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Shi Yan had a magical, cheery feeling.

After he had refined his body with the mysteries from Hui's brain, his soul altar, body, and even his blood was sublimated. He hadn't really fought against anyone.

While facing Yvelines today, he felt relaxed and calm as his G.o.d power, blood, and soul had reached a marvelously harmonious level that he had never dared to dream of!

The branches of his G.o.d power Ancient Tree and his veins were connected. As soon as his mind flickered, the abundant star energy was triggered, overflowing unceasingly. Instantly, his body got filled with bursting energy without pausing or losing efficiency along the way. With just a beam of G.o.d power, he could maximize his power to the max.

It had never happened like this before.

Previously, when the G.o.d power in his lower abdomen was triggered, it would move through his veins before he could use it. During this process, there would be some delay and energy would be wasted along the way. He wouldn't be able to use all of the desired energy.

Shi Yan focused on exploring his soul altar.

His Sea of Consciousness, which was the lowest level, was now an immensely vast ocean. Innumerable beams of Soul Consciousness weren't misty or smokey anymore. Now, they were materialized into the liquid form of energy like real water!

It was a dark sea with murmuring seawater where a core power that could nurture the soul was filled. The aura of this sea was even more formidable than the G.o.d power Ancient Tree!

The Sea of Consciousness had become a real sea with immense, dark seawater that realized the dark steam. The thick, dark steam arose and nurtured the tier of power Upanishads, heaven flames, Incipient Extent, the host soul and the co-soul. It was like an eternal source of energy supplied to his soul altar!

His eyes shot out of a divine light.

Concentrating harder, he found that the energies in his Sea of Consciousness and the G.o.d power Ancient Tree were completely different. It was like two sides of a coin. Shi Yan was astounded, though.

The G.o.d power Ancient Tree was dazzling like a ma.s.sive diamond. The Sea of Consciousness was as dark as ink. It didn't reflect any light, but it murmured constantly. Once a wisp of Soul Consciousness flew out of the sea, it immediately turned transparent with the intimidating power.

He suddenly had a feeling that his Sea of Consciousness was healing his soul altar and transforming it.

Also, he had barely understood anything about the new energy, the Dark Energy in his Sea of Consciousness. At this moment, he had made up his mind. While he was in the Sea Domain, he had to decode this mysterious and yet wonderful energy. He had to get a good grasp of it.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Although his mind changed constantly, the asteroids connecting to his ten fingers had never paused. The starlight chains connected the asteroid and continued to bombard Yvelines crazily.

Yvelines gathered the energy of his Metal power Upanishad. The gold saws flew out of his body and moved like rainbows attacking Shi Yan. The ma.s.sive asteroids gradually exploded with sparks and rocks. They had even rumbled an asteroid current.

Whenever an asteroid exploded, Yvelines was shaken hard. He felt the bones in his entire body get hammered. His face reddened.

Until the last asteroid exploded, Yvelines's red face paled. His eyes became dark and sinister. The currents of energy in his body moved chaotically. Around ten gold saws hovered above his head. The teeth of the saws were thick like open mouths of monsters.

His resentful eyes gazed at Shi Yan as he roared like a wild beast.

The lid of his third eye shivered. A strong energy fluctuation came as if it was about to open.

From the bottom of his heart, Shi Yan had an extremely dangerous feeling. With a grave face, he discreetly urged his power. The pure star energy moved through his veins like a rapid stream. Instantly, his blood Qi became full and his life magnetic field was reaching another realm. Then, he transformed into his fighting form as if he was facing his arch enemy.

The bone wings jutted out of his back. Spikes grew on his shoulders, elbows, and knees. A natural keratin layer of armor fitted his lean body. His fingernails were now cold, sharp swords.

An evil, brutal aural emitted from his new fighting form. It was like a hissing volcano in h.e.l.l that was about to release something deadly scorching.

Yvelines was so frightened. His third eye on the forehead convulsed as if it was about to open.

"Senior!" Adams screamed in fear. Just like a wild tornado, he appeared and steadied by Yvelines. He said heavily, "It's just a trivial provocation. Would you risk your life with him? Although this little buddy has Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, his real competencies aren't weak. Senior, just… let it go."

While he was talking to Yvelines, he used the language of Desolate Territory so that Shi Yan and Audrey could understand. However, while talking loudly, he had sent a discreet soul message to Yvelines.

"This kid's blood isn't ordinary. He can activate the power of his blood to transform. I'm afraid that he's not easy to deal with. Senior, your soul and body are wounded. It's not easy to win single-handedly. Let's pretend to not get a hold to it. You and I will join hands and find the right opportunity to hit him and kill him instantly!"

Adams was using his soul to talk to Yvelines.

As Yvelines was listening to Adams' secret message, his third eye didn't open. He looked as if he was considering Adams' suggestion.

Not far from them, Masha sighed weakly.

She knew that Adams was even more extreme than Yvelines, and that man was filled with evil thoughts. When she saw that Adams didn't use the language of the Heavenly Eye Clan to tell Yvelines to retreat, she figured out their plan immediately. She understood that Adams now had another plan. He wanted to use his dark mind to handle this.

—— In fact, it was also Adams' plan when Yvelines had pretended to be friendly to talk to the others and then suddenly used his soul to ambush them to find the truth out of them.

In this group of three, Adams was the most cunning one. He was their insidious strategist.


Masha understood their ideas. She covered her mouth, her face disbelieving.

She thought that with Adams talking and Yvelines nodding "begrudgingly," she believed that Shi Yan would stop fighting. Anyway, Adams was at the Immortal Realm and she herself was at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

If they had good sense, they would know that they shouldn't attack furthermore.

However, right at this moment, when Yvelines "nodded begrudgingly" and retreated his gold saws, that wild, young man grinned fiendishly and dashed forward!

Masha discolored in fear!

Audrey didn't know the reason. Her beautiful eyes looked puzzled. She didn't know why Shi Yan still wanted to fight when her side apparently ceased to fight.

"Who do you think you are? You think you can kill and when you can't do that, you want to retreat? It's not that easy!" Ten starlight beams gathered into one. Shi Yan abruptly disappeared into the starlight. The brilliant starlight band drifted toward Yvelines and Adams like a magnificent ribbon.

The starlight bands moved beautifully. A strong life energy surged like the giant wave.

After that fierce life energy, a cold, death intent emerged and swept around. At the same time, dozens of giant s.p.a.ce blades that were floating freely near them were attracted by the starlight. Moving with a long tail, they slashed toward the others forcefully.

Inside the turbulent asteroid current, the s.p.a.ce blades moving through the gaps between the asteroids were the most furious and dangerous things. Masha had seen the s.p.a.ce blades slashing the giant floating rocks into powder.

She believed that Yvelines and Adams would perish when the s.p.a.ce blade lacerated them.

"Kid, you're crazy!" Adams changed his visage.

Shi Yan attacked forcefully, ruining their plan before they could carry it out. At this moment, to show that he cooperated, Yvelines had retrieved his Metal power. When he saw the torrential starlight torrent coming with formidable s.p.a.ce blades, his scalp felt numb.

They didn't take Shi Yan's characteristics into account and he had underestimated Shi Yan's intimidating and brutal ways. They were going receive a big loss this time.

"s.p.a.ce drill!"

The sharp s.p.a.ce sabers were hundreds of meters long. They came magnificently and were deadly. The sharp sabers glided through the void and sizzled. The asteroids along their way were smashed instantly. The s.p.a.ce sabers pressed down like a keen drill from the sky.

Adams and Yvelines were shaken hard. They didn't have time to consider the situation. They immediately urged their power to the acme. They had to move swiftly like lightning bolts in between the asteroids.

They didn't dare to stop for even a moment.

"Muahaha! All of you should pay a big price!" Shi Yan grinned fiendishly.

The asteroids around Yvelines and Adams seemed to be activated quickly. They deviated while shooting forward. Grumblingly, they barged into the two of them.

While they weren't alerted, many asteroids had hit them hard. They coughed up blood and looked extremely helter-skelter.

Those asteroids were like thousand-meter-high mountains that were as heavy as the Immortal Island. As Shi Yan's star energy had connected to them and was controlling them with his G.o.d power, they became his lethal weapons.

In this vast sea of stars, Shi Yan's Star power Upanishad was an abnormal power. Innumerable asteroids in this place could become his weapons. Fighting against him here was just like seeking death.

Even though Adams and Yvelines had higher realms, Shi Yan had the right timing and condition here. He could hurt them hard!

"Seniors!" Masha screamed epiercingly.

The Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat she was riding changed its route. Fire clouds emitted from the flaming crystal. Their asteroid turned into a starlight band and shot toward Adams and Yvelines.

The two of them had blood all over their faces. At this moment, their souls were shaken hard. They had given up the thought of taking revenge. They immediately hopped on the flaming crystal. Adams urged, "Go! Leave this place immediately! It's so unfortunate. What kind of monster did we encounter?!"

Yvelines put on a dark and harsh face, looking at Shi Yan sinisterly. "Wait until my soul and G.o.d body recover. I will come to take your life. You've bullied us intolerably! He's a harsh bully!"

"Don't! Don't talk like that! Oh, he's chasing after us! Gosh! He wants to hunt us down!" Masha screamed, her face pale and cold.

Inside the torrential asteroid flow, Shi Yan was like a brilliant comet that flew toward them at breakneck speed.

The asteroids in his way had proactively made way for him as if he was the Lord of the galaxy who could control the stars and the asteroids. He was born as the Lord of stars!

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