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Something alerted Shi Yan immediately. He hugged Xia Xin Yan and left the area, his face as cold as ice.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Spark's veins and intestines were like smart and agile snakes, aiming at Shi Yan to coil him.

At the same time, a cold and evil aura came together with those snake-like intestines and blood veins. Unexpectedly, it seeped into Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness and slowed down his soul altar.

That cold and evil aura was like the Soul Consciousness of a terrifying soul that was able to affect and confine the warrior's soul.


A strong blow suddenly hit his chest. Shi Yan couldn't believe it and he looked at Xia Xin Yan.

Xia Xin Yan wore a numb face. She seemed to have gotten possessed. She was now a puppet that didn't have control over her body. Her cold eyes didn't sparkle with human emotions anymore. They were cold and sharp like ice.

She had just attacked Shi Yan at his chest and gotten rid of his embrace.

After she got loose from him, she didn't attack Shi Yan more. She indifferently moved towards a hovering cloud not far from her. That cloud was empty and it opened like an evil mouth waiting for food to come.

"Not good!"

Shi Yan's eyes became rough. He didn't need to think to know that Xia Xin Yan was controlled by that evil force. Her soul was confined now.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The veins and intestines from Spark's body became like evil snakes or demon's tongues. They were swift and agile with auras that could enchant the soul. They came like lightning.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Shortly after, the burning flames flew out from Shi Yan's body and turned into a seething fire sea. The aura of the heaven flames was released and it filled the area.

The veins and intestines sizzled inside the heaven flames. They immediately retreated into Spark's chest. The last bit of life on Spark's face disappeared. He was now filled with a dead aura.

With heaven flames moving around, Shi Yan became a burning man and he shot out. He flashed and then appeared by Xia Xin Yan, extending his hand to catch her.

Blurp! Blurp! Blurp!

All of a sudden, strange noises arose from the clouds around him.

Those noises sounded like some liquid boiling, a gushing stream, or something gulping…

Swish! Swish!

The beams of some mucous, gray substance like saliva drooling from the stinky mouth of some beast suddenly shot out from the dark clouds. All of them had the same target.

Shi Yan!

Shi Yan sneered. His G.o.d power burst out and made the sea of fire on his body fierier.

A dark red fire came with Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness detached from the sea of fire and moved quickly towards Xia Xin Yan.

Xia Xin Yan had a numb face before she was shrouded inside the flame. When the scorching flame covered her, its aura switched from burning to freezing. This switching was smooth and magical, indeed.

A cold current directly seeped into her brain and released an extremely cold but clear aura that cleaned her soul altar.

Her beautiful eyes resumed lucid. Her face changed when she pressed her two thumbs on her eyes. A strange ability of time was urged. The miraculous replay appeared. It seemed like she had recovered her condition to the time before she was possessed by the evil energy.

In her eyes, after her time had flown backward, the unknown aura that had invaded her had disappeared.

The Time power Upanishad was so magical and inexplicable. A warrior who cultivated it to a profound level could stay in his prime condition forever by locking his time!

After Xia Xin Yan recovered, her eyes became so cold. She looked at the cl.u.s.ters of dark clouds around and whispered, "Be careful. Something evil is here!"

Right at this moment, more sticky fluid fell into the sea of fire that Shi Yan had created. Strangely, those beams of thick fluid weren't burned or evaporated. They could survive in his sea of fire made of the heaven flames. Although they smoked, they still persistently went towards his body.

Shi Yan was a little shocked. Since he was blended into this world, he hadn't seen many things that could survive heaven flames.

He couldn't believe that this sort of anonymous, sticky substance was so frightening.


He placed one finger on the glabella. The soul altar released the dazzling heaven flame again, but fiercer this time.

After another fusion, Shi Yan now had four types of heaven flames to use. He had just released one of them.

A new flow of heaven flame came with fine electric beams and lightning bolts, and even the aura that could erode the soul. It was the combined flame of the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, the Nine Serenity Soul Devouring Flame, and the Ice Cold Flame. This heaven flame had dancing lightning and a soul-devouring aura that boosted its power to the acme.

The mucous substance couldn't resist it. However, it wasn't melted down. All beams of this evil, sticky thing immediately got rid of the sea of fire and returned to the dark clouds.

"It's possible that one of those clouds has captured Zi Yao." Xia Xin Yan dashed forward and stood by Shi Yan. Her face was cold and her eyes were worried.

At the False Immortal Realm, Spark was trapped inside the dark cloud. If Zi Yao was confined, it was hard to say if she could endure until now…

"I'm going to send more fire!"

Pondering, Shi Yan released the combined flame of the Immemorial Demonic Flame, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame. He had boosted the power of the flame around him to be several times higher. With Shi Yan as the center, the sea of fire expanded rapidly.

The top-Yang, hot flame turned into flows that covered the dark clouds around and attempted to burn them into ashes.

"I don't care who or what you are. I just want you to give me the girl wearing purple clothes. As long as she's alright, I won't burn you down. I will leave you in peace here."

Shi Yan closed his eyes and mouth, releasing his Soul Consciousness like the storm in the sea of fire. He sent wisps of Soul Consciousness in every direction.

Shi Yan believed that as long as it was some high-level creature with a soul, it could receive his wisp of Soul Consciousness and understand him.

This time, Zi Yao was missing and it was a big possibility that those jet black clouds had captured her. Shi Yan didn't know if Zi Yao was still alive. If he risked everything to defeat the enemy, there was a chance that Zi Yao wouldn't survive even if he won. Thus, the first thing he had to do was to ensure that Zi Yao could survive.

That's why he decided to use the soul to communicate.

Unfortunately, his soul message couldn't achieve the desired effect.

In fact, there was no response. Those cl.u.s.ters of clouds were like dead things or objects that didn't have a consciousness. They were there, still.

Shi Yan didn't receieve a reply.

Shi Yan wore a dark and cold face. He lowered his voice, "Then don't blame me for destroying this place entirely!"

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Just like a bursting flood, heaven flames rumbled inside the sea of fire. The fire flew out and hit the clouds and the warriors covered inside precisely like the meteorites.

Apparently, those warriors were dead. There was no bit of vitality in their bodies. However, Shi Yan had a feeling that they still had a flow of consciousness that was scattered like the wisps of the Thunder Dragon's soul in the star area barrier.

However, the difference here was that Lei Di's scattered soul didn't have consciousness. It had only memories and a pure aura. After all the wisps were reunited, Lei Di was revived and had regained his consciousness and cognition.

However, the flow of consciousness in those warriors' bodies seemed to be able to survive individually. It was like Ming Hao's Soul Control power Upanishad that could make each wisp of his soul a clone of his. That's how they had many Ming Haos in different star areas. The consciousness that Shi Yan could feel in those clouds was similar to Ming Hao's condition.

"Explode them!"

Shi Yan shouted. The scorching flames swarmed over and attacked a big cloud. The impact was so earth-shaking.

Just like the constant explosions not far from them, the explosion from this impact had created holes in the void like an entrance leading to other areas.

However, the explosion and the heat from the heaven flames couldn't burn and extinguish the ink-like clouds. They weren't affected. They just shrank a little bit.

The strange rain still fell and connected the sky and the Underworld. However, at this moment, it suddenly became fiercer. The sprinkle had become a downpour. In this area of chaotic s.p.a.ce currents, this kind of rain shouldn't happen. However, it occurred now. The raindrops were like a demon's tears with an extremely strong piercing power. They came like falling daggers!

Shi Yan's face changed again. The evil and peculiar features of this area were over his imagination. He pondered for a few seconds. Billions of starlight beams radiated from his body. They turned into a light curtain or like a feather fan above Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan.

The shield created by the starlight had stopped the strange rain. However, it smoked as the star energy drained quickly.

"If we continue this way, you can't endure for a long time without energy supplement. You're just merely using energy without a refill," said Xia Xin Yan.

Shi Yan nodded. He knew she was right. Because they couldn't refill the consumed energy in this are, their day of death was when their energy was all gone.

Shi Yan couldn't absorb the energy in this area. He had thought that no creature could take in the remnant of energy inside the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. But when he found Zi Yao could do that, he understood that nothing was absolute.

Shi Yan believed that the one who was attacking them discreetly, the creature they didn't know yet, could gather the energy here for sure!

If he fought that person here, he would lose eventually in a battle of attrition.

"We will have some solution," Shi Yan comforted her calmly. He quieted down his mind and released his Soul Consciousness to sense and survey.

He wanted to use the Soul Consciousness to check if he could find Zi Yao in the clouds around here. After that, he would think about how to rescue her.


After a while, he screamed, his face panic-stricken.

He suddenly looked in a direction where two powerful experts were approaching. He knew both of them.

DeCarlos and Lei Di!

Why did they come here?

What did they come here for?

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