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Somewhere inside Dragon Lizard Star.

There was a s.p.a.cious bubbling lava pond with a surging flaming fluid. It looked like a ma.s.sive heart that burned until it became red. Countless rocks around the pond melted into liquid.

Cracking and crunching sounds echoed from the lava pond as if there was a giant beast eating something deep under the pond.

The asteroids moved through the cave channels and poured into the lava pond. Among them was an ordinary rock that moved with the flow. That asteroid concealed a divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning Era. At this moment, that asteroid glided with the other asteroids and fell into the heart-like lava pond. Flaming fluid splashed everywhere.

No one could see the ma.s.sive three-legged cauldron inside the asteroid. When it fell into the lava, it suddenly shrank billions of times and became a small light dot.

After an unknown time, the asteroids no longer came. Five members of the Dragon Lizard Clan at Second Sky of Immortal Realm emerged from a cave next to the pond. They stood respectfully by the lava pond, lowering their heads and calling for the Forefather.

Not long afterward, the lava boiled when a figure emerged and flew out of the scorching pond.

He didn't look very different from the other members of Dragon Lizard Clan except for his skin, which was like a scarlet rock full of rock patterns. Anyway, it wasn't his real body. It was a clone made of his power and soul. His real body was still sinking in the lava pond in the deepest area of Dragon Lizard Star.

"Forefather," when the five experts of the Dragon Lizard Clan saw him, they greeted him respectfully.

Dragon Lizard had thick, strange red hair and a red beard. Each of his muscles was filled with exploding power. The energy in this clone wasn't a joke. He looked at the five experts and his voice was like thunder. "You came here altogether. Someone important came?"

"Forefather, Commander Singh of the Soul Clan arrived," said a Dragon Lizard expert.

"Oh, Singh came early this time," Dragon Lizard's eyes were very dark. Pondering for a while, he said, "My real body has just finished a meal. I still need time to digest. Singh came here this time for the old stuff, I suppose. They want us to unite with their Soul Clan."

"Forefather, it seems like uniting with the Soul Clan will do us no harm," said that expert.

"No harm?" Dragon Lizard snorted, "You think the Soul Clan is easy to live with? Once we unite with them, we will be tied all together. They will control us. We won't have our freedom anymore. Singh wants to unite with us because of the Immortal Pellet and the method to refine the pellet. Too bad…"

"Forefather, you're at Peak of Immortal Realm. You're just one step away from the Territory Ancestor level, but you haven't mastered the Dark Energy to become a real Territory Ancestor. If we don't give them our answer, will the Soul Clan trouble us?" said another expert.

Dragon Lizard wore a heavy face. "While staying dormant, I've studied the Dark Energy. I think I still need a little bit more but this barrier isn't something out of reach. The day I break to the Territory Ancestor level, we won't need to mind the Soul Clan's att.i.tude anymore."

Pausing for a while, he said, "We still have the three Immortal Pellets from our ancestors. I hope that we can use them to exchange for something related to the Dark Energy. You guys spread the news that we will prioritize any scripture, treasure, or technique related to learning the Dark Energy to exchange for the Immortal Pellet!"

The five clansmen of the Dragon Lizard Clan nodded respectfully.

They understood that it depended on the existence of the Territory Ancestor expert in the clan that a second-cla.s.s clan could become a first-cla.s.s clan. Only a tribe with the Territory Ancestor expert could have a solid foundation in this sea of stars.

"Singh came here a little early this time. It's not like him. Besides him, are there any representative from the super clans?" asked Dragon Lizard.

"Not as of this moment," the others shook their heads.

"Okay. After I digest, I can use my soul to cover the entire Dragon Lizard Star. I can see every commotion on this planet when that happens. But now, I need you guys to watch them closely. Release the news and tell them that we will prioritize the ones who know about the Dark Energy to exchange for the Immortal Pellets. Those with good information can come and meet me directly," Dragon Lizard ordered.

The five Second Sky of Immortal Realm nodded respectfully and then left.

After they had left, he frowned and looked suspiciously at the lava pond. He mumbled to himself, "I did sense a feeble soul, but I couldn't find anything. Strange. Did I sense wrongly?"

As he had a profound realm, when the divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning Era came to his stomach, he could sense it.

However, the ma.s.sive three-legged cauldron had shrunk like a small dot and its aura blended with the other asteroids so he couldn't find it.


Inside a valley in Dragon Lizard Star.

This valley was very different from the area where Shi Yan's group stayed. The entire valley was renovated to be luxurious and beautiful with many palaces. A group of Soul Clan members wore loose black robes that revealed only their pale faces. All of them were levitating. Their feet didn't touch the ground. They lodged in the palace underground but not in the caves.

This entire valley hosted only members of the Soul Clan. There was no creature from any other clan here. The Dragon Lizard Clan didn't arrange anybody else to lodge in this area and bother the Soul Clan.

Apparently, as one of the Seven Great Races in this cosmos, they were treated much better than Shi Yan's group.

Inside the grand palace, a sinister old man shrouded in a loose, black brocade robe was floating between many souls. Those souls had shapes of alien warriors and even beasts. There were thousands of them who gathered like a mountain full of souls.

He hovered on the peak of the soul mountain and coldly looked at a warrior kneeling on the ground. "What did the Dragon Lizard Clan say?"

"Commander, Sir. They said that Dragon Lizard hadn't finished his meal yet. They asked you to wait for a short time. He will come to meet you personally," reported the warrior of the Soul Clan.

"Harrumph!" Singh's face darkened. "Dragon Lizard wants to make more time until he reaches the Territory Ancestor level. Ridiculous. It's not easy to enter the Territory Ancestor level. If he could use his power to break through, he would have done so already. I think he will use the three Immortal Pellets to seek aid to break through to the Territory Ancestor level. Well, just a dream to him then. Although the Immortal Pellets are precious, they're nothing compared to the power of the Dark Energy."

"Commander, what should we do if he doesn't show a cooperative att.i.tude this time?" asked the warrior of the Soul Clan.

Singh wore a cold, malignant complexion. "It won't be easy for him this time. Our seniors are no longer patient. If he doesn't want to follow us, of course, we will have something nice to deal with him."

He waved his hand to dismiss the warrior. He squinted, "Alright, leave. I need to stay quiet for a while."

The Soul warrior left. He flashed and then disappeared like a dispersing soul.

Singh contemplated for a while, his soul changing. A departed soul emerged from the mountain of souls underneath him. That soul was lanky and it was twisting and flickering as if it was about to be extinguished.

As soon as that soul appeared, it opened the mouth to swallow the dim, departed souls around. The vague figure quickly condensed and became real like dark clouds.

A flame that was like a slithering spirit snake flew out of Singh's mouth and sizzlingly burned that departed soul. The soul that had just become real, distorted in agony. It struggled inside the flame and screeched mournfully. It looks like the flame of Karma was burning its core. The soul faded again.

"Ming Hong, do you want to talk now?" Singh sneered. "Where is the entrance to Desolate Territory? As long as you tell me the truth, I a.s.sure you that I will set your soul free and give you a good place to come."

The soul became vague like a dispersing cloud. His misty face turned to Singh, his voice feeble. "You shouldn't think about it anymore. Even if my Soul Seal vanishes, I will never tell you where the entrance to Desolate Territory is. If my power Upanishad wasn't so strange, you would have refined me for a long time and used your special soul technique to extract my memories. Well, unfortunately, you know that once I lose my memory, my soul will disperse. You will get nothing from me."

"Why do you need to do that, Ming Hong? Desolate the Absolute Beginning creature is the Territory Ancestor level of Desolate Territory, but its body is divided now. When our Soul Clan subdues Desolate, your destiny won't be controlled anymore. What good is it for you to hold on to that secret?" frowned Singh.

Ming Hong gave a dejected smile. "So you think I don't know your working principle? If I tell you the entrance to Desolate Territory, billions of living beings in our territory will become your soul energy. Will you leave anyone alive? No. Haha. I'm desperate now. If you want to destroy my soul, just do it. Anyway, you shouldn't dream about getting to know the gateway to Desolate Territory!"

"Well, even if you want to die, it will not be easy!" Singh grinned.

The flame suddenly became fiercer. Ming Hong's weak soul form was burning and becoming distorted. He shrieked and screeched in this extremely cruel torment.

"Ming Hong, wait and see. I will find the entrance to Desolate Territory! I will make you watch our Soul Clan refining Desolate and destroy all creatures in Desolate Territory! I want you to see. No one can resist our clan!" Singh laughed arrogantly, his imposing aura increasing.

"You better find it before Desolate wakes up and unites its body. Otherwise, when Desolate comes back, it will make your Soul Clan live in calamities. I also want to see who will seize the victory in the end." Even though he was screeching, Ming Hong still managed to retort. It seemed like he knew that Singh wouldn't eliminate him.

"Oh, so you think that it's easy for wounded Absolute Beginning creatures to fully recover? Muahahaha, don't worry, it won't. I will show you. Without your direction, our Soul Clan will still find Desolate Territory and refine Desolate!"

Pausing for a while, Singh continued, "If we can refine it, I can learn and control the Dark Energy. I can reach the Territory Ancestor level. I will become a new existence at the Territory Ancestor level in my clan! Ming Hong, wait and see. I will enter the Territory Ancestor level faster than anyone else!"

Snorted, he continued, "Dragon Lizard is stubborn. He thinks it's easy to get into the Territory Ancestor level. Our clan has experts at the Territory Ancestor level, but I've been stuck for many years. He's just a daydreamer when he says he wanted to enter the Territory Ancestor level too!"

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