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In the sh.o.r.eless, endless current of asteroids, three aliens that looked pretty similar to the Human Clan were riding a flaming asteroid. They were all lanky with curly brown hair. They didn't look very different from human beings aside from a vertical slit that was between their eyebrows. It looked like a vertical, closed eye.

They had an extra eye compared to humans and that closed eye gave people an odd feeling.

The three of them included an old man with a dejected appearance. His eyes were wrinkled like chicken skin. He wore an ash-gray robe. Accompanying the old man was a middle-aged man with twinkling eyes. He held a dry wooden staff and his face was gingerly. The last member of this group was a woman who looked to be in her thirties. She was wearing brocade clothes. Her face was picturesque and her body was graceful.

This group of three came from the same clan that had an extra eye. At this moment, the old man's vertical eye was twitching. The green veins on his forehead bulged and made his face sinister and fierce.

The middle-aged man and the woman were cautiously looking at the old man.

Shortly after, the old man shook hard. His vertical eye was still closed. Two trickles of blood oozed out of the corners of his mouth. His blood was brown-gray. It wasn't red.



The middle-aged man and the woman screamed in their alien language. They all grimaced. As they were screaming, they were about to use their power to help the old man recover.

The eye on the old man's forehead shrank into a slit. His pair of eyes under that vertical eyes opened. With a pale face, he waved his hands to prevent the others from helping him. "Don't waste your energy. My soul got hurt, not my body or G.o.d power."

He stood up and turned around to see the area behind him. The middle-aged man and the woman followed him and waited for his explanation.

"The two aliens behind us don't have high realms. They're at just Incipient G.o.d Realm. However, the asteroid they're riding is really strange and unpredictable. Half of the soul energy tornado I'd released was swallowed. I couldn't feel the power of the asteroid yet. Perhaps, their master is staying inside the asteroid. We should be careful."

While he was cultivating, his third eye sent him some anxious feelings. He gathered his Consciousness to sense and found Shi Yan's and Audrey's life magnetic fields. Thus, he didn't hesitate to explore. He didn't expect that he wouldn't be able to retrieve half of the power he had released.

Shortly after, his soul was damaged. He was startled, indeed.

"Senior, what should we do? Their asteroid is flying fast. Soon, they will catch up with us. Should we… find a place to avoid them?" The women's eyebrows twitched. She hurried to suggest. She was a gingerly person. When they encountered unknown dangers, she proactively tried to dodge them.

The Sea Domain of Nihility was so immense. If they didn't try to find it, it was going to be tough to meet up with the other creatures. Nevertheless, the creatures that could operate in the Sea Domain of Nihility were very bold. In this group of three, the woman had the lowest realm at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. This time, she didn't dare to act rashly as she was accompanying her two brothers.

"If we leave the Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat, it will be very dangerous. We'll have to face exploding asteroids, sharp s.p.a.ce scythes, and bombarding lightning bolts. In your realm, you won't be able to resist for a long time. We can't take the risk," the old man shook his head.

The flaming asteroid underneath them was also strange. The burning asteroid emitted fire clouds, circling the rock and sending sparks everywhere. Countless lethal s.p.a.ce sabers, strong gusts of wind, and even the icicles couldn't attack them. They could only glide through them.

They were safe along the way. They didn't need to worry about the deadly dangers in the Sea Domain of Nihility. Thus, they had time to cultivate and sensed Shi Yan's and Audrey's life energy commotions.

"What should we do now?" The woman sounded reluctant.

The asteroid they are riding is strange. But it's just my guess. Maybe they don't have any master accompanying them. If so, we don't need to worry at all." The old man pondered and then decided, "Wait until they come close. We can ask them to know who they are. Yeah, under the given circ.u.mstances that we don't know things clearly, we shouldn't provoke them. But if, if there are only the two of them, harrumph!"

His eyes suddenly became dark and sinister. A murderous aura emitted from him that was as thick as if it was a real matter and could destroy people's mind.

His realm and cultivation base weren't low. However, when the ma.s.sive three-legged cauldron had collected his soul power, it also hurt his soul. He was going to need a lot of time to recover.

Deep in his heart, he hated Shi Yan and Audrey already. If he didn't need to concern himself with the mysterious cauldron, he would have stormed over and crushed Shi Yan and Audrey to vent out his anger.

"We'll follow you, senior," nodded the middle-aged man. The cold light radiated from his eyes as he looked pensive.


On the surface of the asteroid with the big cauldron inside, Shi Yan squinted and looked at the torrential asteroid current. "We will encounter them soon. There are three of them. Their soul magnetic fields are full and surging. I'm afraid that their realms aren't low, but I can't clearly tell their realms. When we see them, we will know."

"They're the first creatures we ever met in this area!" Audrey arched her brows, feeling excited and looking hopeful. "But the one who got his soul hurt won't be friendly to us. Are you sure we can deal with them?"

"If we're cautious, we'll be alright," said Shi Yan.

"I hope we can get some useful information from them. I wonder how long we've been trapped her. Perhaps our world out there has changed earth-shakingly. You can ask, has Hui destroyed our world yet? How about Desolate? Has it awakened yet?" Audrey mumbled.

She had no measure to tell time, but she guessed that they had been trapped here for around ten years.

During this time, she couldn't contact Imperial Dark Tribe and she couldn't use the power of the Origin to see the commotions on G.o.d-blessed Mainland.

She was really worried about the members of Imperial Dark Tribe, her planet, and her mother's safety.

"My co-soul is alright. It means that my Grace Mainland is alright too. As your soul doesn't have any change, your ancestral planet is safe too. Don't worry too much," comforted Shi Yan.

Most of his friends and family members had been delivered to Grace Mainland. As long as Grace Mainland was okay, he didn't need to worry a lot.

The fierce war between the G.o.d Clan and the Bloodthirsty Force had swept through many star areas. However, he didn't really care about them. When he delivered Xia Xin Yan back to Grace Mainland, he had discreetly advised her to call all the ones who had a good relationship with him to return to Grace Mainland.

After he had fused with the Genesis Fruit, Grace Mainland changed marvelously. It had a layer of immense energy hover above the surface of the planet. It protected Grace Mainland every minute.

He believed that unless Hui used its real power but its clones couldn't destroy Grace Mainland.

No matter how strangely the world changed, as long as Grace Mainland and his friends were safe, his beloved ones were safe and sound, he could ease his mind.

Audrey calmed down as he had comforted her. She sighed, "I hope so."

The asteroid underneath them continued to accelerate.

Suddenly, a dazzling flaming rock appeared in their vision. That flaming asteroid was so brilliant that it was eye-catching among countless ash-grey, brown, or black asteroids.

So many flaming clouds covered the beautiful, slender, boat-like asteroid. The three aliens were standing on the back of the rock and looking at Shi Yan and Audrey with bright eyes.

"Oh hey, they have another eye between their eyebrows!" screamed Audrey in fear.

Shi Yan was surprised. Looking at the three aliens, he lowered his voice, "The old man and that middle-aged man are at First Sky of Immortal Realm. That woman is at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. That old man is really formidable. He's about to enter Second Sky of Immortal Realm. He's just one step away…"

Shi Yan had contacted Caesar, Ling Xiang, Lorraine, Xuan He, Frederick, DeCarlos, and he had also witnessed how intimidating the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao were. With his sharp senses, he could know the realms of the others exactly through the level of the Blood Qi, the tenacious body, and the life magnetic field. He could see even the smallest change of the soul clearly.

As Audrey listened to Shi Yan, she felt cold, so she proactively stayed close to him.

Audrey had only First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. At this moment, her realm made her the bottom of the food chain in the Sea Domain of Nihility. She was vulnerable here.

The vertical slits in the labella of the three aliens riding on the Flaming Crystal Cloud Boat twitched. They gazed at Shi Yan. Their ears quivered as if they were trying to identify his language and ident.i.ty.

After a while, the old man suddenly smiled warmly at him. He pitched his voice and used Shi Yan and Audrey's language, "We're the members of the Heavenly Eye Clan. We're glad that we can meet up here. I would like to ask if your precursors or your seniors are here with you? Do we have the honor to meet them?"

Audrey was bewildered. "You know our language?"

The old man chuckled and explained in a friendly manner, "Well, of course. As we travel through the Sea Domain of Nihility, we have to prepare well. We use a kind of Soul Memory Seal to learn a couple hundred languages in many different star areas. Your language is rare but not really difficult. Don't be amazed. If you want, you just need to imprint the Soul Memory Seal in your head and you can speak many languages of different star areas."

His friendly att.i.tude made him a modest precursor guiding the juniors step by step. He didn't look dark and sinister as he used to.

Shi Yan wore a cold and faint face, but he was actually very cautious. He thought that this old man was very hypocritical. He knew that this old man was an evil character that he needed to carefully deal with.

If this man came with rage, Shi Yan could accept it. This fogey had been hurt by the ma.s.sive three-legged cauldron anyway. However, at this moment, he looked so friendly as if nothing had happened. He made Shi Yan uneasy immediately. Shi Yan knew that he was a sort of tough and malicious person.

He observed carefully and found that the other three were gazing at the asteroid that he and Audrey were riding. He understood it immediately. He knew why the old man had to act gingerly.

—— The others weren't so sure about their competences!

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