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While they were talking, Hui didn't stop its attack. This area was filled with explosions and world-destroying energy shockwaves.

However, Xuan He and the others were forcefully able to resist the energy attacks and the four Heavenly Kings had protected the other low-realm warriors of the G.o.d Clan.

Now, Shi Yan had resumed his human form. His fearsome appearance changed after his thought changed.

That form was the enhanced appearance of the Immortal Demon Body. He could use it as he pleased. He could change his form with a flicker of his mind.

The Imperial Dark experts coming had drawn the others' attention. The Imperial Dark experts searched through the crowd and gazed at Shi Yan. They were dumbstruck because of his Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivation base.

"We don't have much time!" DeCarlos' eyes were so worried. He felt as if someone had filled his heart with lead. It was ultimately heavy.

Hearing him, people now pulled themselves together to see the current situation. They now observed Hui.

The meat lumps on Hui's body twitched strangely. It looked like billions of small worms were moving to get rid of the planet-sized worm's body.

And it happened that way.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The meat lumps exploded and shot out cold, frigid bodies.

They were the warriors who the worm had pulled. The worm had absorbed their vitality. They were dead for a long time. However, in this moment, their bodies had a strange energy that was cold and chill-to-bone. It felt like they were awakened demons.

They all looked numb and there was no emotion in their eyes. Some of them didn't even have enough limbs.

There were several insufficient bodies like that with unknown energy moving in their bodies. They emerged on Hui's body and scattered.

"Frederick, are they corpse slaves that your Corpse Clan has tamed?" Xuan He's face twitched as he turned to see Frederick, his eyes cold.

"No," Frederick wore a grave countenance as he was astounded. "Our corpse slaves still have a weak beam of vitality. However, those people don't have a signal of life on them. They're utterly dead, but they have some sort of evil energy in their bodies."

Pausing for a while, Frederick continued, "Some of them have terrifying energy that isn't less than experts at the Immortal Realm."

Shi Yan changed his visage slightly.

"Xuan He, what's going on?" Adele's bold brows arched. She bit her succulent, red lips. After a flash, her s.e.xy body appeared by Xuan He with the momentum of taking revenge. "What the heck are you guys doing in the turbulent s.p.a.ce current? Did you know about the catastrophic commotions in eleven star areas? Do you know how many people were killed?"

Adele and Xuan He used to be lovers. Ten thousand years ago, they used to have had promises. After so many years, when she talked to Xuan He, she wasn't trying to be polite and elegant. It was just like the old days.

Actually, it was a sign of a close relationship.

"Well, some people got killed. Not a big deal," Xuan He pouted his lips. "If the clones of that thing gather, I'm not even sure if we can protect so many star areas in our cosmos."

Hearing him, the experts of the Imperial Dark Tribe discolored in fear. They were aghast, though.

Of course, they hadn't counted that it would be this serious.

Audrey swiftly flashed her beautiful figure and reappeared by Shi Yan. Her pretty eyes rippled brightly, "Is it really serious?"

Shi Yan looked at her, complimenting her refined glamor. His eyes scanned her perfectly proportional body. He gave a forced smile. "You've fused with the G.o.d-blessed Mainland. Use your Origin to sense. Perhaps you can know how formidable that thing is."

Audrey's beautiful eyes were deep. She felt slightly irritated because that man couldn't be serious even in such a situation.

—— Women are sensitive. When his vulgar eyes raked through her body, she knew it.

However, she couldn't reckon with it. Listening to him, Audrey focused on sensing. So many spirits were dangling in her soul altar. Beams of green flames danced and expanded like electric waves toward Hui…

After a long time, her soft body shook hard, her beautiful face aghast. She couldn't help but scream. "An Absolute Beginning creature!"

Her compatibility with the heaven flame approached almost Haig's level, which was one level higher than Shi Yan's. She had almost fused with it completely. After focusing on sensing, she got the information of Hui from the streak of a memory of her Origin.

"It can destroy this entire world," hissed Shi Yan.

"Xuan He, where is Ming Hao? It's a critical time. How come he didn't come here?" Adele was still interrogating Xuan He.

Xuan He was always with ease and had a natural poise. He was a true hero, but whenever he faced Adele, he looked awkward as if his hands were tied. He gave her a forced smile. "Ming Hao has disappeared with the G.o.d Lord unknowingly…"

He turned to Shi Yan, explaining. "That kid said that Hui might take Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord to the Sea Domain of Nihility. I don't know if it's true or not."

Adele's phoenix eyes gazed at Shi Yan.

"Is it true?" Audrey asked.

"I think so but I'm not one hundred percent sure. I can vaguely catch it," nodded Shi Yan.

"How did you sense it?" Adele wasn't satisfied with his answer and continued asking.

Shi Yan smiled, but he didn't explain in details. He didn't think that he should explain it to her, anyway.

Since the Imperial Dark Tribe didn't declare their cooperation with Bloodthirsty Force, she didn't have any relationship with Shi Yan, so he didn't need to give her face.

"Kid, what's that att.i.tude?" Adele's beautiful face became cold. Her pretty eyes conveyed her murderous aura. "Do you think you're the real Master of the Bloodthirsty force? Both Ming Hao and Xuan He have to be polite and respectful when they talk to me. Why are you so disrespectful?

"Ming Hao is your blood older brother, and Xuan He is your ex. Of course, they have to consider your feelings. Why do you matter to me?" Shi Yan snorted inwardly, his face cold. He didn't care about Adele's fuss. Then, he didn't give his good face to Audrey too. He kept silent and frowned.

"Xuan He! The one you've chosen doesn't have abilities, but his temperament isn't humble at all, eh? He disrespected the precursors like that. Do you need me to teach him?" Adele hissed with a cold complexion.

"Mother, don't trouble them," Audrey begrudgingly told her to back off.

"Even you want to support that kid, don't you?" It would have been okay if she didn't advise her mother. Adele became angrier and said with a stiff face. "Gillette, teach him a lesson for me! Let him know that he shouldn't consider himself the new leader of Bloodthirsty Force. Let him see the truth; he's still far away from the day he can swagger around!"

"Don't trouble us," Xuan He forced a smile.

"I want to make trouble!" cried Adele.

Being a member of Imperial Dark Tribe, Gillette couldn't go against Adele's orders. Even though he didn't want to do it, he had to fulfill her wish.

Just like a dark shadow gliding away, he reappeared above Shi Yan's head. He rose one hand and grabbed something. Many evil spirits shot out of his fingers. They wanted to lift Shi Yan's soul altar out of his Sea of Consciousness.

Now, the numb warriors that shot out of Hui's body had scattered and headed toward the G.o.d warriors and Xuan He's team. However, Adele acted as if she didn't see them. She still wanted to teach Shi Yan a lesson.

"Uncle Gillette! Don't make more trouble!" Audrey hurried to call after him.

But it was too late.

Adele wore an icy face while looking at Shi Yan then Xuan He. Shi Yan wasn't sure i she was mad at him or Xuan He. Anyway, she wanted to throw a tantrum.

Gillette was unable to retreat. He begrudgingly took action.

Strangely, as Gillette was attacking him, Shi Yan just stood still. He lifted his head to look at the evil spirits aiming at his head. The strange light dots emerged in his pupils.

He had a strange feeling now. Those evil spirits had the power to draw the soul. They could extract the host soul from the soul altar. In fact, his host soul wanted to fly up.

Once his host soul was taken away from his soul altar, his life was going to be controlled. It wasn't a joke.

Of course, he believed that Gillette wouldn't dare to harm him. However, as he pulled himself together to counterattack, the mutant Soul Consciousness that grumblingly swarmed toward the evil spirit Gillette had released like water overflowing a broken dam.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

All of a sudden, the evil spirits that Gillette had released were burned. His strange Soul Consciousness was like a shadow piercing through the spirits and aiming at Gillette's chest.

His instinct made him frightened. He hurried to mobilize the defending energy. But then, he found that an invisible energy had quietly seeped into his body.

He went numb. When he found something wrong, his body was invaded by that strange energy. His blood, flesh, G.o.d power, spirit, and soul were about to scatter. His body and soul altar was about to collapse or explode.

His face became so ugly. He couldn't help but shout. "What kind of evil power is it?!?"

He knew some energy was vandalizing his body, but he couldn't know what it was or locate it. It was like having someone using a sword to p.r.i.c.k him, but he didn't know where it hurt or where the sword was.

He only knew one thing. Your body and soul altar are being destroyed. Soon, you will be broken and perish.

It was an unknown power that can collapse people's mind, but it was invisible and people couldn't recognize it.

Azure Dragon's eyes brightened in the crowd. He screamed, "Shi Yan, show mercy!"

Shi Yan was immersed in a magical power of his Soul Consciousness. Hearing him calling, he woke up. His thought flickered and he retrieved his Soul Consciousness.

Gillette recovered. He had cold sweat all over his body. When he looked at Shi Yan, he thought he was watching a demon, his face ashen. Several seconds later, he was shaken hard. He couldn't help but scream, "It… It's that power! The power Bloodthirsty controlled that year!"

Hearing him, all people including the G.o.d Clan's experts were dumbstruck.

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