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The void was hazy with countless pieces of rocks and broken stars. Dangers hid everywhere and generated from time to time.

The land here was endless and ever desolate. It was like a world that had been abandoned for billions of years. There was no aura or any streak of living beings.

Shi Yan and Audrey were sitting on a rhombus piece of a broken lunar star. They looked at the endless void, their faces low-spirited.

Shi Yan had refined this broken lunar star to make it a temporary battleship. Using his G.o.d power, it moved fast like a meteor shooting across the Sea Domain of Nihility.

With the current speed of this lunar star, it could travel through a star area that was more than one billion miles in a day. However, they didn't know how long they had been riding on this piece of rock. They got no harvest along the way, anyway.

They had encountered nothing precious or any creature. It seemed like only the two of them existed in this immensely vast and borderless Sea Domain of Nihility.

The lonely, isolated feelings gradually churned in their hearts. They thought that they would never see hope or the other end of this place.

In the beginning, the two still talked and encouraged each other every day. Then, they reduced the talking as they saw the dispirited gleam in each other's eyes.

This place had thin earth and heaven energy that they could use to cultivate. However, it was weak, so it was really difficult to use the energy here to advance their cultivation further.

One day, Audrey's cold eyes slightly brightened. She still wore a green dress and her beautiful face didn't have a speck of dust. A faint halo protected her s.e.xy body. "How long has it been?"

She mumbled as if she was talking to herself.

Shi Yan opened his closed eyes as he heard her, his face bitter and astringent. "There's no sun, moon, or stars. We don't have the concept of time here. I don't know how long it has been. But I think it should have been more than a while. Before we got here, my Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm hasn't steadied but now, I'm good."

"I wonder what is going on in our world. Had Hui destroyed our world? I don't know where my mother teleported to. If she was here, why haven't we met yet…"

Audrey hadn't talked to Shi Yan for a while. And now, when she began talking, it seemed like she couldn't stop. "Sigh, if I'd known we would be delivered here, e staying back there wouldn't have been a bad choice maybe."

Shi Yan was surprised. "If you stayed there, perhaps you wouldn't be killed, but your soul would have a Soul Seal that doesn't belong to you. You want to be… its puppet?"

Audrey was low-spirited. She stooped and sighed. No matter what, she was still very mesmerizing.

"According to you, the experts at the Immortal Realm used to come here to train themselves. How… how could they get in? And, how do we get out of here?" asked Shi Yan with a frown.

"Although my mother is an expert at the Immortal Realm, she's also the Matriarch, so she had to manage the tribe. She hasn't had a chance to visit the Sea Domain of Nihility yet. She told me that those Immortal Realm experts had come to the end of our world and crossed a strange river to get to this place."

Audrey furrowed her brows and remembered her mother's words. She explained, "The warriors coming here from our world have a special compa.s.s, which navigates our world. That's how they can save themselves from getting lost and end up finding the way home."

Shi Yan gave a bitter smile. "It's tragic that we don't know the direction. We don't know where our world is. We're like headless flies flying aimlessly."

This area was misty and they couldn't measure time or check the direction. They were left with endless loneliness and coldness. If a warrior got lost here, loneliness and isolation would nibble his or her heart. He would eventually lose his mind and sink into the eternal darkness.

In this area, despair was someone's biggest enemy. If he couldn't defeat his despair, his will was going to wear out. In a hopeless situation, he would think about negative results.

Then, he would fall into bewilderment and gradually get weaker until he consumed all of his vitality.

"It's strange. My mother said that this area is extremely perilous. Dangers are hidden everywhere. Why are we still safe and sound?" Audrey was curious.

Shi Yan couldn't explain this.

Elder Spark of the G.o.d Clan had visited the Sea Domain of Nihility but he had just surveyed the outskirts of the Sea Domain. He got the Celestial Ice Jade Flake there.

According to him, the Sea Domain was extremely dangerous. Except for real experts at the Immortal Realm, the others could hardly survive.

However, during this time, besides the isolation, loneliness, and coldness, Shi Yan and Audrey hadn't actually faced any danger that could make them perish.

This filled their hearts with doubts.

"Er… is it really the Sea Domain of Nihility? Could we… be wrong?" Shi Yan sounded astounded.

"No, we can't be wrong!" Audrey confirmed. "See, pieces of broken stars, dregs of the asteroids, the void caves, and turbulent energy. They are the features of the Sea Domain of Nihility. I guess it's because of our location that we haven't encountered any danger. Maybe we're in a very special area in the Sea Domain."

"Which place?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"I don't know. But I've heard from my mother that the Sea Domain of Nihility still has some relatively safe areas that the experts could rest in for a short time to adjust their conditions. Anyway, she also said that there wouldn't be anything to harvest in those areas. The precious items wouldn't appear there," explained Audrey.

"Why is that?" asked Shi Yan.

"She said that there so many Immortal Realm experts have visited the Sea Domain of Nihility to explore. They had finished searching for precious items in the safe zones a long time ago. Nothing was left. Only the areas with a lot of deathtraps could have treasures that they haven't discovered yet," answered Audrey in a low-pitched voice.

Suddenly, she got up. Her creamy, straight legs were so attractive. Her pair of clear and deep eyes zoomed over to the further area. She sighed, "Tian Xie said that we've been living in Desolate's Incipient Extent. That world isn't a real universe. I think the creatures from a real universe used to come to this area. But because it's unimaginably vast, it's hard to meet them."

She turned her head to look at Shi Yan and contemplated, "The precursors of Imperial Dark Tribe used to meet the aliens in the Sea Domain of Nihility. They belonged in a real universe! It's a secret in our tribe. It's not to be told to the others, but we're in a special circ.u.mstance. It's okay if I tell you now."

"The creatures from a real universe? Were they Absolute Beginning creatures?" Shi Yan was astonished.

"I don't think so," Audrey shook her head, "according to the records from our precursors, although they looked strange, they weren't as giant as the Absolute Beginning creatures. My precursor couldn't communicate with them. They met and then parted shortly after that. My precursor guessed that they were really strong and not weaker than him. At that time, he was at Second Sky of Immortal Realm."

Shi Yan kept silent.

He got the truth for a long time ago. He knew that the world he had dwelled in was just Desolate's Incipient Extent. It was the world that Desolate had created. It wasn't a real universe.

The Sea Domain of Nihility had gotten rid of Desolate. SThus, it wasn't strange if other creatures could come here.

In this immense sea of stars, if the Absolute Beginning creatures like Desolate, Devour, or Hui could exist, there were other living beings. Perhaps they weren't as powerful as Absolute Beginning creatures, but they were clearly strong.

Theoretically, it wasn't strange if the precursor of the Imperial Dark Tribe could encounter some aliens in the Sea Domain of Nihility. It was just that they were wandering in an extremely vast area and they couldn't meet any strange creature.

As thoughts crossed his mind, Shi Yan kept quiet for a long time and then said, "We can't stay idle like this. Perhaps we should seek the dangerous areas proactively. We can find the precious treasure in the place that could threaten our lives. We could even see the other creatures!"

If they stayed in this safe zone, even if they could rest for one hundred years, they wouldn't find the way home. If they couldn't meet any other creature to learn about this area, they were never going to escape this place.

"It's a good idea. But we don't even know where the dangerous areas are! Even if we want to go there, we have to find a suitable area," said Audrey begrudgingly.

"If you had told me we could have a bigger chance if we entered the dangerous areas, we would have gone there a long time ago. While riding the meteor, I could feel that some places were very dangerous. I tried to avoid those areas."

When they were moving, Shi Yan had released his Soul Consciousness to sense around. He recognized many areas with the terrifying energy fluctuations. The auras of those areas made him feel his life was threatened.

Thus, he didn't notify Audrey and avoided to ensure his own safety.

And now, listening to Audrey's explanation, he finally knew that they must take risks to find the right direction. They had to proactively jump into those deathtraps.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Audrey rebuked and blamed him for wasting their time.

"You couldn't endure the dangers there. I just wanted to keep you safe," Shi Yan gave her a forced smile. "You're at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. I'm sure you can't survive the lands I've sensed."

Let alone Audrey, even Shi Yan knew those areas were unpredictably dangerous that he couldn't be sure about his own safety. Thus, he didn't tell Audrey.

"You disdain me?" Audrey's eyes turned cold.

"Alright, we should keep going. When my Soul Consciousness spots the danger, we will get there. I hope you can perform your best and surprise me at that time," Shi Yan smiled relaxedly.

Audrey snorted. "Well, I'm one of the warriors with the Origins. Even though my realm is low, I can protect myself. I won't depend on you."

"Nothing could be better then."

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