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"Soul Clan? Seven Great Races? It seems that this vast sea of stars has so many things that we don't know yet. Can you tell us more?" Shi Yan was watching the large gla.s.s ball of the Water Tribe floating and bobbing like a ma.s.sive buoy and drifting forward. Slowly, it accelerated.

As he had just arrived at this place, he had a shadow understanding of much more common knowledge of the Sea Domain of Nihility. Without Yvelines' useful information, they would have encountered unexpected troubles in their journey. Thus, before they reached the Dragon Lizard Clan's territory, he must have a good grasp of this area.

"I beg for your favor," said Yvelines.

"What's that?" Shi Yan furrowed his brows.

"I can give you a thorough answer of what you are suspicious of. I can tell you everything I know. I'm begging you for one favor that if you reach the Territory Ancestor level one day, please take one member of our Heavenly Eye clan to be your disciple." Yvelines looked tense and anxious as he gazed at Shi Yan.

The Heavenly Eye Clan in this vast sea of stars was just a third-cla.s.s clan. Their territory was filled with dangers and their people had to live in harsh conditions. Moreover, around their territory was where many powerful races lived. They often had disputes, but the Heavenly Eye Clan didn't have advantages in fighting.

Normally, if one clan wanted to become stronger and get approval from the higher-level races, they had only one way to do that. They must have a real expert in their clan!

Until now, the Heavenly Eye Clan never had any existence at the Territory Ancestor level. It was the main reason why they could only stand in the back of the line. To reach the Territory Ancestor level, one had to know the Dark Energy. However, the experts with the Dark Energy would never share its magnificent power.

Unless they had to kneel in front of some expert, they would have the chance to receive training and guidance from him to understand the truth of the Dark Energy. That way, they could eventually reach the Territory Ancestor level too.

To Yvelines, improving the capacity of his race was more important than anything else. At their third-cla.s.s competence, it was going to be pretty hard for the Heavenly Eye Clan to gain favor from the real experts. They couldn't enroll to become a disciple of the expert who controlled Dark Energy.

And now, Shi Yan was their best option…

Since Shi Yan's realm was still low now, if they bet on him, when he reached the Territory Ancestor level in the future, Yvelines could win big. He would finally have a chance for the Heavenly Eye Clan to get in the line of the top species!

Of course, they had to a.s.sume that Shi Yan could break through to that level. Otherwise, his support would be in vain.

Yvelines was smart. He knew that even if he failed, he could neutralize the relationship with Shi Yan. When they could eliminate one enemy, it was a big fortune for the entire Heavenly Eye Clan.

Hearing him, Adams and Masha's eyes sparkled. They were so excited that their bodies quivered. They bowed to Shi Yan, their faces begging.

At this moment, Masha finally knew Yvelines' vision and she understood why Adams, the one with the small, witted schemes, would always listen to Yvelines in big matters.

If Yvelines' deed succeeded today, it would become the great fortune to the Heavenly Eye Clan. Masha now respected and admired her senior a lot.

"Well, the future is still far ahead. I'm at Incipient G.o.d Realm only. Don't you think it's too vague to bet on me until I reach the Territory Ancestor level?" Shi Yan was surprised.

Yvelines gave a forced smile and said honestly, "With our Heavenly Eye Clan's general competencies, we would never be eligible to be chosen by the real Territory Ancestor experts. It's sad. You can at least give us hope although it's a vague dream. As long as we have hope, it will be alright."

"Okay!" Shi Yan pondered for a few seconds and then agreed resolutely, "I pledge that if I one day reached the Territory Ancestor level,I will accept one member of your Heavenly Eye Clan to be my disciple. I will teach him the truth of powers and make him understand power Upanishads thoroughly."

Yvelines, Adams, and Masha bowed to thank Shi Yan in their Heavenly Eye Clan's special way. They looked excited as if they saw their grand future.

"Now, you should tell me more useful information," urged Shi Yan.

"As you wish…"

Yvelines wore a respectful face. While the asteroid was heading to the Dragon Lizard Clan's territory, he told Shi Yan everything he knew about the mysteries of the Soul Can and the Seven Great Race, about all sorts of secrets of the territory, and some rumors about the Absolute Beginning creatures.

Through Yvelines's introduction, Shi Yan knew that the terrifying battle between the Absolute Beginning creatures had ended the Absolute Beginning Era. After that, the mysterious world had given birth to many species. They didn't have giant bodies like Absolute Beginning creatures. However, when they cultivated to the utmost level, they could still reach the same level of power as the Absolute Beginning creatures.

Later on, so many races had appeared and many of them were related to the Absolute Beginning creatures. For example, the Dragon Lizard Clan was related to Lizard and there were many more cases. Among so many species, many creatures weren't really powerful but had some marvelous power.

The Human Clan, for example, had ordinary fighting competencies and average foundations. However, they could interbreed with other races to create new living beings.

Races in the universe had been ranked based on their power into first cla.s.s, second cla.s.s, and third cla.s.s. There were countless third cla.s.s clans like the Heavenly Eye Clan. There were dozens of second-cla.s.s clans, but everybody had acknowledged the seven strongest clans, including the Soul Clan, the Mysterious Sky Clan, the Dark Demon Clan, the Ancient Monster Clan, the Devouring Clan, the White Bone Clan, and the Phantom Clan.

These Seven Great Races lived in different, big territories of the Sea Domain of Nihility. They became the overlord of their areas. Each of these clans had their special abilities.

The Soul Clan, the Mysterious Sky Clan, the Dark Demon Clan, the Ancient Monster Clan, the Devouring Clan, the White Bone Clan, and the Phantom Clan were the strongest clans in this sea of stars. Everybody knew that. Those clans had experts at the Territory Ancestor level. Aside from the Territory Ancestor experts, they also had many experts at the Immortal Realm that were close to the Territory Ancestor level. They had a strict scale and criteria to rank the experts.

The small, weak races had to admire and respect the warriors of the big races. Many second-cla.s.s or third-cla.s.s clans had to depend on them. They considered the relationship they could form with the big races their glory. At the same time, the strong races also tried to gather more potential second-cla.s.s races to their side.

For example, the clansman of the Soul Clan that the Water man had mentioned had a good relationship with Dragon Lizard. This time, he had crossed millions of miles to visit Dragon Lizard and he was going to try to persuade Dragon Lizard to strengthen the relationship between the Dragon Lizard Clan and the Soul Clan. The best scenario was that they could be officially united.

However, the Soul Clan wanted to make the Dragon Lizard Clan follow their league and become their va.s.sal. Thus, the Dragon Lizard Clan would be placed under the Soul Clan's protection. Also, when needed, the Dragon Lizard Clan would have to help the Soul Clan too.

After Yvelines had told him about the competencies of the Soul Clan, Shi Yan couldn't hide his fear. He turned to Audrey, "If we meet that guy, we should try to hold it down. Even if we make a mess, we can't do anything worthy."

According to Yvelines, after the Immortal Realm, it was the Territory Ancestor level. The creatures from the Absolute Beginning Era that still existed were all at the Territory Ancestor level. It meant that the Soul Clan had at least one or two intimidating members at Desolate and Hui's level. This clan's foundation was unimaginable, indeed.

Perhaps, when Hui and Desolate fought against the Soul Clan, they wouldn't gain the upper hand, especially when Desolate and Hui hadn't fully recovered yet and Desolate's body was still detached.

Shi Yan and Audrey had seen Hui's power with their own eyes. This sort of terrifying power was like their worst nightmare. And at that time, Hui hadn't recovered fully when they fought. Thinking about the characters at Hui's level in the Soul Clan, Shi Yan and Audrey felt their scalps become numb as they felt so small.

"Don't worry. I know how to behave. I'm not foolish," Audrey pulled a bitter face.

While they were listening to Yvelines' introduction of the races in the universe, the asteroid underneath them was flying fast. They also encountered many aliens from different races on the way. At the end of the asteroid current, they saw a ma.s.sive planet. That planet looked pretty strange with innumerable caves and dents. It seemed like they had hollowed out the entire planet.

"Dragon Lizard Star is the Dragon Lizard Clan's territory. In the Sea Domain of Nihility, there is no complete planet. Dragon Lizard Star was formed by countless broken crystals. Dragon Lizard had used his supernatural power to gather them and pile them up. After so many years, they've become what we see now," explained Yvelines.

Shi Yan's eyes brightened. He found that even though Dragon Lizard Star was so big, more than a dozen times bigger than Grace Mainland, this planet had countless slits and pits on the surface. They were the vestiges left after the asteroids were put together. Also, he saw many dark, bottomless caves.

Dragon Lizard Star's surface was yellow-brown and there was a suction force emitted from so many caves. From his position, Shi Yan saw many asteroid currents drifting toward the caves on Dragon Lizard Star. They were like open mouths trying to swallow all the free matter in the sea of stars.

"How big is that Dragon Lizard? What does it mean by "having a meal"? Is he swallowing all of those asteroids?" When they saw Dragon Lizard Star and what Yvelines had told them, Audrey was dumbstruck.

"Dragon Lizard's body is ma.s.sive. Yeah. It's many times bigger than the asteroid we are riding. However, he's not the entire planet. He stays deep inside the planet while using his power Upanishad to draw the asteroids. He doesn't really eat those rocks. He absorbs the energy inside them. He can find and absorb that sort of energy. Ordinary warriors can't do that. After he's done with the asteroids, they will become powder or small rocks and pile up on the planet, becoming part of it. Or, he will throw them directly to the area where there is nothing…"

Yvelines smiled and introduced more marvelous features to the others. "We will visit Dragon Lizard Star. The members of the Dragon Lizard Clan will welcome us by the caves down there. They will take us to the festival. We don't need to do much here."

"What should we do with this?" Audrey was bewildered. Looking at the rock they were riding, she looked dejected.

The three-legged jade cauldron hid inside this asteroid. They didn't know what it was besides the fact that it was a divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning Era. If it fell into Dragon Lizard's stomach, would it be really bad?

It wasn't that they weren't predestined with this divine weapon. It was more important that they couldn't tame it or keep it.

"Just let it go. I'll leave a mark on it. Then, we can only see what the Mighty Heaven wants," said Shi Yan resolutely.

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