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(*): A mythical venomous snake, also a kind of dragon according to legends in the Han Dynasty.

The strange transformation in his body had troubled Shi Yan at first. He found it hard to accept and he even denied it instinctively.

However, he quickly accepted this bizarre transformation. He even felt a little happy.

He could feel that his overall competence was enhanced tremendously after that transformation! Every cell in his body was now filled with exploding power. His body could burst off in any minute. It was a feeling of having br.i.m.m.i.n.g energy!

His acupuncture points continued to erupt that mysterious energy while his skeleton, veins, and tendons were absorbing it greedily. His fingernails became like sabers and now, he had a pair of bone wings on his back that made him fearsome.

He looked like a warrior of Heavenly Monster Tribe who had a humanoid body and a pair of dragon wings!

The co-soul sinking in the Incipient Extent released some vague wisps of memories. It was like when a seal on the soul was lifted. Shi Yan suddenly had received a lot of knowledge… It was likely the memories of Grace Mainland in the co-soul. When he had fused with the Origin, it had become part of his co-soul, but it was rusty ever since.

It opened at a critical moment.

And now, it was the critical moment, so the sealed memory was released!

Shi Yan suddenly shouted and turned into a shooting light aiming at the giant worm. An extremely sharp aura shot out from his body and turned him into a cold sword that thrusted at the worm.

"This is its brain! It's called "Hui"! The other eleven worms are parts of its body. This one is the head which has the weakest attacking ability. It's the source of the worm's intelligence. Once its body comes, no one can control it!"

While he was screaming, Shi Yan turned into a stream of brilliant stars that stabbed toward Hui the giant worm. Ming Hao and Xuan He were bewildered.

"Lift the seal!" shouted Shi Yan.

Then, the scorching flames expanded from that shooting light. Countless cl.u.s.ters of flames increased fast. It was the magical ability of the combined heaven flames.

Ming Hao hesitated for a while then opened a corner of his barrier. The wisps of souls scattered.

Xuan He and Lei Di released the Soul Consciousness to check, and they were astounded to find the tremendous energy fluctuating on Shi Yan's body. And, when he spoke the name of the worm, they were moved. Just like what Ming Hao had done, they lifted a corner of their seal so as Shi Yan could get in.

DeCarlos and Frederick did the same. They made way for him, letting him pierce through the barriers to land on that giant worm.

In their minds, Shi Yan looked a bit eccentric now. It was not only because of his appearance. It was also the fact that he knew that the name of the worm was "Hui". They felt strange and somehow magical.

They also knew that Shi Yan had the inheritance from Bloodthirsty and had fused with Grace Mainland's Origin. He was the most magical person in this world. It was going to be hard to a.s.sess him with typical knowledge.

Thus, they allowed Shi Yan to be bold. They wanted to see what kind of wave and wind he could rise this time.

In front of many people, Shi Yan pierced through the barrier to reach Hui. The sharp fingernails of his hands sparkled coldly and smoothly stabbed into the worm's body.

It was strange that the layer of bright yellow keratin that the super erosive energy couldn't melt was like torn fabric when Shi Yan thrust his long fingernails in it. A tear was made where a thick, yellow liquid was oozing out.

DeCarlos and Ming Hao were shocked!

Each of them had tried every method they could to tear the body of the giant worm. They knew that it was very tough to break the defense of the worm.

The bright yellow keratin armor could be compared to Bloodthirsty's body, which was almost unbreakable.

They felt that their hands were tied as they had no other solution. Surprisingly, Shi Yan's long fingernails that suddenly grew was able to cut a large hole on the worm's body. They thought it was so strange and inexplicable.


Shi Yan looked like he was possessed by some Mighty G.o.d. His wings flapped behind his back while his cold-sparkling fingernails continuously tore the worm.

He had cut so many wounds on the ma.s.sive worm. Hui shrieked in rage. Its giant body wildly convulsed and splashed the yellow substance.

Countless cl.u.s.ters of heaven flames congregated on Shi Yan's body. It looked like he was sinking in a sea of fire. The heaven flame burned down all the splashes of yellow substance and protected Shi Yan.

At the same time, Wederson's earth-corrosive energy came.

His erosive energy could melt a little bit of the worm's armor. However, after Shi Yan had cut its body many times, the erosive energy could get into its flesh and wound its core.

"Confine it. Don't let it escape!"

Ming Hao suddenly reacted. He understood Shi Yan's plan. He shouted immediately.

Hui had its faces redden as if Hui had just taken ecstasy. They released the power of the Immortal Realm experts ultimately. For the time being, the world seemed discolored with the void shaking, the mad dragons flying, and the blood sea boiling.

Hui was an Absolute Beginning creature, a creature that was born in the earliest era of the world. It had endless abilities with eternal life.

If they cla.s.sified creatures, Hui would be the existence at the top of the food pyramid. It also had the highest living form.

If they could kill such an existence to discover its secrets, they could directly break the principle that had created this world. Also, they could know what had happened in the Absolute Beginning Era.

s.p.a.ce, Time, Cosmos, power Upanishads, and energies had existed since a very early point in time. However, as they had developed, they had lost their original shapes. Some had even changed completely. What they looked like before, how the universe was formed, what the acme of the Great Path was, what they would become when they reached the ultimate level of their cultivation… Perhaps, they could find all the answers from Hui…

As they had a chance to kill Hui now, they were so excited. The blood in their body was boiling to urge their energy to the utmost.

Spark, the Elder of the G.o.d Clan, was kept inside a meatball, which was also on the surface of the worm. At this moment, Spark's corpse suddenly moved.

Spark closed eyes opened quietly and revealed a pair of lively eyes.

His eyes rolled. Slowly, he gained color. The G.o.d Lord's shadow emerged in his pupils as if he was using Spark's eyes to observe the situation.

Not many people knew that the one with the Origin of the ancient continent could have many supernatural abilities.

Haig was the one with the highest compatibility with the heaven flames among Shi Yan, Audrey, and Cang Yun. He could easily gather the energy of Ancient G.o.d Continent to increase his power.

After the G.o.d Lord had occupied Haig's body, the fusing progress with the flaming Origin had finally reached the best condition.

The G.o.d Clan was born in Ancient G.o.d Continent. As the G.o.d Lord got the Origin of the continent, he had become its master. It seemed like Ancient G.o.d Continent had become his Incipient Extent. After he had utterly fused with the heaven flames, he could control any member of the G.o.d Clan with just one thought.

As long as they got the G.o.d blood, no matter where they were, the G.o.d Lord could locate them and even possess them to get to that location precisely.

It was the magical power that only someone fully fused with the flaming Origin could have. Shi Yan, Audrey, and Cang Yun still needed to work a lot to reach such a level. Also, even if they could reach that level, without the cultivation base like the G.o.d Lord, they couldn't do that.

Now, the G.o.d Lord was standing on the G.o.d Zenith of Ancient G.o.d Continent but he was able to use the G.o.d blood that never disappeared in Spark's body to observe everything in this area.

Whether it was Shi Yan, Ming Hao, or DeCarlos, they couldn't imagine that the G.o.d Lord was using a chunk of meat on Hui's body to observe the situation here. They didn't know that the G.o.d Lord could use Spark's body to come here in just a blink of an eye.


Tsunami Star.

Tian Xie's eyes were cold and dark. He was sitting cross-legged above the pond. An unknown energy twirled around him. His face twisted as if he had to endure some terrible pain.

The green veins bulged on his forehead and made his handsome face fearsome.

A worm mark emerged on his glabella. It looked like a real worm living between his two eyebrows. It was moving, though.

The wisps of memories and thoughts came out of the seal, pouring into his brain.

Tian Xie was receiving something quietly. A long time afterward, he resumed. The worm mark on his forehead faded. He had concealed it.

He recovered his normal condition. His face kept the usual smile. After a flash, he reappeared in the secret chamber where Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine were gathering. He said casually, "I'm cultivating a special technique. Sometimes, I will fall into hallucination. I need to quiet down to adjust a little. I'm sorry I made you wait."

Inside the secret chamber, Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine didn't know what was happening out there. They didn't know the earth-shaking commotion in the eleven star areas. They were polite when they told him, "It's alright."

Of course, they didn't know that while they were waiting for Tian Xie, Tian Xie underwent some marvelous changes. They didn't know that Tian Xie had secretly ordered his subordinates to destroy the Sea Territories in the eleven star areas. He had directly guided the giant worms to create a catastrophe there.

"I have a presumptuous request," said Tian Xie seriously.

Ling Xiang and the others wore stern faces and focused on him to see what he wanted to do.

"I want all of you to help me," Tian Xie chuckled. A strange, evil light swirled in his eyes.

"What do you want?" Ling Xiang was surprised.

"I want to eat you," said Tian Xie.

While Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine were dumbstruck, billions of seven-colored lights shot out from Tian Xie's body lik rainbows. They were actually bright, colored ropes and they tied down the other three.

Tian Xie swayed and a cold, sinister wisp of Soul Consciousness moved through the ropes to enter the other three's brains.

They were shaken hard as they were filled with horror. However, before they could scream, the rainbow ropes had squeezed them and pulled them toward him.

Crack! Crack!

Shortly after, the sounds of chewing bones that could raise the hair on people's bodies arose in that secret chamber. The Leaders of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple had come to the end of their lives before they could even screech.

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