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Wederson stormed over fearlessly, his aura ruthless and bloodthirsty. His body glided through the void and he reached Shi Yan instantly.

He struck a blow!


A fierce explosion boomed the entire place. The gravitational field suddenly rocked and became several thousand times heavier. The void around Shi Yan had almost collapsed. He couldn't help but sink back into the dark abyss.

Wederson cultivated a very unique power Upanishad. It was the ability to create different kinds of fields. After his blow was made, the gravitational field in this area suddenly became strange. All the energy attacks vanished. The void where he had punched with his G.o.d power created a deep abyss that could suck everybody in it.

In that special field, the earth and heaven energy didn't exist. The gravity suddenly rocketed and the gusts were wrecking havoc!

Shi Yan had deeply experienced this feeling. He changed his countenance immediately.

In the past, when he was still in Grace Mainland, he used to learn a martial technique called "Deadly Gravitational Field." After he had practiced this technique, he could gather different energies in his body to create a magical magnetic field.

The more kinds of energy he had, the "deadly field" created became more terrifying. It was like a stormy area with chaotic gravity that could wear out people's energy and souls, and shatter their bodies.

The aura of the chaotic "deadly field' on Wederson's body was what made him feel familiar.

It was also Wederson's power Upanishad that was strange and unique. Not many warriors cultivated it. This power Upanishad was a little similar to Ka Tuo's Chaos power Upanishad. However, there were still some distinctive features.

Ka Tuo's Chaos power Upanishad stirred up everything. From his body as the center, his energy sucked and revolved all matter like cosmic dust, pieces of rocks, free energy, and even corpses. This powerful field could crush his energies badly.

What Ka Tuo controlled was real matter and all things that had shapes.

Wederson's power Upanishad could create a vacuum field and change the magnetic field. In just a blink of an eye, he could create ma.s.sive power to crush any creatures like a meat grinder.

He had used the invisible gravitational power as the foundation to create a magnetic field and stir until everything inside was mashed.

It was very similar to the Deadly Gravitational Field that Shi Yan had created in the past. They were somehow similar in the nature of the power.

This ability of Wederson made Shi Yan feel familiar. However, there was something else!

Shi Yan could feel some kind of subtle connection between him and Wederson...

This mysterious feeling was inexplicable and indescribable. Shi Yan remembered that he had a glimpse of this feeling when he saw Holy Beast Azure Dragon and Lei Di.


The terrifying magnetic field covered Shi Yan. His soul altar was shaken while his body was cut by invisible blades. They attempted to mince him.

Wederson was at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. If someone was reckless enough to fall into his magnetic field, that warrior would have no chance to escape. He could kill his victim quickly. Wederson was confident. Although he didn't know Shi Yan's real ident.i.ty, he knew that Shi Yan was at the same realm as him, Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

His magnetic field was really frightening. It could stir and shatter even an Incipient Extent. He made a faint, cruel laughter. "Regardless of who you are, you'll be dead in my magnetic field!"

Wederson was a hybrid between the Man Tribe and the G.o.d Clan. With his unique power Upanishad, he could have a position in the Breckelfeld family and become the commander of the Hidden G.o.d Vessels. People who didn't know his power Upanishad could have no chance to resist. Before they could figure out how to counter with it, he could have killed them already.

Wederson's power Upanishad was the reason why Thornton had suppressed all the discontent of the family members and given him such an important role.

After many b.l.o.o.d.y battles that he had won, Wederson was so confident in his power Upanishad.

After many years of combat with warriors at the same realm, not many people could escape his incredible magnetic fields. Even if they could escape, they were skinned or severely wounded.

His confidence was built of this b.l.o.o.d.y reality.

"Are you sure I have to die here?" Shi Yan's face twisted in the magnetic field. He showed his ferocious face, his eyes turning crimson. His body gradually shriveled.

"No matter who you are, you must die in this battle!" Wederson sounded confident.

Not far from them, the warriors of the Bleckelfeld family relaxed when they saw Shi Yan's distorted face.

Although they disdained Wederson's origin, they knew how domineering his Deadly Magnetic Field power Upanishad was. Recently, countless outstanding warriors had to perish inside Wederson's magnetic field.

They, of course, thought that Shi Yan would have the same consequence as the warriors who died in Wederson's hands. His body was grounded altogether.

"It's good to be confident. But you shouldn't be self-important. The sort of people like that can't accept failures. I hope you understand."

Shi Yan licked his lips. His eyes turned all red. A brutal, murderous aura that could shake the entire star area shot out from his body and then turned into a blood mist that naked eyes could observe. A blood membrane that was filled with desperation, brute, fear, madness, resentment, and bloodthirstiness covered him as if it was the source of perpetual evil.

In this moment, Shi Yan inside the blood membrane seemed to become the fountainhead of evil, and the root of crimes in this world!

"Explode! Explode! Explode!"

The three sounds of "Explode" were like thunder bellowing in the sky or the roar of the devil from Purgatory. All echoed inside the magnetic field.

"Crack! Crack! Crack!"

Wederson's magnetic field suddenly had many cracks that shattered.

The wisps of magnetic power shot out like sharp blades that killed warriors nearby who couldn't dodge.

The warriors of both sides died as they couldn't have a chance to dodge. Many of them were killed instantly.


Shi Yan rose one hand and pulled as if he had torn a net. He escaped the magnetic field shortly after. His shoulder shivered and the blood membrane covering his body turned into a strange blood mist with negative auras of desperation, brutality, resentment, and fear that torrentially swarmed toward Wederson.


Wederson roared, but his voice didn't sound human. The body of the mixblood became taller rapidly. After a few seconds, he was almost one meter taller. He was becoming a hairy monster with muscles like layers of rocks on his body. He looked so robust as if he could release the endless energy.

As he roared, an invisible smoke diffused from his body. It was terrifyingly sour as if it could erode everything!

It was extremely toxic acid from the venomous beast. It was similar to the toxic gas or Fei Lan's Corrosion power Upanishad. However, it was much more dangerous than Fei Lan's Corrosion power Upanishad. That kind of invisible smoke had blended perfectly with his deadly magnetic field as if it wanted to melt down all creatures.

Shi Yan had discreetly absorbed the energy using his Devouring power Upanishad. He had exploding energy in his acupuncture points that could explode the entire magnetic field.

However, Wederson had risen the storm once again by sending invisible corrosive toxins into his magnetic field. Shi Yan was shocked; his face became so grave as he had never been in this situation.

In the next moment, both of his hands created a magical hand seal. That seal began to ripple and release the marvelous ability of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, creating layers of s.p.a.ce barriers in an attempt to block Wederson's magnetic field and prevent the toxins from blending with the magnetic field.

He had a premonition that if he let this kind of extreme toxin fill this abyss, none of the warriors from his side and the G.o.d Clan's side would survive.

Wederson was crazy now!

When the members of the Man Tribe were outraged, they transformed into a Man beast that made them act fearlessly!

It was a feature that made the Breckelfeld family not want to acknowledge him as a member of their family. In their eyes, when Wederson got mad, he became a beast that no one could tame. The Breckelfeld family would never consider a beast as their member.

And one more thing...

In the past, Wederson had taken the warriors of the Breckelfeld to attack other forces many times. In some of the most perilous battles, Wederson's madness had burst out. Although he had destroyed the enemies to the last member, he had also killed all the warriors of the Breckelfeld family who had accompanied him.

In the eyes of the high echelon experts of the Breckelfeld family, Wederson had charges of manslaughter against those members.

They couldn't forgive him for that!

Thus, in their minds, Wederson was just an uncivilized beast that they couldn't control. However, in the critical moment, it could make a significant effect!

That was Wederson's meaning of existence in their eyes.

In fact, the Breckelfeld family warriors who had fought with Wederson were killed because of the invisible toxin released after Wederson turned wild. No one knew this fact including Wederson himself.

It was because he was unconscious when he released that deadly toxin.

And after he woke up, everything was already done.

Today, Wederson had burst out crazily again when Shi Yan's pressure had shattered his first magnetic field. He was backfired at that time, which had stimulated his Man blood.

The invisible corrosive toxin was the fountainhead of crime that had created many ma.s.sacres. It appeared again and expanded with the magnetic field. It was going to slaughter one more time in this world.

Even Shi Yan's s.p.a.ce barriers couldn't stop this ultimate toxin. Layers of barriers corroded easily.

Shi Yan was scared for the first time.

He looked shocked upon seeing the magnetic field expanding widely and deeply, his complexion uncertain. He suddenly held his breath to concentrate on urging all of his energy to use the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad.

In just a blink of an eye, many magical pa.s.sages appeared in this deadly abyss. Those deep pa.s.sages appeared by the warriors following Shi Yan to this area.

Shi Yan thundered, "Get into the s.p.a.ce bridge to dodge the attack!"

His eyes released dazzling lights and they fell on Wederson, changing continuously.

He was shaken as he finally knew what the familiar aura he had sensed on Wederson's body was!

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