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Shi Yan opened his eyes while riding on the transparent piece of a broken lunar star and looking in a direction, his face stern.

The chaotic energy waves came from that direction. World-destroying explosions boomed everywhere with s.p.a.ce blades that tore the void. Shi Yan felt his soul shiver.

Shi Yan was sure that the area his Soul Consciousness had sensed was filled with dangers!

Audrey said that they could only meet the other creatures in perilous zones like that. Also, they could have a chance to get marvelous, precious materials or items in the Sea Domain of Nihility.

"Did you find something?"

After the previous talk, Audrey had noticed Shi Yan's moves discreetly. Seeing his face turn stern, she wasn't frightened. She cheered up. A beautiful light glowed on her jade-like face. While she was mumbling, she stood up. Her creamy thighs moved and she was like an agile green b.u.t.terfly.

This area was filled with the broken pieces of the planet like a big speck of dust floating in outer s.p.a.ce. From a very far area ahead of them, they could see the thick shower of brilliant meteors shooting toward an area where the chaotic energy congregated.

The lightning struck like a giant, outraged dragon soaring up into the sky. The thunder rumbled and shook people's souls.

The sharp blades were like scythes cutting the world. They could even cut ma.s.sive pieces of broken stars like cutting soft tofu.

Those sharp blades were s.p.a.ce Blade famous for its swift and fierce nature. Although they weren't made by any experts with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, they were much keener than a blade that DeCarlos could create with his best ability.

Shi Yan had no doubt that those blades could dismember the experts at the Immortal Realm easily.

"That area!"

He wore a heavy face and pointed at the area where the shooting stars were congregating. He discreetly urged his energy and then turned to Audrey. "Are you ready?"

Audrey's beautiful eyes gazed at the place. She looked surprised and frightened. Pondering for a while, she nodded resolutely. "I'm ready."

Shi Yan didn't say more.

The rhombus lunar star underneath them turned into a cold and clear moonlight and accelerated toward that dangerous area.

Audrey's breathing became short. Her milky b.r.e.a.s.t.s thrust out and radiant light filled her eyes. Flows of chaotic, fierce energy shot like sparks or like millions of fireflies. Those remnants of energy were visible and were shooting sharply like a fierce shower of steel needles.

In the beginning, she didn't use the G.o.d power to create a protective, light cage. She acted as if she was mad at Shi Yan, so she tried to be bold and use her body to resist the energy. Thus, the sparks shot over and destroyed her tight dress, creating fingernail-sized holes and revealing lots of her white, mesmerizing skin.

When they came near, Audrey found that those shooting meteors were actually giant asteroids. Those cosmic rocks had so many colors. Some were garnet, some were orange-red, and some even looked like diamonds. They existed in various shapes, though.

Those asteroids didn't come from the area they were in, but from another direction that was misty gray with billions of floating asteroids like a sea. At this moment, those asteroids seemed to be activated and given life. They moved, grouped, and shot toward them.

It looked like some unknown force was controlling them and making them fly fast toward the dark area. There were millions of them. While they were flying, they collided and exploded. The shockwaves of those explosions were enough to crush First Sky of Immortal Realm experts.

The sparks that hit Audrey were the shockwaves of the asteroids' explosions. Although they were just shockwaves, they were so sharp that they cut a lot of holes on her dress.

Shi Yan was standing with Audrey on the broken lunar star. They were still far away from those currents of asteroids. He turned around and looked at Audrey's new clothes with great interest. He grinned and arched his brows. "Well, your new dress looks really nice. I like it a lot. Don't change. Let me behold for a while. Haha."

Many mysterious areas of Audrey's jade-like skin were exposed under the holes on her clothes. They made people lose their minds in them. Shi Yan felt his pa.s.sion rising high when he saw her perfect bosom, thighs, waists, and even her b.u.t.t cheeks. His eyes became nakedly hot as he kept grinning evilly.

"Go die!"

A dim, frosting flame flew out of her wet lips with her life aura. It immediately hit Shi Yan's chest.

The icy aura of the extremely cold heaven flame was like a bucket of ice water that poured on his pa.s.sion and extinguished it. Even his hair turned into the sharp icicles.

"You deserve that!"

Audrey looked cold. Her bright eyes showed that she was amused. Her agile body moved. Countless shadows of departed souls twirled around her body and shielded her from Shi Yan's naked gaze.

She spun three rounds at her spot. The departed souls around her vanished. When she reappeared, she wore a dark blue dress. The end of her brow twitched as she tried to press down her smile. "Well, did your flame of l.u.s.t extinguish?"

"Not yet," Shi Yan didn't change his mind. As his soul flickered, the ice on his body melted. A cl.u.s.ter of icy flame bounced back to Audrey. She swallowed it.

It was her Origin's heaven flame.


All of a sudden, the lunar rock underneath them accelerated. It didn't listen to Shi Yan's control anymore and headed toward that dark area at a breakneck speed.

Just like millions of rocks around them.

Audrey was astounded. She didn't quarrel with Shi Yan anymore and screamed. "It seems that some force is pulling those asteroids. We're affected too. We're attracted to that area."

"Don't try to be bold. Use the G.o.d power to create a protective barrier with many layers to cover your body." Shi Yan's face was heavy and stern. He sat down on the rock and said, "Come to me. Being closer is better. The shockwaves from the asteroid explosions are enough to crush your bones. You should be careful."

As soon as he finished, two giant asteroids collided around ten thousand meters away from them. The energy from that collision boomed like nuclear warheads impacting. The shockwaves seemed to distort even the void and created a chain reaction. The floating rocks near them also exploded. The shockwaves didn't cease and headed toward Shi Yan and Audrey.

Audrey wanted to snap back one or two sentences but then, she felt the formidable shockwaves. Her exquisite face turned cold immediately. She zoomed toward Shi Yan like lightning and sat next to him. The emerald light cages swayed and covered her body when her G.o.d power was urged. As the Princess of Imperial Dark Tribe, she had mastered the special Soul power Upanishad of Imperial Dark Tribe. Her sensibility was sharp and she always had a clear grasp of the attacking power.

She understood that the coming shockwaves could harm her body! Thus, she was resolute and didn't say a word. She decided to move to Shi Yan to seek protection.

"Star Shield!"

Shi Yan screamed and ten starlight beams shot out of his hands. Those starlight bands were like ropes coiling around the surrounding asteroids and pulling them toward the two to create a rock wall. The asteroid wall shook several times and then subsided. Shi Yan retreated his energy. The asteroids dispersed and then continued to flow forward.

Audrey looked astonished as she said, "There's a wisp of a feeble soul inside the rock over there. It's not a creature. I think it's the broken piece of some divine weapon."

She looked at an asteroid in front of them.

That asteroid was as big as a small life star. It had an unusual octagonal sharp with dark brown colors. It looked like a ma.s.sive plate. Some short gra.s.s grew on its surface, which made it unusual compared to the other barren asteroids around.

"Let's take a look."

Shi Yan pulled himself together to observe. He was surprised. Then, he urged the lunar rock they were riding on and doubled its speed. They glided through many asteroids around and headed toward the strange rock Audrey had seen.

Fifteen minutes later.


The lunar rock landed on that dark brown asteroid. Shi Yan swiftly landed on the surface of the rock. His mind flickered and sent the Soul Consciousness that could worm into every corner to all the small cracks on the surface of the asteroid.

After a while, he was bewildered. A strange light shot out from his eyes.

Audrey suddenly appeared next to him, her brows arching. She stepped toward a place. "The place I've sensed is over there…"

Shi Yan didn't speak. He looked pensive and followed her like her shadow.

This dark brown asteroid had a lot of a strange kind of weed. The gra.s.s was around half a meter tall and it was as sharp as the saw with a tough vitality.

This kind of peculiar, deep green gra.s.s filled every corner of the asteroid. At first glance, it was like a green carpet. While the asteroid was flying, the tufts of gra.s.s swayed gently like waving hands. They looked so strange, indeed.

Immediately, Audrey's beautiful legs stopped moving. She bent her body to look at a dark hole on the surface of the asteroid. The hole was big enough for one person to jump into. It was so dark that she couldn't see anything. All she could do was hear the wind howling ear-piercingly.

"That feeble soul is right in the cave. I'm going there to check," Audrey turned around and looked at Shi Yan to ask for his opinion.

"Hold on," Shi Yan frowned and said, "It doesn't feel right. I don't know why I got a terrible feeling as soon as I landed. I've just used my Soul Consciousness to cover the entire asteroid. I found that this asteroid has only that cave. Also, it allows only one person to get in at a time."

"What do you mean?" Audrey didn't get his idea.

"Use your Soul Consciousness to check this area carefully. Can you feel that it's like a soul filament spreading everywhere?" Shi Yan mumbled.

"Soul filament spreading?" Audrey was surprised. She pulled herself together to sense. She vaguely felt something wrong, but she couldn't tell what was wrong.

"Green gra.s.s! That's the green gra.s.s here!" Shi Yan discolored and screamed, "Even though the green gra.s.s could be tougher, it couldn't survive here! The tufts of gra.s.s we see on this asteroid is the soul filaments! They are the feeble soul filaments. The soul fluctuation you've sensed should come from these things!"

"Not true. The soul fluctuation comes from this cave," Audrey shook her head.

"It appeared as soon as we landed on this rock. The soul fluctuation comes from the cave after that. Perhaps it's trying to lure you and me to the cave," said Shi Yan skeptically.

"Could it be like that?" Audrey felt funny. She thought that Shi Yan was overthinking it. She thought that it was impossible that something could trap them in this desolate Sea Domain of Nihility.

"We should test it first," Shi Yan looked gingerly.

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