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Wederson had given up everything and dashed toward the Sea Territory. In his heart, his mother and his tribe were more precious than taking Shi Yan's life!

Shi Yan swayed slightly and disappeared from this area. Shortly after, he landed on Hexagonal Star Land and stood outside Black Angle Star, the G.o.d Defending Union's headquarters.

The soil on Black Angle Star was jet black. The surface of this planet had many ponds, lakes, and dark abysses with natural, toxic gases. Evidently, the conditions here were extremely harsh that ordinary people couldn't survive here.

However, the earth and heaven energy on this star was really thick with many precious natural products like black stones or ores and many different kinds of floras. All of them were very valuable.

The more toxic gas it had, the more rare and precious products the poisonous lake and abyss had.

It was the reason why Black Angle Star gained more affection from high-realm warriors of Fiery Rain Star Area. Many big clans in this star area had chosen this planet to build their bases.

Shi Yan stood atop a ma.s.sive mountain on Black Angle Star and looked at the luxurious, grand palaces around. Suddenly, he squinted and then sat down cross-legged, facing the mysterious dark sea of stars.

Underneath him was the vast land of Black Angle Star with many lakes and toxic animals.

Slowly, he closed his eyes, his Soul Consciousness checking his body as he wandered around the acupuncture points.

At this moment, the abundant energy taken in his acupuncture points were filtered and refined by the vortexes. Shortly after, the mysterious, pure energy was produced and he was able to use it directly or refine his body.

After he had reached Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, the filtering speed of his acupuncture points had accelerated. As he had expanded the room there, the refining speed was much faster.

After a while, Shi Yan found a large amount of strange energy gushing out of the acupuncture points. This kind of mysterious energy moved and filled his frame and flesh, using a strange method to quench his entire body. He had a premonition that this sort of mysterious energy could make his body evolve continuously!

His form would be more perfect!

Ming Hao used to tell them that Bloodthirsty was the combined essence of the blood from the Four Great Creatures including Immortal Demon Clan, G.o.d Clan, Imperial Dark Tribe, and Heavenly Monster Tribe. He was at the most perfect form and was at the acme of evolution.

Bloodthirsty's body and blood was the trend of evolution to the warriors. In this age, the experts quenched their bodies and aimed to reach the intensity of Bloodthirsty's body one day.

However, not many people could make their bodies stronger from time to time.

Only after breaking through to a new realm could they use the earth and heaven energy or divine crystals with the great, sudden change of the G.o.d power to refine their bodies another time.

Typically, even if they could gather an enormous amount of energy, they couldn't make it fuse into their bodies and veins.

Anyway, Shi Yan found that when the mysterious energy moved out of the acupuncture points, a small part of it disappeared along the way it flowed through his body.

He knew where it had gone.

It hid in Shi Yan's bones, veins, and even blood to quietly and subtly change him. It made him approach the perfect form and the most desired form of a warrior.

Suddenly, Shi Yan thought that perhaps Bloodthirsty's origin body wasn't perfect. He had used the Devouring power Upanishad to slowly nurture and build it up little by little until he'd made it perfect.

This thought moved him. Shi Yan appreciated this moment more. He tried to guide the mysterious energy moving through his entire body.

Anyway, the energy generated by his acupuncture points was too much. It was over the endurance of his bones, veins, and blood. Thus, the energy in his body now made him shine like an energy ball. Any warrior could see the magical energy fluctuations from this ball.

When he had acc.u.mulated energy to a particular level, he had the feeling that his body was about to explode again. At this moment, he felt Blood Devil's aura.

Pondering for a while, he let out a low shout and the bunches of light shot out from his body, heading to an area far away.

As soon as Blood Devil, Ka Tu, and Benny had returned to Hexagonal Star Land, the blood mark on their foreheads glowed. They were so thrilled.

The streams of energy Shi Yan had released flooded the subordinates of the Bloodthirsty Force who had cultivated one of the eight great power Upanishads.

More battleships came and anch.o.r.ed by Black Angle Star in Hexagonal Star Land. Yu Nan of the G.o.d Defending Union felt happy after they survived the big kalpa.

Previously, she was skeptical because she was afraid that Blood Devil would take them to the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin where warriors of Fiery Rain Star Area were going to be buried altogether.

Zha Duo, an expert cultivating s.p.a.ce power Upanishad of Tool and Potion Pavilion, had affirmed that the s.p.a.ce nodes recovered; otherwise, she would never have dared to return.

Today, Yu Nan took Yu Shan, Xiao En, and the leaders of the G.o.d Defending Union on the battleships and returned to Hexagonal Star Land. They found so many corpses of the G.o.d Clan warriors and the void looked as if nothing had happened. They couldn't help but laugh and cheer, congratulating this inexplicable victory.

Until now, they didn't know why the G.o.d Clan had retreated or why there were so many warriors that died here. They didn't know why the deadly spatial hole appeared, either.

But they knew that the Breckelfeld family and the Austin family of the G.o.d Clan had to run helter-skelter to the Sea Territory as if a fire burned their bottoms. They hastily went back to Ancient G.o.d Star Area.

They knew the threat that was hung above their heads had finally lifted up.

All was because of Shi Yan who came suddenly.

At this moment, Yu Nan had no doubt about the new Master of Bloodthirsty Force. She knew his capacity now. Each warrior of Fiery Rain Star Area was respectful when mentioning Shi Yan.

The experts gathered on the biggest mountain on Black Angle Star. Blood Devil and the others were gathering by Shi Yan to receive energy he bestowed them. Blood Devil now had a blood coc.o.o.n shrouding him. The life energy shot out from him radiantly. Benny and Ka Tuo were also shaking, their faces red.

The three of them were the warriors Shi Yan had cared especially. They received most of his energy!

Time ticked by hurriedly. Yu Nan and the others were patiently waiting for them to finish the energy transmission. They were waiting for the Death and Life Rotating Bridge to complete.

Xia Xin Yan, Feng Han, and Lin Xin were on the mountain too. They were so surprised when they saw the exclusive technique of dividing energy from the Bloodthirsty Force.

Zi Yao was there too. She was wearing a light purple dress that showcased her elegant and s.e.xy body like a beautiful lilac. The young men of Divine Light had considered her as their dream lover. When she was in Fiery Rain Star Area, many people had tried their best to earn her favors with the hope that she would give them just a look.

In the crowd, Zi Yao quietly watched Shi Yan send his energy. Her bright eyes sparkled and sent ripples of light.

"Miss Zi Yao, can I talk with you for a moment?" A handsome and elegant warrior of Fiery Rain Star Area came to her and said humbly. "I really appreciate Miss Zi Yao's reinforcement to our star area. If you don't mind, I can take you around to see some magnificent sights of our Fiery Rain Star Area. May I have that privilege?"

This young man was the only son of one of the Deputy Hegemons of the G.o.d Clan. He was one of the new shining stars of Fiery Rain Star Area. With Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm cultivation base and a big background, he thought he was a good match to Zi Yao. He had always tried his best to earn her affection.

Then, the ripples of light in Zi Yao's bright eyes slightly trembled. She beamed and gently rose one finger pointing at Shi Yan. Her face blushed when she said, "He's my man. Do you still want to date me?"

The young man was bewildered. He forced a smile, bowed to her, and then said sincerely, "My bad. If you had mentioned your relationship with him earlier, I wouldn't have said more words to you."

He then looked at Shi Yan, his face respectful and admiring. However, he didn't have any gleam of jealousy.

Because Shi Yan came here to save his star area, which also saved him from an exiled life, his family still had glory and his family members were safe.

Looking at the young man backing off with respect, Zi Yao smiled and looked at Shi Yan, her face content.

"Perhaps, if you can be with that man, you'll be happier," suddenly, a beautiful figure came to her and said to her in a low voice like a sigh.

Zi Yao was surprised. Then, she smiled naturally, "Why do you say that?"

Xia Xin Yan wore a thin silk green dress. She was as mesmerizing as a pure and n.o.ble orchid. However, her exquisite face had a gleam of sadness. "Because that b.a.s.t.a.r.d has been wandering all the time. He won't stop because of you or for you. If you want to stay with him, you should prepare to be used to endless loneliness. Have you prepared yourself for that?"

She studied Zi Yao.

Zi Yao smiled gently, "Of course, I have. When I first met him, I already knew he was not just a normal person. He will rise like a kite with the wind one day. But I have never expected that he could reach such a height. That year, when we came to Agate Star Area from Raging Flame Star Area, I had made up my mind. I haven't changed anything since then."

Pausing for a while, she beamed again, "Have you ever regretted?"

Xia Xin Yan shook her head, her charming eyes gazing at Shi Yan. She breathed, "When we were in our homeland, I've promised him one thing. And I will never change my words..."

"I admire you," Zi Yao said all of a sudden.

Xia Xin Yan was surprised, "For what?"

"You and he... er, are good enough. I can see it. But I, I haven't..." Zi Yao's cheek blushed. Her beautiful eyes had a mesmerizing light as she couldn't finish.

Xia Xin Yan smiled beautifully, snorted, and then scolded. "That b.a.s.t.a.r.d has a bunch of evil thoughts. I think you can capture him easily."

"I hoped that he could take the initiative," Zi Yao looked a little down and sighed.

"Well, then you have to wait until he has free time. Currently, he's very busy and, er, he will be very busy in the future too. You still have time to prepare. Just wait for him then." Xia Xin Yan pouted her lips, her voice sour. She seemed discontent because Shi Yan had never had free time with his busy fighting schedule.

"I can tell that you're supporting me. Why? Shouldn't you try your best to break this? We're women, but you sound so generous. What do you have in your mind?" Zi Yao was astounded. She couldn't make it through because she and Xia Xin Yan had often competed without any agreement. They didn't get along as well as they looked.

Today, Xia Xin Yan suddenly changed her att.i.tude. Zi Yao found it confusing. She wondered why Xia Xin Yan had changed her mind like that.

"I can't hold him by myself. Perhaps, with you, we can make him settle down," Xia Xin Yan sighed weakly.

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