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After Tian Xie had finished, everybody sank into silence for a long time and immersed in absolute fear.

Sitting on the crown on the main head of Hui, Zi Yao observed people from her high level. She looked calm and relaxed as if she had controlled everything in her hands. She let Tian Xie tell the others the truth to break their mind's defense.

As long as they could recognize their sorrow, they wouldn't have the thought of depending on Desolate and this world. That was how she could subdue them and make them work for her. With those top experts, she could fulfill the secret operation she had planned for so many years.

_____ Tame and fuse with Desolate!

At this moment, everybody received a hard shock hitting their souls. They felt dizzy as they didn't know what to do to continue their lives.

Things that had anch.o.r.ed them like responsibility, war, slaughter, and protection had become a hallucination. All the warriors here had lost their will to fight. They didn't know where they should do or return to.

"As long as you serve my Mistress, not only she will ensure your safety but she will also offer you a great opportunity. She will help you get rid of Desolate's confinement. You will be able to fly freely in the world." At this moment, Tian Xie's enticing voice guided them, which added to the intimidating aura from Zi Yao. Some elders of the G.o.d Clan with a weak will had nodded perplexedly.

"Oh sorry, the great opportunity you said isn't attractive to me."

Suddenly, Shi Yan snorted. His mind flickered to open the s.p.a.ce crack connecting to Grace Mainland. The Endless Sea reappeared.

"So you still want to be an imprisoned slave?" sneered Tian Xie.

Shi Yan pouted his lips and didn't care about him. He jumped into the s.p.a.ce slits abruptly.

Perhaps everybody here was Desolate's prisoners, but not him. His soul wasn't created by Desolate. He was independent. Desolate couldn't control his fate.

Also, he wasn't bound to any Absolute Beginning creature!

Currently, he had just perceived the Dark Energy, a kind of power that could change something rotten to magic. As long as he had enough time to understand its subtle features, he could reach Bloodthirsty's level. At the same time, he could avoid Bloodthirsty's tragic fate. Why would he be subdued and become Zi Yao's servant that acted as she pleased?

Moreover, it wasn't the real Zi Yao. It was Hui's soul.

"This s.p.a.ce slit can remain for a while. She can't destroy it because I use the same kind of energy to create it. If you want to leave, you have to act fast," Shi Yan turned around and smiled before he left.

Audrey's beautiful face was moved. She didn't say anything and dashed forward at her max speed.

She went after Shi Yan, flashed, and disappeared into the s.p.a.ce slit.

At the same time, Xuan He, Adele, Frederick, Lei Di, and Azure Dragon weren't hesitant for a long time. They dashed forward rapidly.

As they were hovering pretty close to Shi Yan, before the s.p.a.ce slit closed, all of them with their profound realm had disappeared.

Zi Yao was sitting cross-legged on the imperial crown. Her beautiful eyes squinted as she had a gleam of teasing. It seemed like she had already calculated it.

Before the s.p.a.ce slit closed, a strange energy shook it and deviated it. Before it disappeared, its direction and destination changed.

"Mistress?" Tian Xie frowned and asked for Zi Yao's direction.

Zi Yao's face didn't change. "They can't return to Desolate's Incipient Extent. Shi Yan and that little girl have fused with the Origins of Desolate's clones. As long as they can't come back, Desolate can't awaken. It's good for us then."

Then, she looked at the members of the G.o.d Clan, the Four Heavenly Kings, the chiefs of the twelve families and the elders. "Follow me or I'll destroy you. Choose one for yourself."

The G.o.d Clan's warriors were filled with fear.


It was a misty place without skies or the earth. The remains of broken stars, fragments of the asteroids were floating. The holes in the void flashed and moved strangely like a monster's mouth ready to devour the victims. A desolate, cold, and barren aura filled every corner of the place.

Further from there, the broken pieces of the stars and dregs floated like sawdust in the immensely vast sea.

An unknown chill multiplied in Shi Yan's heart. He was standing on a ma.s.sive, dark-red rock. Looking at the further area, he was horror-struck.

Of course, it wasn't Grace Mainland.

When Shi Yan stepped into the s.p.a.ce slit, he understood that something went wrong. He realized that an energy had shaken s.p.a.ce and affected his teleport.

He didn't know where he was. He released his Soul Consciousness and found that he couldn't reach the end of this place. It was like a small boat floating in the most remote area of an endless sea. He couldn't find commotion of living beings.


All of a sudden, a crunchy noise arose together with slight breathing on a diamond-like rock next to him.

Shi Yan was surprised. His body flashed and he landed on a giant, rough diamond. He looked at Audrey and asked in surprise. "Why are you here?"

Audrey looked a little helter-skelter. Her green dress was torn, revealing her white-jade, glowing thighs that gave people a lot of thoughts. As she heard Shi Yan's voice, she calmed down and spoke immediately. "It's the first time I came to Grace Mainland. This place is strange to me."

While talking, she slowly rose up, her eyes cold and clear. She curiously observed her surrounding. Shortly after, she became odd.

"This place isn't Grace Mainland," Shi Yan forced a smile. "While we teleported, Zi Yao had affected the s.p.a.ce slit. I don't know where we are now. What surprises me the most is that I can't connect to Grace Mainland. I can't find the way back."

After he had got here, he had tried to connect to the Origin of Grace Mainland. Unfortunately, his Soul Consciousness was like a rock sinking into a sea with no echo.

This never happened before.

In that cosmos, as soon as his thought flickered, he could connect to Grace Mainland's Origin no matter where he was. Even if when he was in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin, he could connect to Grace Mainland quickly and return there in just a blink of an eye.

However, in this area, his connection with Grace Mainland was cut off. He couldn't catch any signal or connection.

"Of course, this area isn't Grace Mainland! It's the Sea Domain of Nihility!" Audrey's pretty face was fearful.

Shi Yan was shaken hard. He grimaced. "This place is the Sea Domain of Nihility?"

Audrey forced a smile. "I've never been here before, but I heard about it from my mother. This place is Sea Domain of Nihility. It's the most mysterious area in the world. If Tian Xie's correct that the universe we're dwelling in is just Desolate's Incipient Extent, the Sea Domain of Nihility has escaped from Desolate. Of course, you can't contact Grace Mainland now."

Shi Yan understood it now.

Previously, he could return to Grace Mainland within a moment because he was in the cosmos that Desolate had created. The turbulent s.p.a.ce current didn't belong to Desolate, but it had a magical connection with Desolate. They had many pa.s.sages between each other. That was why he could travel at ease.

However, this Sea Domain of Nihility didn't have a bit related to Desolate's Incipient Extent. In this area, it was just a dream if he wanted to come back to Desolate's Incipient Extent.

"Only you got here?" Shi Yan contemplated for a while and then asked.

"It seems that Xuan He and the others also followed me, but I'm not sure if they got into the s.p.a.ce crack or not. Even if they did, I'm afraid that they will be scattered around the Sea Domain of Nihility. I think they couldn't return to our familiar world."

Shi Yan looked bitter. He scanned the immense s.p.a.ce that he didn't belong to and said, "How can we go back?"

"G.o.d knows," Audrey shook her head. Pausing for a while, she suddenly looked astounded. "Shi Yan, that Hui's clone is close to you, right?"

"Of course I'm close to her. She is…" Shi Yan answered instinctively, but he paused unnaturally and gave a dry smile, "She's a close friend of mine. I could never have imagined that she was the soul of Hui. It's true that we can't predict anything."

"Well, she's not only a close friend, isn't she?" Audrey looked as if she understood everything. Her face was natural, but the corners of her mouth jerked as if she was teasing him. "As long as they are pretty girls, they will have some relationship with you. I think it's a little ambiguous. After I'd returned to Imperial Dark Tribe, I've investigated you. You're that sort of person!" she confirmed.

Shi Yan felt ridiculous, his eyes odd. "Were you too free when you got crazy? Why did you need to investigate me?"

"Well, it was because you're the new Master of Bloodthirsty Force," Audrey pouted her lips.

Shi Yan didn't talk more.

He concentrated on observing the surroundings. He found that the furious energy filled the place. The broken stars, the remains of the asteroids, and the pieces of things that he couldn't name weren't still. From time to time, they moved as the Sea Domain moved and with the changes of the spatial holes in the void.

Not far from them was a sparkling stone that released a scorching heat and waves of terrifying energy.

He sensed it for a while and his eyes brightened. He immediately dashed toward that stone.

Audrey was surprised. She furrowed her brows and followed him.

There was a scarlet stone inlaid inside a crack of a burning red rock. It was as big as a fist, but the energy fluctuations and the waves of fire seething from there were so formidable.

"It's the nucleus of the sun. Although it's just fist-sized, it's priceless. To the people cultivating Fire power Upanishad, it's really helpful," said Audrey with bright eyes.

"Inside the Sea Domain of Nihility, it's really magical. I heard that only Immortal Realm experts could survive this place. We haven't reached the Immortal Realm yet and your realm is even lower than mine. How are we still safe and sound here?" Shi Yan was skeptical.

"Perhaps we haven't reached the dangerous areas yet. I guess we're at the outermost area of the Sea Domain of Nihility," said Audrey faintly.

"It should be because we're fused with the Origin," Shi Yan had another thought. He rose one hand to grab that solar nucleus then spurted a gold flame. The flame surrounded the nucleus and refined it. Gradually, the scarlet stone was melted into drops of fire.

"I used to hear from my mother that the Sea Domain of Nihility has a lot of fragments of the powerful divine weapons. They are much stronger than the secret treasures that we know. There're many things we can't even name. They remain here after the break of the star areas from long, long time ago…"

Seeing him melting down the solar nucleus, she looked surprised, mumbling.

"I believe so. Spark got a piece of Celestial Ice Jade Flake around this place. He had refined it to be his life treasure with formidable powers. Zi Yao took that flake. I think it could be the sharpest weapon the Absolute Beginning Era. I'm afraid this Sea Domain of Nihility used to be the arena of the Absolute Beginning creatures," Shi Yan looked pensive.

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