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A sharp blade saber like a thousand-meter long lightning bolt appeared with the momentum that could mince the entire planet.

Audrey had thought that countless pieces of broken stars and flows of meteorites in the Sea Domain of Nihility were caused by those dragon-like s.p.a.ce scythes.

At this moment, those terrifying s.p.a.ce sabers were drawn by Shi Yan's power Upanishad. They came with the most intimidating aura.

Along their way, they had scythed dozens of giant rocks. The rocks exploded and sent pieces of rock chips everywhere.

Seeing a ma.s.sive blade coming, Audrey was numb. She hurried to use the power Upanishad and create layers of barriers to protect her body. She was ready to counter.

Crack! Crack!

The giant blade slashed the surface of the asteroid they were riding. The hard surface sparked and sent so many rocks into the air. A tremendous shock came. Audrey's soft body shook violently like a small boat under a harsh thunderstorm. She felt so horrible and swayed as if she was about to collapse.

Strangely, the ma.s.sive asteroid spun after the impact as the s.p.a.ce blade couldn't cut it through. However, many rocks on the surface shattered.

"Oh! It's really strange, though!"

Shi Yan cried as he was surprised. Then, he continued to drive more s.p.a.ce sabers. Five more large blades came and clashed on the asteroid. It looked like someone trying to ignite the rock. The sparks appeared clearly while the dish-shaped asteroid was spinning around.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

So many ash-brown rocks of various sizes fell off the asteroid. They were destroyed shortly after.

The asteroid trembled, but it was so powerful. It collided with the other rocks around, smashing them or sending chips of rocks everywhere.

The asteroid itself was safe. It was intact and it was unbelievably rigid.

The sharp s.p.a.ce sabers were the sharpest attack in the world. It could halve the planet or destroy the life star quickly. Even the body of the Immortal Realm experts couldn't endure one slash. It was tough to resist such an attack.

Anyway, this ma.s.sive asteroid had just spun or trembled under several attacks. It wasn't destroyed yet.

As the asteroid spun, Audrey became dizzy and turned pale. When the rocks collided and the tremors arose, the sparks and the rock chips damaged her too.

The light cage protection she had made with her First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivation base flashed constantly. It looked like her protection was about to vanish.

At this moment, Shi Yan stopped guiding the s.p.a.ce sabers. He rose one arm and directly pulled Audrey into his embrace, holding her cold body in his chest.

The warm, masculine smell flooded Audrey's heart. She was dizzy and her eyes were puzzled. Just like a drowning victim who instinctively grabbed anything she could, she clutched and squeezed Shi Yan's arm. While she hadn't recognized, her body leaned against his, her generous b.r.e.a.s.t.s were placed on his broad chest.

The asteroid was still spinning. The two rolled and felt like the sky turned upside down. The energy attacked the surface and made the rocks roll and fall off the asteroid.

Shi Yan held Audrey with one arm and her wonderful body fell while his other hand gathered and released a river of starlight, using a special method to balance and adjust the trajectory of the asteroid. This kept it from colliding or moving into the area with constant explosions.

In front of them, dozens of meteorites were colliding and created earth-shaking explosions that sent formidable shockwaves. Together they created an area that could destroy everything. He knew if their asteroid fell into that area, he and the Princess of Imperial Dark Tribe in his chest would perish quickly. No one could save them.

After a long time, the asteroid subsided. The lunar rock they had gotten rid of had fallen off while they didn't recognize it was happening.

The asteroid beneath them became normal. However, it was still pulled by some mysterious force, moving quickly towards a dark area.


He pulled himself together to observe the ground. He couldn't help but cry in surprise. His face became odd.

Audrey got herself together. She was about to scold him for his rash actions, but his cry had affected her. She also looked at the ground. Immediately, her bright eyes lighting up.

"What is this thing?" She seemed to lose her usual calmness. Her soft body shook.

The asteroid under their feet was now like a beautiful jade something that had just shaken off the bark. It was now emerald green. The thing that had just been revealed was like some sort of precious jade they couldn't name. It glowed in a deep green halo.

The green gra.s.s on the surface of the asteroid was now some kind of archaic tadpole language. The drawings looked like tadpoles swimming around underneath them. The symbols glowed in a glossy emerald green light and moved around as if they were unceasingly creating something magical.

"It seems like we need to peel off more rock. The rock surface is just a cover, I guess." Shi Yan's eyes brightened as he grinned. He moved the strange asteroid around and used the b.l.o.o.d.y sword to smash the rock sticking on the jade's surface with the blood light.

The Sea Domain of Nihility had many mysterious things. As Xuan He, Ming Hao, and the Four Heavenly Kings had chosen this area to cultivate, it meant some marvels here had attracted them. Spark had collected just a piece of a broken divine weapon in the outskirt. After he had refined that Celestial Ice Jade Flake, his competence increased ma.s.sively. It indirectly provided evidence that showed how wonderful this place could be.

It used to be a strange rock before the s.p.a.ce sabers had peeled off the rock surface. Unexpectedly, the thing underneath the rock layer was so magnificent. Shi Yan felt his heart beat faster.

He could confirm that this ma.s.sive jade was the reason why the sharp s.p.a.ce saber couldn't cut through the asteroid. As it survived the sharp s.p.a.ce sabers and it had unknown tadpole symbols, this thing was likely a formidable secret treasure!

Audrey didn't move rashly. She just looked at the thing under her feet and went absent-minded. She looked pa.s.sionate when she mumbled, "This rock is so beautiful."

Shortly after, all the rocks sticking on the surface of the asteroid peeled off. The thing under the rock layer was revealed and it glowed in a mesmerizing green light.

Unexpectedly, it was a giant three-legged jade cauldron!

This ma.s.sive jade cauldron was at least several times bigger than the Immortal Island. It was beautifully green and the surface of the cauldron was filled with tadpole symbols. It seemed like those symbols were lush tufts of gra.s.s they had seen. The cauldron's mouth was deep and eccentric with a cold and dark aura. It was like the mouth of an icy beast that was ready to swallow people.

The three-legged jade cauldron was placed inclined. Shi Yan and Audrey were standing on the body of the cauldron. They observed and complimented it.

"The cave we saw must lead to the mouth of the cauldron. My departed soul and the wisp of my Soul Consciousness seemed to be refined. I can feel that they are now just a normal tadpole symbol on the surface of this jade cauldron," Audrey rubbed her smooth forehead and looked astounded.

Shi Yan knew why she looked like that.

This three-legged jade cauldron was so ma.s.sive while each of the symbols on its surface was just as big as a fingernail. If Audrey wasn't wrong that one of her departed soul and a wisp of her Soul Consciousness had been absorbed by the three-legged jade cauldron and they had turned into just a small symbol on the cauldron, had the billions of tadpole symbols on this cauldron been created the same way?

How many creatures lives had it taken?

Shi Yan could feel his hair rising on his nape. With a stern face, he looked at the dark mouth of the green cauldron, crying in a low-pitched voice. "Don't get close to the cauldron's mouth!"

Audrey was chilled while she was walking toward the cauldron's mouth. She reacted timely, halting by the place and asking. "If it can draw the creatures into it, it should have a Tool Spirit. Should we find a way to communicate with it? If we can't find any other living being here, we can try this."

"Communicate with it?" Shi Yan wore a sour face. "Even if it has a Tool Spirit, this thing can refine the soul. When you release a wisp of your Soul Consciousness, it will happen as you've said. It will become a tadpole symbol. Hm, perhaps you could try to check it out."

"Fine," Audrey didn't believe him.

She had many detached souls in her brain. As her mind flickered, she released a feeble soul. Without attaching her Soul Consciousness to it, she used her power to make the soul a wisp of soul fluctuation to ask for information. Then, she sent the soul to the cauldron's mouth directly.

Then, nothing happened.

No commotion arose from the three-legged cauldron. The detached soul she had released disappeared like a rock sinking into a seabed. Nothing echoed.

"It seems like this Tool Spirit isn't friendly at all," snorted Audrey.

Shortly after, the tadpole symbols on the surface of the jade cauldron became like a twisted green lightning. They created a strange but marvelous entry fluctuation.

Many fragments of the asteroids around seemed attracted to some magnetic field. They swarmed over and magically stuck on the surface of the jade cauldron.

After one hour, the three-legged jade cauldron was covered with rocks again. It had resumed its original appearance before the sharp s.p.a.ce sabers had peeled it off. However, it didn't have green gra.s.s or a cave this time.

Shi Yan and Audrey watched the whole thing. They felt so begrudging as they didn't know where and how to destroy this jade cauldron or what they should do to connect to the Tool Spirit.

—— If there was a Tool Spirit.

"How is your fusion with the heaven flames? How many heaven flames does your G.o.d-blessed Mainland's Origin have? How many flames that still need to fuse with each other?" Shi Yan rubbed his chin and asked something. It seemed not that relevant.

"Our ancestral star has seven heaven flames. Three of them have fused together and the other four have also fused. I'm in the final stage of heaven flame fusion. However, it's really hard to fuse them all completely. I haven't found a way to make progress. I think I'm going to give it up," said Audrey.

"Should we use the flaming Origin to check if we can make this three-legged jade cauldron change?" Shi Yan suggested.

"Would it work?" Audrey was surprised.

"I don't know. But just like what you've said, we should try," Shi Yan shrugged begrudgingly. "If it works, we can know the magical features of the jade cauldron. We can discover it."

"Okay, let's try," Audrey nodded in agreement.

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