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Yvelines was like the nice and friendly grandfather next door as he told them the mysteries of the Sea Domain of Nihility. With the information he had provided, Shi Yan and Audrey finally had a clear understanding of the place.

Now, they knew how vast the real sea of stars was. In fact, there were countless territories similar to their territory. Now, they knew that not only Desolate, Devour, and Hui were creatures from the Absolute Beginning Era in this world. Also, the Incipient G.o.d Realm was actually vulnerable in the Sea Domain of Nihility.

"Desolate Territory is the world that Desolate had created. It's really magical. Have your precursors ever met Desolate and gotten its core inheritance?"

Yvelines suddenly asked while the vertical slit on his forehead twitched, and sent a miraculous wisp of soul, which then fell into Audrey's eye.

Audrey suddenly became bewildered. Her eyes looked puzzled. Her consciousness was seized as she had only First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. Yvelines had ambushed her quickly. She said perplexedly, "No precursors are with us. We deceived you…"

Hearing her, Shi Yan's temples convulsed as he cried inwardly.

His face became ultimately stern. He didn't think more and pulled Audrey to his side, sending a flow of cold energy through his hand into her body.

Shuddering, Audrey woke up. Her beautiful face turned frosty, her eyes coldly piercing.

Shi Yan cursed himself for being careless under his breath. He had underestimated the cunning feature of the others. Yvelines had shown his smiling face all the time and explained to them everything they had asked. His nice and friendly att.i.tude had reduced Shi Yan's and Audrey's vigilance. Shi Yan thought that they were really afraid of his imaginary precursors, so they came to befriend them.

He didn't expect that this old man would be so bold. He had spent a lot of efforts to tell Shi Yan and Audrey some information just to make them relax their guard. Then, he attacked Audrey, the one with the lower realm. Audrey was under his soul attack and telling him the truth.

"Such a treacherous old man!" Audrey looked cold as the departed souls moved around her body. Eliminating the wisp of attacking Soul Consciousness in her brain, she hissed.

Yvelines, Adams, and Masha fell into silence after they had heard the truth from Audrey.

Masha just frowned, her face odd. She sighed as if she was sympathetic for what the other two were about to experience.

Yvelines and Adams, her two seniors, were cold and sinister. The warm smile on their faces vanished. They immediately showed their real colors.

"Muahaha!" Yvelines laughed evilly. "I didn't expect that you two would be such ignorant kids. The thing inside this asteroid should be the treasures of your school right? It hurts my soul and it made me skeptical. I have to waste a lot of time to identify the truth. Do you know how much of my time you have wasted?"

While talking, Yvelines moved like a cold light and zoomed over from the Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat. In just a blink, he landed on Shi Yan and Audrey's asteroid.

He turned around and said to Adams and Masha. "I can handle them easily since they are only two juniors at Incipient G.o.d Realm. They can't escape me. You guys don't need to waste your G.o.d power."

Adams nodded and said darkly, "Then, we have to bother you, senior."

"Senior, shouldn't we not act so harshly like that?" frowned Masha.

"There's no rule worth mentioning in the Sea Domain of Nihility. It's their bad fate that they've encountered us. Moreover, the asteroid they're riding should have something really good inside," Adams snorted and told her off. "It's the first time you came here. You don't know how malicious it is in this area. If we encountered Second Sky of Immortal Realm here, we wouldn't have a natural death. Don't be compa.s.sionate. Otherwise, you'll have to endure a big loss in the future!"

Masha sighed weakly. She didn't say more because she knew it was no use.

"Hey, you old man. You do have a dark and profound scheme. You've invested a lot of efforts to make us understand the marvels of the Sea Domain of Nihility. I have just one more question. Did you guys tell us the truth about this area?" Shi Yan frowned and looked at Yvelines slowly approaching. He discreetly urged his power.

"Nothing we've told you guys is false. Of course, to make you show your weakness, I couldn't make any mistake. You guys don't have enough experience. Don't blame me for being sinister." At this moment, Yvelines wore a cold and harsh face. He didn't keep a bit of the friendly countenance. He directly walked toward Shi Yan. "I will kill you first. Then, I will use your sister's soul to investigate the miraculous powers inside this asteroid."

"You want to kill us because your soul got hurt. Don't you think you're too savage?" Shi Yan gave him a forced smile.

"My soul has been damaged badly. It has affected my breakthrough. You guys must pay with your lives!" hissed Yvelines. His curly brown hair emitted a gray halo. He threw both of his hands into the sky. The gold light suddenly burst out of his palms when he released the keen G.o.d power.

Shortly after, countless fine gold fragments swarmed over like the torrent of billions of hard needles. They were aimed at Shi Yan and Audrey.

Each of the gold fragments had a wisp of Yvelines's Soul Consciousness. It seemed like he had fused his soul and his G.o.d power perfectly, giving the fragments consciousness so that they could lock Shi Yan and Audrey precisely.

The gold shower made a downpour. Audrey's departed souls shrieked in her soul altar. Her body emitted a cold aura, but her eyes looked frightened.

She had just First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivation base while Yvelines was at First Sky of Immortal Realm. His Metal power Upanishad was profound and magical. His compatibility of G.o.d power and soul had surpa.s.sed most of the people with the Metal power Upanishad in Desolate Territory. He had an absolute understanding of power and soul.

"b.l.o.o.d.y shield!"

Shi Yan wore a cold face. He rose one hand to touch the void. A sea of blood emerged and turned into a ma.s.sive shield as large as the sky. The blood cloud mark on the shield moved like a blooming red flower. It had stopped all the gold fragments.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The gold fragments sh.e.l.led on the b.l.o.o.d.y shield. Gold electric beams sparked as the metal power inside the fragment hit the shield hard.

Blood burned in his body. A brutal aura shot out of Shi Yan's head like a blood column connecting his body with the b.l.o.o.d.y shield.


The b.l.o.o.d.y shield emitted blood halos. A deadly aura that could kill all the creatures expanded like sea water.


Yvelines's eyes brightened. He screamed in astonishment. He was shocked because Shi Yan could stop his supernatural power.

Adams and Masha behind him were also surprised. Evidently, they hadn't expected that Shi Yan at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm could endure his senior's attack.

They knew that Yvelines hadn't used all of his power, but if Shi Yan could endure such an attack under the given circ.u.mstance of the big gap between their realms, this young man wasn't an ordinary warrior.

"Kid, your G.o.d power is really abundant. No wonder you dare to travel around the Sea Domain of Nihility even though you know nothing about it. But it's too bad for you since the first warrior you met here is me!" Yvelines laughed contentedly.

So many gold fragments emerged on Yvelines's palms like gold fireflies floating in the void.

Those fragments condensed and congregated quickly. It became a gold saw that connected directly to his left arm. His arm shivered and the gold saw shot out a gold rainbow, using the sharpness of the metal power that could tear everything and fiercely slash the b.l.o.o.d.y shield!


Millions of gold fragments sparked on the surface of the b.l.o.o.d.y shield. A dent appeared on the shield and the halo of many blood clouds dimmed out.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Shi Yan's body was cracking as if he was made of jade. His iron-like, tenacious body was torn by the terrifying shockwaves, his veins bulging under his skin.

However, there was no bleeding.

He shook his shoulder. A surging vitality arose in his body. The cracks and cuts on his skin were mended quickly. His body glowed in a blood halo.

"I know you're at the Immortal Realm. But since I came to this world, the one thing I'm good at is to breaking the arrogance and confidence of higher-realm warriors!" grinned Shi Yan.

His power Upanishads switched. The commotion of the deep, vast sea of stars burst out from his body.

"Meteor Dance!"

The starlight shot out of his ten fingers like chains that coiled ten surrounding asteroids. Instantly, those ten asteroids had become his extended limbs and his weapons.

Ten ma.s.sive asteroids got out of the rapid asteroid current as the starlight chains pulled them. They grumblingly attacked Yvelines. Their aura was much fiercer than billions of Yvelines's gold fragments.

Yvelines's face changed.

Adams and Masha exchanged looks, their faces stern. They had a new cognition of Shi Yan's boldness. Now, they felt regretful because Yvelines was so hasty. He shouldn't have made it so serious that they couldn't handle it.

Audrey had good sense. She quietly retreated to Shi Yan's back and released her departed souls, her special power Upanishad. She used the souls to lock Yvelines's commotion to prevent him from using the soul power to attack Shi Yan's consciousness.

Typically, the high-real warriors would have their Soul Consciousness be one level higher than the low-realm warriors. Sometimes, they could use their Soul Consciousness to smash the spirit and cognition of the lower-realm warriors, making them sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

When Audrey got ambushed, Shi Yan had saved her. Otherwise, she would still be puzzled now.

Thus, she was afraid that Shi Yan would be ambushed in the same way. She carefully used Imperial Dark Tribe's unique soul power Upanishad, which used so many departed souls as a defense to prevent Yvelines from using his soul to intrude them.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The ten ma.s.sive asteroids were like ten giant b.a.l.l.s bombarding Yvelines. He didn't dare to forcefully stand. He turned into a cl.u.s.ter of gold and drifted away immediately.

The gold saw was still connected to his limb. Under his control, it slashed on the b.l.o.o.d.y shield one more time.

"Not that easy," Shi Yan sneered. The fingers on his left hand flickered. An asteroid hissed while it moved to parry the gold saw.

Countless gold light beams sparked. The big asteroid exploded and the chipped rock showered everywhere.

Yvelines was shaken. The gold cloud he had transformed into dispersed. He reappeared limping, his face red. A trickle of blood dripped from his mouth. Apparently, he got hit one more time.

This time, his G.o.d body was wounded.

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