still a flaw in Ming Hong's plan. As long as Singh handed Ming Hong to the Territory Ancestor expert of the Soul Clan, at his supernatural realm, he could extract Ming Hong's memories without hurting his soul.

However, because Singh wanted to get the mysteries of Desolate Territory for himself and use Desolate to reach the Territory Ancestor level, he concealed this. He had to think about how to do it alone.

The Fascinating Divine Eye of the Heavenly Eye Clan was magical. It was a soul-enchanting weapon the could hypnotize the soul. Perhaps the Fascinating Divine Eye could be the key to deal with Ming Hong. That Earth Ghoul member followed Singh. Thus, when he found the eye, he was so thrilled that he wanted to force the others to sell it to him.

A lot of thoughts crossed Shi Yan's head. He understood this somehow subtle situation. "What cultivation base does that Earth Ghoul expert have? If he can take more reinforcements, what would their realms be?"

"That Earth Ghoul member is at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm so it's not really high. Thus, he's just qualified to do trading in our zone. Anyway, Earth Ghoul Tribe doesn't have only him on Dragon Lizard Star. If he dares to act brutally like that, he definitely knows that Earth Ghoul Tribe can beat us up here.

"Moreover, with the relationship between them and the Soul Clan, even if Earth Ghoul Tribe attacks us here, the Dragon Lizard Clan will pretend not to see anything. It's not easy for that guard to tell us the dangers. Sigh, I didn't expect to encounter such bad luck. Aissh, Earth Ghoul Tribe has targeted us."

Yvelines winced and contemplated. He was considering whether to leave Dragon Lizard Star or not.

"Shi Yan, we can ask…" whispered Audrey.

Because it was related to Ming Hong and Desolate Territory, she was very anxious. Immediately, she thought about seeking help from Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun of the Mysterious Sky Clan. She thought that if the others helped them, it would be easy to destroy the people of Earth Ghoul Tribe.

Shi Yan pulled a stern face.

He knew it was crucial. If Singh found the location of the entrance to Desolate Territory, the Soul Clan would invade them immediately. They would never have a quiet moment. Even if Singh failed, more experts of the Soul Clan would come. When one fell, the next was going to come.

Because Desolate was divided into pieces due to its terrible wounds and because it controlled two divine weapons from the Absolute Beginning Era, the Territory Ancestor experts of the Soul Clan weren't going to let it slip away when they knew it.

Also, since Hui had awakened, Shi Yan didn't know what was going on in Desolate Territory. If the Soul Clan came, billions of lives dwelling in Desolate Territory were going to be eliminated.

"Can the Fascinating Divine Eye trick the Immortal Realm experts?" asked Shi Yan suddenly.

"Yes," Yvelines and Adams nodded and said in unison. "At least, we can't endure it. If we are fascinated, we can't resist for a long time."

"Try me," Shi Yan talked to Masha.

Masha hesitated for a while and then said, "You have to gaze at this eye. I will send my soul energy. You can't move your eyes away from it."


Masha held the crystal pink Fascinating Divine Eye close to Shi Yan's eyes and then urged her soul energy. The eye then emitted a charming pink halo. It looked like a dreamy, beautiful picture that was unveiled. Shi Yan was guided directly into that picture.

Shi Yan was lost immediately just like when he had immersed in Audrey's beauty. He didn't wake up, his breathing short and heavy. Gradually, his eyes didn't look lucid anymore.

It seemed like he had immersed in a romantic dream and he didn't want to get up or come back to reality.

Audrey looked uneasy. At this moment, Shi Yan appeared exactly like when they had just shared the pa.s.sionate moment together, especially his moves. He looked l.u.s.tful as if he had a girl with him and his hands were stroking her. Audrey turned awkward and annoyed.

"Enough!" She hissed.

Masha covered the light from the divine eye. Then, Shi Yan woke up from his dream. He shot Audrey a hot, keen look.

Audrey blushed and glared at him furiously. "You said that!"

Shi Yan was bewildered. He pulled himself together and admired the excellent eye. "We will not let Earth Ghoul Tribe get this eye. Absolutely not. Ming Hong has only his soul left. Even if his realm is higher, I'm afraid that he can't resist for a long time with only the soul form. We must be ready to counter the enemies."

"If Earth Ghoul Tribe comes here, they must be sure of something. I think we can't counter them," Masha said bitterly.

"It's okay. Just let them come here," Shi Yan took a deep breath, his face stern and cold. "If they dare to come, I have a plan to kill all of them unless they've reached Third Sky of Immortal Realm. However, if they got experts at such a level, we still have a strong backup. Then, after we kill the members of Earth Ghoul Tribe, I will contact the Dragon Lizard Clan immediately and tell them that I understand Dark Energy. I'm sure that the forefather Dragon Lizard will have to protect me!"

Audrey's eyes brightened. "What do you want to do?"

Shi Yan looked at the stone room and said, "The Fantasy Boundary Stone. If we know their motivation, we can set up a trap. They will step into our trap!"

"Can the Fantasy Boundary Stone kill Second Sky of Immortal Realm experts?" Audrey was surprised.

"I'm not sure. However, it's not a problem if we just wound them. We can try."

"Okay then. We're going to wait for the members of Earth Ghoul Tribe to come and provoke us. After that, we will teach them a b.l.o.o.d.y lesson!"

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