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The Four Heavenly Kings were baffled listening to the G.o.d Lord. They felt like their souls were baptized unknowingly by a fiery flood.

"Master, you meant… the star area where we've ruled for ten thousand years and the universe we live are only things from someone's Incipient Extent? Like our Incipient Extent?" Carefree looked perplexed and absent-minded. He had lived for ten thousand years but now, he was suddenly downcast.

Carefree, Divine Martial, and Light looked dumbstruck.

The Four Heavenly Kings were at the same position with the Cortege of Eight. In this vast sea of stars, each of them was a miracle and an undying legend. Their existences could be considered eternal.

However, at this moment, all of them were too shocked they had even felt hurt.

"Yeah, like that," the G.o.d Lord sounded indifferent. "I've been thinking about Bloodthirsty's last words for many years. I think I got it now. Bloodthirsty deserved our respect when he just surpa.s.sed the Immortal Realm. If he had had more time and chances, he could have broken this Incipient Extent to get rid of the prison. Then, he could have flown freely to the world out there."

Pausing for a while, the G.o.d Lord said, "He was killed in the end but we didn't destroy him. The real owner of this universe had used our hands to kill him!"

The four Heavenly Kings still looked baffled.

The G.o.d Lord sighed and nodded to them. "Without the experience on Desolate ten thousand years ago, if I hadn't had the Genesis Fruit, how could our clan have risen? How could I have led the experts to kill him?"

Listening to him, the four Heavenly Kings were shaken. They screamed, "You mean, Desolate is…"

"It's the thing that owns this universe. Although it got hurt and divided, Desolate is the brain. It created this universe. Our G.o.d Clan and the other three big clans were created by the four wisps of its soul. Inside Desolate is the fountainhead of power Upanishads. All of our power Upanishads come from there. Desolate is the principle and the truth of this cosmos. Just like the way we control our Incipient Extent, it can rule all creatures in this universe! It can rule over us! However, its body was divided into five parts, leaving it in such a wounded condition and puzzle consciousness. Otherwise, Bloodthirsty couldn't have existed. It wouldn't have used our hands to fulfill its wish…"

Pausing for a while, G.o.d Lord continued, "Lives and souls born in this universe have its seal when they are born. It's what makes us pathetic. We will be bound to this place. It can control us because those are the rules. Just like we can wreak havoc in our Incipient Extent, it can destroy the world with a flicker of its mind.

"Bloodthirsty's dramatic fate occurred because he was born in this cosmos, so he got its mark on his soul too. If not, with Bloodthirsty's power, it would have been enough for him to break out of this prison to fly in the real vast universe!" sighed G.o.d Lord.

"Bloodthirsty's Devouring power Upanishad and the other eight power Upanishad had never existed here before him. Where did he get them?" Easygoing was skeptical.

"Desolate is a creature from the Absolute Beginning Era, but it isn't the only one here. The Bloodthirsty Force's holy land, the dark abyss, is also a creature from the Absolute Beginning Era. That creature has the form of the cosmic black hole. It can devour everything. Have you ever seen the dark abyss swallow the life stars?" said the G.o.d Lord.

The Four Heavenly Kings were puzzled. Light asked, "Didn't Bloodthirsty use his Devouring power Upanishad to do that?"

"That dark abyss is an Absolute Beginning creature. Bloodthirsty got his Devouring power Upanishad and the eight power Upanishads from that creature. However, Bloodthirsty was created by the blood of the G.o.d Clan, Immortal Demon Clan, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and Imperial Dark Tribe. Bloodthirsty should be the first creature that Desolate had ever produced, I think. Anyway, no one knows why the dark abyss gave him the power Upanishads. These things remain as an unsolved riddle. I have spent ten thousand years to think, but I haven't gotten anything yet," G.o.d Lord shook his head.

"So why did you summon us, Master?" asked Carefree.

"Besides Desolate and the dark abyss we've known, another Absolute Beginning creature has been awakened. This creature has resided scatteringly inside the s.p.a.ce basin. When I broke through to Third Sky of Immortal Realm, I'd encountered it there. I didn't know what it was at that time, though. When Bloodthirsty told me his last words, I finally understood it after so many years," said G.o.d Lord.

"There's another creature from the Absolute Beginning Era?" the four Heavenly Kings were frightened.

"That thing stays in many different corners of the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. It used to be wounded seriously. That's why it has been sleeping for billions of years. Gradually, after a long time of acc.u.mulating energy, it has woken up. In fact, it needed a couple hundred million years to wake up completely. Perhaps this cosmos will be gone and we won't exist anymore. However, someone has provoked it and woken it up."

G.o.d Lord's eyes flashed. "Our old friends are there. They're about to receive its wrath. What we need to do now is to wait patiently for a chance. I've been recovering my power for a long time, but I have just reached Second Sky of Immortal Realm. If we can kill that thing and absorb its soul, I can recover my full energy and I can even break the Immortal Realm. At that time, I will have the power to break this prison and Desolate's rule! It will make me a creature from the Absolute Beginning Era too. Even if Desolate recovers fully, I think I can resist it!"

The Four Heavenly Kings were excited. The G.o.d blood in their body seemed to boil, their fighting will rising unceasingly.


Almost at the same time in the s.p.a.cious subterranean palace on the Tsunami Star, the four Immortal Realm experts including Tian Xie, the President of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, Caesar, Ling Xiang, and Lorraine were discussing some crucial matters. They were talking about their great scheme to make the Bloodthirsty Force and the G.o.d Clan risk their lives together, giving them the opportunity to become the new overlords of this cosmos.

While discussing, Tian Xie suddenly turned abnormal. A strange light shot out of his eyes together with so many symbols moving inside his pupils.

Beams of bright divine light radiated from Tian Xie's body like rainbows twirling around him. It was extremely magnificent.

Tian Xie was talking, but he then stopped with a puzzled face as if he didn't hear what Caesar, Ling Xiang, and Lorraine were discussing.

"Tian Xie! Tian Xie!" The other three couldn't help but call him to wake him up and continue their meeting.

Tian Xie was still indifferent.

Not many people knew that Tian Xie's power Upanishad was exactly like Zi Yao's, which was from the divine light.

In fact, each generation of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had cultivated many different auxiliary power Upanishads. In fact, many people who knew Tian Xie only thought that he had mastered the Fire power Upanishad because he was an outstanding blacksmith himself.

However, Caesar, Ling Xiang, and Lorraine knew that Tian Xie had a special power Upanishad, which was his main power.

It was the Divine Light power Upanishad that was similar to the G.o.d Clan's Light power Upanishad. However, its mysterious abilities were totally different.

At this moment, divine light radiated from Tian Xie. The mysterious symbols moved in his eyes and he gradually murmured something unclear. This kind of murmuring was some sort of archaic language that even Caesar, Ling Xiang, and Lorraine who had extraordinary knowledge, didn't understand.

One thing they knew, Tian Xie acted so strangely now. It looked like he had fallen into the bedevilment, resulted from his failed cultivation.

Ling Xiang and the others were stern. They discussed to see what they should do.

However, Tian Xie then looked like he got lightning in his head. The puzzled look disappeared from his eyes. He resumed his sound mind. He pondered for a few seconds and then said, "I don't feel well. Please leave me alone for a while. Wait for me, please."

Then, Tian Xie flashed and disappeared from the room.

He reappeared in the deepest place inside his underground palace, which was the place he hid the jade coffin. The walls of this room were covered with mysterious and complex drawings and formations. A pond was situated in the middle with the strange and marvelous power. The light shadows blended together in that pond and made it an incredible door to someplace.

As soon as Tian Xie appeared in the chamber, he immediately sank into the pond and coughed a lot. After each cough, his body twitched as if something was trying to invade his body.

His face became so cold and clear, which was similar to Zi Yao's previously. He looked cold and arrogant like a G.o.d looking at his creatures without any human emotions.

The pond where he was soaking had many strange images of vague giant worms. No one knew where they were headed.

Waves of cold energy came. Beams of brilliant light shot out from the pond and entered Tian Xie's body. The energy rippling from him now was so terrifying. If he let them continue to expand, they could destroy Tsunami Star entirely.

So many mysterious symbols flew out of the walls. Millions of them became a thick mesh net that covered the palace to shield it from the energy attacking wave from Tian Xie's body.

The terrifying energy that could destroy Tsunami Star was forced to stay within Tian Xie's body. He shrieked painfully like a beast in a disastrous situation.

His body exploded and bled hard. It looked like he would die in the next second.

It seemed like he was undergoing some incredible transformation!


Chaotic s.p.a.ce basin.

Ming Hao, Xuan He, Frederick, DeCarlos, and Lei Di, the five Immortal Realm experts, had joined hands to subdue the giant worm. They all looked serious as if they were facing the strongest enemy in their entire life.

Every time the big worm moved, the five of them were shaken hard as if they got hammered in the chest. They looked helter-skelter, indeed.

Shi Yan couldn't join the battle at such a level. He could only watch them. He looked horror-struck as he had never thought that there was something in this universe that could resist the joined force of five Immortal Realm experts.

He had an extremely insecure feeling as he could feel the danger coming closer. This sensitive feeling came from his co-soul and shook him entirely.

He didn't know what would happen. Everything here had surpa.s.sed his knowledge. What Ming Hao and DeCarlos said had destroyed his knowledge acc.u.mulated until now.

Crack! Crack!

Suddenly, the noises came from the Blood Vein Ring in Ming Hao's hand. Ming Hao had taken the Blood Vein Ring to seal the Ring Spirit one more time. But because of the giant worm that had hurt DeCarlos, he had to turn and deal with the worm.

Shi Yan didn't know if he had finished casting or improving the seal. But now, when the Blood Vein Ring sounded strange, Ming Hao utterly grimaced.

Shi Yan's face also changed. He suddenly remembered what Ming Hao had said. Ming Hao said that the colossal worm seemed to help the Ring Spirit break the seal…

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