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Yvelines and Adams looked back, their faces changed as they were filled with terrible regrets.

Shi Yan zoomed over through the chaotic asteroid current. The rocks in his way automatically drifted aside to give him lots of room.

The shining, sharp s.p.a.ce sabers hovered by him and gave him an unrivaled aura.

With his body as a shooting star, the asteroids making his way, and the sharp s.p.a.ce sabers moving around him, the power that Shi Yan performed this time was like a deep seal imprinted in Yvelines and Adams. They had to hiss in pain.

If they had known Shi Yan was that bold, even if they had to die, they wouldn't have provoked them. Now, they had this slaughtering comet after them. What should they do?

For the time being, Yvelines and Adam were so regretful. Seeing Shi Yan coming like a deadly rainbow, their scalps felt numb. They thought that they would perish this time.

"You don't want to let us go, do you?" Masha stepped up. While her two seniors were hurt, she came to the back of the Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat to face Shi Yan.

Magically, when Yvelines and Adams saw her walking out, they didn't look worried at all. Their eyes brightened.

It seemed like they had great confidence in her.


Shi Yan squinted, his pores open. Instinctively, he smelt danger.

He coldly looked at the Heavenly Eye woman and scanned her body. "If your seniors didn't want to kill us, I wouldn't be hunting them down. When your seniors attacked me, I didn't see you prevent them. What is it good for now?"

A shining, thin s.p.a.ce saber radiated a dazzling light, which had the Death Intent Domain that could swallow all kinds of creatures. Just like a demon from h.e.l.l, it s.n.a.t.c.hed over the Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat.

After reaching Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, he could combine the s.p.a.ce, Star, Death and Life power Upanishads easily whenever his thoughts changed. It seemed like he could create a new supernatural ability easily.

Different energies and techniques in his hands showcased as if they had consciousness. His attacks could become so profound and magical.

The shining s.p.a.ce saber had the power of the starlight and the Death Intent Domain. It was truly the combination of s.p.a.ce, star, and death. Ordinary people could never resist such an attack.

Shi Yan believed that even Adams and Yvelines would find it hard to resist it.

At this moment, Adams and Yvelines were both injured. Their souls and bodies were hurt. They didn't dare to use their G.o.d power to face this attack forcefully. They could only dodge it.

He wanted to force them to dodge, indeed!

As long as they jumped out of this flaming asteroid, he would immediately control the sharp saber to smash this asteroid. He wanted to force the others to fight against him in the current of asteroids.

He had soon recognized the magical power of the flaming crystal asteroid that they were riding. It could dodge the dangers in the turbulent current and it could glide through the s.p.a.ce scythes and the explosions easily.

It had the same effects as the asteroid with the three-legged jade cauldron as its core.

As soon as the others got out of the asteroid's protection, Shi Yan was confident that he could kill Adams and Yvelines in this asteroid torrent. Because those s.p.a.ce rocks were under his control, they listened to his Star power Upanishad!

"Do you really think that we don't have the power to counterattack?"

Masha became cold. Her clothes fluttered without the wind. It looked like she had electric currents flashing through her curly brown hair. The terrifying roar suddenly arose from inside Masha's body.

She touched her glabella and her third eye opened, illuminating the entire world!

The beautiful purple light immediately shrouded the area in front of her. In that violet light, a beast with a dragon head and a lion's body that was as imposing as a grand mountain emerged. It roared at Shi Yan angrily.


The shockwaves came unceasingly and pounded the asteroids along the way into powder. Even the s.p.a.ce sabers exploded.

The energy surged through Masha's third eye and gushed toward the body of the beast that had the dragon head and the lion body!

The strong beast became fiercer. In the faint violet light, it barged over and roared terrifyingly. Its sharp claws pulled and exploded everything in its way.

It angrily roared and threw its mountain-like claw at Shi Yan's head.

The cold light that had an extremely keen power sparkled on the beast's claws. This strike could smash Shi Yan's bones within a second and turn him into a pulp of flesh like those asteroids.

The beast with the dragon head and a lion body was the holy mascot of Masha's family. She had to use her third eye to summon and use her own energy to activate it.

The third eye of the Heavenly Eye Clan had a special ability to summon the beast to help the master in fighting. Legends of the Heavenly Eye Clan said that their third eye could connect to various kinds of animals and it could generate a unique power Upanishad. It was their core power but once the third eye was activated, the side-effects would hurt the user severely.

However, the energy it could release was extremely formidable.

The beast Masha had summoned with her third eye was the holy mascot of her family. When it got her blood Qi and energy, it was so powerful that Adams and Yvelines couldn't counter it.

It was also because of the supernatural power of Masha's third eye that Adams and Yvelines had brought her with them when she had only Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

However, Adams and Yvelines understood that whenever she used the power of the third eye, no matter what happened, she would get poorly hurt. The energy she pumped to the beast couldn't recover quickly. Thus, when she opened her third eye, the two of them made up their mind. They had to kill Shi Yan at any cost.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The brutal beast had crushed all the asteroids in its way. Its roaring also pressed the sharp s.p.a.ce sabers and exploded them. Its ferocious power was released and locked Shi Yan in its tracks. It was storming toward him furiously.

Masha paled, her plump body becoming thinner quickly. It seemed like even her flesh was being consumed.

At the same time, the purple light projected from her third eye became more dazzling. The beast in that light had rocketed its power too.

"Watch out! The blood Qi of that beast has almost reached Lei Di, the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's level. Although it doesn't have a power Upanishad to use, it's not a joke!"

Audrey rode the fast asteroid. Her beautiful eyes rolled as she reminded Shi Yan not to be careless.

Shi Yan's face became extremely stern. Seeing the beast barge in, his blood Qi burst out like a formidable erupting volcano in h.e.l.l. The bone wings behind his back flapped and released torrential blood waves that carried the crimson blood Qi that could destroy everything.

Wisps of energy in his Sea of Consciousness filled his body. His fearsome body flashed as if he was moving through darkness and light alternatively. When the Dark Energy seeped through, the s.p.a.ce where he was staying exploded. Even the Sea Domain was shaking as if it was about to collapse. Inside that rapid asteroid current, dozens of ma.s.sive rocks melted inaudibly.

"Come here!"

Shi Yan screamed indignantly. He suddenly disappeared as if he could go invisible.


A bleeding cut appeared right in the chest of the dragon-headed lion. The energy rippling through its body looked like wooden patterns. It howled, screeched, and stormed toward the void, using its claws and fangs to tear and pull while wagging its long tail.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shi Yan in his invisible state was. .h.i.t by the claws. He felt like a ma.s.sive battleship had just b.u.mped into him. His body shook hard. The blood in his body boiled.

He reappeared. The bone wings fluttered like a saw cutting off the tail of the beast. Unexpectedly, Shi Yan's bone wings had broken the purple patterned tail of the beast.

Crack! Crack!

Shi Yan's sharp fingernails thrust into the beast. It sounded like shattering diamonds when the beast's skeleton exploded.


Masha vomited blood, her face as ashen as a sheet of white paper. The light projecting from her third eyes dimmed. She looked ash-gray. Hesitating for a few seconds, she touched her chest.

Her heart began to beat frantically ten times faster than usual.

The beast seemed to receive more boosts. It became super strong and more savage instantly.

Shi Yan was surprised.

Yvelines was bewildered. He was about to open his third eye. However, seeing Masha trigger the power in her heart, he discolored and screamed, "NOOO!"

Adams cried, his face ashen. "Don't!"

They ignored Shi Yan and dashed toward Masha. They both rose one hand to cover her third eye.

As soon as the purple light was covered, the dragon-headed lion started dying. It faded and disappeared slowly.

Masha's face didn't have color. Her soft body quivered. Her frantic heart suddenly became sluggish.

She looked even more vulnerable than before she had triggered her energy. Her heart gradually ceased to beat. Her situation was extremely strange.

"I want to kill him! I want to kill him!" Yvelines burst out crazy. His third eye twitched as if it was about to open. He also wanted to use his power Upanishad that would consume his vitality.

"Saving our sister is much more important!" shouted Adams.

Yvelines's eyes were garnet. Hearing Adams' calling, he reacted fast. Their third eyes slowly opened and released green and blue light respectively. The lights from their eyes were like a life magnetic field that covered Masha. The magical life energy from the light slowly entered Masha's third eye.

Ashen Masha steadied her breathing as the lights shrouded her. Her weak heart gradually started beating faster.

Then, Shi Yan landed on their Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat. He looked interested, observing and walking toward them.

"Shi Yan."

Audrey was sitting on the asteroid. Because it was moving fast, she was close to Shi Yan now. She looked at him from a distance and frowned. "We shouldn't be extreme. We're new here. We shouldn't offend many people. It would be very hard for us later."

Shi Yan chuckled and shook his head. "I have never been merciful to enemies. If I wasn't strong enough, you and I would have been killed this time. They wouldn't show mercy, you know."

While talking, he walked toward Yvelines, Adams, and Masha. Yvelines and Adams were in the critical process of their healing procedure to save Masha. Although they knew that the young man didn't come with good will, they couldn't be distracted. Deep resentment appeared in their eyes, but they didn't dare to pause the healing process.

If they stopped the treatment, Masha would die when her life magnetic field got drained.

"Well, I didn't expect that you two seniors would have a deep affection for your sister. Love is really harmful to people. I didn't expect that you would give up fighting to maintain her life magnetic field. It's touching to me." Shi Yan frowned. He urged his power and the Dark Energy in his Sea of consciousness created two strange marks.

The blood cloud mark that naked eyes couldn't see flew out of his glabella and disappeared into Adams' and Yvelines's hearts.

That energy could trigger the destructive energy to crush their hearts instantly.

Shi Yan knew that besides the soul, the heart was the weakest point of the Heavenly Eye warriors.

They were different from Shi Yan. Even if his heart was broken, he could use his blood to create another one.

When the marks entered Adams and Yvelines, it meant that Shi Yan had controlled their lives now. He didn't feel shameful when he attacked the other two while they couldn't be distracted.

"Come over here. It's safe now. We can talk to them nicely," Shi Yan waved at Audrey.

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