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Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun couldn't expose themselves before Dragon Lizard knew the dark scheme of the Soul Clan because of their special ident.i.ties. Once they showed themselves, the Soul Clan would attack them and the Dragon Lizard Clan could join that attack too.

Anyway, on the surface, people knew that the Dragon Lizard Clan and the Soul Clan had a good relationship and so did Dragon Lizard and Singh.

Before they tore their masks and revealed themselves to the Soul Clan, they would stay with them to deal with Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun. Because of this Ya Yun had to conceal her ident.i.ty and power and stay in the third-cla.s.s zone.

If they showed themselves before they could see Dragon Lizard, the members of the Dragon Lizard Clan could possibly sell them out to the Soul Clan. Thus, Shi Yan had to work on it. He would contact Dragon Lizard and tell him about the Soul Clan's dark move, which would make Dragon Lizard hate Singh. Then, they could carry out the next step.

Because the delegations that were supposed to visit Dragon Lizard Star this time hadn't fully come, the Dragon Lizard Clan hadn't held the festival yet. Also, they hadn't announced the requirement to exchange for Immortal Pellets. Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun decided to stay in their cave and wait for Shi Yan's good news.

Shi Yan and Audrey had left for a long time, so they didn't know the situation of the Heavenly Eye Clan. They told Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun the location of their cave and then bid farewell.

They returned to the cave where the Heavenly Eye Clan lodged, but Yvelines, Adams, and Misha hadn't come back yet. Without thinking a lot, they rested in the stone rooms and prepared to check their harvest while waiting for the other three.

The stone room was pretty simple: its walls didn't have any patterns or decorations. It had only a stone table, some stools, and a stone bed with a cattail ha.s.sock cushion.

The ones cultivating martial arts didn't really notice the matters of the mortal world. At the same time, the Dragon Lizard Clan was famous for their wild style. Of course, they wouldn't offer many luxury treatments to the others. Anyway, the Dragon Lizard Clan had to treat the Soul Clan and the Water Tribe with more care.

Audrey sat down cross-legged on the stone bed, her eyes sparkling as she smiled.

Shi Yan stood by the stone table. A Fantasy Boundary Stone fell on the table. He released his Soul Consciousness and sent it into the Fantasy Boundary Stone to imprint his Soul Seal. That way, he could control the Fantasy Boundary Stone as he pleased.

He had to treat the seven Fantasy Boundary Stones that way. Later on, he could use the Soul Seal to control them.

After Shi Yan had imprinted his Soul Seal, when he sent a wisp of his G.o.d power into the Fantasy Boundary Stone, it glowed and ballooned like a hot air balloon. Shortly after, a small world was created.

He grinned and nodded but didn't pump more G.o.d power. He liked those Fantasy Boundary Stones and they were actually very suitable for him.

Suddenly, Audrey's beautiful eyes sparkled strangely. She thinned her lips as she said gently, "Thank you."

Shi Yan lifted his head to look at her with a smile.

After Audrey had returned to the cave, she had showered and changed into a silver silk dress. Her long hair draped around her porcelain shoulder was still wet. The stone chamber was filled with her sweet, after-shower aroma. A bead of water rolled on her jade-like cheek and her eyes were like the cold moon.

People who didn't know her saw her as a cold, distant, and arrogant woman, and she actually treated them that way. However, at this moment, she looked calm and a little shy. She stooped, gritted her teeth, and then muttered. "Today, Your strength and glory gave me a big harvest. It's really helpful to my cultivation base and realm. I'm very thankful…"

The cave was quiet, so even though her voice was low, it still echoed clearly.

Putting aside the Fantasy Boundary Stone, Shi Yan grinned and looked with ease and natural poise. "It's somehow our fate when we were delivered to this Sea Domain of Nihility. Only you and I are from the same territory in this place. We know each other so we should take care of each other. Hmm, you're thankful. How do you want to thank me?"

He just teased her a little bit to get rid of her lesser feelings.

After they had got to the Sea Domain of Nihility, the proud woman of Imperial Dark Tribe had gradually recognized the truth. She finally knew that the Four Great Creatures in Desolate Territory were nothing here. She knew that it would be a difficult struggle to survive with her Incipient G.o.d Realm in the Sea Domain of Nihility. In this place, she had to depend on Shi Yan completely. It was devastating to her pride.

It was the first time she felt lesser. Although she concealed it well, Shi Yan was sensitive enough to realize it.

"How do you want me to thank you?" The beauty lowered her head, her picturesque brows shivering. She was so anxious.

"Kiss me," Shi Yan grinned.

A silver light crossed the room. The charming aroma stormed into his nostrils as he hadn't reacted and a soft, fragrant body leaned against his body. A tinge of a soul-taking feeling appeared on his left cheek. Then, he heard the beauty murmur, "Are you delighted now?"

Shi Yan was dumbstruck as he looked at the glamor coming to him. She was wearing a silver silk dress, which shrouded her dazzling, graceful body. Her slender thighs and shoulders were like white jade. She was a little shorter than him so when he stooped, he could see a mesmerizing, deep valley in her chest.

At this moment, Audrey wasn't as cold and arrogant as she usually was.

Her neck reddened. She closed her eyes and didn't dare to look at him. Her pretty long eyelashes batted and showed her extreme antic.i.p.ation. Obviously, she was really naive. This sudden kiss had consumed all of her courage. Now, she felt so awkward that she didn't know what to do next.

Audrey's charm at this moment made Shi Yan gone wild. His eyes became hot like a surging, boiling sea!

The loneliness while staying in the Sea Domain of Nihility, the pressure from the Seven Great Clans, the unknown, misty future… all blended together now. Halting for a few seconds, Shi Yan's breathing became short. He abruptly pulled the beautiful woman onto his chest and began to nibble at her white neck. He placed his hands on her magnificent, slender thighs, lingering and wandering between her rear end and the mysterious land between her thighs.

"Hmm. . ."

The beauty blushed, her body shivering as if she got electrocuted. Her lips slid out murmuring sounds as if she was dreaming. She became so feeble and helpless in his embrace and was completely lost.

That year, after she had gotten home from Desolate, her inner lake often reflected a hunky, strong figure…

Thus, she had carefully investigated that man. She didn't even know why she wanted to do that. She just wanted to know his past, his whereabouts, and what he had experienced.

She knew he had a l.u.s.ty head. At that time, she was outraged she didn't know why. The stories about that man were spreading in her tribe. On Tsunami Star, she had witnessed the battle between him and Haig. Seeing the most dazzling member of the young generation of the G.o.d Clan fall and that man rise, the shadow in her heart was carved even deeper.

There was something that had intruded her inner sea and stayed there so persistently that she could never wash it away.

In her eyes, only one man in the vast Desolate Territory had touched her heart. It was too bad that he was an excessively loose guy. Her innermost feelings conflicted. She had forced herself not to think about him a lot and just let it go.

Until… Until they came to the Sea Domain of Nihility where everything was so strange, deadly, and dangerous to them. She had only him at her side. She had no more acquaintances from the Desolate Territory in this area. There was no restriction from her mother, her tribal members, and eyesore ladies around him…

In this place, she could relax her innermost feelings and let herself immerse in it…

Shi Yan held her tight. His wide mouth slid from her exquisite neck to the deep valley on her chest. The body in his embrace became so hot and s.e.xy as if a current of electricity was shot in him. He didn't know why he had an extremely wonderful feeling when he had her in his arms. He never had such a feeling before.

It felt like even their souls were united in one that could generate marvels that nothing could compare to.

His hands unceasingly explored her plump, porcelain body under the silk dress. His breathing was short and loud like a beast's. Slowly, he felt like he couldn't control himself anymore.

However, when he was about to collapse and take the glamor to the stone bed, the cave entrance opened.

Yvelines' voice arose. "Oh, you guys are back?"

Audrey was awakened from her dream. She shivered and moved clumsily as if her limbs didn't belong to her anymore. Her face was so red that it looked like it was about to drip blood. She jolted onto the stone bed, paralyzed on the bed like a muddy puddle. Her dress opened at her chest and revealed half of her ample, milky b.r.e.a.s.t.s. The fabric of her dress was lifted to her thigh and her lower abdomen was a damp zone.

"Get out! You should get out first!" Although she had tried to cry, her voice was so powerless. Both of her hands moved clumsily to pull her dress to cover her chest and her s.e.xy thighs. She looked so embarra.s.sed and helter-skelter. Her watery eyes had a layer of mist, which made her like a dream or a picture.


Shi Yan felt his blood boiling. He couldn't help but gulp.

Taking several deep breaths, he urged his power to send a cold energy current down his body to cool down. Resuming his normal condition, he eyed the girl balling her doughy body on the stone bed. "I don't know why you attract me more than anybody else! It's unimaginable!" Shi Yan said, his voice husky.

Audrey was still shivering as if electric currents were continuously running through her body. Her beautiful eyes were filled with light waves. She used the same method to cool down. Then, with her gritted teeth and blushed cheeks, she said, "I… I don't know why I couldn't resist. Your deeds had made me immersed and completely lost. I think it may relate to our soul fusing with the Origin of the ancient continent. It's inexplicable."

Then, she bit her lower lips and hissed, "Get out, quickly! They're here. We will talk about this later. I don't want them to see me like this!"

Shi Yan grinned and then left the stone room, returning to the common room outside.

As soon as he left, Audrey felt so soft as if she didn't have a spine. She was helpless and her heart was beating frantically. She clutched her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and thought about what just happened. An unknown flame rose inside her once again.

"Is this what a relationship between a man and a woman is like? It's really strange. It makes people lose their control."

Mesmerizing lights moved in her eyes. She had so many thoughts crossing her mind. She just sat there for a long time as if she had sunk into illusions that she couldn't escape.

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