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Chapter 133 The Countercharge
Sponsored by: Richard Obrien
Inside the Corpse Palace.
Many Presbyters of the Corpse Sect were sitting on coffins, training. They were absorbing the odd energy gushing out from the coffins.
Yin Hai was anxious, and his wrinkled face was covered with a nervous expression.
“Yin Hai, go to the No.93 burial site at once. Your two Sky Corpses are slaughtering my disciples without anyone's order!” The Palace Lord’s hoa.r.s.e voice came from the bottom of the Corpse Palace.
All the presbyters present in the large Corpse Palace woke up and looked at Yin Hai in confusion.
Yin Hai looked serious as he kneeled on the coffin, “Yes I will go right now.”
“Jing Song, you go with Yin Hai and find out what happened.” The Palace Lord ordered again.
The presbyter on the coffin near Yin Hai also kneeled down, “Yes my lord.”
“Go and find out why the two Sky Corpses are behaving unusually. Let me know as soon as possible.”
“Yes my lord.”
On the iron ship.
Shi Yan was sprawled out on the deck. He was completely exhausted.
As he overused his Spirit Power and was also suffering a backlash from using Rampage, his body and spirit were both exhausted. However, his meridians were still being purified by his Profound Qi.
The iron ship had left the burial site.Yet, Shi Yan could still hear the screams coming from the burial site, which was now miles away.
Under the moonlight, the burial site was still filled with fear.
After boarding the ship, Shi Yan injected Spirit Power into the Blood Vein Ring and ordered the two corpses to slaughter everyone on the island.
Shi Yan didn’t know how long the two Heaven Corpses would follow his orders, so he was simply satisfied with safely leaving the island.
Xia Xinyan disappeared as soon as she boarded the ship. She went to sail the ship.
Spreading his limbs, Shi Yan gazed at the stars, which gave out wisps of power, which concentrated at his heart.
What a pity that he couldn’t use his Star Martial Spirit! Shi Yan could only sigh in resignation.
In recent days, the Star Martial Spirit kept absorbing power from the stars. He could feel the unusual energy gathering in his heart.
However, he couldn’t figure out how to use the Star Martial Spirit.
“Are you ok?” Xia Xinyan suddenly popped up and asked, her voice filled with concern.
“I’m ok right now.” Shi Yan smiled bitterly, “Find some chains, on this ship, and strap me tightly to the ship.”
Xia Xinyan yelled in astonishment, “What are you going to do?”
“The Martial Skill I operated is strange. After using, it will create a backlash in my body. It can take away my reasoning and make me go crazy. Strap me in, or I’m afraid I will do something terrible to you.” Shi Yan gazed at her seriously.
“ What will you do?” Xia Xinyan’s expression changed.
“Do you still remember when we met?” Shi Yan took a breath, “I was driven crazy by my Martial Skill and had to go to the Misty Pavilion to release the pressure on those girls.”
“I will chain you up!”
Xia Xinyan was decisive, and she quickly left to get those shackles.
A few minutes later.
Shi Yan was completely tied up by the shackles, which were as thick as a man’s arm.
The shackles were dark, and there was cold air gushing out from them.
“These shackles are made of an unusual metal. Even warriors of the Nirvana Realm couldn’t break through it.” Xia Xinyan wiped the sweat off her forehead. Feeling weak, she sat down, cross-legged, five meters away from Shi Yan, and focused her crystal-like eyes on Shi Yan.
All the meridians in Shi Yan’s body were producing negative energy, which was quickly corroding away his reasoning.
With a hideous face, tortured by the murderous bloodthirst, Shi Yan was breathing heavily, “That’s great.”
“The last time in the Misty Pavilion, you slept with the girls because of this backlash? And the time in the Ling Family too?” Xia Xinyan asked with a complex expression, “So all this time I was misunderstanding you?”
“More or less.” Shi Yan grinned, “The power of the backlash does ruin my reasoning and expand the negative will. However, that negative will is still my true intentions. In general, I’m a bad guy.”
Xia Xinyan was shocked.
“When my reasoning becomes clear, then immediately come to my side.” Shi Yan yelled and then his body began to tremble.
The Profound Qi, which was purifying in his meridians, grew faster and faster as negative emotions penetrated his mind and heart.
He couldn’t control himself.
“Let me help you recover your Martial Spirit!”
“Huh? How?”
“Remember what I said!”
Shi Yan shouted, and stood up like a monster, the shackles ringing loudly.
At that moment, Shi Yan’s eyes showed not the slightest bit of human emotions. He was like a bloodthirsty monster from h.e.l.l. His body emitted an endless murderous aura, which seemed to want to terminate the world.
Xia Xinyan’s expression shifted, and she took a few steps back and stayed at a distance from Shi Yan.
In such short time, Shi Yan turned from a lucid man to a monster, which shocked Xia Xinyan. She finally realized that Shi Yan was not joking.
As he said, this backlash could eat up his reasoning and bring out his darker intentions.
On the deck, strapped by the shackles, Shi Yan was struggling and howling, using all of his strength to try and get rid of the shackles.
His howls echoed over the silent sea.
Xia Xinyan’s eyes sparkled as she stared at Shi Yan.
After a long long time, Shi Yan’s howls lost their energy and he laid on the deck quivering.
The bloodthirsty and murderous aura was damaging his body, and so he was covered with blood.
After operating Rampage, his body was already weak, but due to the backlash, Shi Yan was now hurt again. Even his veins and bones were severely damaged.
Covered with blood, Shi Yan’s eyes were unclear.
Xia Xinyan was astonished.
Shi Yan was too strong! After that round of crazy howl, his murderous will was still present.
What kind of terrifying Martial Skill was this?
Xia Xinyan was astonished. Shi Yan was like a mysterious, deep pond, full of secrets.
Shi Yan’s howls got weaker and weaker.
Gradually, he quieted down, and his dull eyes came clear.
“Come... come here.” Shi Yan opened his mouth wide, and, with an extremely weak and quiet voice, beckoned Xia Xinyan.
Showered in blood, Shi Yan looked to be in a tremendous amount of pain, but he was still concerned with helping Xia Xinyan recover.
Xia Xinyan was moved as she slowly walked to Shi Yan, softly saying, “Have a good rest. I’m not in a hurry. I will protect you from now on! Now take care of yourself.”
Xia Xinyan couldn’t be softer.
“I can’t help later if I don’t help you now.” Shi Yan struggled to reach out one of his hands, “Grab my hand! Quick!”
Xia Xinyan was stunned and touched that b.l.o.o.d.y hand.
Wisps of odd energy flew out from Shi Yan’s palm...
It went into Xia Xinyan’s arm and flew to her chest, concentrating at the center of her Incarnation Martial Spirit and nourishing it.
Xia Xinyan’s body quivered, and her eyes sparkled.
She could clearly feel that, under the nourishment, her wounded Reincarnation Martial Spirit was quickly recovering.
That odd energy was even more effective than pills.
Drenched in blood, Shi Yan showed an ugly smile, “See? I didn’t lie.”
“No, you didn’t.” Xia Xinyan’s voice was soft and sweet, as she quietly stared at Shi Yan.
“It’s ok now. Have a rest, you will recover before dawn.” Shi Yan withdrew his hand and smiled, “Now I can count on you.”
“I won’t let anyone harm you as long as I’m alive.” Xia Xinyan nodded and said softly, “Have a good rest.”
Shi Yan slowly closed his eyes, and laid back on the deck.
Inside his bleeding body, the Immortal Martial Spirit was operating, quietly recovering his body.
Soon, the bleeding stopped, and the wounds on his skin started rapidly recovering...
Xia Xinyan didn’t immediately rest but gazed at Shi Yan attentively.
Ten minutes later, when she found that Shi Yan body had recovered, Xia Xinyan settled down and sat beside Shi Yan, beginning to train and recovering her strength.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick and Eli
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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