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By the star area barrier, the cl.u.s.ters of lightning gathered and squeaked strangely.

The ma.s.sive Immemorial Thunder Dragon's skeleton released a bright silver halo, lying by the barrier like a bone mountain. It looked majestic and imposing.

Shi Yan sat cross-legged on the dragon's skull, his face grave. His Soul Consciousness moved continuously to circulate the Life power Upanishad to guide the Thunder Dragon's scattered wisps of souls returning to its skull.

However, no matter how hard he had used the Life power Upanishad or the other powers he had, he couldn't do anything to the Thunder Dragon's scattered soul.

He had used the Life power Upanishad as the foundation and his Immortal Demon Blood as the conductor to guide those sticky wisps. However, as soon as he touched the wisps of the Thunder Dragon's soul, his soul altar shook as if it was about to explode.

The Immemorial Thunder Dragon's soul had defended itself instinctively. Although its consciousness hadn't gathered yet and couldn't use even one-tenth of its real power, it was still very terrifying. It wasn't something that Shi Yan could test.

As the Life power Upanishad failed, Shi Yan tore the s.p.a.ce and used the streamer band as the conductor to gather the wisps.

It didn't work.

After many failed trials, all the methods that Shi Yan knew didn't work. It was really tough to resurrect the Immemorial Thunder Dragon. Shi Yan frowned and thought.

"You want to revive this beast?" Ouyang Luo Shuang's cold voice interrupted his thought.

She had followed him quietly and just observed. She didn't talk much. When Shi Yan was begrudgingly distressed because of his failure, she spoke eventually. "Perhaps your approach isn't correct."

"Wrong approach?" Shi Yan frowned. He turned to her and said, "What's your opinion?"

"Recently, I've been wandering around the universe. I've heard a lot of the secrets of the four great clans. This beast is obviously the ancestor of Heavenly Monster Tribe. Since his soul and body had been separated for a long time, normal methods couldn't work. Why don't you try another force? The Origin power for example." Her voice was calm like water as she explained to Shi Yan.

"It seems like you know a lot of great things," Shi Yan was moved.

"My teacher used to tell me many things. If you've fused with Grace Mainland's Origin, you should use it," her face was indifferent. "Heavenly Monster Tribe was born in our homeland. I'm sure there's a subtle connection between them and the Origin. If your host soul can't do anything, I bet the co-soul can do something."

"Sounds logical."

Shi Yan nodded and closed his eyes like an old monk meditating.

Ouyang Luo Shuang's reminder gave Shi Yan a new idea. His host soul stayed in this area while his Soul Consciousness had crossed s.p.a.ces to reach Grace Mainland.

Deep inside Grace Mainland was a magnificent crystal buried. A five-colored flame flew out quietly.

That flame suddenly transformed into Shi Yan's image, flashed, and disappeared.


A valley inside the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range.

Holy Beast Azure Dragon was dormant inside a mountain that had hundreds of deep caves. Earth and heaven energy filled the caves. Azure Dragon was inhaling and exhaling the spirit energy from the surrounding sea area to refine his skeleton and internal organs, increasing his power.

Ghost Hunter was squatting in front of a cave in his monster body. The energy fluctuating from him was incredibly fierce as his blood was like boiling water.

Shi Yan's phantom appeared in the valley.

Instantly, the flows of earth and heaven energy stopped circulating. Ghost Hunter was shaken while cultivating.

Then, Ghost Hunter transformed into his humanoid body, a cold and stern young man. He walked to Shi Yan, his eyes emitting a strange halo. He looked at the phantom, bowed to him and calling, "Shi Yan."

Shi Yan looked at him. He couldn't help but frown. "What is the relationship between you and me in the future?"

At first glance, Shi Yan knew that Ghost Hunter's level was incredible now. This phantom of his was created by the flaming Origin so he could understand everything deeply on this land.

Shi Yan could clearly see that Ghost Hunter had reached the intermediate phase of level 13, which was similar to him at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

While he didn't notice, Ghost Hunter had reached an extremely terrifying level. He was moved when he recalled what Ming Hao had said when they were in the blood sea.

Ghost Hunter was the mixed-blood of Heavenly Monster Tribe, Imperial Dark Tribe, and the Immortal Demon Clan. He was a unique existence that was the closest to Bloodthirsty's bloodline in this vast sea of stars.

When they met in the past, Ghost Hunter had addressed Shi Yan as "Master." But this time, he called Shi Yan by his name. Shi Yan wanted to know what he meant when he did that.

Ghost Hunter had turned into a stern and cold young man who was somehow about sixty percent similar to Shi Yan. Ghost Hunter contemplated for a while, his eyes dark and deep. "Holy Ancestor promised that I would become the leader of Heavenly Monster Tribe in the future. I can't insult this ident.i.ty. I can never be someone's servant or subordinate anymore."

Shi Yan's eyes flashed as he looked at a cave where Azure Dragon was transforming into his humanoid figure.

Azure Dragon said with a stern expression. "Ghost Hunter has the most magical blood in this world running in his body. He will replace Cang Yun to be the next leader of Heavenly Monster Tribe after me. As the new leader of Heavenly Monster Tribe, he is no longer your mount!"

"I have never considered him my mount," Shi Yan wore a serious face and said to Ghost Hunter, "Until now, I have always treated you as my friend. And that will never change!"

Ghost Hunter's eyes showed a strange emotion. He bent his body slightly and spoke with his head low. "Although we're not master and servant anymore, we will become the most loyal friends as you said. We are friends. Yes, we were and we will always be."

He turned to Holy Beast Azure Dragon and said coldly. "You can't interfere with my decision."

Azure Dragon was stunned. He then just shook his head and sighed inwardly.

He had never thought that after trying so hard, Ghost Hunter would still be loyal to Shi Yan. This kind of bond that had been formed and carved deeply in the bone and it wasn't something that could be washed away with time.

Azure Dragon pondered for a few seconds and then smiled tenderly. "He's the one with the Origin of our ancestral land. We won't have any dispute with him later. Quite the contrary, his strength is the grace of the entire Heavenly Monster Tribe. Of course, you are his company or his friend. Unless he dies, this relationship will not change. It's the arrangement of Fate."

Shi Yan looked at Ghost Hunter and smiled at him. He then turned to talk to Azure Dragon. "I'm here for a reason. I found the skeleton and the scattered soul of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon in Thunder Firmament Star Area. Someone wants me to resurrect him. I tried, but I couldn't find the secret to doing so. As you're the holy ancestor of Heavenly Monster Tribe, do you know how to revive the Immemorial Thunder Dragon? My body is still there. It's a rushed matter. If you know how, tell me right now."

The Immemorial Thunder Dragon was the ancestor of Heavenly Monster Tribe at the Immortal Realm. Azure Dragon and precursors of Heavenly Monster Tribe had spent so much time and energy to find him. Of course, they wanted to help Shi Yan to resurrect the dragon.

Indeed, Azure Dragon was so happy when he listened to Shi Yan. "You found him! You found him!"

"How do I revive him?" Shi Yan interrupted his joy.

"Use the Origin!" Azure Dragon said resolutely and excitedly. "He was like me. We were born in the ancestral land. The Origin had ignited our flame of life. You have the Origin of our ancestral land and the Life power Upanishad. After you ignite his soul flame, his soul will gather itself automatically. You don't need to interfere with the next step. He will get up soon!"

"How do I ignite his soul flame?" Shi Yan sounded so surprised.

"I have never fused with the Origin of the ancient continent. How could I know that? The saying of "igniting the soul flame" came from the other two. With the Origin, I think you have more or less of their memories. You have to figure it out yourself. I can't direct you in this matter because I don't understand the power and mysteries of the Origin," said Azure Dragon begrudgingly.

"Ignite the soul flame... Ignite the soul flame..."

Shi Yan mumbled. He furrowed his brows and thought for a while before nodding to Azure Dragon and Ghost Hunter. "This soul of mine will leave Grace Mainland for a while. If someone invades the continent when I'm not here, please take care of it."

"Of course," said Azure Dragon arrogantly.

Shi Yan didn't talk more. His phantom faded and vanished.

At the same time, his real body in the far away from Thunder Firmament Star Area opened his eyes. He muttered, "Ignite the soul flame..."

He looked at the wisps of the Thunder Dragon's soul. A blurry shadow became clear in his pupils and he sat on the soul altar together with his host soul.

The cl.u.s.ters of heaven flames in the co-soul flew out of Shi Yan's eyes and turned into flaming lights that headed toward the star area barrier where there were the wisps of Immemorial Thunder Dragon's soul. When the heaven flames found them, they released different powers.

After several fusions, Shi Yan had four types of heaven flames including the combination of the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, the Nine Serenity Soul Devouring Flame, and the Cold Ice Flame, the combination of the Earth Flame, the True Purgatory Flame, and the Vermilion Bird True Flame, and the combination of the Immemorial Demonic Flame, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame. The last flame that hadn't fused with the others was the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame.

The three combined flames had turned into cl.u.s.ters of fire that moved around the wisps of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's soul and tried to connect them.

But they failed.

However, when the Primal Chaos Scared Flame touched them, the wisps of soul shivered hard.

"Primal Chaos Sacred Flame: The flame that was naturally formed at the dawn of the continent. It's a strong form of existence like immemorial lives. It can cultivate itself, create lives, and even resurrect the dead by igniting the flame of life. It ranks first."

Shi Yan suddenly recalled the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame's definition!

The Primal Chaos Sacred Flame was the flame that could resurrect the dead by igniting their flame of life!

Shi Yan found the right direction all of a sudden!

His mind flickered to have the other three combinations of flames retreat. His soul power gushed out and poured into the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame. The Origin from the co-soul filled the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame like sea water to strengthen it. Then, the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame covered the scattered wisps of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's soul.

Shriek! Shriek! Shriek!

The Immemorial Thunder Dragon's soul screamed strangely. The wisps that had been separated from each other for a long time revived and glowed with the new life that the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame had given them.

Some flames appeared by the area of the separated wisps of soul. They were the flames of life!

At the same time, the life and mechanical energy came out from the Thunder Dragon. The electric beams shot out and covered the skeleton. Then, the earth and heaven energy in Thunder Firmament Star Area rolled torrentially towards the Immemorial Thunder Dragon. All of a sudden, flesh and blood started to grow on the dragon's skeleton.

After the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's flame of life was ignited, he was instinctively reviving himself!

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