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Chapter 139 Site-clearing
“Cold energies were entering into my body while I was training?” Shi Yan frowned and looked at Xia Xinyan.
“Yes, a lot of them.” Xia Xinyan elaborated the strange thing that had happened to him.
Shi Yan was shocked.
When the strange cold energy entered his blood, it not only fused with his blood, but also made the negative energy fuse with his blood. It also adapted him to the surrounding cold air and cold energy.
So was it good or a bad thing?
Shi Yan’s expressions were rapidly changing.
“Stop training with that martial Skill.” Xia Xinyan paused and continued, “I feel that this Martial Skill is too vicious. Though it’s quite powerful, its adverse effects are also frightening. You will find many interesting Martial Skills when you get to the Yang Family. You won’t have to suffer such pain again.”
On the iron ship of the Yin Yang Wonderland, Xia Xinyan had already seen that the Martial Skill Shi Yan was practicing was very strange. Now, as she saw Shi Yan suffering from such tremendous pain, she started believing it to be a vicious practice. She tried persuading Shi Yan to change his ways.
“I can handle it.” Shi Yan thought and replied with an indifferent tone.
It was really strange that whenever he trained in Rampage, he had to suffer unimaginable pain every time. However, the gain in strength after each practice made him hesitate.
This mysterious Martial Spirit produced a type of negative energy that enabled him to jump through cultivation realms, in terms of combat power.
He couldn’t resist it.
Xia Xinyan sighed to herself as she realized that Shi Yan wouldn’t listen to her. She knew Shi Yan to be strong and untamable, so she stopped trying to persuade him.
“The iceberg is going to explode in, at most, two days. It’s power has nearly dried up. We don’t know what will happen then, so we must be careful.”
“Okay, I got it.” Shi Yan nodded and thought for a while, then smiled, “Thank you for protecting me.”
Xia Xinyan gave a brief smile, “You have treated me well, it makes sense that I should return the favor.”
Shi Yan beamed and giggled, “I may be heartless to others, but to you, I’m quite different.”
Xia Xinyan was a little happy as she rolled eyes at Shi Yan, smiling, “Glib.”
Shi Yan grinned.
At noontime.
After some recovery, the experts from the four big groups were all ready to make trouble again.
After discussing amongst themselves for a while, Dongfang He came to the front, with an icy face, and spoke in a cold voice, “ You vagabond warriors, leave now! There will be an even greater earthquake soon. If you don’t want to die, then leave now.”
Beside Dongfang He, the other warriors from the Dongfang family were all gazing at the freeloaders with murderous expressions.
Gu Jiange cupped his hands and smiled, saying to them, “Everybody, it is really dangerous here. For the sake of your own lives, please leave now. You have all reached your current realms after struggling throughout all these years. Don’t waste it on something worthless.”
Four Nirvana Realm warriors at were standing at the side of Gu Jiange, with rigid faces.
“They are driving us away.” Xia Xinyan said, with some anger in her voice, “These four big groups want to share all the treasures amongst themselves. They know that the iceberg shall break soon, and so, before that happens, they want to clear the site so that they don’t have to share with anyone else.”
Shi Yan, with a rigid face, kept looking at those people.
Chen Duo from the Magical Wonderland was the next one to speak, with a big smile he said, “Everybody, it’s already enough that you were able to watch everything till now. Please evacuate, this is your last chance.”
Though what he said could be said to be considerate, his eyes were clearly saying something else, a threat.
Qu Yanqing, from the Heaven Lake Divine Land, was silent, and in a meditative posture, as she was still recovering from some injuries. The members of the Heaven Lake Divine Land were observing everything with cold faces.
There were still a few warriors, some fifteen hundred meters away from the iceberg, showing their unwillingness and anger, but they said nothing.
After a short period of silence, those people started leaving the area, sighing heavily and cursing.
“You get lost too!” Dongfang He’s scorching eyes fell on Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan, and he sneered, “Get lost right away if you want to live, or I will take your lives before the the iceberg shatters!”
“Sigh...” Gu Jiange sighed, smiled bitterly at Xia Xinyan and Shi Yan, and shook his head, “It’s not that we want to drive you away, it’s for your own safety’s sake. So leave as soon as possible.”
“Let’s go.” Controlling her indignation, Xia Xinyan pulled Shi Yan’s coat and walked away silently.
Shi Yan kept silent, but his face was gloomy.
“Stay away from me! You shall yourself be responsible for whatever happens, should I see the two of you again!” Dongfang He stared at their backs and threatened.
“Uncle He, what are you doing? They are probably the two who robbed the ship of the Yin Yang Wonderland.” After Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan’s figures disappeared, Gu Jiange frowned, “The Corpse Sect and the Yin Yang Wonderland had promised that whoever catches those two will be very well rewarded.”
“Really?” Dongfang He was surprised before he grunted, “Leave them alone for now. After this iceberg has been dealt with, let’s catch them as we leave. Though we are not close to the Corpse Sect and the Yin Yang Wonderland, we would still help them, considering the good reward.”
“Same here.”Gu Jiange grinned, “That woman is quite audacious, maybe she has something in her hand. But, since Uncle He is with us, they can’t fly away. Before we hand them to the Yin Yang Wonderland, I want to... talk with that woman.”
Gu Jiange’s were glistening in l.u.s.t.
“Jiange, your so naughty.” Dongfang He beamed, but showed no concerns, “That gorgeous lady has really a hot figure. It’s okay with me if you play with her, but you can’t be serious about it. You are engaged to Xiao Que, and if she finds out about this, I can’t do anything to help you.”
“Stop kidding me, Uncle He. You know me.” Gu Jiange smiled in embarra.s.sment.
“I am reminding you because I know you too well.” Dongfang He showed a fake smile.
Gu Jiange cupped his hands in front of his chest and a.s.sured, “I know Uncle He cares about me. Don’t worry, I won’t go too far.”
“Hmm.” Dongfang He nodded.
The two stopped in a ditch, some three thousand meters away from the iceberg. They could only see a small part of the iceberg.
Shi Yan’s eyes were filled with a cold anger.
“p.i.s.sed?” Xia Xinyan glanced at him.
“The four big groups are really aggressive.” Shi Yan nodded and sneered, “As the secret of the iceberg is going to be revealed soon, they want to clear the area so that everybody else will stay away from it. We went all the way for nothing.”
“Aggressive?” Xia Xinyan beamed, “Your Yang family has done so many things that are even more aggressive! If the three Shura Kings of your family were here today, those people wouldn’t get a say in anything. Hehe, your Yang family alone is enough to drive these four powers away altogether!”
“Umm, is the Yang family really so bossy?” Shi Yan replied in surprise.
“You will know soon.”Xia Xinyan nodded, “If the Yang family experts were here, they would have cleared the site even before attacking the iceberg. Only those who could survive a hit from the experts from the Yang family would have a chance to share in the secrets of the iceberg with them. They would torture the four powers first, then only, possibly, allow them to join in. Is that enough bossy for you or not?”
“Is the Yang family one of the top powers among the fifteen powers in the Endless Sea?”
“Definitely! It could be ranked No.3 or No.2!” Xia Xinyan said in a heavy tone.
“Didn’t the King Yang Qing step into the Spirit Realm ten years ago? You said that the master of the Corpse Sect and the Queen of Sky and King of Earth of the Yin Yang Wonderland had also stepped into the Spirit Realm long ago? They were apparently much earlier than King Yang Qing.”
“Hehe. You will learn all the details as soon as you get back to the Yang family. Actually, though as one of your allies, I don’t know much of the Yang family. The Yang family is pretty good at keeping secrets. You will know how capable your family is when you get there.”
“Bang bang bang!”
Just then, a thunderous noise came from the direction of the iceberg.
The sky was filled with dazzling lights, and all sorts of treasures fell upon the iceberg, striking deeply into it.
After a period of serenity, the experts from the four powers struck again!
From a long distance away, Shi Yan could only see a few of the mysterious symbols on the iceberg, which were becoming dimmer and dimmer, reaching the brink of not existing at all.
“They have started again.” Xia Xinyan spoke in a serious tone, “Let’s not go near them, or they will immediately attack us.”
“Okay.” Shi Yan nodded.
Deafening sounds ceaselessly came from the iceberg, the latter was producing more crystalline ripples with cold energy.
Even at a distance of three thousand meters, Shi Yan could still feel the increasing chill.
More and more strings of light gathered around the iceberg, and, gradually, those mysterious symbols began to shimmer.
Finally, one after another, these mysterious symbols started exploded on the iceberg.
The iceberg, of which just a mere tip was visible, had many cracks appearing on it. More crystalline ripples and cold lights shot out from it, make the crowd quite busy.
“ka ka ka!”
From inside the iceberg, a huge explosion erupted, while a stream of freezing air swept over the entire area.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Jimmy and Eli
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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