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What the Absolute Beginning creature said was like thunder booming in Shi Yan's head.

Strangely, he agreed with its last idea. He knew that the creature told the truth. Zi Yao was now… a part of it.

If it perished, Zi Yao would turn into ashes and nothing would be left behind too.

The other had considered it a chance to overturn the situation. It wanted to force him to attack Wederson or tear Ming Hao's seal!

Previously, he didn't have such an ability. But now, the energy fluctuating from his body was very terrifying now and over his understanding. He believed that if he tried his best, he could break this balanced situation!

The magical power from that Absolute Beginning creature had wholly sublimated his bones, soul, and Incipient Extent. He had reached an entire, new height that even he was so astounded himself.

"As long as you agree to help me, I'll offer you a great opportunity. I'll give you a power that only the Absolute Beginning creatures could touch!" Zi Yao guided and enticed him. Each of her words now had an eccentrically charming power. It attempted to sink Shi Yan and make him work for her.

"A power that only the Absolute Beginning creatures could touch!"

Shi Yan's eyes brightened. His heart beat frantically, his soul excited.

He immediately grabbed the hidden meaning in the creature's words. This power… could be the power that the G.o.d Lord, Ling Xiang, Caesar, and even Ming Hao, Xuan He were trying to find but fail. It was the mysterious power that only Bloodthirsty knew and used.

Zi Yao's enticement was like a demon hitting Shi Yan's brain directly. His face turned odd.

Clenching his jaw, his face twisted as if he was trying hard to resist this temptation. His eyes gradually turned crimson.

After a long time, he faced the sky and roared, laughing loudly inwardly. "You can't persuade me! You're a creature from the Absolute Beginning Era that the five Immortal Realm experts are joining hands against to seal for dozens of years. Who can make you perish? You won't die. That man can't kill you. He can only hurt you. You can't shake my heart. You can't entice my sound mind!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In his head, the star dragons emerged and weaved a thick mesh net to make a barrier that covered his brains.

He didn't listen to any of her words or let any wisp of the soul enter his head. He had closed his mind.

Zi Yao's soul fluctuation couldn't get into his head anymore. The begging gleam in her eyes vanished instantly. They looked cold and heartless once again. She gazed at Shi Yan and spoke a whining language that no one understood. Then, she retracted into the big worm's body.

Right after that, the giant worm quieted down. A thick, murky, yellow liquid oozed out of the worm's skin. That kind of liquid slowly condensed and froze, creating something like bright yellow keratin that functioned as a layer of marvelous armor and covered the worm's body entirely.

It wasn't struggling anymore. It didn't try to lift off the seal anymore and just retracted its body like a hedgehog to defend.

It had given up on resisting.

Although the erosive energy Wederson had released was surging and rolling torrentially, its effects were reduced by a lot.

The bright yellow keratin on the worm was like a magical barrier that could reduce the erosive speed. The worm still fumed black clouds from time to time, but they became much diluted.

Apparently, as it had used all the power to defend, it could reduce the damage to a level it could endure.

Now, although Shi Yan had shut himself, his acupuncture points were constantly taking in so many clouds to benefit his entire body.

Ming Hao suddenly stopped releasing energy, his eyes dark. "Something is strange!"

"The host body is using all of its energy to defend, but its clones are still destroying the world out there. When they all come here, how will we deal with them?" DeCarlos didn't feel relief at all. He felt more restless, his voice heavy.

Ming Hao looked at the s.p.a.ce mirror.

Except for Shi Yan and Wederson, everybody was watching the bright mirror. Their faces turned dark.

The eleven giant worms were moving around and swallowing almost all of the warriors on the eleven life stars in different star areas. Then, all of them dangled their ma.s.sive bodies and headed to the Sea Territories.

Although they were giant, they moved swiftly. After one flash, they could move through so many life stars as if they could break the s.p.a.ce limit.

"Its clones want to use the Sea Territories to reunite with the host body here!" said DeCarlos in fear.

Everybody had ash-gray faces as they felt so helpless. Even Ming Hao wore a dark face as if he was dispirited that he couldn't change the result no matter how many tricks he had.


G.o.d Zenith.

The G.o.d Lord wore a calm face on the mountaintop. His eyes were like the moon and the moving sun. He looked at the hazy star area, his eyes piercing the void to the area of nothingness.

Behind him, Carefree, Divine Martial, Easygoing, and Light, the Four Heavenly Kings, were standing quietly like the mountains. The elders of the Elder Committee and the heads of the twelve families were kneeling on the ground a little further from the others. They all looked somber as if they had encountered an apocalypse. There was a deep, dark streak in the middle of their foreheads that seemed to not disperse.

Eleven planet-sized worms appeared out of nowhere in eleven star areas where the G.o.d Clan was fighting with the Bloodthirsty Force. They came directly to the main life star of the star area and ate up all the warriors there.

Those warriors included the members of the G.o.d Clan and the members of other forces. However, no member of the Bloodthirsty Force was harmed.

This was because the G.o.d Clan had claimed and based on the most important planet of each star area. The elite troops who had trained for ten thousand years there had become delicious meals for the big worms.

It was a lethal attack on the G.o.d Clan.

They thought that those worms were the secret weapon of the Bloodthirsty Force and that they were the most ancient ancestors of Heavenly Monster Tribe.

They needed the guidance from the G.o.d Lord so they gathered here, waiting for his decision.

Feng Joe represented the Elder Committee and Byers represented the heads of the twelve families, kneeling on the ground and looking at the G.o.d Lord in patience.

The G.o.d Lord was an extraordinary soul. Ten thousand years ago, he had led them to expand the G.o.d Clan's territory billions of times. He had killed Bloodthirsty, the one everybody had acknowledged as the peerless warrior in this cosmos. This time, they believed that he could bring them to a higher peak.

They believed it so deeply.

Each member of the G.o.d Clan surviving that time had admired the G.o.d Lord from the bottom of their hearts. They worshiped him as he was their real G.o.d.

This was because the G.o.d Lord had never failed them!

"President…" Feng Jue crossed his arms in front of his chest and called.

The G.o.d Lord was the previous Chief of the G.o.d Clan, but he wasn't from the twelve families. He was from a small, declined family of the G.o.d Clan. However, he had crossed even the sky when he made his debut. He had suppressed the twelve families of the G.o.d Clan and created the Elder Committee. He had become the President of the Committee that controlled all the activities of the G.o.d Clan. Together with the benefits, he had brought the G.o.d Clan to the peak of glory.

When Feng Jue called him, the Chiefs of the twelve families and the other elders also called him quietly.

The G.o.d Lord looked at the void. He didn't even turn his head back and spoke indifferently. "The time hasn't come yet. Keep waiting."

The four Heavenly Kings turned around and frowned at Feng Jue's group, their faces dark.

Immediately, Feng Jue and the crowd kneeling on the ground felt so cold. They lowered their heads more and didn't dare to speak.

The G.o.d Lord's eyes radiated a bright light that then turned into a light curtain carrying six Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade boxes. Five of them contained Bloodthirsty's remains and the other one kept his skull. Heavenly King Light found that skull.

The six boxes arose and hovered in the middle of the light curtain. The G.o.d Lord looked at them quietly as if he was planning something.

"Thornton," he suddenly hissed.

"Yes, Sir!" Thornton, the Chief of the Brekelfeld family, replied to the call. He thought that the G.o.d Lord wanted to make him bear the responsibility for the failure in Fiery Rain Star Area.

"Wederson, the mixed blood with the Man Tribe... who is his father? Is he still alright?" asked the G.o.d Lord.

Thornton was bewildered and answered honestly. "He's the son of my uncle Moya. He was hurt severely in the operation of killing Glu three thousand years ago. He was brought to G.o.d Perishing Land to recover. However, Glu's Chaos power Upanishad had killed him slowly."

"Where are his remains?" The G.o.d Lord's eyes brightened.

"In our family's graveyard. We used a ten-thousand-year cold jade coffin to preserve him. Each of us powerful members will be kept in a ten-thousand-year cold jade coffin after one of us in the battlefield. We've followed the rules you've set. We have never changed it," Thornton answered respectfully.

When the G.o.d Lord fought the world in the past, he had set up many rules. One of the rules was that the Chiefs of the twelve families had to use a jade coffin to preserve the experts whose names were written in the Book of G.o.ds. The later generations could visit their coffins after every one hundred years to remember their precursors who had died for them.

Remembering the late precursors and encouraging the young generations to admire the experts made them consider dying on the battlefield a pride.

"Excellent," the G.o.d Lord, nodded and said, "Use the Teleport Formation to return to your family and bring that jade coffin here for me. I want Moya's body. Remember to do it as quick as possible!"

Pausing for a while, he added as if he couldn't ease his mind. "Carefree, you go with him. Do it as fast as possible!"

Carefree didn't say anything. He didn't even leave Thornton time to talk more. He grabbed Thornton, walking to the nearest Teleport formation.

Feng Jue and most of the Chiefs of the families were skeptical, but no one dared to ask. They knew the G.o.d Lord would never make a mistake. Each of his orders hid a deep meaning that they couldn't understand.

They trusted him unconditionally.

After a long time, a cold moonlight emerged. Carefree reappeared and held up a ten-thousand-year cold jade coffin. To make it faster, he had ditched Thornton and returned alone.


He dropped the cold jade coffin then stood upright, and spoke nothing.

The G.o.d Lord nodded to him and showed his content. He rose one hand to lift up the lid of the jade coffin. A frozen corpse of an old G.o.d Clan warrior was taken out. That corpse wore luxurious clothes. Although he looked pale, there were no decayed spots on his body.

It was the effect of the ten-thousand-year cold jade coffin.

"Forgive me for offending you."

The G.o.d Lord slightly bent his body to show his respect to Moya's body. Then, his five fingers cut Moya's cold corpse open.

The six jade boxes with Bloodthirsty's remains floating in front of him opened at the same time. The six invisible bones were shoved into Moya's stomach. The G.o.d Lord made some hand seals. Billions of subtle symbols flew out of his eyes and fell into Moya's abdomen.

Moya's body shrank like a balloon without air. Several seconds later, Moya turned into a small dot.


Moya's corpse exploded and vanished. No one knew where the G.o.d Lord had thrown him.

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