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Spark, Thornton, and Pargo cooperated with each other to urge their power Upanishads and G.o.d power to attack Shi Yan, but they couldn't hide his light.

The three of them got so shocked. They finally realized that although Shi Yan wasn't Bloodthirsty, he had become the biggest hidden calamity to the G.o.d Clan after he had inherited Bloodthirsty's power Upanishads.

"I'm afraid that this person in the future will be more frightening than Xuan He, Ming Hao, or Frederick. We must kill him right now!"

Spark, Thornton, and Pargo had made up their minds. They had to try their best to kill Shi Yan and clear this obstacle for the future of the G.o.d Clan.

As they had just made their decision, Shi Yan, the one under the asteroid attack, suddenly gushed out a domineering energy that had shattered even the void. In just a blink of an eye, countless gigantic meteorites had become grains of dust that scattered.

Shi Yan had escaped. The vivid red armor on his body had moving light. The blood clouds like an open mouth were moving on his chest plate as if they could chew off people and swallow them all. It was the naturally evil formation of the armor that could absorb all kinds of energy and attack it.

The sharp energy of Thornton's G.o.d Spear and the asteroids were all swallowed.

It had strengthened Shi Yan's intimidation.

"If this man isn't killed, our clan won't thrive in peace."

Spark's face was cold as he spurted out an icy crystal as big as a fingernail. Although it was so small, it was extremely cold. At a close look, the crystal held countless stars inside that made it look like a small-scale galaxy frozen inside a block of ice. It seemed to be a magical and yet unpredictable formation.

That small ice crystal was called "Celestial Ice Jade Flake." Spark found it inside a broken star while he was wandering around the edge of the Sea Domain of Nihility.

There were so many rumors and legends in this vast universe. People said that this cosmos had witnessed changes of many eras after billions of years. In the past dozens of thousands of time, the G.o.d Clan, Immortal Demon Clan, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and Imperial Dark Tribe had conquered the universe. However, a long, long time before them, there were more mysterious and ancient civilizations.

Because they were too strong and because of their exceeding wars, many galaxies had shattered and disappeared into the Sea Domain of Nihility.

Rumors said that a long, long time ago, the number of star areas in this universe was infinite. Each of them was like a small drop in the sea that no one could name them all. Unfortunately, they had gradually exploded and disappeared altogether with the experts.

Today, there wasn't even as many as one-thousandth of the number of star areas in those eras. Many invincible creatures and their excellent, marvelous weapons had fallen and gone in the Sea Domain of Nihility. Only the Immortal Realm experts could have the lucky opportunity find the remains of some weapons in that area.

Spark had collected this Celestial Ice Jade Flake in the outer rim of the Sea Domain of Nihility and he considered it very precious. He guessed that this small piece of jade was broken from some weapon of the ancient experts.

Until now, he hadn't really controlled the jade. To tame it, he had spent more than seven hundred years to mobilize it as he wanted.

As soon as he emerged, the void froze rapidly. Shi Yan's Blood Soul Sea was now a frozen blood sea.

Thornton and Pargo discolored in fright. They glanced at Spark and retreated simultaneously.

At the same time, many Demogorgon Shi Yans had released had turned into pieces of ice when the Celestial Ice Jade Flake appeared. Their energy vanished together with the negative energy.

"Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!"

Shi Yan's soul altar squeaked as it was jammed. He had an extremely insecure feeling flooding his inner world. He could even feel his veins quivering.

He looked at the small jade, his face somber. The aura from that small piece of jade could cover the entire Fiery Rain Star Area and change it rapidly.

"Break the sky!"

He hissed and forced the demon blood to change the s.p.a.ce. He felt a sweet tinge of blood at the tip of his tongue. He then spurted out demon blood.

His stagnant G.o.d power was triggered and it connected to the changes in s.p.a.ce, attempting to tear a s.p.a.ce slit.

"Not enough!"

Spark's face darkened. He shouted and shot a wisp of Soul Consciousness to that Celestial Ice Jade Flake.

All of a sudden, the light ripples expanded. It seemed like a ma.s.sive hand that covered the entire sky and kept it from being torn!

"I took this Celestial Ice Jade Flake from the Sea Domain of Nihility. I had to spend more than seven hundred years to tame it. With this ice jade, I can fight against even realm Immortal Realm expert. How will you stop me now?" Spark was cold and arrogant. A wisp of soul emerged on the jade that looked like a child sitting inside the jade.

Unexpectedly, he had considered the Celestial Ice Jade Flake his life treasure and refined it with his soul and blood. That way, he hoped he could release the most powerful attack from this weapon.

It was really tough to refine a life treasure. Not many experts could do that, though. Once they succeeded, the life treasure would connect directly to their owners' lives. When the treasures broke, in the luckiest case, the owner's soul altar would also shatter altogether. However, in most cases, both the soul and the body of the owner were destroyed.

Connecting one's life with his weapon wasn't something that ordinary people could make a bet with. However, if someone wanted to refine the life treasure, that item should be as precious as the owner's life!

Spark's Celestial Ice Jade Flake was his life treasure. It had connected directly to his life.

Today, he decided to use his life to counter Shi Yan because of Shi Yan's intimidation. He worried that Shi Yan's existence would bring only disasters to his race.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Noises arose in the void when the s.p.a.ce around Shi Yan froze. At this moment, he couldn't use the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to escape.

Seeing the cold light sparkling on Spark's life treasure as it was flying toward him, Shi Yan quivered. An extremely insecure feeling flooded him.

From that tiny piece of jade, he could feel a tremendous energy that could smash his soul altar!

"Draw the Origin!"

In this critical moment, Shi Yan pondered and then hissed.

Quickly, his sluggish soul altar began to spin crazily!

Almost at the same time, energy from many lush forests by the edge of the continent in Grace Mainland, which was in the far away Agate Star Area, was taken away. They withered and dried up instantly. Also, mountains began to collapse and a glacier melted. All were because of the great change of earth and heaven energy.

A flow of immense energy from an immemorial, primal time emerged in Shi Yan's soul.


The blood sword that had turned into the Demogorgon phantoms now reappeared like a blood-red bolt above his head. Just like a small lightning bolt, it dashed fast inside a small s.p.a.ce.

The b.l.o.o.d.y shield on Shi Yan's body also revived. The blood clouds wiggled and released many thick and vicious clouds that fell onto the b.l.o.o.d.y sword.

At the same time, Shi Yan had sent his G.o.d power, negative energy, demon blood, and star energy into the b.l.o.o.d.y sword.

Strangely, the b.l.o.o.d.y sword wasn't swollen up. It shrunk. After it had absorbed an intimidating amount of energy, it had shrunk to the size of a hand like a small flying shuttle. Countless eyes on the sword opened at once, blood dripping from their corners. It looked so evil and peculiar.


Shi Yan looked at the jade flake.

The small blood sword disappeared all of a sudden.


A crispy clanging sounded. The void then shattered, and pieces of broken s.p.a.ce were sh.e.l.led ma.s.sively. In just a blink of an eye, several hundred battleships disappeared and thousands of G.o.d Clan warriors were annihilated. The chaotic current of s.p.a.ce basin gushed out from the shattered void, flowing into the Fiery Rain Star Area and attempting to turn it into nothing.

It was the drastic change created by the impact between the blood sword and the jade flake.

After a crunchy noise, the jade flake and the b.l.o.o.d.y sword moved like shuttles in the s.p.a.ce current. Blood bled from seven natural holes on Shi Yan's face. He looked so fearsome.

Spark's body and countenance didn't change.

When the Celestial Ice Jade Flake had a crack, his soul altar also had a crack...

It was a serious soul wound.

Spark's pupils also had cracks like a china item that got hit hard. He tried to press down the terrible pain in his soul altar as he shouted, "What are you waiting for?! We don't need the Fiery Rain Star Area anymore. It can become nothing, but this man must die! If he lives for one thousand years more, he will become another Bloodthirsty!"

Then, he couldn't worry about more things and he immediately jumped into the chaotic s.p.a.ce current. He followed his soul sensitivity to search his Celestial Ice Jade Flake.

He looked calm on the surface but his inner world was scorching as it was burning. However, the Celestial Ice Jade Flake had cracks and now, it was stirred around in the turbulent s.p.a.ce current. If he couldn't retrieve it to fix the cracks, not only would his realm reduce but his soul altar would also fragment.

He had to seize any second and any minute!

Thornton and Pargo were bewildered as they looked at the shattering void and the colorful, radiant storm wrecking havoc inside the s.p.a.ce current. They were so panic-stricken.

"The Immortal Realm experts engaging in a furious battle could cause the collapse of an entire star area and make it disappear..."

They suddenly recalled what their precursors used to say.

They could never estimate that Shi Yan and Spark could reach the attack level of the Immortal Realm experts. The shockwave from their impact had collapsed this star area. The two then discolored in fear.

Thundering, Spark jumped into the turbulent s.p.a.ce current, which had frightened them more. Thus, they didn't dare to listen to Spark's order to seize the chance and kill Shi Yan.

They were so afraid.

They didn't know that Shi Yan's condition at this moment was so unstable that they could destroy his soul with one strike.

After hesitating, they hovered still and gave Shi Yan a chance to recover.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

It sounded like a ma.s.sive crystal that was shattering. The sky cracked and the earth split. Everything in this area was crushed. Many members of the G.o.d Clan had vanished.

Everything accelerated so rapidly. Mad Wederson hadn't attacked yet but with one full-power strike from Shi Yan and Spark, this star area would collapse. If this phenomenon expanded, this ma.s.sive Fiery Rain Star Area was going to disappear utterly in this sea of stars.

At this moment, Shi Yan, the expert with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, was the only one who could stabilize the s.p.a.ce here. However, his condition was the most unstable.

What made people more frustrated was that Wederson had come with his insanity to pour more oil into the fire. He screamed and roared, bringing his lethal magnetic field that stormed into the most chaotic area in this place.

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