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Shi Yan released a flow of soul energy with the Dark Energy as the core. It stuck on the surface of the three-legged jade cauldron inside the asteroid. He jumped on the Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat of the Heavenly Eye Clan together with Audrey and then watched the asteroid with the cauldron inside enter a ma.s.sive cave on Dragon Lizard Star.

The ma.s.sive three-legged cauldron didn't refuse Shi Yan's mark with the Dark Energy as the foundation. He could use his soul to connect to that wisp of energy that he had left.

"We'll go this way," Yvelines was looking at that asteroid disappearing and yearning. Then, he pointed to a cave where the white bone battleships of the Dragon Lizard Clan were anch.o.r.ed. Some Dragon Lizard warriors were waiting for them there.

There were many strange shaped battleships and war chariots carrying the members of the alien tribes and getting into the Dragon Lizard Clan's territory through the caves.

There was no clouds or mist surrounding Dragon Lizard Star. This entire planet was exposed directly to outer s.p.a.ce. Many caves on the surface of the planet were sucking in the asteroids while the clan was using some small caves to pick up the visitors and deliver them into the planet.

"We… We will go into the star directly like that?" Audrey was astounded.

Imperial Dark Tribe lived on the surface of G.o.d-blessed Mainland. They didn't live underground where there was no sunshine. With her mindset, she thought that they would land on the surface of Dragon Lizard Star.

However, she found that those peculiar aliens directly went into the hollowed Dragon Lizard Star through the caves. She was very surprised.

"Of course. The surface layer of Dragon Lizard Star is filled with fragments and debris from broken stars. The Dragon Lizard Clan has never fixed or leveled them. They just live inside the planet," Yvelines explained naturally.

Shortly after, their Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat approached the entrance. Masha slid the ring off her wrist to show the guards. Yvelines talked to the guards and they allowed them to pa.s.s.

The Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat moved through a gray area that was like a vacuum and then fell into a ma.s.sive abyss. That abyss was like a marvelous, imposing valley with round walls where there were so many caves. The members of different races were moving in and out those caves.

Inside the valley, there was a flat parking lot. Their Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat landed in between so many differently shaped battleships. After a Dragon Lizard warrior checked their pa.s.s token, he called another guard to bring them to where they would be staying.

The guard took them to one of the caves they had seen on the way there. After getting inside, they found that the cave was pretty s.p.a.cious with many rooms of different sizes. This cave had cultivating rooms, bathrooms, and even a chamber to refine tools. Basically, it had all the things they needed.

"The members of the Dragon Lizard Clan dwell inside the caves. Because this Dragon Lizard Star was formed by broken stars and asteroids, it doesn't have surface or any floras. It has only fragments of broken stars and cosmic dust forced to stick together. Anyway, the members of the Dragon Lizard Clan like rocks. They even have rock-like skin. They love to live inside the caves." After the guard left, Yvelines smiled and explained.

Their cave was situated on the side of the round wall. Shi Yan observed and found that this area was like a ma.s.sive teacup. The bottom was the parking yard where they had anch.o.r.ed the battleships and war chariots. The wall of the cup was dug to make many rooms to accommodate the visitors.

They pulled themselves together to observe. They found that the areas next to them and opposite of them had many living beings like them who were discussing with each other in a strange language.

Although he had used the Seal of Memory he got from Masha, Shi Yan couldn't understand what they were talking about. Those creatures were using their special language that Shi Yan didn't have in his Memory Seal.

Staying in those caves were many creatures with intimidating auras. Most of them were at Original G.o.d Realm, Ethereal G.o.d Realm or Incipient G.o.d Realm. There were some Immortal Realm experts, but they were at First Sky of Immortal Realm. Shi Yan didn't sense the aura of any Second Sky of Immortal Realm expert.

The members of the Dragon Lizard Clan acted because the receptionist had just Ethereal G.o.d Realm or Incipient G.o.d Realm. They had arranged the visitors from different clans to rest and recover in their cave accommodation.

"Around one thousand people. Around ten warriors have reached First Sky of Immortal Realm," Audrey squinted and released her Soul Consciousness. Shortly after, she realized the strengths of everyone and became surprised. "Oh, their realms aren't really profound."

Yvelines was aghast as he looked at her, "You've just reached First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. How can you see so many things like that?"

Audrey didn't answer.

Yvelines was startled. He didn't dare to look down on her anymore and explained, "It's just an accommodation here. The Dragon Lizard Clan has many areas like this. They preserve some special areas for intimidating clans. Oh, you can say that it like this. Our area is the place for the third-cla.s.s races."

Previously he didn't respect Audrey as he thought that Audrey was inferior to Shi Yan. At First Sky of Incipient Realm, she wasn't really worth mentioning.

At his realm, he couldn't see and a.n.a.lyze the realms of warriors in this area. Audrey could do that with a flicker of her soul. It astounded him a lot.

That was how he knew that Audrey wasn't just an ordinary warrior. He had to be careful when talking to her.

"There are many similar areas?" Audrey's cold face had a tint of fear.

"Of course. You see the warriors of the Water Tribe, right? Since they have a better relationship with the Dragon Lizard Clan, they are better accommodated. If the members of the Soul Clan and the other six great clans come, the Dragon Lizard Clan will treat them as the most distinguished guests. They will have the best treatment and the seniors of the Dragon Lizard Clan will have to welcome them personally," said Yvelines with a little dejection.

Their Heavenly Eye Clan was just a third-cla.s.s race. They weren't even as strong as the Dragon Lizard Clan. Of course, the others weren't going to appreciate them. Having a lodge was good enough.

Anyway, they felt regretful and dejected…

While they were talking, the members of the other races were staying and discussing in their caves. The Dragon Lizard Clan took more and more visitors, arranging them to stay in different caves.

By the anch.o.r.ed battleships, there was a ma.s.sive jade platform like a lotus. Some warriors were sitting by the edge of that platform, lowering their heads and discussing. They had some cultivating materials, pellets, wood logs, scriptures, and even rare crystals.

"What's that?" Shi Yan pointed at the lotus-like platform.

"After the members of different clans came, they need time to adjust and prepare. Dragon Lizard needs more time to finish his meal anyway. The festival will be held when most of the guests arrive. Before that, we have to wait in our cave. Of course, the Dragon Lizard Clan has some other arrangements. That lotus platform is set up so the members of different clans can have a place to trade cultivating materials. Anyone with extra weapons or weapons they don't use can exchange there…"

Yvelines smiled and paused for a while. Then, he continued, "Most of them are interested in the Immortal Pellet of the Dragon Lizard Clan. I take my sister here with the hope of getting one Immortal Pellet. Of course, it's unpredictable if we can have one."

"Immortal Pellet?" Audrey looked moved. "What do you mean?"

Yvelines looked at Masha and said, "My sister is at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. If she gets an Immortal Pellet of the Dragon Lizard Clan, perhaps she can break through to the Immortal Realm. In this vast cosmos, this Immortal Pellet is a magical item, indeed. Even the Seven Great Clans don't have extras to preserve."

Hearing him, Shi Yan looked thrilled. He shouted, "It can help break through to the Immortal Realm? How can it do that? It's impossible to reach this spectacular realm with only a pellet!"

"If you knew how hard it is to refine an Immortal Pellet, you would believe it," Yvelines gave a forced smile. "How to refine Immortal Pellets is still an unsolved riddle. There is a rumor that says that only the Absolute Beginning creatures know how and only the experts at the Territory Ancestor level can refine them. The Immortal Pellet requires at least one level seven life star with billions of lives as the foundation. The Territory Ancestor experts have to refine the entire life star with billions of lives on it and resize it to the size of a pellet. The level seven life stars and billions of lives on it together with the earth and heaven energy there form the Immortal Pellet, which can deceive the hand of the Creator to help experts reach Immortal Realm."

Yvelines didn't mind how Shi Yan and Audrey looked aghast. He continued, "Of course, the pellet will just increase the chance for the Peak of Incipient G.o.d Realm experts to enter the Immortal Realm. It's not definite, you know. It depends on the innate talents and foundation of that person. Well, many people died immediately after using the pellet and failed to break through."

Pausing for a while, he observed around them and then talked in Desolate Territory's language, "I heard that Lizard, the Absolute Beginning creature, was gone because of refining the Immortal Pellet. He left to find a level seven life star with billions of lives in another territory outside to refine the Immortal Pellet. No one knows what he had experienced. He was gone. Dragon Lizard had to use the link in their blood and a lot of time to find his remains with around ten Immortal Pellets. Dragon Lizard didn't know how or why Lizard died. It remained a riddle until now."

Listening to Yvelines, Audrey paled. "Using billions of lives and a level seven life star to refine a pellet. Lizard was absolutely crazy! To refine this Immortal Pellet, he had ma.s.sacred so many lives just to create a new Immortal Realm expert!"

"That's why the Immortal Pellets are priceless. Of course, the refining method is almost lost now and not many people are crazy enough to do that. That's why the Immortal Pellets have attracted a lot of creatures to come here. It's because of its marvelous and miraculous effects. The Soul Clan is trying to persuade the Dragon Lizard Clan because they want to know the refining method from Dragon Lizard. Unfortunately, Dragon Lizard said that he doesn't know it. The Soul Clan thinks that he just wants to conceal the secret though."

"How many pellets does Dragon Lizard have?" Shi Yan suddenly screamed, his eyes bright. "I want to break through to the Immortal Realm fast. Otherwise, it will be a huge struggle to move forward in this vast sea of stars. I must have one of those Immortal Pellets!"

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