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On an imposing mountain on Black Angle Star in Hexagonal Star Land, lights of energy shot out like bright streams flying toward warriors cultivating eight great power Upanishads.

Blood Devil, Benny, Ka Tuo, and the others with the blood mark were sitting cross-legged and receiving energy through the blood mark on their foreheads. Their reactions weren't similar.

As Blood Devil was an Immortal Demon, the energy light shot toward him and turned into robust vitality that suited his Life power Upanishad. His Immortal Demon Blood surged and created a blood membrane that covered him.

Blood Devil's life energy fluctuated terrifyingly inside the blood membrane. He was like an erupting volcano, indeed.

Compared to him, the others looked quite calm. Benny was a Dark warrior. Light energy came to him and turned into gray wisps seeping into his soul altar. He felt like he was using a hot spring to nurture his soul altar and refine his Destruction power Upanishad.

As Ka Tuo cultivated Chaos power Upanishad, when that energy seeped into his body, a ma.s.sive magnetic field emerged and pulled the trees and rocks around him. Even the guests came to join his magnetic field. All stormed toward him strangely, but he had managed to control them skillfully. Now, all the debris was moving around him.

Many other warriors with Bloodthirsty's power Upanishads had different reactions to this energy. The ones with the Dark power Upanishad had disappeared completely in darkness they had created that no light could intrude.

The warriors with the Corpse Qi had gray mist hovering around their bodies without dispersing. They had a cold and Yin aura too. The other warriors with the rest power Upanishads had also shown their marvelous features. However, evidently, all of them had their energy increase greatly.

Many of them were subordinates of Xuan He, Frederick, and Ming Hao. This time, they received the order to come and support the battle in Fiery Rain Star Area. They had only considered Xuan He, Frederick, and Ming Hao as their real Chiefs of Bloodthirsty Force.

... They hadn't had much respect for Shi Yan as they knew he was just a puppet Xuan He, Ming Hao, and Frederick had built.

They had even disdained him.

However, at this moment, each of them felt so lucky. They felt lucky that they were a.s.signed to help Fiery Rain Star Area and not the others!

They felt lucky because they had accompanied Shi Yan!

The energy Shi Yan had bestowed them was the same amount if they spent dozens or even one hundred years acc.u.mulating! The pure energy got through their blood mark and excited them a lot!

But what made them astounded the most was that the energy poured into them through the blood mark could be fused perfectly with the power Upanishad they cultivated.

It felt like this kind of energy had been customized for each of them!

They finally recognized that even Shi Yan's realm wasn't profound enough and his attainment wasn't as outstanding as Xuan He, Frederick, or Ming Hao. Shi Yan had the inheritance from Bloodthirsty Force's previous Master, Bloodthirsty. The Devouring power Upanishad was the root of the Bloodthirsty Force.

One day, when Shi Yan had reached the Immortal Realm, he was able to replace Ming Hao's team and finally gained the recognition from every member of the Bloodthirsty Force.

Because of his power Upanishad, he could lead everybody. The Devouring power Upanishad could create strong subordinates by increasing their realms and power.

In their hearts, they had gradually approved Shi Yan. This kind of approval grew alongside with his growing realm.

After an unknown, long time, Shi Yan woke up first. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Zi Yao and Xia Xin Yan standing in front of him, their beautiful eyes studying him.

His heart felt warm. He smiled and got up, "Where are the others?"

At this moment, Lin Xin, Yu Nan, Yu Shan, and Feng Han weren't here. Some warriors guarded around the area to prevent the unauthorized from disturbing this area.

Besides him and the warriors cultivating the eight power Upanishads, there were only Xia Xin Yan and Zi Yao here. It seemed like they had stayed to guard him and waited for him to wake up.

"This time, you've taken a long time to send energy to your subordinates. The others have many things to do. They can't stay here to wait for you all the time. They came back to take care of other matters of business."

Zi Yao was like a beautiful, moist flower. She smiled naturally, her eyes twinkling.

She had purposely adjusted her hair. Her soft hair draped but it didn't look messy on her temples. She was wearing a tight, purple dress that lingered close to her skin and exposed her white shoulders and deep cleavage between her dazzling white b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Every part of her was so inviting and it made people get drawn to her.

She was the most beautiful flower in Raging Flame Star Area. Even though she had moved to Agate Star Area, her beauty didn't decrease. As her realm had been increasing, her glamor became more mesmerizing like an aging, fragrant wine.

Staying by her side, Xia Xin Yan was like a quiet, elegant orchid. Her exquisite, oval face always had a faint and cold natural look like water.

The two beauties were beautiful in different ways but they were both dazzling.

At this moment, they stood shoulder by shoulder, beaming. Shi Yan looked at them and shivered. His soul suddenly had a desire of staying peace and calm.

He suddenly felt shameful and guilty to the loved ones standing in front of him now. His entire life had been dedicated for fighting and reaching the acme of his martial path. He didn't have a lot of free time to settle down and enjoy his life. He didn't dare to express his feelings and love for others...

The two women standing in front of him now were the closest to him, but the time they had had together was very little.

"Are you leaving now?" Xia Xin Yan looked at him quietly. Although her voice was clear, her eyes were glum.

She knew that the situation of the universe was still very sensitive. The war happened everywhere like in Fiery Rain Star Area. As the new Master of the Bloodthirsty Force, Shi Yan didn't have time to rest.

She knew that Shi Yan had to leave to go to another star area to fight a b.l.o.o.d.y war as soon as he woke up.

Logically, she understood. However, she was still discontent. It was a woman's nature, so it wasn't something she could change.

"You want to leave again?" Zi Yao's smile was still bright, but it sounded reluctant too. The waves of light in her beautiful eyes gently rippled and showed her begrudging worries.

Looking at the two famous women from everywhere they came, a warm flow of water flowed through Shi Yan's heart. He pondered for a few seconds and then beamed at them. "Nah, I'm not hurried. It's okay to take a little rest. Even if I want to leave, I have to wait until Blood Devil, Benny, and Ka Tuo wake up."

The gloomy gleam in their eyes cleared instantly. The two women blushed and bit their succulent lower lips. They nodded to him.

"Sir, our Hegemon advised that if you wake up, you should give us face by visiting the Union. She wants to take all the warriors of Fiery Rain Star Area to thank you for your support."

A warrior of Fiery Rain Star Area wore a respectful face, bowing modestly and begging him.

Xia Xin Yan and Zi Yao showed long, begrudging, and disappointed faces.

Shi Yan frowned slightly, looking at him and talking faintly. "No need to hurry."

With a glimpse of teasing in his eyes, he said suddenly, "I'm going to take you two to do some sight-seeing. Yeah, it could benefit your realms too."

As soon as he finished, two s.p.a.ce slits appeared underneath Xia Xin Yan and Zi Yao.

The outer s.p.a.ce streamers shot out radiantly. They then scared the women. They paled but before they could scream, the sticky, tentacle-like bands of streamers had already pulled them into the s.p.a.ce slits.

When the two slits closed, their frightened screams came. They had just been delivered to a chaotic s.p.a.ce basin.

The guard of the G.o.d Defending Union had Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. He looked bewildered when he saw the two women disappearing into the s.p.a.ce slits.

"I'm really sorry. I agreed to take them to do some sight-seeing. Please explain to your Hegemon for me. Oh right, tell Feng Han and Lin Xin too. They aren't bound to me. They can make any decision related to their forces. I won't interfere with their own businesses," said Shi Yan.

Feng Han, Lin Xin, Bath, Gu Te, Yan Chi, and Bing Jie were the leaders of the forces from Agate Star Area. This time, they had to spend a lot of effort to take their forces here to reinforce Fiery Rain Star Area in resisting the G.o.d Clan.

In the past, Agate Star Area and Fiery Rain Star Area didn't have any connection or trade with each other.

To these two star areas, the clear connection would strengthen both of them. Fiery Rain Star Area had many cultivating materials that Agate Star Area couldn't produce and at the same time, Agate Star Area had many rare items that Fiery Rain Star Area didn't have.

After the recent cooperation, the forces of the two star areas began to discuss the partnership between them. Lin Xin, Yan Chi, and Bing Jie were negotiating the business with the forces of Fiery Rain Star Area. They wanted to trade with Fiery Rain Star Area but they weren't so sure about Shi Yan's att.i.tude toward this mutual cooperation.

Shi Yan represented Bloodthirsty Force, the most powerful and mysterious force in this universe. If he wanted to interfere with the business in Fiery Rain Star Area, Feng Han, Lin Xin and the others wouldn't want to work with him.

It wasn't something they wanted to see.

Shi Yan had to make himself clear and erase the unnecessary worries that Feng Han and Lin Xin had. Their cooperation with Fiery Rain Star Area would mutually benefit them.

"I understand. I will tell them your words," the guard bowed to Shi Yan. He admired and complimented Shi Yan a lot.

Although Shi Yan was the new Master of the Bloodthirsty Force, he was always tender and polite to others. He didn't sound arrogant at all. The guard sighed as he saw that Shi Yan had a romantic relationship with Xia Xin Yan and Zi Yao, the two famous beauties who had charmed many warriors in the two star areas including him.

In his thoughts, only a character like Shi Yan could be an equal match to Zi Yao and Xia Xin Yan.

The guard wasn't jealous. He had just admired and wished them the best because Shi Yan had come here to seize their star area back from the b.l.o.o.d.y mouth of the G.o.d Clan.

The man left. The respect he had for Shi Yan in his face didn't disappear. Deep in his mind, he had considered Shi Yan the future lord of this cosmos. The conversation with Shi Yan today would be his unforgettable a.s.set later.

Shi Yan chuckled. His thoughts flickered and he turned into a beam of light, disappearing at his spot. He had directly entered the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin.

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