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"Desolate Territory is the territory created by Desolate, the Absolute Beginning creature. It was lost for so many years. Are you… really from Desolate Territory?" The old woman was stern when she looked at Audrey. She sounded as if she was scared. "Why are you here?"

Inside the cave, Shi Yan held his breath and concentrated on condensing his G.o.d power. He gathered his Spirit, Qi, and Soul into one beam and sent it to the spatial lock. He was using his magnificent will to break the marvelous spatial lock.

"We got lost. We came here accidentally. We don't know why we're here too. Also, we don't know the way home." Audrey answered. She didn't expect to see the strange reaction from the old woman. Pausing for a while, she turned to the old woman and asked with surprise. "You look astounded when you hear about Desolate Territory. My friends from the Heavenly Eye Clan said that Desolate Territory is isolated and remote. The language from that place is rare too. According to him, Desolate Territory is very normal and weak compared to other territories. Why did you have a big reaction like that?"

She pouted and said with disdain. "Heavenly Eye Clan? This sort of bottom clan has no knowledge. Besides the experts of the Seven Great Clans, not many people know about Desolate Territory. You don't know how you came here and you don't know how to go back? It's really…"

She took a deep breath, her face stern. "For many years, the members of the Seven Great Clans have not given up searching for Desolate Territory with power Upanishad Original Seal. The Soul Clan and the Devouring Clan are the most active in this operation. It's because only the Seven Great Clans knew how important Desolate Territory is."

Audrey was surprised, "How important is it?"

She looked at Audrey, her eyes containing something deep. "Desolate is one of the strongest Absolute Beginning creatures. In this vast universe, you can count the number of the Absolute Beginning creatures that still exist with your fingers. Most of them are dormant, but no one has the guts to provoke them. Desolate used to have a fierce reputation. The Seven Great Clans know that it's damaged severely and its body is divided now. They know that Desolate is in its weakest condition."

Pausing for a while, she arranged her thoughts and spoke distantly, "You know how important the wounded Desolate is to the Territory Ancestor level experts? If they can refine Desolate, the power of the Territory Ancestor level experts will increase ma.s.sively. The expert at Third Sky of Immortal Realm could get the Dark Energy to reach the Territory Ancestor level once they refine Desolate successfully."

"I heard that Desolate used to be super powerful. It was the rarest supreme existence among the other Absolute Beginning creatures. It has at least two Absolute Beginning divine weapons. When they refine Desolate, they can take their divine weapons too. It's a great, irresistible enticement to any expert of the Seven Great Clans."

"Two Absolute Beginning divine weapons?" Audrey was stunned.

"One is called the Life Soul Tree and the other is the Upanishad Original Seal. They are magical objects evolved from divine weapons. The Life Soul Tree is very marvelous and unpredictable. It can derive new species from the tree with the deepest mystical abilities of the earth and heaven, which are the soul and life. The Upanishad Original Seal has countless power Upanishads in it. The one who can fuse that can comprehend the mysteries of so many power Upanishads.

"The Life Soul Tree is a giant ancient tree and the Upanishad Original Seal is like a sea with strange power Upanishads. As you're from a race living in Desolate Territory, your race should be a new species that Desolate derived from the life structure of the Soul Clan and created using the Life Soul Tree and its supernatural power. Thus, your physique is similar to the Soul Clan's. I think that the warriors in your Desolate Territory have mastered powers Upanishads like Lightning, Wind, Ice, Flame, and more. Those power Upanishads come from the Upanishad Original Seal."

The old woman squinted. She eyed Audrey for a while and then slowly explained.

Audrey was a little astounded. Her bright eyes were filled with surprise as she was immersed in her thoughts.

Audrey believed everything that the old woman told her.

Lately, she had visited Desolate when it opened. In the center of the holy mountain in the middle of Desolate, she saw a ma.s.sive tree rooted into the earth. It was a very spectacular ancient tree, which had produced the Genesis Fruit. That ancient tree was like Desolate's veins with magical, mysterious, vital functions.

At that time, beholding the ancient tree had given her an extreme impression. And today, she knew that it was called the Life Soul Tree and was a divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning Era. The tree could create new races and Imperial Dark Tribe was created using the Soul Clan, one of the Seven Great Clans, as the model.

She also knew about the Upanishad Original Seal. As she was the master of the heaven flames and she had fused with G.o.d-blessed Mainland, she could enter the fountainhead of power Upanishads freely, which was another divine weapon that the old woman had mentioned: the Upanishad Original Seal.

The fountainhead of power Upanishads stayed right on Desolate. It was the source of all the power Upanishads and their principles. As it had fused with Desolate's soul, it had brought her and billions of creatures in Desolate Territory many power Upanishads to choose and learn. Desolate Territory had many powers Upanishads so the warriors there had more options.

Today, through this old woman, it was the first time she learned more deep information about Desolate.

"Singh of the Soul Clan is a top warrior. He has refined a soul of an expert from Desolate Territory to be his brutal soul. He tortured that soul to find the entrance to Desolate Territory. Singh is at the Peak of Immortal Realm. He has an exquisite cultivation base too. He has a good grasp of information about Desolate. If he can get into Desolate Territory and refine Desolate to get two divine weapons, he can break through to the Territory Ancestor level and become one of the top existing experts of the Soul Clan."

The old woman pouted her lips and snorted, "Too bad for him, that brutal soul is strange. Heis Soul Seal merged with his memories. Once his memories are gone because of the soul extracting method, his soul will explode to death. Singh can't force that soul to give information about the location of Desolate Territory's entrance without hurting it, but the Territory Ancestor level expert in his clan can. However, Singh doesn't want to share Desolate's marvel with anybody else, so he has concealed it. He wants to enjoy all things harvested from Desolate."

"What's the name of the soul that Singh has used to create his own brutal soul?" Audrey asked hastily.

"Ming Hong something. He doesn't have a body anymore. He has just a soul form. While we fought against Singh, he had released brutal souls to attack us. Although Ming Hong couldn't act freely, he still has his consciousness. He disclosed the secrets to us with the hope that we could save him. Unfortunately…"

The old woman sighed, her face dispirited when she looking at the spatial lock.

It seemed like the lock was keeping something very important to her, which made her worried a lot.

"That Ming Hong is a precursor of my tribe," said Audrey all of a sudden.

The old woman was bewildered. Then, she smiled oddly. "Oh well, you don't know the way home. Ming Hong knows but he won't open his mouth. Yeah, I have advice for you. No matter what, do not use Desolate Territory's language to communicate anymore. Otherwise, when the Soul Clan finds you guys, this cute little couple will perish."

Audrey's face reddened, but she didn't explain anything. "Madam, if you fight against Singh, could you kill him?"

"Kill him?" the old woman shook her head bitterly. "Because we lost, we have to hide. We're afraid of the Soul Clan. I don't know Dragon Lizard's opinion about this. However, I know that he has a good relationship with Singh. As we are in his Dragon Lizard Star, we must be very careful."

Audrey could confirm that this old woman wasn't an ordinary expert. She said that only members of the Seven Great Clans know about Desolate's marvel. She knew it too. Also, as she used to attack Singh, she was definitely a member of the Seven Great Clans. Because of her defeat and something else, she had to conceal her ident.i.ty.

While they were talking, Shi Yan sat still. The energy from him had all been sent to the spatial lock.

Now, the spatial lock emitted magnificent halos and illuminated the entire cave. The old woman cheerfully looked at the Upanishad Original Seal with great hope and mumbled, "Excellent, kid! Really powerful. It seems like the old man can escape this time!"

"The old man? Your partner is confined inside the lock?" asked Audrey.

The old woman gave a forced smile and admitted, "We joined hands to attack Singh. To wound Singh, he was fatally injured. The spatial lock has a magical effect. If you stay inside the lock, your broken soul power won't scatter. The s.p.a.ce inside the lock will reserve it. When he can stabilize his situation, he can gather his broken but not dispersed energy to recover quickly."

She sighed and continued, "But when I used the lock to protect him, Singh attacked me. The key was smashed. My man is trapped inside the lock. I think he must have recovered already, but he can't break the confining s.p.a.ce to get out. If the s.p.a.ce inside the lock is broken, he will perish too. We can slowly open this lock from the outside. But I don't cultivate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, so…"

Audrey understood it now.

If her partner hadn't been locked, she wouldn't have taken risks to come to Dragon Lizard Star. Dragon Lizard and Singh had a good relationship so Singh could be in Dragon Lizard Star to join the celebration. Thus, she had to disguise herself and go to the third-cla.s.s zones by using the Fantasy Boundary Stones to attract the warriors with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. She hoped that someone could unlock the spatial lock to let her partner out.

It was the reason why she had to take Shi Yan inside the cave and create more than ten layers of barriers. She was also very generous to give Shi Yan the Congealing Divine Pellet to help him open the lock.

Apparently, she wasn't an ordinary expert. Her realm was profound and she was obviously rich as she had promised them a big payment.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Right at this moment, the spatial lock made cracking sounds and the fine s.p.a.ce patterns on the lock's surface slowly exploded.

Abruptly, the strong light beams bloomed. A magical s.p.a.ce door slowly materialized.

A tall figure walked out of the door. As soon as he emerged from the cave, he yelled. "Ya Yun! What the heck are you playing? Why did it take you such a long time to release me? Oh, sh*t. That motherf*cker Singh didn't kill me but you almost choked me to death!"

He was a slender man with high spirits and a shining bald head. He was gorgeously dressed in brocade robes with many seal characters and ancient marks. After yelling, he looked at the old woman and screamed, "How come you've turned into… this?"

The old woman sighed. Her body shook and she turned into an elegant woman around forty years old. She still looked graceful, indeed. As the old man was yelling, she was a little embarra.s.sed. "Singh smashed the key of this spatial lock. I… I found a boy cultivating s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to unlock it for you."

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