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The G.o.d Lord said they shouldn't waste time and he actually did that. Almost instantly, a halo that was even brighter than the sun radiated from his body.

That light was like the mixed energy of many power Upanishads including Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Lightning and Electric, Wind, and Ice. They were chained by the Light power Upanishad, making the G.o.d Lord a ma.s.sive chunk of light. His body became as dazzling as a diamond under the intense light.

The flow of strong light with the G.o.d Lord's Soul Consciousness shot towards Ming Hao like a shower of swords.

Ming Hao's eyes were bluish green. While his power was changing, his ghostly body, which the souls had already merged and twisted, caused the s.p.a.ce around him to fiercely collapse as if he was breaking it.

The wisps of soul flew out of his body, creating the form of a soul altar. However, it was shadowy and vague.

A terrifying magnetic field that could shake souls came from the soul altar that Ming Hao had just condensed. The host souls of people around him shivered as if some force had absorbed them and made them quivering and edgy.

Shi Yan wasn't an exception.

He could feel his host soul and co-soul get attracted by Ming Hao's soul altar. They seemed to want to leave him and sink into Ming Hao's soul altar.

That feeling was so horrible. It was like his soul wasn't his anymore. Someone had robbed his soul and enslaved it.

It was Ming Hao's Soul Control power Upanishad. Once he released his power, all the souls were going to be affected.

Everybody knew that they weren't Ming Hao's target. They were just affected by the shockwaves. Even so, they couldn't endure it. Their faces were filled with fear as they tried to move to the opposite direction.

The members of the G.o.d Clan became more irritated. They changed their faces slightly, moving far away from him.

Except for the four Heavenly Kings.

The four Heavenly Kings had reached Second Sky of Immortal Realm. Of course, their realms were profound and their power was exquisite. Their souls wouldn't be affected.

However, the Chiefs of the twelve families and the elders of the Elder Committee looked grimaced. They hurried to move away.

The dazzling lights that the G.o.d Clan released shot towards Ming Hao's soul altar, but they melted down and vanished.

"After ten thousand years, at least the Cortege of Eight has someone like you, Ming Hao. You're qualified to fight against me once." Brian the G.o.d Lord looked happy. He chuckled. After a flash, he came to the void above Hui and said, "We should move further away to fight. Then, we won't affect your people and my people."

Although his wounds hadn't recovered fully, at his Third Sky of Immortal Realm, everybody was going to suffer if he used his abilities.

That immense, holy light carried the marvelous of many power Upanishads. Even Xuan He and Frederick acted like they were facing top enemies. They had to focus on dealing with the bunch of light that Brian had struck.

Lei Di, Azure Dragon, and DeCarlos had to spare their energy to resist pressure from the G.o.d Lord.

Although it wasn't so much that they couldn't endure it, it was so annoying that they couldn't ease their minds.

Just like that, the Soul Control power Upanishad that Ming Hao had released also affected everybody's soul. The warriors of the twelve families and the Elders felt so irritated. Thus, the battle between the other two had held them back as they had to defend the shockwaves from their attacks.

"It's good then," Ming Hao turned into a dim light, dragging his soul altar and disappearing in the direction the G.o.d Lord had just gone.

The two of them were hovering above Hui but when the others lifted their heads to look, they had a strange feeling that they were looking through layers of light curtains to see the reflection on the lake. They all felt as if they were watching something unreal.

It seemed like the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao weren't in the same world with them, but in a magical world that they had created within their territory.

The G.o.d Lord was in a world of dazzling light with moving stars, icy mist, a sea of fire, the great earth with forests: all things a normal world should have.

Ming Hao's world was dark and deep with some shadowy cl.u.s.ters like ghosts and layers of reflecting s.p.a.ces. It looked like he had countless pieces of different worlds mending together in his own world. His figure disappeared and moved through the shattered worlds so that people could never catch him.

After their realm reached a specific level, warriors had supernatural power like the Mighty Creator. They could create a world from nothing. A world that suited their power Upanishads could promote their supernatural power to the utmost. It was actually a performance of the divine domain at the highest level. For example, warriors cultivating Ice power Upanishad could use the cold energy to create a world of snow where he could use the cold energy to the deepest level.

Right now, the two extraordinary experts, the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao, were creating worlds most suitable to their power Upanishads. Their worlds were some kind of modification to the real world and they weren't just to fight.

When they were fighting, the others wore somber faces as they forgot everything else just to concentrate on the two of them.

Their audience consisted of peerless warriors in this vast cosmos. In their fields of expertise, they were much more outstanding than others. The lowest realm that a warrior in this group had was Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm and many of them were at the False Immortal Realm or Immortal Realm. The battle between the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao was a top battle that they could only watch once in their lives.

Through the deathmatch between the experts, they could widen their knowledge and grasp their new understanding of power Upanishads, which would help them break through again.

Thus, they even stopped caring about Hui at this moment.

Only one warrior didn't pay too much attention to the battle between the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao. It was Shi Yan.

At this moment, Shi Yan was still immersed in the most marvelous state he had ever been. He didn't want to get out of it. The mysterious energy from Hui was moving inside his body and seeping into his G.o.d power Ancient Tree, skeleton, tendons, blood, cells, and even his hair.

Gradually, he found a really magnificent phenomenon; his body became transparent!

His soul altar and body were refined and they had boosted to Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. His understanding of power Upanishads was greatly enhanced, which was even changing his soul altar's structure at the moment!

His Sea of Consciousness had become endless. His Soul Consciousness under that energy's effect seemed to become a brand new energy!

His Sea of Consciousness, just like what happened to his G.o.d power Ancient Tree, had become another fountainhead of energy. This kind of transformation in his Soul Consciousness had brimmed his energy, which made him shiver in thrill!

Slowly, he understood what was happening to him…

The Soul Consciousness was also a sort of energy. However, this energy was used to sense and check things; it couldn't become a powerful attack. For example, the G.o.d power could smash a mountain and collapse it, and the erosive power could even melt down an entire mountain. However, the Soul Consciousness could be like the wind that gets through cracks in a mountain to survey even the smallest corner inside the mountain.

The Soul Consciousness couldn't break the mountain directly. It was common knowledge and also the typical principle of power.

However, as his Sea of Consciousness and Soul Consciousness were transforming, Shi Yan had a marvelous feeling that his Soul Consciousness could even move a mountain or fill up the sea!

He could feel that his current Soul Consciousness had eternal abilities. While his Soul Consciousness was changing, he suddenly had a wonderful feeling that there was a kind of incomparably enormous energy in this chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. That kind of energy was immensely abundant here, but he couldn't see or touch it. But now, he could use his Soul Consciousness to "see" it!

When he got such an incredible feeling, he suddenly found that his body was also affected when his Sea of Consciousness changed. His body seemed to turn into nothing directly!

His heart twitched. When he urged the G.o.d power Ancient Tree, his body resumed its normal condition and became visible.

He was dumbstruck for a long time. Afterward, his eyes showed his fantastic thrill!

Apparently, when his body was invisible, it was similar to the ability that the Bloodthirsty's remains had!

Rumors said that Bloodthirsty controlled a mysterious power that only he understood in the past ten thousand years. The G.o.d Lord, Ling Xiang, Caesar, Lorraine had been laboriously seeking this power for so many years in vain. The power he had just grasped seemed to be that mysterious power!

This power came from the Absolute Beginning creature. Previously, Hui had tried to tempt him to help it escape. The price was that it would give him its magical power.

Shi Yan didn't think that Hui knew its marvelous power. The transformation of his Sea of Consciousness, body, and soul altar was because his Devouring power Upanishad had swallowed and converted the energy from that Absolute Beginning creature!

His thrill didn't last long.

Shortly after, Shi Yan woke up and he found that he couldn't take in more energy from Hui.

At the same time, he found that Wederson had used up his life energy. His face was ash-gray as he didn't have any beam of erosive energy in his body. He quietly sank into the chaotic s.p.a.ce current. Like a shooting star, he sparked and then vanished in the end.

Shi Yan looked at Wederson sinking, showing regret and sighing.

Wederson's life ended like a nova. He bloomed dazzlingly before Ming Hao and G.o.d Lord had joined hands to bury him. Ming Hao gave him Bloodthirsty's remains to swallow. The G.o.d Lord had used a secret technique to put the Bloodthirsty's remains into his stomach. He had used his life energy to burn and trigger the energy in Bloodthirsty's remains to wound Hui.

Both Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord knew that with his cultivation base, Wederson couldn't endure it for a long time.

However, no one cared about his death or life. To achieve their purpose and benefit from Hui, they chose to sacrifice Wederson.

Wederson was gone now. The G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao didn't get the power from Hui. They had accidentally helped Shi Yan transform his life form and receive that mysterious power.

Man proposes. G.o.d disposes. They didn't know that while they were wrestling and using their lives, Shi Yan had finished acc.u.mulating power and transforming.

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