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"An Absolute Beginning divine weapon?"

Shi Yan let out a low shout as he was surprised. He looked at the cauldron underneath and said, "Is this really a weapon from the Absolute Beginning era? Are you sure?"

Yvelines had an awkward expression. "Although I don't know Absolute Beginning characters, I used to see them before. They are real Absolute Beginning characters. I'm not making a mistake. Since you know the Dark Energy, you must have contacted the Absolute Beginning creature. Why don't you know the Absolute Beginning Era's characters?"

He found that it was so inexplicable. More than Shi Yan.

"So, you don't know how to tame it?" Shi Yan looked disappointed.

"The truth about the greatness of Dark Energy and the divine weapons from the Absolute Beginning Era is shared between a very small group of people. I… I haven't reached such a high realm yet." Yvelines showed his admiration. "At your realm, you quickly understood the Dark Energy. You will definitely become an existence at the Territory Ancestor level. I beg for your mercy. Please forgive us for we have offended you."

He looked really honest.

Adams and Mash were bewildered. They could react timely. They immediately bowed and tried to look humble.

—— They didn't want to offend an expert who could bring a disaster to the Heavenly Eye Clan!

In their clan, the three of them were outstanding experts. They had joined hands, but they couldn't kill Shi Yan. At the same time, Shi Yan had endless room to grow and he could control the Dark Energy and even a divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning Era. Such an existence would become a character that would top the pyramid of the sea of stars.

Although Yvelines had cunning and evil deeds, he did have a wide vision. He knew that there were people he shouldn't provoke.

The three members of the Heavenly Eye Clan had changed their att.i.tude, which surprised Shi Yan a lot. Even when he had planted a deadly mark into their hearts, he couldn't make them follow him. However, just a glimpse of Dark Energy made Yvelines, the most stubborn among the three, subdued. He showed Shi Yan the most humble facet of his.

The situation had developed into a tendency that Shi Yan and Audrey had never expected. At this moment, they were both startled.

"You should hide this Absolute Beginning divine weapon. Or else, it will draw a lot of troubles!" Yvelines contemplated for a while and then suggested. "Our competencies aren't really excellent. We know how strong you are. We won't be greedy. However, we will encounter more experts when we get closer to the Dragon Lizard Clan's territory. I'm sure we will meet someone stronger than us. If they know you have the Absolute Beginning weapon, they will try their best to rob it from you!"

Pausing for a while, Yvelines looked yearning, "As far as I've known, in this vast sea of stars, the number of real Absolute Beginning divine weapons can be counted on with your fingers. Each of them is so earth-shaking that I can't describe it to you. Only the experts at the Territory Ancestor level can control those weapons. They won't be afraid that someone can s.n.a.t.c.h it. And only they can maximize the real power of those weapons."

"The Absolute Beginning divine weapons are extreme weapons of the Absolute Beginning Era. Some say that the Absolute Beginning creatures had forged them and some say that they were born naturally at the beginning of the universe. They are super powerful and supernatural. They could promote the warriors to the ultimate level…"

Listening to Yvelines, Shi Yan and Audrey exchanged looks. They all looked moved.

"It's not really possible to tame it within a short time. Do you have any method to conceal it or stash it away?" whispered Audrey.

Shi Yan forced a smile. "How do you know if this thing is derelict or not?"

Their conversation surprised Yvelines's team. Masha hesitated for a while and then said, "So that Absolute Beginning divine weapon isn't yours?"

"If it were ours, why would we ask you a lot of questions about it?" Shi Yan suddenly got a headache.

He had a dejected feeling like someone sitting on a gold mountain who couldn't exploit it. This marvelous treasure was underneath but they couldn't refine or tame it to get to know its superpower.

"If it isn't yours, why are you riding on it?" Yvelines was bewildered. His eyes brightened. "So, it's unowned now? You didn't see its owner, did you?"

He suddenly became so excited, speaking with a red face. "I heard that the Absolute Beginning weapons have consciousness and they can choose the master themselves. It depends on good encounters. The attributes of the power Upanishad can make the weapon subdued and follow you. There are many studies about this… Some even said that if you have good fortune, you can…"

Adams and Masha cheered up. They felt like they were the ones with that good encounter. They thought they could be the ones with the required attributes mentioned in legends. They gathered by the area where the symbols were exposed and then released the Soul Consciousness, urging their power Upanishad.

They were trying to create some "resonance" to make the divine weapon notice them.

They even forgot about Shi Yan, a deadly danger. The big enticement of the Absolute Beginning divine weapon was so irresistible. They had even forgotten themselves.

However, shortly after, they retrieved their power, their faces pale and aghast.

The soul energy they had released had fallen into the center of the three-legged jade cauldron and vanished. They couldn't retrieve anything. The exposed area of the jade cauldron seemed to have more symbols. Nothing else had happened.

"Was it the thing that had swallowed my soul energy" Yvelines finally reacted.

Shi Yan nodded with a bitter smile.

"Don't try anymore. I repeat, do not try. Your soul will be drained!" Yvelines gritted his teeth, snorted, and stopped Adams and Masha.

"I think this Absolute Beginning divine weapon is broken or incomplete. Otherwise, it wouldn't behave that way," Audrey's bright eyes became clear. "I'm noticing one thing. Whenever it gathers more soul energy, it will have more symbols on the cauldron body. I've noticed that the symbols haven't covered the cauldron entirely. Perhaps when it gathers enough soul energy to create the symbols and fill the blank on the surface of the cauldron, something magical will happen."

Hearing her, Shi Yan looked pensive. He nodded discreetly.

He guessed the same thing. If this divine weapon had a Tool Spirit, it was going to be dormant because of serious damages. Otherwise, it wouldn't have set the trap to capture more souls of creatures. That way, it could gather the energy it needed to wake up.

"Let's secure this secret first!"

All of a sudden, the ring on Masha's wrist sparkled continuously. She screamed and then explained to Shi Yan, "It's the token that the Dragon Lizard Clan has issued. The tokens can sense each other. Someone is coming. I think they're headed to the Dragon Lizard Clan like us."

"Yeah. Dragon Lizard has attracted a lot of people living outside to come this time. Our Heavenly Eye Clan is just a small party," said Yvelines. "This immense sea of stars has so many territories and various species. There are many races I haven't seen or heard about before. If you don't visit the Sea Domain of Nihility, you will never know the endless mysteries of the universe. You will never see so many different high-high-level creatures."

"We don't need to conceal it. It will disguise itself," said Audrey faintly.

As soon as she finished, the asteroid underneath them released a sucking force and gathered some rocks to fill the gap. It became a normal rock shortly after.

"Look ahead of us," Masha said. She looked gingerly.

Shi Yan's mind flickered. He transformed back to his human form. He looked like an ordinary man without anything strange on his body.

Shortly after, a ma.s.sive blue gla.s.s ball emerged ahead of them.

That gla.s.s ball was so huge. It was much bigger than the asteroid they were riding. That gla.s.s ball had a blue cover and it contained seething seawater. There were so many palaces built in the seawater where many beautiful men and women were moving back and forth.

That gla.s.s ball was like a super battleship. Those elegant and graceful creatures looked similar to human beings. However, they were all slender and slim. Their bodies emitted water energy fluctuations.

They could breathe freely while moving in the water inside the gla.s.s ball. They looked pretty relaxed.

"Members of the Water Tribe."

From a distance, Yvelines exhaled in relief. He smiled, "The Water Tribe isn't a combative tribe. Unless you provoke them, they won't attack people proactively. The members of this clan are beautiful. They all cultivate Water power Upanishad. This tribe has the best relationship with the Dragon Lizard Clan."

"They look similar to the Sea Tribe in our place," mumbled Audrey.

"It's normal," Masha smiled and explained, "Usually, the Absolute Beginning creatures can't create creatures from nothing. They got the models, anyway. Perhaps the races that the Absolute Beginning creature had created in your Desolate Territory exist in the world outside the Sea Domain of Nihility."

"As far as I know, many people that come from different territories could be from one race."

"Oh, right. In the Sea Domain of Nihility, the Human Clan is also the clan with the biggest population. They can mate with any other race and it can result in a new race. The Human Clan's reproduction and blending ability are acknowledged as the strongest in this entire universe. I don't know if it's true that most of the races have a similar appearance to the Human Race. Anyway, you can tell from some small details. For example, our clan has one extra eye compared to Human Clan. The Water Tribe has more water in their bodies, and they cultivate Water power Upanishad…"

"It's so," Shi Yan was surprised. Human Clan also had the biggest population in the star areas like Raging Flame Star Area and Agate Star Area. Their adaptive ability to the given circ.u.mstances was surprising. They could endure and adapt to any condition. At the same time, their reproductive rate was high with the super powerful fusing ability. In any area, the Human Clan had always accounted for a large portion of the population.

It seemed like Desolate hadn't created the Human Clan in the Desolate Territory from nothing. It had referred to the characteristics of the Human Clan out there, indeed.

Strictly speaking, Shi Yan's body was the mix between the Human Clan and the Immortal Demon Clan. However, after his realm had reached a profound level, he completely replaced his blood and become a real Immortal Demon warrior.

After that complete transformation, he couldn't even tell what race he belonged to.

While he was contemplating, the asteroid underneath his feet still moved forward quickly. It aimed directly at the gla.s.s ball of the Water Tribe. Without an external force to interfere, it was going to b.u.mp into the gla.s.s ball directly.

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