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The Blood Vein Ring sounded like an eggsh.e.l.l shattering. Ming Hao hadn't reacted when a blood light shot out and disappeared altogether with the Blood Vein Ring!

The Ring Spirit had broken the seal!

Ming Hao was using his full force to seal the worm so he couldn't do anything. He turned grimaced and bewildered. It looked like he got hit hard as his soul-like body faded all of a sudden.

He was shaken and his soul was wounded because of the big worm struggling.

He pulled himself together quickly and called Shi Yan. "Check where it went!"

Shi Yan flickered his mind and sent his Soul Consciousness away. Just like he had sent an army of billions of fish in this s.p.a.ce, his wisps of Soul Consciousness tried to see to which direction the Ring Spirit and the Blood Vein Ring had gone.

Unfortunately, the Ring Spirit and the Blood Vein Ring didn't leave a bit of aura. The faint connection between Shi Yan and the Ring Spirit was cut off utterly.

"It has escaped the turbulent s.p.a.ce current. I don't know where it went. I've lost the connection completely," after a while, Shi Yan replied, his eyes solemn.

He knew the Ring Spirit was also a soul from another universe. It was mysterious and no one had known anything about it yet. However, deep in this chaotic s.p.a.ce basin, the giant worm could affect the Ring Spirit and help it lift the seal. Shi Yan found it was extremely inexplicable.

Is it true that the Ring Spirit and the giant worm have some connection? Is it something that they've planned beforehand? Otherwise, why did the worm have to help the Ring Spirit get rid of the seal?

Layers of riddles filled Shi Yan's mind. For the time being, he felt like he was hovering in the middle of some foggy s.p.a.ce.

"Not good! It's increasing its power. What's going on?!"

Xuan He had transformed into his Immortal Demon Body. His entire body now had spikes, his eyes as crimson as blood. Around him were rivers that carried energy fluctuations of Death and Life. He was urging his power to swarm over the worm. However, he didn't look at ease at all. Quite the contrary, he screamed in fear.

DeCarlos, Lei Di, and Frederick also said that they realized that the worm was increasing its energy unceasingly!

Deep inside Ming Hao's dark eyes was a magical, floating light. It was the connection with innumerable wisps of his soul. After a while, his soul-like body shook violently as he spoke with fear. "The entire universe is changing dramatically!"

DeCarlos flickered his Soul Consciousness hearing that. He was shocked too. "Oh my G.o.d!"

Xuan He, Lei Di, and Frederick looked at them, their faces asking and worried.

"Brother, you try all of your power to hold it. I'm going to show them what's going on out there," said Ming Hao.

Both of his hands pulled the void as if he was making a mirror that could reflect the entire sky. Different galaxies appeared in the mirror. Currently, there was the same worm in each area that was identical to the one they were fighting here.

Those worms moved around the sea of stars and invaded many high-level life stars. They had released sticky tentacles, drawing and swallowing so many warriors…

Eleven giant worms were attacking eleven high-level star areas. Surprisingly, they were in the battlefields where the Bloodthirsty Force and the G.o.d Clan were fighting against each other.

Each worm was even bigger than a planet. They had earth-shaking power, indeed. As soon as they emerged, they had subdued all outstanding warriors of those high-level star areas. Slowly, they invaded the star areas like it was doomsday, swallowing all creatures. The giant worms had countless tentacles jutting out of the bodies together with many mouths on bodies.

Ming Hao's mirror was clear enough as the experts here could even see the despair on the victims' faces and their extremely helpless screams.

Even giant worms had invaded eleven high-level star areas and taken down the life stars.

In the middle of the universe, doomsday seemed to have come to many star areas. No one knew how or why the giant worms arrived. Anyway, in this moment, everybody was filled with terror.

Thus, the aura of the ma.s.sive worm made them so feeble that they couldn't even have a thought of resisting.

It was the aura that was beyond their worst imagination.

The entire sea of stars was boiling because of the giant worms. The experts of the Bloodthirsty Force and the G.o.d Clan stopped their fight to report to their leaders.

"Why are there eleven more worms?!?" Xuan He soaked in the blood sea, his entire body was red as he shouted in fear.

Lei Di, Ming Hao, and Frederick looked at DeCarlos.

"I should have thought about this earlier," DeCarlos looked bitter. "I've seen many places with similar clouds in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. However, I hadn't thought that they could fuse and create those terrifying creatures."

"Not eleven! They are one! They're like my soul, which are the clones of the same body. It's like four ancient continents detached from Desolate. They have the same aura and soul energy fluctuations. They are one! Eleven worms have swallowed the warriors in the other areas. It leads to the energy increase of the worm we're dealing with here. They can transfer the energy to each other!"

Ming Hao said sternly.

Shi Yan nodded.

He could see that the twelve worms were actually just one. They had been scattered in different areas in this s.p.a.ce basin to capture warriors who had accidentally got in here, taking their energy to recover.

It was the same principle as Ming Hao's souls could transfer energy to each other. The thing they called the Absolute Beginning creature could do the same. It could do even more. Its twelve selves had the same aura and energy fluctuations.

"There is a barrier between our s.p.a.ce and the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. There are barriers between the galaxies too. How could it they get there easily? We understand the power of those barriers. Without the right method, it's not easy to cross. Something is wrong here. If it can get in easily like that, it should have done that earlier. Why would it wait until now?" asked DeCarlos.

"The Sea Territories of those eleven star areas are destroyed. The s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages were torn open in just a blink of an eye. Those Sea Territories are utterly destroyed!" Ming Hao squinted, his face dark and sinister. "Currently, there is only one who can do that in this vast universe!"

"Tian Xie!" DeCarlos changed his visage.

As he used to be an honored member of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, Tian Xie respected him a lot. He knew the competence of Chamber of commerce. In this vast sea of stars, only Tsunami Chamber of Commerce was capable of destroying the Sea Territories of eleven star areas at the same time. Even the G.o.d Clan and the Bloodthirsty Force couldn't do that!

Those star areas had always put up guard against the G.o.d Clan and the Bloodthirsty Force. Only Tsunami Chamber of Commerce could use its trading activities to cover for its real operation in the Sea Territories without being noticed. That's how it could break the Sea Territory abruptly like that.

The Sea Territory was the entrance to a star area. As it was destroyed through some special method, all the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages opened wide, which was enough to let the giant worms come through.

DeCarlos' scream had intensified people's complexions. Tian Xie was the President of the Chamber of Commerce. He controlled a domineering force in this cosmos. No one knew why he had opened the Sea Territories to welcome the gigantic worms. However, his cooperation had helped the worms get into the place without a single obstacle!

And now, the Ring Spirit had broken the seal and run away. Eleven worms were invading the star areas and the one they were confining here was struggling to get out!

After each second, the ma.s.sive worm's energy increased even further. Obviously, it didn't need much time to get rid of the confinement and counterattack.

"Doomsday is coming," DeCarlos looked worried as if he didn't have any trick to perform now. "We can't put up with it anymore. We shouldn't have provoked this creature from the Absolute Beginning Era. We should have let it sleep."

He regretted, but it was too late now. Asit had escalated to this, everything seemed to get stuck and they couldn't do anything to help it anymore.

"This one is the brain. As long as we can destroy it, we can solve the problem!" Ming Hao suddenly got his sound mind back.

"It's really hard to seal the creatures from the Absolute Beginning. It's almost impossible to destroy them utterly. I think you understand this," DeCarlos gave a forced smile.

"Then we should hurt it badly!" said Ming Hao.

"Any solution?" DeCarlos shook his head.

Ming Hao pondered for a while as if he had finally made up his mind. "Yeah, I have a solution, but I don't know what it would result in. However, this is an emergency situation. We can only try."

Xuan He, Shi Yan, and the others had their eyes brightened when they looked at him.

Everybody knew that Ming Hao would never shoot an arrow without a target. If he said he got a solution, it was one hundred percent true. However, this worm was so formidable. They couldn't seal it even if they joined hands. What kind of solution did he get to wound it?

Everybody was so curious that they could die just to know how.

"I'll find you guys a person," Ming Hao's eyes changed. His usage of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad wasn't weaker than DeCarlos's. He had created a sparkling door and sent a wisp of his Soul Consciousness through the door.

A silhouette emerged from the door.

Shi Yan was surprised. He couldn't help but shout. "Wederson!"

Surprisingly, it was Wederson, the one who had almost obliterate Fiery Rain Star Area, the hybrid between the Man Tribe and the G.o.d Tribe. He had terrifying energy with the aura from Gado, the Chief of Corrosion Force.

"What did you call me for? You've saved my mother and our Man Star, but I only agreed to help you deal with the G.o.d Clan. There's no G.o.d Clan here." After Wederson got out, he looked impatient with a murderous aura.

He had traveled a long way to return to his homeland to save his mother and his fellows from the Breckelfeld family's slaughter. However, after he had arrived, he found that the Breckelfled family had already ordered to murder his tribe. Ming Hao who had observed every move of his secretly had saved them beforehand.

Of course, he did that to have Wederson on his side. Wederson was grateful. He told Ming Hao that he would go against the G.o.d Clan.

What Shi Yan had thought was that Ming Hao had helped him achieve and arrange properly. He thought he had successfully recruited Wederson. Because of many killed Man Tribe's warriors in Wederson's homeland, his resentment at the G.o.d Clan had totally burst out.

"His name is Wederson. When he was small, his appearance was different from the others of his own kind because of his G.o.d bloodline. The elders of the tribe had abandoned him in a pond on Man Star. He had absorbed all the erosive liquid in the ponds. That liquid had Gado's blood and the power from our Master's remains."

Ming Hao looked at Shi Yan and said, "Give me Master's remains. In this universe, only Wederson can currently take in the energy from Master's remains. After he takes in the energy, he can release the erosive energy ultimately. Even if he can't melt down this giant worm, he still can hurt it a lot!"

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