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Audrey's sharp sensed told her that something was wrong.

Her face became serious and her eyes twinkled, "Shi Yan, this situation isn't good!"

At this moment, the members of the Heavenly Eye Clan hadn't recognized the complicated situation. They thought that Shi Yan and Audrey had driven the asteroid approaching the gla.s.s ball of the Water Tribe to talk to them.


Shi Yan woke up from his thoughts. He looked baffled.

Audrey pointed at the rock underneath and the gla.s.s palaces of the Water Tribe in front of them, wincing. "We're about to make impact!"

Listening to her, Shi Yan was frightened. He became so tense and grave.

"Er, you guys can't control this asteroid?" Masha could see that detail. Her face grimaced immediately. "Are we about to hit them?"

While she was talking, the asteroid didn't subside and was grumblingly dashing toward the Water Tribe's gla.s.s ball.

The beautiful people of the Water Tribe were still smiling and talking. They didn't consider Shi Yan's asteroid. When the rock was approaching, they smiled brightly when they saw the Heavenly Eye members. Because they knew the others, they thought that Yvelines's group wanted to come and say h.e.l.lo.

This was until they found that the asteroid was pretty close to them and didn't reduce its speed. It was still dashing at a breakneck speed toward them. The beautiful people of the Water Tribe discolored and screamed in panic.

At this moment, the asteroid Shi Yan was riding was very close to them. Even if the Water Tribe wanted to avoid it, it was too late.

"We can't hit them!"

Yvelines cried, "Although the Water Tribe is tender and friendly, they are really tough. Those people have a good relationship with Dragon Lizard Clan. If we offend them, I'm afraid we won't be able to enter Dragon Lizard Clan's territory more!"

Shi Yan's eyes turned crimson abruptly. An immense energy arose from his head. Shortly after, the nearest asteroids around were pulled and it created a barrier between them and the Water Tribe's palace.

"Watch out! Protect yourself!" cried Shi Yan.

Yvelines, Audrey, and the others didn't think too much. They created a light protection and gathered the energy in their bodies to counter the destructive energy when the impact occurred.

However, they were dumbstruck when they saw what happened.

At the critical moment when the three-legged jade cauldron was about to hit an asteroid, a weak wisp of energy emerged. Right after that, the asteroid they were riding trembled and made a swift turn to avoid the big rock in front of them.

The members of the Heavenly Eye Clan and the Water Tribe sweated in fear. They still looked panicked.

They understood that when the asteroid with the jade cauldron inside hit the asteroid around the gla.s.s palace of the Water Tribe, the shockwaves of the explosion were able to result in an extreme loss to both sides.

The explosion that occurred when the asteroids impacted was something that even the Immortal Realm experts couldn't stand, especially with such a short distance. Adams and Yvelines turned ashen. They knew that when they impacted, they couldn't endure it. The fragments of the explosion were going to crush them into powder.

Fortunately, what they had worried about didn't happen.

They were so anxious, standing on the asteroid, which was gradually drifting toward the gla.s.s ball of the Water Tribe. At this moment, the gla.s.s ball was flying fast like a frightened little girl trying to run away from the bully. The Water Tribe tried to lengthen the distance between them.

They all thought that Shi Yan's group was crazy.

At the same time, a handsome gentleman flew out of the ball, his face cold. He floated above the others' asteroid, asking. "Are you crazy, people from the Heavenly Eye Clan? Do you want to fight against us? Why did you act so wild like that?"

Yvelines looked sour. He hurried to bend his body to greet the man, speaking. "I'm so sorry. We suddenly lost the control of this asteroid. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so tense. You see, at our realms, if we hit you, we wouldn't survive. We're not crazy…"

Yvelines and the man from the Water Tribe were using another language to communicate, which Audrey and Shi Yan couldn't understand.

"What are they talking about?" Audrey used the language of the Desolate Territory to ask.

"Er, you guys understand only the language of the Desolate Territory. It's really difficult to communicate with other people in the Sea Domain. If you don't mind, I'll share my language Seal with you. You just need to use your soul to grab it. How does it sound?" Masha smiled, "Don't worry. Sharing languages has no risk. I open it and you guys just need to let your soul shroud it."

"No problem," Audrey nodded to Shi Yan and said, "Extracting memories isn't a big deal to our Imperial Dark Tribe. I also know many languages of the rural area by using the method that she has mentioned."

"Alright," Shi Yan looked calm. He understood that it was just a small trick.

Masha's third eye twitched as she released a soul magnetic field. In the next moment, two dim light dots emerged from her eyes. Those dim light dots were Memory Seals. As long as they had it in their head, they could understand many languages used in outer s.p.a.ce.

Audrey and Shi Yan released their Soul Consciousness to cover the two dim dots that contained the languages used in the Sea Domain. They pulled them into their heads and made them a part of their memories.

Many different languages moved and were implanted in their heads like electrical signals. They became a part of their souls

Then, Shi Yan and Audrey could understand the conversation between Yvelines and the man from the Water Tribe. They were using a simple but archaic language, which was the easiest language in outer s.p.a.ce. Most of the races working in the universe knew this common language.

"Oh, you speak the language of Desolate Territory. Are you…from Desolate Territory?"

Suddenly, the handsome man of the Water Tribe was startled while talking wh Yvelines. He turned to look at Shi Yan and Audrey. All of a sudden, he looked emotional.

"Yes, we're from Desolate Territory. Why are you so surprised?" asked Audrey.

"There was an expert from Desolate Territory. He used to cross our territory. He had a good relationship with our Water Tribe. However, he left later and an expert of the Soul Clan had captured him. That expert from Desolate Territory had given his favor to me. Unfortunately, the Soul Clan is too domineering. I can't help him."

The handsome man from the Water Tribe sighed and looked lost.

He studied Audrey for a while and then said surprisedly. "You and that man should be from the same race in Desolate Territory."

"Oh?" Audrey's eyes turned bright. "Do you know his name?"

"Ming Hong! His name is Ming Hong!" said the man.

Audrey was shaken and her eyes brightened up. She was in disbelief, "Oh my. I didn't expect it to be him. It turns out that he's here all the time…"

"Who is he?" Shi Yan sounded surprised.

"Do you remember that I used to tell you that my Imperial Dark Tribe's records say that our precursor used to visit the Sea Domain and find aliens who he couldn't communicate with because of the different languages?" asked Audrey.

Shi Yan nodded.

"He's the one who made those records. He should be my ancestor. According to my mother, tens of thousands of years ago before Bloodthirsty, it was the time of our Imperial Dark Tribe in our galaxy. Because of Bloodthirsty, our Imperial Dark Tribe started declining…

"In that era, our Imperial Dark Tribe had lost many experts. Some of them went missing too. I heard that since precursor Ming Hong knew he wasn't Bloodthirsty's match, he had escaped to the Sea Domain of Nihility to cultivate ascetically and waited for the chance to save Imperial Dark Tribe. Unfortunately, he had never come back. We thought that he had left, for a long time. He was the one with the deepest knowledge of the Sea Domain of Nihility in our tribe. He had doc.u.mented his experiences in the Sea Domain of Nihility.

"In fact, Ming Hong was the first teacher of my uncle Ming Hao. Mother told me that he had named him Ming Hao. He was my grandfather's cousin. When he was in our Imperial Dark Tribe, he was also an outstanding warrior, indeed."

Audrey slowly explained. In the end, her face turned stern. "If we can find Ming Hong, perhaps we will find the way home!"

Shi Yan's eyes brightened.

According to Audrey, Ming Hong was the sage of Desolate Territory who had entered the Sea Domain of Nihility several times and had come back safely. Of course, he would know how to return to Desolate Territory. If they could find him, they would know the way to go home.

"My advice to you. Do not think about it," frowned the man of the Water Tribe. "He's captured by an expert of the Soul Clan. He's now one of the nine great brutal souls of that expert. In this vast sea of stars, the Soul Clan is too domineering. That expert is terrifying too. I don't dare to provoke him, let alone kids like you two."

Pausing for a while, he snorted and then said, "Considering that you're from the same territory as him, I'll forgive you for your offense this time. Still, my advice to you: forget what I've told you. Don't provoke that expert from the Soul Clan. I heard that he'll come here this time too. He's an old friend of Dragon Lizard. You two should stay away from them."

Then, he stopped caring about Shi Yan's group and returned to the gla.s.s palace with a cold face. He ordered his tribal members to continue the journey.

"What is the Soul Clan? Is it very fierce?" Shi Yan looked at the members of the Heavenly Eye clan.

The other three nodded with a heavy face. Yvelines answered, "This vast sea of stars had millions of species. Anyway, they don't have the same competencies. The Soul Clan is one of the seven strongest clans that the entire universe has acknowledged. Compared to the Soul Clan, our Heavenly Eye Clan is just a minor race."

"How about the Dragon Lizard Clan?" Shi Yan asked again.

"Lizard, the ancestor of the Dragon Lizard Clan was gone for a long time. Currently, Dragon Lizard, the second generation, hasn't reached the Territory Ancestor level yet. Thus, the Dragon Lizard Clan is just a second-cla.s.s clan. However, the Soul Clan, the race that had appeared together with our Heavenly Eye Clan after the Absolute Beginning Era, has an expert at the Territory Ancestor level. They got the expert who can control the Dark Energy. The foundation of the Soul Clan isn't something that ordinary people can compete with," said Yvelines with respect and admiration.

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