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Chapter 135 - Tip of the Iceberg
Sponsored by: Richard Obrien
The ship called Dark Dawn was long and sharp. Like a sharp weapon, it stabbed into the iron ship that Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan were on.
The Dark Dawn was made of some mysterious metal, it was completely black and emanated a mysterious strength. The bow of the ship was as sharp as the tip of a sword. It forcefully stabbed into the interior of the ship that Shi Yan was on, almost splitting it in half.
The Dark Dawn wasn’t large, it was only thirty to forty meters long. There were five people were standing on the deck of the ship.
The young man in the lead was wearing a long silver robe. His brows were like sharp swords, and he was extremely handsome. He stood there like a cold unsheathed sword, with his own oppressing atmosphere.
At the moment, the young man seemed to be slightly embarra.s.sed. He gave a hollow laugh and put his fists together in greetings. He spoke from afar, “Sorry, I was steering the ship in a hurry, so I was going a bit too fast. When I realized we were going to crash, it was already too late. Sorry, sorry. I’m willing to compensate you for your damages.”
Behind him, there was a line of four Nirvana realm warriors. The four elders were in all different shapes, but they were all breathing calmly. The light in their eyes glimmered, and their level of cultivation was very high.
“If I were to crash into your ship, then say I’m sorry and that I would compensate you for your losses, would you be easy to talk to?” Xia Xinyan spoke coldly, with an indifferent expression on her face. Her eyes, under the veil, were filled with anger.
The young man was dazed at first, then he lightly laughed, “I’m the easy person to talk to. If I was really crashed into by you, I wouldn’t ask for compensation at all. Hehe, when treating a beautiful lady, I would never haggle over such things.” The young man put his fists together again. His att.i.tude was very friendly, as if he didn’t want to have any conflicts with Xia Xinyan.
The young man was in the second sky of Disaster realm. His figure was thin and tall and his skin was as smooth as jade. No matter what, he was an outstandingly handsome man.
“Hmph.” Xia Xinyan was indifferent, “If you tell me what is happening on Menluo Island, I’ll forget this matter ever happened.”
Shi Yan was shocked.
This young man was obviously the Gu family’s Gu Jiange. He possessed the Sword Spirit Martial Spirit and had a spirit level weapon, the Dragon Slaying Sword. He was an outstanding young talent in the Gu family.
Such a figure, if he were to be in the Merchant Union, would have been arrogant, no matter what. But this guy was gentle and polite, and his temperament was mild. This was very special. G.o.d knows how the Gu family taught him to be like that. This made Shi Yan a little curious.
Before Gu Jiange could even speak, a short fat warrior behind him quietly furrowed his brows and lightly said, “Miss, my young master is kind, and he is willing to compensate you for your losses. You can name any price.”
This guy was in the third sky of the Nirvana realm. He stood there with the force of a mountain. His short fat body downplayed the mountainous forces he could probably unleash upon the world around him.
“Losses?” Xia Xinyan sneered and said aggressively, “This little bit of damage isn’t much to me.”
Gu Jiange put together his fists again, and smiled apologetically, “Please calm down, Miss. On the Menulo Island, a shocking incident happened. A ma.s.sive earthquake made a seemingly bottomless trench on the island. At the epicenter of the earthquake, a chunk of ice suddenly blasted up from the ground. It is only a tip of the iceberg, but the cold aura its emitting is astonishing. There seems to be some mysterious signs floating around the tip, and no one knows what secrets it holds. I happened to be traveling nearby and thought to look into this matter. That’s all I can tell you.”
“There’s no need for your compensation, just escort us onto the island.” Xia Xinyan’s brows slightly furrowed. She nodded at Shi Yan and walked towards that pointy end of the Dark Dawn, which was stuck into their iron ship.
Moments later, Shi Yan followed Xia Xinyan onto the Gu family’s ship, the Dark Dawn.
On the deck of the ship were many indentations. In the indentations there were pieces of colorful and bright rocks, and there seemed to be some sort of power source for the Dark Dawn.
Just as they were onboard, four vigorous auras emitted from the four corners of the ship. It seemed to be some sort of attack that could automatically be triggered whenever someone boarded the ship.
Gu Jiange casually smiled, and shouted, “Let’s go!”
That aggressive power disappeared, as if it never existed.
“I’ll escort you guys to the island.” Gu Jiange’s att.i.tude was friendly. He nodded towards Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan and said, “Please hold tight, I’m going to start the ship now.”
Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan’s expressions were indifferent, they lightly nodded.
Gu Jiange stomped one foot into a hexagram-shaped little seal. Six different colored lights rushed out of the six points on that little seal. The six light beams gathered at one point and formed into a bright shining miniature ship.
Gu Jiange waved his hand and the little ship shifted backward. The Dark Dawn moved along with it and sailed back a bit, then it changed direction and instantly rushed towards the harbor of Menluo Island.
The miniature ship, formed by the six colored light beams, shook continuously. Under Gu Jiange’s fiddling, it became bright and glistening.
The Dark Dawn was like a shooting star. Its speed became faster and faster, and it went straight for the harbor.
The short fat elder’s expression slightly shifted. He spoke urgently, “Young master, pull back!”
Gu Jiange laughed, his big hand pressed down, like pressing on a little person. He immediately made that miniature ship stop shaking.
The Dark Dawn suddenly stopped and steadily anch.o.r.ed in front of the harbor.
“f.u.c.k! Who’s messing around! Wanna die?” On the harbor, a large shirtless man cursed out angrily. He was drenched by the splash and got very mad.
After the man wiped off the water on his face and saw that the ship that made the splash was the Gu family’s Dark Dawn, his expression immediately changed. He hurriedly apologized and laughed awkwardly, “I didn’t see, I didn’t see, I didn’t know that this was the Gu family’s Dark Dawn. Please forgive me, forgive me.”
“It’s alright.” Gu Jiange waved his hand, and smiled at Xia Xinyan, he said, “Miss, we’re here.”
“Ok.” Xia Xinyan nodded, and said lightly: “Let’s go.”
Shi Yan silently followed along.
“Young master?” After Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan left that short fat elder pondered for a second, then said “These two seemed to have been riding a Ying Yang Wonderland ship. This ship should be the one that was hijacked. Both the Yin Yang Wonderland and the Corpse Sect put out word that they would generously gift the one that captures the man and woman that hijacked the ship.
“I know.” Gu Jiange nodded, smiling. “If it weren’t that the Yin Yang Wonderland and the Corpse Sect are both trying to find this ship, I wouldn’t have crashed into it.”
“Then why did you let them go? These two’s strength is not that high. It would be a piece of cake for us to capture them. If we gave them to the Yin Yang Wonderland and the Corpse Sect, those two sides would owe the Gu family a favor. Isn’t that a good deal?” The short fat elder asked in confusion.
Gu Jiange shook his head, “When they clearly knew you four were in the Nirvana realm, they still boarded the ship, meaning they obviously have nothing to fear. The moment they boarded, the four flows of sword energy shot out of the four corners, creating an aggressive atmosphere, but these two looked indifferent, and they ignored it. Clearly, they are no ordinary people.”
The elder thoughtfully nodded and said no more.
“Let’s go. We should get to the island too. The people from the Magical Wonderland, the Dongfang family, and the Heaven Lake Divine Land should have arrived at the destination by now. We can’t be left behind.” Gu Jiange stretched, and a streak of sharp sword aura flashed behind his neck. Then, like a sharp sword, he flew out of the Dark Dawn and landed on the harbor.
The shirtless big man that made an insulting remark now had gashes of sword marks on his body. His eyes were popping out, and he fell on his back.
Next to this big man, many warriors with superb capabilities were all silent. No one dared to say anything. They all lowered their heads and pretended they saw nothing.

In a carriage pulled by a fire rhino, Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan sat face to face. At the head of the carriage, a dark-skinned man intently whipped the fire rhino, a concentrated look on his face.
“That Gu Jiange’s att.i.tude seems to be friendly. As a part of the outstanding generation of the Gu family, it’s pretty unusual that he’s so gentle.” In the carriage, Shi Yan suddenly spoke after a long period of silence.
“Friendly? Gentle?” Xia Xinyan shook her head and sneered, “If this Gu Jiange can be called friendly and gentle, then there are no good people in the world! This guy specializes in schemes. In the Gu family, he is famous for being a vicious man. Compared to Beiming Shang, from the Beiming family, this guy is way more manipulative. Even when he kills people, that friendly and gentle smile is still on his face. No one can see a trace of hideousness or evil, but the people that have died by his hands amounts to hundreds!”
Shi Yan’s expression changed.
“If I wasn’t being aggressive and voluntarily boarded the ship, we wouldn’t have left that easily.” Xia Xinyan frowned, “It is because I was dominating over him, unafraid of the Nirvana realm warriors behind him, that he felt fear, so he didn’t act immediately. Or else, we would’ve been put in a bad situation.”
“I understand now.” Shi Yan’s face was grim. He sneered, “It seems that it won’t go so smoothly for us along the way. If we meet that Gu Jiange next time, I’ll be careful.”
“Hmm, you do need to be careful.” Xia Xinyan’s expression was serious. “With your capabilities, you can kill an ordinary warrior at the Second Sky of the Disaster realm, but, against Gu Jainge, it’s hard to say. His Dragon Slaying Sword was forged with the demon crystal of the level eight demonic beast, The Hornless Fire Dragon. The Hornless Fire Dragon is a type of dragon with fiery characteristics. The Dragon Slaying Sword has an amazing fire ability. It can easily burn through flesh. Your stage two Petrification martial spirit is probably not enough to hold against it.”
Shi Yan’s expression was also full of seriousness, but his eyes were filled with fighting intention.
Xia Xinyan glanced at him and secretly nodded in her mind. No matter which figure this guy was against, he never knew of any fear. It would only stimulate his will to fight. He certainly was a warrior by nature. Wait until he reached the Yang family. When he obtains the Immortal Rebirth Creed, who knows what kind of storms he will stir in the Endless Sea.
“The tip of an iceberg appeared through a crack in the earth. Did this Menluo Island used to have icebergs?” Shi Yan was silent for a moment, then he suddenly said.
“Menluo Island is a place of frequent volcanic eruptions. There are more than a dozen different sized volcanoes on this island. Every volcano will spew lava every once in awhile. Because of that, the Three G.o.ds Sect, the Gu family, and the Dongfang family never cared about this area. They let the few militant forces on the island take charge.” Xia Xinyan explained.
“A land of volcanoes?” Shi Yan was shocked. He questioned, “Then why would an iceberg suddenly appear?”
“I don’t know either. Normally, a land of volcanoes would never have any icebergs, but now one really did appear, and there seems to be some mysterious signs around it too. This is incredibly strange.” Xia Xinyan was also perplexed, and she lightly shook her head.
“Interesting. No wonder all these forces came to join the fun.”
“Mmm hmm.”
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick and Eli
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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