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DeCarlos shouted and hurried toward Lei Di. He wanted to leave immediately.

He had even ignored the layers of s.p.a.ce confining the ma.s.sive worm.

"DeCarlos, whats the heck is that?" Lei Di shook his dragon's head. The dim lightning bolts shot out of his silver body and swarmed toward the worm.

"Don't waste your energy. We can't deal with it." DeCarlos was still bleeding. He looked helter-skelter and he forced smile.

At the same time, Shi Yan's countenance changed. He looked extremely panic-stricken.

The Ring Spirit Ming Hao had restricted was screaming inside the Blood Vein Ring as it had just received an unknown force.

His soul moved into the Blood Vein Ring. He then found so many complex barriers and restrictions inside the Blood Vein Ring. Those barriers layered and shrouded a gray soul. That gray soul should be the Ring Spirit.

When the layers of complicated barriers were like mirrors with so many cracks, the Ring Spirit's aura inside the seal became fiercer.

This Ring Spirit wasn't the original one. Xuan Shan had used the Origin of Ancient G.o.d Continent to guide it here. It would be a soul from another universe like Shi Yan. It had swallowed the genuine Ring Spirit and schemed to take his soul. Later on, its ambition grew bigger as it wanted to collect Bloodthirsty's remains to resurrect itself.

Ming Hao had used his supernatural power to seal that thing inside the ring. However, under some special circ.u.mstances, it could contact Shi Yan.

However, the restriction Ming Hao had created was torn now. The Ring Spirit was wiggling to get rid of it.

DeCarlos was screaming as he couldn't resist the giant worm. Shi Yan became more restless. He knew that it wouldn't turn out well at all.

He pondered for a few seconds and then rose one hand, creating a magical vortex by him.

"You should return to Grace Mainland first." He rose his hand and sent a tender force at Xia Xin Yan, pushing her into the vortex. He didn't give her time to prepare.

At the same time, he touched his glabella. His host soul emerged from his forehead.

The blood mark on the host soul's forehead radiated a beam of strange blood light. It was a like a signal sent to a mysterious, unknown place.

A blood light descended from the sky and fell to the Devouring Island in the center in the blood sea: Bloodthirsty Force's forbidden land.

A message came out like a furious current. Xuan He and Frederick immediately found it. They changed their face and immediately took action.


Shortly afterward.


A strange light appeared by Shi Yan. Then, a dark soul emerged and turned into a soul clone of Ming Hao.

After two flashes, Xuan He and Frederick appeared, their faces grave.

As long as Ming Hao arrived, he saw DeCarlos bleeding and ready to take Lei Di away in fear. Ming Hao was bewildered. He muttered, "Brother."

DeCarlos halted for a moment. He turned to look at him and shouted. "I don't have an excellent brother like you!"

"DeCarlos!" Lei Di thundered, his dragon body struggling. "What are you afraid of?"

Xuan He and Frederick looked at Shi Yan, or the Blood Vein Ring on his finger to be exact. Xuan He said, "Is that Ring Spirit about to get rid of the seal?"

Shi Yan nodded and said to Ming Hao, "The seal you've set up was well made. However, it suddenly shakes a lot now."

Ming Hao wore a dark face, s.n.a.t.c.hed the Blood Vein Ring, and sent a wisp of his soul into it. His face changed immediately and he looked at the giant worm.

He closed his eyes as if he was considering something. Then, he opened his eyes, looked at DeCarlos, and said, "Brother, is it… the thing Master used to tell us?"

This time, DeCarlos didn't shout at him. He nodded with a bitter face. "It should be."

Xuan He, Frederick didn't get it. They looked at Ming Hao and DeCarlos, trying to guess what they had mentioned.

Ming Hao grimaced as DeCarlos confirmed it. He said in a low-pitched and stern voice, "That thing is trying to affect the Ring Spirit. It seems to help the Ring Spirit to escape."

People were bewildered listening to him.

Ming Hao frowned, "Don't look at me. I don't know what's going on. I don't know the relationship between that evil thing and the Ring Spirit."

"What's that?" asked Xuan He.

While they were talking, the ma.s.sive worm was struggling hard to get rid of DeCarlos's layers of spatial confinement.

Its planet-like body convulsed, but its aura was blocked. Only DeCarlos could perceive it so only he had to endure it.

DeCarlos shook as if he got hit hard in his chest. His ashen face had more cuts.

He suddenly screamed, "My genuine s.p.a.ce seal can't hold it longer. I want to dismiss the barriers. Guys, get ready!"

"What's that thing?" Xuan He and Frederick looked at Ming Hao and shouted at the same time.

"A creature from the Absolute Beginning!" answered Ming Hao.

Xuan He, Frederick, Lei Di, and Shi Yan were perplexed. Apparently, they had never heard about this before.

"Netherworld Lock Armor!"

Ming Hao hadn't explained it to them yet. With a grim face, he drew the dark souls out of his eyes. Shortly after, hundreds of thousands of spirits bobbed like an entire sea, moving towards DeCarlos's s.p.a.ce confinement. Together, they had magically improved the genuine s.p.a.ce confinement.

Surprisingly, most of the spirits were at Original G.o.d Realm or Ethereal G.o.d Realm. They had even seen Incipient G.o.d Realm souls. No one knew how many brutal karmas Ming Hao had created throughout these years to gather this horde of souls.

Innumerable souls created a chain armor that covered the s.p.a.ce barriers and strengthened DeCarlos's seal.

DeCarlos's grimaced face became a little better when the souls supported his seal. He took a deep breath to recover and then said, "With the three of you here, we can confine this immemorial creature. Anyway, I'm sure we can't destroy it and we don't know how long we can keep it here…"

Shi Yan dropped his jaw.

After Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick came here, they had five experts at Second Sky of Immortal Realm. This force was enough to clear any other force in this universe, except for the G.o.d Clan's force.

However, this force was only enough to confine that thing here, and DeCarlos said that they couldn't do that for a long time. What was going on here?

More strangely, Ming Hao agreed with his a.s.sumption. He said, "Brother, you're correct. We can only hold it here for dozens of years. It's almost impossible to kill it."

"What's that after all?" Lei Di turned into a ma.s.sive lightning beam. After a flash, he turned into his humanoid form, his face impatient and restless.

"Heavenly Monster Tribe, Immortal Demon Clan, Imperial Dark Tribe, and G.o.d Clan have a history of only one hundred thousand years. The earliest time recorded in your history is one hundred thousand years ago," DeCarlos looked at Lei Di and said begrudgingly. "However, there's an era called the Absolute Beginning before that. There were creatures in that era and moreover, they were beyond our knowledge. They were the creatures from the Absolute Beginning."

Shi Yan and the others were stunned.

"Although my teacher was killed by Bloodthirsty, he was still the warrior with the best s.p.a.ce power Upanishad in this world. He had never stopped exploring s.p.a.ce. He knew many marvelous and old secrets in this world. He had told us the stories of the Absolute Beginning Era."

DeCarlos frowned.

"The creatures in that era were very, very powerful. They said that at the beginning, this universe was hundreds of thousands of times bigger than the present one. The star areas were like drops in the sea. My teacher said that because of the compet.i.tion between the creatures of the Absolute Beginning, it shrunk to the current size of the cosmos.

"The creatures living in that era were much more giant than the members of Heavenly Monster Tribe. Also, they were spectacular, indeed. Their bodies could look like a mountain or even a sea. Sometimes, a planet can be a creature from that era. They were so ma.s.sive and their life almost didn't have an end. They knew the original power of the universe. Their competencies were something we could never imagine."

"So, from what you've said, what's Desolate?" intervened Shi Yan.

"Good guess. Desolate is a creature from the Absolute Beginning Era," Ming Hao looked at him.

Shi Yan was stunned as if his soul got hit.

"I can even tell you something. Grace Mainland, Ancient G.o.d Continent, Ancient Demon Continent, and G.o.d-blessed Mainland used to be parts of Desolate. It's like a person who has a head and four limbs. Desolate is the hea, and the other continents are its limbs. They used to be one, but they got hurt. Something we could never imagine had cut them and separated them like that," snorted DeCarlos.

This time, even Xuan He, Frederick, and Lei Di looked frightened. Xuan He looked at Ming Hao. He was so confused. After he pulled himself together, he turned to ask Ming Hao. "Did he tell the truth?"

Ming Hao kept silent for a while before speaking. "I don't know if it's true or not. These things are what my teacher had concluded a long time ago. I've been trying to prove them in the past ten thousand years. I don't dare to confirm anything, but I know it's the closest to the truth. At least, we all know that Desolate has its own consciousness. Because it got terribly hurt, it has turned eccentric like that."

"Desolate is an Absolute Beginning creature and so is that thing. None of us have ever fought or talked to them. However, my teacher told us that the Absolute Beginning creatures were invincible and only the other Absolute Beginning creatures could counter it," DeCarlos said sternly.

"True then," Shi Yan spoke again, "Another soul of mine gave me a familiar feeling about that thing. It seems to recognize it."

Instantly, everybody turned to focus on him. Ming Hao looked a little touched as he said. "We've almost forgotten that you had Grace Mainland's Origin. If my teacher a.s.sumed correctly, as you've fused with Grace Mainland, you have a wisp of Desolate's detached soul. It's not strange that you have a familiar feeling about them."

Pondering for a while, he turned to DeCarlos. "Brother, you said that n.o.body had actually fought or talked with the creatures from the Absolute Beginning Era. You're wrong. Someone did and he even managed to win."

"Who?" DeCarlos was astounded.

"My former Master."

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