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The three members of the Heavenly Eye Clan were looking at the asteroid Shi Yan and Audrey were riding with bright eyes. Also, the old man, their leader, had asked to greet their precursors inside the asteroid.

Shi Yan sneered inwardly. He understood that the others were nice and friendly to them but not because they were polite and well-educated. It was because they couldn't guess how strong Shi Yan and Audrey were.

Throwing a glance to the asteroid underneath, Shi Yan wore a respectful face, bowed slightly, and then lifted his head. He spoke arrogantly, "I'm sorry. Our master is cultivating inside. He can't come out to greet you. Please understand."

"Ah, no worries, no worries," the old man's eyes sparkled as he studied Shi Yan. Seeing Shi Yan act arrogantly, he thought that Shi Yan wasn't scared because he had a strong master. The old man was startled, so he became even more cautious. His smile became more tender as he said modestly, "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Yvelines. They are my brother and sister, Adams and Masha. We're going to the territory of the Dragon Lizard Clan. I wonder if we're heading to the same place?"

While he was introducing, the middle-aged man named Adams and his sister Masha smiled and nodded to greet Shi Yan and Audrey.

They were sneaking looks at the asteroid underneath Shi Yan and Audrey as they were filled with fear. Remembering what Yvelines had told them, they didn't dare to provoke Shi Yan and Audrey since they were really afraid of the rage of Shi Yan and Audrey's master who was cultivating inside the asteroid.

The rapid steroid current rumbled all the time. While they were talking, Shi Yan and Audrey's asteroid was moving faster, so they were approaching Yvelines' Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat. With this torrent, Shi Yan and Audrey were going to pa.s.s the boat and leave Yvelines and his group behind.

While Shi Yan was talking, Audrey kept a cold face. She just listened and didn't utter a word. She was clever enough to see what the three experts of the Heavenly Eye Clan worried about. Thus, she acted even more arrogant and proud. It looked like she didn't even put them in her eye.

The more arrogant and cold Audrey got, the more cautious Yvelines became. He thought that the girl and Shi Yan had a strong foundation to depend. Thus, he pondered if they should proactively make way for them.

Yvelines didn't even dare to tell the others that his soul got hurt because he was afraid of the disaster he could face later.

"Dragon Lizard Clan?" As Yvelines was about to retreat and get further away from these two, Shi Yan suddenly smiled. "To be honest, our precursors are cultivating inside and he has ordered us to drive. But we…"

Shi Yan looked embarra.s.sed and said, "This is the first time we've ever come here. We made a wrong turn, so we're lost now. Our precursors didn't know this yet. We're really upset. We don't know where we are now. Is the Dragon Lizard Clan you've mentioned near here?"

Audrey appraised Shi Yan for his witty reaction. She cooperated by pulling a sad face. The cold visage disappeared. She sighed as if she was afraid that her precursors would punish them.

The three members of the Heavenly Eye Clan exchanged looks and smiled. Masha, the only woman in that group of three, beamed at the others. "Yes. This area is the Dragon Lizard Clan's territory. Precursor Dragon Lizard, the second generation of the Dragon Lizard Clan, is having a meal. The asteroid current over there is his food. While he's eating, he will take in the surrounding asteroids to increase his power. After that, Dragon Lizard will stay awake for a course of time. The members of the third generation of the Dragon Lizard Clan will have a festival to celebrate the Dragon Lizard waking up. They will sell a lot of precious treasures. We're going there to see if we can find the cultivating materials we need."

Listening to Masha, Shi Yan and Audrey were touched. They could never imagine that the second generation of the Dragon Lizard Clan would consider the outer s.p.a.ce rocks his food. What is that man? Is he an Absolute Beginning creature?

"Is that Dragon Lizard a creature from the Absolute Beginning Era?" asked Audrey, her voice strange.

Yvelines looked at the strangely. He rubbed his chin then asked, "You guys are from Desolate Territory?"

"Desolate Territory?" Audrey was surprised. She felt as she was lost in the mist. She couldn't grasp Yvelines' idea.

Yvelines was more surprise. "Your precursors didn't tell you anything about this place? You have no basic knowledge about the Sea Domain of Nihility at all?"

"Audrey didn't change her countenance. She still wore the cold face as she snorted. "As soon as we got here, those fogies got inside the asteroid and cultivated. They said that when we got to the place, they would explain to us. They had only shown us the direction to go. Such a bunch of irresponsible old men!"

She stomped and cracked the rock surface. She looked so outraged.

The three members of the Heavenly Eye clan changed their countenances. They were more fearful of the "fogies" Audrey had mentioned. It meant that there wasn't only one expert hiding inside the asteroid. Also, since Audrey didn't sound respectful when she talked about them, Audrey must be their favorite student.

"Oh, I see." Yvelines was astounded. Seeing them approaching, he had an idea. He clasped his hand and said, "Oh, if you don't mind, I can explain something to you. It could save your precursors from this labor too."

Audrey's heart beat frantically. Of course, she wanted it a lot. Still, while wearing a cold and faint visage, she nodded and said casually. "Then I have to thank you."

"Don't be too polite," Yvelines smiled and then began explaining. "Normally, there are three kinds of creatures living around the Sea Domain of Nihility. The first kind is the ones like the Dragon Lizard Clan whose first generation ancestor was the Absolute Beginning Creature called Lizard. The real Absolute Beginning creatures have a single-worded name, which is the language of the Absolute Beginning Era. Lizard's second generation has a two-word name, which is the Dragon Lizard. After the Dragon Lizard, it's the Dragon Lizard Clan. They are the later generations of Lizard, the Absolute Beginning creature. This is the first kind of creature in the world.

"The second kind is the one like us, the members of the Heavenly Eye Clan. Our ancestors weren't the Absolute Beginning creatures. They were high-level living beings created after the Absolute Beginning Era. Of course, it's possible that our blood has the vestiges of Absolute Beginning Creatures, more or less. But it's not really important. We're the new living beings of the new era.

"About the third kind," Yvelines paused for a while and grinned oddly. "It's you guys. You're the living beings that the Absolute Beginning creatures have created. They used the power of the Absolute Beginning creatures with the understanding of life to trigger the earth and heaven, and even destiny to create new lives. Because you were created by the Absolute Beginning creature, your soul is also born in the territory of that creature. You will be bound and limited to that creature. Unless you destroy your Creator or tame it, your soul will always have an enslaving seal. Your Creator can control you."

"So, among the three kinds of creatures, we are the ones that are discriminated as the weakest?" Audrey said through her gritted teeth.

"No no no no!" Yvelines shook his head and continued explaining, "Your kind can still cultivate to an extremely profound level. You can evolve endlessly. There are some of you who can kill the Creator or replace it. Of course, before you can do that, you are bound, but only your Creator can bind you. No one else can have this ability, anyway."

Pausing for a while, he added, "Actually, when the three kinds of creatures cultivate to a profound level, they aren't too different from each other in nature. There are so many peerless warriors among of your kind. They aren't weaker than the other creatures of the other two kinds. If you can kill your Creator, you can replace it and become more intimidating."

Listening to Yvelines, Shi Yan and Audrey exchanged looks and appeared pensive.

After they met the members of the Heavenly Eye Clan, they knew more about the settings of this immense universe. Staying inside Desolate's territory, they were like the frogs under the coconut sh.e.l.l. They had lived in a dry well without knowing how high the sky really was.

But now, they finally knew a bit more about its mysteries.

"How did you know we came from the Desolate Territory? Is there anything to differentiate or divide the areas?" asked Shi Yan.

Yvelines wasn't surprised because of their ignorance anymore. "Your language exists in my Memory Soul Seal. It's the language in the Desolate Territory, the territory of Desolate, an Absolute Beginning creature. Previously, there were some creatures from your area who came to the Sea Domain. Thus, your language was recorded and spread out."

Pausing for a while, he continued, "There are so many territories similar to Desolate Territory outside the Sea Domain of Nihility. Also, there are real independent territories that were created at the beginning of the universe. The Sea Domain of Nihility has many entrances connected to outside territories. I've told you about the three kinds of creatures. Many of them live outside the Sea Domain of Nihility, but some of them still live in this Sea Domain of Nihility. For example, the Dragon Lizard Clan lives right in the Sea Domain of Nihility."

"So, the Sea Domain of Nihility is the center of those territories? The territories out there are independent worlds surrounding the Sea Domain of Nihility?" Audrey was surprised.

Yvelines nodded. "Yep, exactly. Your Desolate Territory is the territory that Desolate the Absolute Beginning creature had created. It isn't different from the real territories. Even if Desolate vanishes, the territory will remain. Anyway, the territory of our Heavenly Eye Clan wasn't created by an Absolute Beginning creature. It's the universe that has naturally developed for billions of years. Most of the territories out there formed naturally. The territories created by the Absolute Beginning creatures are very rare and they are much safer. In fact, you guys are very lucky that you can reach such a realm. You guys are living and growing in a greenhouse. I know that many people living in our territory would envy you guys."

"Envy us?" Audrey looked awkward.

"Of course, they envy you," Masha intervened, her eyes filled with sadness. "Our family lives on a star in our territory. When I was born, there were hundreds of kids like me. But now, not even after one thousand years, two-thirds of them are gone. Most of them were killed by natural dangers while cultivating outside."

"Like this Sea Domain with so many deathtraps?" Shi Yan was fearful.

"No, not this much. If they lived here, they would have all been killed. We wouldn't even have had one-third left. Although our area isn't as dangerous as this area, it isn't safe at all. The deadly storms and tornados could destroy even the souls. If we want to cultivate, we must take risks. Death happens regularly," said Masha.

"The areas outside this Sea Domain of Nihility are mostly like our Heavenly Eye Clan's territory. Dangers lie everywhere. After experiencing so many challenges out there, when we reach a specific realm, we are qualified to enter and travel around this Sea Domain of Nihility," said Adams, the one who had kept silent all the time.

Shi Yan and Audrey silently listened to them. Until now, they had finally gotten clear information about the Sea Domain of Nihility. They finally knew how mysterious and deadly dangerous it was. Also, there were so many similar territories outside the Sea Domain of Nihility.

This place was the center of so many territories, the most mysterious and attractive place to high-realm warriors and high-level creatures.

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