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A white war chariot made of beast bones emerged in the asteroid current ahead and carried around ten aliens. They were holding long spears and standing upright.

Those aliens had gray-brown skin with a humped back. They had sharp horns on their heads while their bodies dragged a long tail. This long tail was as rigid as iron or steel with a lot of bizarre patterns.

They were around three meters tall, their appearance fearsome. They had large hands with hook-like fingers. The auras shooting from their bodies were abundant and ferocious.

This group of ten aliens was riding the white bone war chariot and moving around the asteroid current to patrol.

"They're the members of the Dragon Lizard Clan."

Masha looked at them. The ring on her wrist glowed. Just like a strange pa.s.s token, it attracted the members of the Dragon Lizard Clan. They immediately approached.

Audrey discolored. She quietly stayed close to Shi Yan and hid behind him. She didn't dare to show her face.

Her realm was pretty low in this place. From the body of those lizard warriors, she could feel the terrifying aura. Thus, she was wise enough to stay behind.

"They got only one First Sky of Immortal Realm and the rest are at Incipient G.o.d Realm. You don't need to worry a lot," comforted Shi Yan.

"They are guards in the peripheral area of the Dragon Lizard Clan. At this time, the Dragon Lizard wakes up and has his meal. He attracts a lot of people to come here, but only the ones with the pa.s.s token can really enter the Dragon Lizard Clan's territory. They are the bouncers. Troublemakers or the ones who have offended the Dragon Lizard Clan will be stopped outside. They won't allow those people to enter their territory deeply," explained Masha.

It was also her first time visiting this outer s.p.a.ce area. Anyway, Adams and Yvelines had explained everything to her. She had the knowledge unlike the ignorant Shi Yan and Audrey, who had nothing but mist in their heads.

Shi Yan nodded, his face extremely stern. He was ready to take action at any minute.

He didn't know what the cunning Adams and Yvelines would do after he released them. If they joined the Dragon Lizard Clan warriors to attack him, he had to maintain his fighting form and fiercely smash their confidence.

"Let me deal with them," Masha looked deeply at her two seniors.

Adams and Yvelines pulled a cold face and didn't say anything. It meant that they agreed with her.

Masha immediately pitched up her voice, using a strange language to communicate with the members of the Dragon Lizard Clan, who had just approached them. She handed the ring on her wrist to the leader at the Immortal Realm of the patrol team. That man had ferocious eyes with a murderous aura. He received the pa.s.s token and checked it personally. After that, his countenance became more friendly.

He pointed at Audrey and Shi Yan, the ones who apparently didn't belong to Masha's clan as if he was asking about their ident.i.ties. Masha had prepared an excuse, so she told him fluently.

The man pondered for a while and then waved his hand to dismiss the others.

Right after that, the asteroid Shi Yan was riding on glided through the guards of the Dragon Lizard Clan, blending with the asteroid torrent. They continued to move toward the Dragon Lizard Clan's territory.

"What did you tell him?" Audrey was surprised.

"I told him that you guys were our slaves," Masha didn't conceal it. "Your realms are relatively low. Saying so allowed you to go. It's because the warriors from your Desolate Territory haven't appeared in the Sea Domain of Nihility for a long time. The members of the Dragon Lizard Clan aren't familiar with your kind, either."

After they had pa.s.sed the checking point of the Dragon Lizard Clan, Masha relaxed. Adams and Yvelines also felt much safer. Their knitted brows relaxed.

"Many people at the Immortal Realm from our Desolate Territory also come here to train. No one has ever met them?" Audrey couldn't understand.

It was what concerned Shi Yan too.

He knew that Xuan He and the Four Great Heavenly Kings of the G.o.d Clan used to cultivate in this Sea Domain of Nihility. Even Spark at the False Immortal Realm had come to the peripheral area. Rumor said that Ming Hao, the Soul Control Chief, had hidden his real body in the Sea Domain of Nihility. Thus, why did Masha say that the creatures from Desolate Territory hadn't visited this place for a long time?

Xuan He, Ming Hao, and the Four Great Heavenly Kings have never communicated with those aliens?

It was unimaginable.

"Perhaps the warriors from Desolate Territory also move around the Sea Domain. However, they haven't come to the area where creatures gather. Maybe they don't know the specific regions where the high-level creatures appeared. Even if they have wandered around for thousands of years, they might not have seen anyone. You know that the Sea Domain of Nihility is immensely vast," explained Masha.

"It's like wandering around a vast sea alone and there are many people like you who come from different sh.o.r.es. How big is the possibility for you guys to meet up? Unless you know some islands that people often visit and go to, the chances are not very high."

She gave a direct and lively example. Shi Yan and Audrey understood the matter immediately.

The Sea Domain of Nihility was so vast that a lot of races dwelled in it. However, they only went to some specific zones. If you didn't know those places, it was like finding the needle in a haystack. The chance that they could meet people was so tiny.

The Sea Domain was so vast. It would take an Immortal Realm expert hundreds or even one thousand years to run from one region to another region.

Adams and Yvelines weren't so friendly to Shi Yan, but they didn't stop Masha from explaining the situation to them. It was because it was just general knowledge that wouldn't affect them a bit. She would never disclose anything related to the secret of the Heavenly Eye Clan.

Misha's words filled Audrey will sadness. If there were no creatures from Desolate Territory operating here, Audrey wasn't going to be able to find someone she knew to find the way home. In other words, they were going to be stuck here for a long time.

"What do you know about the Dark Energy?" asked Shi Yan all of a sudden.

From what Zi Yao and Tian Xie had said, he knew that the new power in his Sea of Consciousness was called the Dark Energy. It was also the energy that Bloodthirsty had controlled that year.

Besides Bloodthirsty, he was the second one who understood that energy in Desolate Territory.

He understood that the Dark Energy was very powerful and intimidating. However, he didn't know how to use it. He didn't know about its origin and its particular features. He thought that Masha's team had communicated with the aliens a lot, so perhaps she knew something about the Dark Energy.

He wanted to know more about the Dark Energy.

Strangely, Masha was so surprised that she shook her head. "Dark Energy? What kind of energy is that? I have never heard about it before."

Yvelines who had kept silent for a long time suddenly discolored. He looked frightened. He gazed at Shi Yan and asked, "You… You killed the owner of Desolate Territory and replaced the Absolute Beginning creature there?"

"Not yet," Shi Yan shook his head.

"Then how do you know the Dark Energy?" Yvelines was astounded.

Shi Yan was surprised. He was moved. He urged the power in his Sea of Consciousness. His body faded and turned invisible. An invisible soul energy rippled and the void around them seemed to shatter. The ma.s.sive asteroids were smashed by an invisible hand.

"I can use the Dark Energy. Although I'm at the most preliminary phase, I control that power," he explained.

Yvelines was shaken. He took a deep breath and said bitterly, "If you had told us that you control that power, we wouldn't have touched you. You're such a monster!"

"Senior?" Adams was also bewildered. Since he didn't know how marvelous the Dark Energy was, he looked skeptical.

"That Dark Energy is also called the Negative Energy. It totally contrasts to our G.o.d power. This kind of energy can't be recognized. However, along with the energies that control this vast sea of stars, it's deemed the energy of the Creators. Only the ones understanding the Dark Energy could create the universe and get through the Immortal Realm to reach the level of the Territory Ancestor.

"In this vast sea of stars, not many people could control the Dark Energy. Each of them is an absolute character who can shoulder the entire world. The Dark Energy can create the world or the new universe. It's the mysterious energy that only the experts at the Territory Ancestor's level could have. It comes from the strongest creatures in the Absolute Beginning Era.

"Legends said that the Absolute Beginning Era ended because of the overuse of Dark Energy. It shattered the entire universe. The partially collapsed pieces of the universe had created the Sea Domain of Nihility we see today.

"Our Heavenly Eye Clan doesn't have any warrior cultivating the Dark Energy. As far as I know, each expert who controls the Dark Energy has become the Territory Ancestor of a world. The Territory Ancestor is the t.i.tle of the peerless experts who have surpa.s.sed the Immortal Realm. They could create a world belonging to them. They could create creatures. Each of the strong Absolute Beginning creatures is one of the Territory Ancestors. They are the ancestors of a universe. They control the lives of the creatures living there. They could distort the rules of Nature as they are the sole G.o.d of that world."

When he looked at Shi Yan again, he was filled with fear. "You've reached only Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, but you can control the Dark Energy. No wonder why you're so fierce. It means that after you've reached the Immortal Realm, you will become more domineering. Also, it's possible that you can become a new Territory Ancestor. You can create your own world with unique creatures."

What he said had shaken the others. Adams and Masha were also frightened. When they looked at Shi Yan, they didn't keep their usual complexion.

"The precursor from the second generation of the Dragon Lizard Clan, the one called Dragon Lizard, can pull the current of asteroids while eating. Does he know the Dark Energy?" asked Shi Yan strangely.

"No," Yvelines shook his head, "his realm and power are approaching the Territory Ancestor's level. Unfortunately, he hasn't mastered the Dark Energy yet, so he can't create a whole new world. He can't be deemed the new Territory Ancestor. Anyway, he's a peerless warrior, indeed. He's very famous in the Sea Domain of Nihility."

After they knew that Shi Yan had the Dark Energy, Yvelines changed his att.i.tude toward Shi Yan. It seemed like he had forgotten the resentment they had caused. He was so cooperative and he answered everything the others asked him.

Shi Yan looked disappointed.

When he heard that Dragon Lizard was the second generation of Lizard the Absolute Beginning creature, he thought that Dragon Lizard controlled the Dark Energy. He hoped to know the features of this marvelous power. Unexpectedly, such a formidable creature like him hadn't decoded the true power of Dark Energy yet.

He suddenly recognized that if Bloodthirsty wasn't killed that year, he could have been the character at the Lord level in this Sea Domain of Nihility.

Rubbing his chin, he pondered for a while and then used the s.p.a.ce saber to cut the asteroid underneath, revealing a part of the three-legged jade cauldron. He exposed the tadpole characters and asked, "Is it the language of the Absolute Beginning Era? Do you know those symbols? Also, do you know how to tame this thing?"

Yvelines stooped to observe and then he became petrified.

After a long time, he pulled himself together and asked, "Please tell the truth. Did you kill the Territory Ancestor and replace it? Otherwise, why do you control the Dark Energy and the divine weapon from the Absolute Beginning Era?"

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