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The way Zi Yao appeared was so bizarre. She emerged from inside a torn chunk of meat, divine light twirling around her.

A set of gray armor covered her beautiful body that looked like sh.e.l.ls of some strange insect. The armor had many cracks like patterns with a mysterious energy.

Layers of bright colored halos beautified her, but her face was so cold. She grabbed something in the void and retrieved the Celestial Ice Jade Flake. Right after that, a cold energy expanded unceasingly in this area.

The heaven flames Shi Yan's released were extinguished as soon as that kind of cold energy reached them.

The deep-to-bone coldness was like ice water pouring into people's Sea of Consciousness. Shi Yan shuddered. His face changed when he shouted her name. "Zi Yao!"

He focused on Zi Yao. A beam of light that was a wisp of his soul shot out of his eyes.

Shi Yan wasn't dull. At first glance, he knew that Zi Yao was possessed and of course, the thing that had occupied her soul altar and Sea of Consciousness was that unknown, evil thing. He used the soul attack to wake up Zi Yao's soul.

His wisp of soul didn't meet any obstacle. It got into Zi Yao's brain easily and magically.

Abruptly, the chilly feeling of entering a glacier shot back into Shi Yan's soul. He couldn't help but shiver. Checking his condition, he was scared in seeing his soul atlas frosting!

Zi Yao's finger like the scallion flickered. The Celestial Ice Jade Flake shot out a cold, Yin energy that seemed to have activated some magical formation. When that cold energy emerged, strange "ptfff" sounds echoed from countless ma.s.sive meat lumps around.

People then saw the swaying meatb.a.l.l.s act faster. They began to devour each other!

After a short course of dozens of seconds, a gigantic creature was built in front of Shi Yan's group. That thing was some sort of a worm that they had never seen before. Its entire body was white-gray with countless, disgusting lumps like toad skin. As it had just been formed, the worm didn't have eyes yet.

However, its shape was as ma.s.sive as a life star and it was dozens of times larger than Lei Di's monster form!

After the nauseating, spectacular worm congregated, a chain of m.u.f.fled murmuring came from inside its body. It was strange as if it was communication between different souls. It was so evil and bizarre.

Zi Yao was standing on that ma.s.sive worm. She looked just as big as a speck of dust compared to the worm.

The Celestial Ice Jade Flake on her hand sparkled and released cold energy, trying to freeze the entire place.

During this process, DeCarlos and Lei Di didn't move. Their eyes were bright as they observed the alien. They looked astounded, indeed.

Xia Xin Yan's exquisite face had a gleam of fear. She looked at Zi Yao. Similar to what Shi Yan did, she released her Soul Consciousness to communicate.

The wisps of cold aura like icy fibers attacked her graceful body. Immediately, she had a layer of twinkling frost on her body.

She was frightened. Blood trickled down the corners of her mouth. As soon as it emerged, her blood was frozen. It looked bizarre on her face, indeed.


A tangerine flame came on time and ran one lap around her body.

The cold aura on her body was washed away.

"Are you alright?" Shi Yan appeared by her. Holding her hand, he released a current of warm energy to her body.

"She's possessed," Xia Xin Yan slightly shook her head.

The blood ice on her pink lips melted. She used a white handkerchief to wipe it. She sounded worried, "We have never seen this thing before. You should be careful. You must retain a bit of energy just in case. Those two… They're not from our side."

Shi Yan nodded.

"We're correct. That thing has life and intelligence. It's a high-level living being. It's proven as it could possess that little girl's soul. It's a big surprise to see such a ma.s.sive worm in this vast, mysterious universe."

Apparently, DeCarlos didn't consider Zi Yao's situation. He looked at the peculiar worm and gave compliments. His white hair moved without the wind. The s.p.a.ce energy rippled through his body. It looked like he had urged the ultimate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad instantly.

Lei Di didn't answer. Thunder rumbled in his body and shook the entire place as if it wanted to shatter this void here.

Lei Di didn't hesitate and turned into his real monster body in the earth-shattering thunder. A brutal silver dragon emerged in the sky filled with lightning beams. His aura of the primal, immemorial beast swarmed over.

Anyway, although his Thunder Dragon body wasn't small, it was still comparably tiny. It was like a man standing by a ma.s.sive mountain.

"DeCarlos, that thing is really frightening. My instinct tells me that I hate it and I feel insecure!" Lei Di's serious voice thundered from the dragon's mouth. Altogether, the lightning b.a.l.l.s as big as a windmill flew out from his mouth. The crystal lightning b.a.l.l.s gathered the dazzling electric strikes and dashed toward that freaky worm.

He had used his best powers!

DeCarlos discolored. He was also shaken. He rarely saw Lei Di in that grave countenance. Lei Di was showing that he was facing the strongest enemy.

He knew that Lei Di, the ancestor of Heavenly Monster Tribe, could somehow know the level of the alien enemy. It was his instinct.

From Lei Di's performance, he apparently considered that worm his most powerful enemy! He was trying his best!

DeCarlos could feel something wrong. He contemplated for a few seconds and then said, "My advice to you guys. You should leave now. Otherwise, at the critical moment, I'm afraid that we can't take care of you."

"I'm connected to Grace Mainland. With only a thought, I can use the s.p.a.ce door to escape. You don't need to worry about me," said Shi Yan.

DeCarlos frowned and looked at Xia Xin Yan. He sighed inwardly but said nothing. His body suddenly quivered and sent his ma.s.sive spatial energy towards the gigantic worm.


Lei Di roared and spurted countless spinning lightning b.a.l.l.s. Each lightning ball was enough to destroy the mountains, rivers, and even the sea. It carried the power of the expert at Second Sky of Immortal Realm.

Several thousand lightning b.a.l.l.s came out unceasingly from Lei Di's mouth and bombarded that bizarre worm. The earth-shaking lightning b.a.l.l.s created big holes with sticky pus. However, those ma.s.sive holes just twitched and closed. They were healed almost instantly.

Its self-recovery ability was so terrifying. After the meatb.a.l.l.s congregated, they had become much more terrifying.

When Lei Di began to attack the worm, Zi Yao suddenly got into the meatball and disappeared.

The aura on that giant worm increased further. People felt even colder.

Shi Yan was chilled. He lowered his voice. "Remember, don't come near that worm!"

Shi Yan had an inexplicable, unknown feeling. He thought that the worm didn't move and just let Lei Di and DeCarlos attack it because it hadn't finished the fusion yet. It was adjusting its structure…

It was like a sleeping person whose body went numb and needed time to get a grip when he or she got up.

Shi Yan had this feeling.

Shi Yan was extremely insecure. Together with that, he caught a faint of something familiar. It seemed like he knew what this worm was…

This feeling didn't come from his host soul, but the co-soul in Grace Mainland!

His co-soul was Grace Mainland, the life and consciousness of the planet that which had experienced countless years. No one knew how long it had existed but surely, it had been there much longer than the Four Great Creatures.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

All of a sudden, the disasters in this area were revived. They all swarmed over!

Explosions occurred everywhere. The deadly storm came with icy, twisting energy and even the drops with tremendous piercing power…

The terrifying dangers came and were aimed at DeCarlos and Lei Di. The streamers everywhere towered the entire s.p.a.ce and swarmed over them like a shower of meteors.

The eccentric worm wiggled its ma.s.sive body. It seemed to finally wake up after a long slumber. When it moved, the meat lumps on its body fumed the black smoke that then gathered like a terrifying evil soul.

That dark soul was so cold, wiggling and s.n.a.t.c.hing over Lei Di.

Lei Di roared and thundered, continuously releasing more lightning strikes. The entire sky was connected with lightning and electric beams. Countless lightning bolts as big as an arm crawl thickly. This commotion had energy that was able to shatter people's minds.

DeCarlos also looked heavy. He had used his strongest attack and sent countless s.p.a.ces like big nets over the giant worm. He wanted to confine the worm in his s.p.a.ce energy.

Shi Yan saw the worm being covered inside dozens of s.p.a.ces that then connected and strengthened each other.

It was like someone being confined inside a steel cage. Then, they used another bigger steel cage to cover that cage and it went on to so many layers…

However, the big worm was still moving as if nothing had happened!

Shi Yan could see the worm getting angry through dozens of clear s.p.a.ce confinements. It was like an enraged beast. Then, he saw DeCarlos's pale, blood trickling down the corner of his eyes.

The worm only wiggled and it could hurt DeCarlos severely. It had damaged the soul of this expert at Second Sky of Immortal Realm.

Only DeCarlos knew that many layers of s.p.a.ce confinements that he had placed on the worm were shattering rapidly. Every time one of them broke, it felt like a dagger was stabbing his brain. It was so painful that he couldn't help it.

"What is this thing after all?"

DeCarlos shouted. He tried to think while blood oozed out of the seven holes on his face. He was shocked when he thought of a possibility.

"It… would it be that thing?" DeCarlos changed his face, his eyes so frightened. Seconds later, he screamed. "Lei Di! We can't counter this! I'm taking you out of here!"

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