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Wederson would never forget what happened to him when he was just a little child. That event had changed his life forever and predestined him to not be ordinary.

He was born a mix-blood between the G.o.d Clan and Man Tribe. When he was a small child, he looked much thinner and more handsome than any other kid in the tribe. He was weak, but he knew how to use earth and heaven energy to create a strange magnetic field that could control things.

His special "deadly field" power Upanishad didn't help him earn respect. Instead, it made him an alien in his own tribe. After the elders checked his blood, they found that he wasn't pure. They thought that he was a monster, so they abandoned him in the deadly swamp area.

The water in the warm was filled with acid poison. Even warriors of the Man Tribe were eroded to death if they fell into the swamp.

When Wederson was too young to understand how cruel people could be, he was thrown there. They let him survive on his own.

As soon as he got into the swamp, he had to taste the most dangerous agony in this world. His body slowly eroded and dissolved. However, facing death with a lot of screams, he had survived unknowingly. He could even feel all the poisonous water in the swamp that had been drawn into his body.

This process took three years!

Three years later, the swamp dried up. Wederson returned and destroyed the elders who had thrown him there. With his unrivaled power, he became the top warrior of the Man Tribe.

Eventually, he became the lord and the Man King of the Man Tribe!

"Shi Yan, give him Master's remains. Let him absorb them. Only when he becomes mad and triggers the power from Master's remains can he erode this Absolute Beginning creature!" said Ming Hao.

Shi Yan was surprised.

Xuan He and the others looked stern and heavy. They were surprised and they looked at Ming Hao, expecting a clearer explanation.

"Gado died utterly that year…"

Ming Hao looked at the others, "Before he died, Gado had received Master's remains. He died on the Man Star, Wederson's homeland, in a low-level, rural star area. He died with Master's remains. However, his power Upanishad was very special. After he died, his Corrosion power Upanishad remained and covered Master's remains. After so many years, Gado's corrosive power had successfully dissolved that piece of Master.

"Gado's power and body were dissolved in that swamp area. Thus, that swamp was the Essence of his Corrosion power Upanishad, which had continuously eroded Master's remains. When Wederson was abandoned there, it was the moment the Corrosion power Upanishad had finally melted Master's bone.

"He was so lucky. He should have been dissolved there. No one knows how he could absorb all the essence of the swamp and get Gado's power into his blood and flesh altogether with the power from Master's bone. It's also the reason why he can reach the Immortal Realm power level when he bursts out his frantic power despite the fact that he is at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivation base.

"What has bestowed him the terrifying energy isn't Gado's Corrosion power Upanishad. It's the power from Master's bone!"

Ming Hao told them what he had concluded and a.s.sumed.

People were looking at Wederson as if he was a dormant demon that could destroy the entire world when he got mad!

In fact, when he was in Fiery Rain Star Area, if they let Wederson continue to be in his frenzy, he could have destroyed the entire Fiery Rain Star Area!

All was because of the power in Bloodthirsty's remains!

Right now, the Absolute Beginning creature that had been dormant in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin for billions of years and was much older than the Four Great Creatures was awakened. It was as powerful as a destructive G.o.d. The other eleven clones of it were annihilating the eleven star areas at the same time. Its host body here had its energy increase ma.s.sively and continuously. Ming Hao and the others failed to seal it.

It seemed like no one could subdue this thing in this vast universe.

Ming Hao was begrudging. Eventually, he had to take out the furious bomb: Wederson. He had told everyone what had happened to him and now, he wanted to use Wederson's magical power to damage this creature from the Absolute Beginning Era.

Listening to him, Wederson looked grief-stricken. Slowly, a harsh light appeared in his eyes. "Why do I have to help you guys? How do I know if you are telling the truth?"

"If you don't cooperate with us, everyone here and many more living in the eleven star areas will be destroyed. Perhaps this entire universe will collapse. Your family can't survive this disaster." Ming Hao's cold voice chilled people's hearts. He looked at Wederson and said simply.

He rose one hand and gestured a touch. The images in the s.p.a.ce mirror became clear again.

In eleven star areas, the giant worms had attacked each of the lively life stars. Their tentacles tied the warriors and drew them into the stomachs. The warriors there had to suffer from tragic deaths.

Wederson looked at the mirror, his face cold. After a while, he turned to Shi Yan.

The others also turned to Shi Yan.

"These pieces of remains are taken from Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine. I intended to bring them back to the holy land. But now… it seems like they have a much more important role here."

Shi Yan touched his forehead and three jade boxes flew out of his Incipient Extent. The boxes with Bloodthirsty's remains fell on Wederson.

Wederson rose his hands to receive, his face cold and dark. However, a magical light shot out of his eyes when he touched the boxes. "Oh, I feel close to the things inside the boxes!"

Everybody was shocked.

"How should I absorb them?" He looked at Ming Hao.

"I don't know. No one has ever successfully figured out the secret of Master's remains. The ones who got the remains have spent ten thousand years to study. Unfortunately, even the G.o.d Lord's failed. You're the only one who has succeeded. I can feel Master's aura from you. I think you should figure out how to absorb them yourself," said Ming Hao sadly.

Wederson was stunned.

During this time, the worm struggled harder. Xuan He, Frederick, DeCarlos, Ming Hao, and Lei Di had to focus wholeheartedly to arrange more barriers.

The rivers with the power of Death and Life, billions of soul wisps, thunder dragons, different s.p.a.ces, and Corp Qi ropes tied the worm.

The five of them wore stern faces as they were under tremendous pressure. Lei Di had turned into his dragon form, roaring and thundering. Apparently, they had to endure a harder resistance from the worm.

Then, a graceful body emerged from one of the meat lumps of the giant worm. Her cold eyes didn't convey any human emotions. She was arrogantly and proudly looked at the others. She spoke a strange, unknown language, piercing through layers of barriers to reach eleven star areas.

It was Zi Yao.

She stood on the giant worm as if she was standing on the summit of an imposing mountain. Compared to the worm, she was so minute, but her eyes and her posture said that she was the master.

The beautiful divine lights were like five-colored clouds that wound around her body and made her extremely beautiful.

She suddenly turned to look at Shi Yan, her eyes showing some strange emotion. Her lips parted as she said one word that was different from all known languages!

But Shi Yan understood!

That word was Desolate!

Zi Yao called him "Desolate"!


His co-soul deep in the core of Grace Mainland had come to Shi Yan's soul altar quickly after it had pierced through layers of barriers. The cl.u.s.ters of heaven flame supported the co-soul.

The co-soul floating above the flames was like a more magnificent flame releasing dazzling and formidable energy. That energy surged and washed around Grace Mainland, shaking the peripheral area!

"Don't look at her!" Ming Hao shouted, his saber-like voice stabbing Shi Yan's brain.

Shi Yan felt so cold. He woke up and bit the tip of his tongue. His Immortal Demon Blood turned into a warm current and released his whole-body energy in just a blink of an eye.


He screamed in his soul. The co-soul from the soul altar directly flew into his Incipient Extent and turned into a vast sea of fire there.

The co-soul had shut itself down!

After the co-soul had entered his Incipient Extent, it cut off all kinds of connection. He didn't hear Zi Yao's voice anymore. When he couldn't understand her voice, the feeling of his soul shattering disappeared.

He suddenly felt like he survived a disaster. He knew that if he hadn't been resolute enough to send the co-soul to his Incipient Extent to cut off the connection with the other, the other could invade his soul and burst off his host soul and co-soul.

He didn't dare to look at Zi Yao anymore, not even a glance!

He forced himself to focus on Wederson. Then, Wederson had opened all the three jade boxes. Strangely, the invisible pieces of Bloodthirsty's remains had become visible after he touched them.

Right after that, Wederson decided to apply the most-direct method. He put the bone into his mouth and swallowed directly without even chewing!

The ma.s.sive bone moved through his throat to the stomach. This horrible scene made Shi Yan sweat in fear. He thought that the bone could tear the man's throat in any minute.

Wederson swallowed three pieces of Bloodthirsty's remains at once!

"Don't you want to chew it a little bit?" Shi Yan asked, feeling strange and chilled.

"Can't chew!" Wederson had to wiggle to swallow the bones. He answered with a red face full of wrath. Then, his belly ballooned!

It was ballooning at a speed that naked eye could observe!

It was like the process of a nine-month pregnancy shortened within several seconds! Wederson's stomach became swollen and sounded strange.

Wederson paled immediately, clutching his stomach and screaming as if a beast was dying. His voice was earth-shaking, indeed. He was drowned into madness again. His body became taller and the waves of earth-destroying erosive energy diffused from him.

He was many times stronger than when he was in Fiery Rain Star Area!

After he had swallowed three pieces of Bloodthirsty's remains, he seemed to turn into some sort of monster. The formidable aura on his body increased continuously as if it would never stop!

It was much faster than the increasing speed of the worm's energy!

It was horrifying to the others!


Wederson roared and shrieked. His body seemed to explode. The pores in his entire body frantically emitted erosive gas that blended in his special deadly field. Everything expanded in just a blink of an eye.

"Scatter! Stay behind the worm. Let the worm bear his erosive energy!" Ming Hao shouted ear-piercingly.

Everybody hurried. They didn't hesitate to dodge the spear. All moved at their fastest speed to hide behind the giant worm and let it face Wederson.

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