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The Fantasy Boundary Stones, the Congealing Divine Pellets, and the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s were very extraordinary. A warrior cultivating s.p.a.ce power Upanishad like him could create a small world to imprison his enemies after refining the Fantasy Boundary Stone. He could even detonate it to kill or wound his enemies.

The Fantasy Boundary Stones were really useful. If he used it smoothly, he could even kill the Immortal Realm expert.

The Congealing Divine Pellets could restore his power instantly. He just needed to swallow one pellet to get abundant G.o.d energy. It was also an excellent tool in fighting.

Of course, the most precious item was the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s that the Mysterious Sky Clan had produced. The group of stars in the compa.s.s represented the vast galaxies in the real world. With this compa.s.s, he finally knew which direction to go. He wasn't going to get lost anymore.

Moreover, the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s had detailed remarks and descriptions of each of the special areas.

For example, the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s had a paragraph written in the popular language to describe his current location: Dragon Lizard Clan's territory. This clan is a second-cla.s.s race. Leader Dragon Lizard is the second generation of Lizard, the Absolute Beginning creature at the Peak of Immortal Realm. He just needs to understand Dark Energy to break through to the Territory Ancestor level. Dragon Lizard has a good relationship with Singh of the Soul Clan, but the real situation was unknown.

The Mysterious Sky Clan had similar descriptions for every area. When Shi Yan and Audrey traveled in the Sea Domain of Nihility, they could know the general situation of others and the features of special areas to dodge dangers. With this compa.s.s, they could find safe routes. The value of these exclusive records of the Mysterious Sky Clan couldn't be measured.

To create a good relationship with Shi Yan, Tu Shi Qi had gifted him the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s. Shi Yan admired his boldness and wisdom a lot.

Thus, his impression of the Mysterious Sky Clan was extraordinarily good.

"Precursors, there's something we hope you could pay attention to," Audrey arched her brows. As the situation was right, she tried to talk to them. "The brutal soul called Ming Hong that Singh has refined is a precursor from my tribe. He knows the entrance to our Desolate Territory. If you can kill Singh…"

Then, she turned to look at Shi Yan because she understood that Shi Yan's words were heavier than hers.

Shi Yan was startled, but he reacted timely. He said sternly, "What my wife is talking about is also what I want to say. Ming Hong is an expert from Desolate Territory. He knows the entrance to the territory and we're lost. We don't know how to get back there. Through Ming Hong, perhaps we can find the way home."

Ya Yun had considered Audrey and Shi Yan a married couple right from the beginning. If he didn't clarify his relationship with Audrey, these two old people weren't going to take Audrey's words seriously.

Audrey had only First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm and she didn't have Dark Energy. To the Mysterious Sky Clan, Audrey wasn't special and she couldn't draw their attention. As long as he a.s.sociated Audrey with him, they would notice Audrey.

Audrey was a smart woman. She knew that Shi Yan called her his wife just to make her earn respect from others. However, she had never been treated like that. For the time being, she felt anxious and annoyed, but her face was still calm and natural.

She didn't clarify their relationship and just calmly accepted as if it was true.

Indeed, Tu Shi Qi, who didn't bat his eyes at her, was startled when Shi Yan called her his wife. He smiled until his eyes squinted. "Your power Upanishad is similar to the Soul Clan. You need powerful souls to increase your power. Oh right. I happen to have some good souls. Take them as my welcoming gift."

A lush green ball flew out of Tu Shi Qi's sleeve. The wisps of soul twirled inside the ball. They could even hear the distant screams of the soul. The ball flew one round and then fell on Audrey.

Audrey was shocked. She was baffled as she looked at the green ball. She pried, "Five souls at Incipient G.o.d Realm?"

Tu Shi Qi grinned fiendishly and nodded, "Two First Sky, two Second Sky, and one Third Sky of Incipient Realm. Yeah, they are all members of the Soul Clan. Their souls are famous for being tough in the galaxy. I can't erase their Soul Consciousness. When I have free time, I torture them for fun. If you can extract their Soul Consciousness, it will benefit your realm greatly."

The Mysterious Sky Clan and the Soul Clan didn't get along well. Shi Yan got that from the fact that Tu Shi Qi and his wife had attacked Singh. As Tu Shi Qi was at Third Sky of Immortal Realm, it was easy for him to kill Incipient G.o.d Realm experts of the Soul Clan. Tormenting them in his free time was also a way to vent out his rage.

Shi Yan concentrated on sensing for a while, his face respectful. "This gift of yours is really heavy. We don't know how to thank you enough."

The five souls of the Soul Clan were more precious than the three souls that Shi Yan had exchanged by the Wind Thunder Stones because they belonged to the members of the Soul Clan with full memories and consciousness. If Audrey could refine them and extract the memory of the power Upanishad, she could get the knowledge of the special power Upanishad that the Soul Clan cultivated.

The Soul Clan was one of the Seven Great Clans and they always led people who cultivated Soul power Upanishad. Desolate had used the Soul Clan to create Imperial Dark Tribe, so they weree very powerful. If Audrey refined the five souls of the Soul Clan, it would be possible for her to break through to the Immortal Realm!

This gift to Audrey was really precious. He turned to look at Audrey and saw her soft body shivering. Her eyes brightened when her jade-like hand received the green ball. Then, she clutched his arm and beamed gorgeously. "Thank you for your precious gift, precursor. I will help you control him. He will go the same way with your Mysterious Sky Clan."

"You're a smart girl, haha." Tu Shi Qi laughed loudly.

To him, the five souls of the Soul Clan weren't worth mentioning. They were nothing compared to the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s. However, they could benefit him by gaining a good impression from Audrey, which could affect Shi Yan too.

When Audrey refined the souls of the Soul Clan members, she would stand on the side against the Soul Clan and so would Shi Yan. They would become archenemies. If Tu Shi Qi could create an enemy at the Territory Ancestor level for the Soul Clan, it would be a big favor to his Mysterious Sky Clan.

"We will watch out for the brutal soul called Ming Hong. However, the chance isn't big, you know. When we join hands, we can only battle against Singh, but it's impossible to kill him. We're at Third Sky of Immortal Realm only. He's at the Peak of the Realm anyway. We have to discuss more," said Ya Yun.

Audrey let out a low sigh.

Shi Yan had a wide vision. With the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compa.s.s, he wasn't afraid that they couldn't return to Desolate Territory soon.

The Sea Domain of Nihility had brought him many surprises. He thought that he could stay here for a while to cultivate to a more profound realm. After that, he could be more powerful when he returned to Desolate Territory. With his current competence, even if he could return to Desolate Territory now, he wasn't an equal match to any Absolute Beginning creature.

"Oh right, precursor. Do you know how to refine the Absolute Beginning divine weapon?" Shi Yan pondered for a while and then asked.

That three-legged jade cauldron gave him a feeling that something was wrong. It had hidden inside the asteroids to fly here from somewhere unknown. At this moment, it should be inside Dragon Lizard's stomach. At his Peak of Immortal Realm, how could he not recognize it? Obviously, that three-legged cauldron got into Dragon Lizard's stomach on purpose. What did it want to do to him?

Shi Yan felt that it was really abnormal. The wisp of Soul Consciousness he had left on the cauldron faded. Soon, he was going to lose connection with it.

"Refine the Absolute Beginning divine weapon?" Tu Shi Qi was dumbfounded. "Why do you ask that?"

Shi Yan frowned. He hesitated for a long time before speaking, "I admire and respect you for your boldness and wisdom. I will tell you what we saw on the way here. We…"

He told them about the three-legged jade cauldron. He thought that it was impossible to refine that divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning Era. As Dragon Lizard had swallowed it, he couldn't take it out or enter Dragon Lizard's body to refine it. He would rather know the profile of the divine weapon than refine it.

After Shi Yan had finished, Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were speechless for a long time. Their faces were aghast.

After a long time, Ya Yun took a deep breath. "It seems like the Soul Clan isn't nice to Dragon Lizard anymore. They have schemed against him. If Dragon Lizard doesn't show his viewpoint, he will be finished."

Tu Shi Qi looked pensive. Seeing Shi Yan not get the idea, he said, "If I'm not wrong, that ma.s.sive cauldron is a marvelous treasure of a Territory Ancestor level expert of the Soul Clan. Singh borrowed it to deal with Dragon Lizard. It hid inside the asteroid to get into Dragon Lizard's stomach. Once Dragon Lizard doesn't want to follow them, that jade cauldron will suck his soul and increase its power."

"Dragon Lizard doesn't know this, I guess," Ya Yun's eyes brightened. "Hey old man, we got this kid's reflected glory to know this. If we tell Dragon Lizard about this now, will it make him join hands with us to deal with Singh?"

"It's possible!" Tu Shi Qi was shaken.

"If we can persuade Dragon Lizard to join us and deal with Singh and if we prepare well our ambush, it's a big chance to kill Singh! Ming Hong of your Desolate Territory will be freed too," Ya Yun was excited as she rubbed her fists. "If Singh dies, it will be a hard punch to the Soul Clan's face. If Dragon Lizard joins this, he will have to go on the same road as our Mysterious Sky Clan."

"Little buddy, you're our lucky star! It seems like it was our fate to meet you," Tu Shi Qi laughed and then said, "Yeah, we should meet Dragon Lizard to talk about this. Oh. Maybe you should do it, Shi Yan. It's not convenient for us to show up there."

"Me?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"Yeah, you try it. Shortly after, the Dragon Lizard Clan will announce that anyone who knows about Dark Energy can meet Dragon Lizard personally to exchange information for the Immortal Pellet. Dragon Lizard has been stuck in this realm for so many years. Even in his dream, he wants to know about Dark Energy to enter the Territory Ancestor level. Of course, his Immortal Pellet will be used at a crucial spot," said Tu Shi Qi.

"Alright, I will run errands for you, precursors," Shi Yan was moved, so he agreed with the their suggestion.

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