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Shortly after, Chen Rong and the Chen family warriors who decided to stay were all killed. No one was left alive.

After many years, Ouyang Luo Shuang had experienced many dangers and adversities. Her heart went numb. She didn't have mercy when she wanted to kill people. As she looked so skillful and determined, it wasn't the first time she acted so.

The Chen family warriors had low realms, so there wasn't that much energy that Shi Yan could gather after they died.

Shi Yan didn't even want to distract his mind to collect this amount of energy. He just released his b.l.o.o.d.y shield that then turned into a ma.s.sive crimson mouth that drew those wisps of energy. After that, the mysterious drawings on the shield became clearer.

After he could use the b.l.o.o.d.y shield, it connected directly to his blood veins. With only one thought, the blood shield could become the armor that covered his body.

This b.l.o.o.d.y shield still had room to grow. The more energy it acc.u.mulated, the stronger the armor could be. The energy from the Chen family warriors could strengthen it a little bit.

Ouyang Luo Shuang's cold and bright eyes looked at the shield. She looked a little shaken.

The blood cl.u.s.ters of clouds on the b.l.o.o.d.y shield were so manifest. As the energy from the Chen family warriors moved, the cl.u.s.ters of cloud moved like stars in the sky and released immense blood light.

Looking at the blood light for a while, Ouyang Luo Shuang suddenly felt angry and restless. Her soul seemed to sink into the blood sleet, which increased her desire to kill.

That desire became so fierce. Her bright and clear eyes turned crimson.


Suddenly, a thundering sound echoed in her Sea of Consciousness like G.o.d's voice that shattered the desire in her mind.

She regained her consciousness.

Then, she didn't dare to look at that blood shield more. With fear in her heart, she urged the soul altar to use the cold energy to wash her mind and stabilize her soul and G.o.d energy.

At the same moment, the blood shield turned into a beam of blood that disappeared into Shi Yan's head through his glabella.

Shi Yan floated above the skull of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's skeleton, his face grave. His eyes were so bright when he focused on observing.

Underneath his body was the thirty-thousand-meter-long skeleton of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon that didn't have any piece of skin or flesh. There were only shining silver bones. This skeleton was so ma.s.sive that it could compare to an asteroid in the universe. The lightning beams on this frame were so deadly and terrifying.

After observing, he found dozens of cracks and cuts on the bones as if it was cut and chopped. Some cuts were very deep.

Shi Yan was sure that the Immemorial Thunder Dragon had experienced the most fierce battle of his life before he died!

That battle had wounded the dragon's body severely, which had even extracted his soul and divided it into many beams and scorching lightning beams by the star barriers of Thunder Firmament Star Area. Since his soul and body were apart, he couldn't revive after so many years.

A wisp of Soul Consciousness made a twinkling, ma.s.sive hand in the void that pushed on the skull of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's skeleton.

In that short moment, lightning bolts and flashes like electric clubs shot toward Shi Yan's soul along the hand created by his G.o.d power.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thunder boomed in Shi Yan's head. His body felt like he had just gotten hit from many ma.s.sive hammers and shook several times.

A trickle of blood dripped on the corner of Shi Yan's mouth. He just wiped it away and his face didn't change as he urged the demon blood to cure his wound.

Squinting to think for a few seconds, Shi Yan was startled when he came to the conclusion that this dragon had reached the Immortal Realm when he was still alive.

Otherwise, he couldn't hurt Shi Yan's tough body with only a remnant of energy in the skeleton!

Only an existence at the Immortal Realm could retain such terrifying energy in his remains and be so formidable even his soul was scattered away. Only an Immortal Realm expert could do that!

"An existence at the Immortal Realm. One of the ancestors of the Heavenly Monster Tribe. Yeah, it's our destiny..."

Shi Yan wasn't frightened. Instead, he felt lucky and happy. He grinned, his face excited.

He had the Origin of Grace Mainland and Heavenly Monster Tribe considered Grace Mainland as their ancestral land. In other words, they were Shi Yan's citizens. Even the Holy Beast Azure Dragon had to yield for the welfare of his tribe. He couldn't act as he wanted.

When this Immemorial Thunder Dragon revived, he would have only one choice, which was to take the same path as Shi Yan.

Would he be a sharp spear in his hand?

As Shi Yan understood it clearly, he became more enthusiastic. He smiled while urging the power Upanishad and used the s.p.a.ce energy to create layers of cages to contain the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's skeleton. Then, he faced the sky and roared, activating the energy in his entire body. The starlight bloomed fiercely from him and created endless power instantly!

The thirty-thousand-meter-long Thunder Dragon's body made "crack crack" sounds and then slowly moved towards the star area barrier like a gigantic battleship.

Shi Yan sat cross-legged on the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's skull, squinting and smiling.

Hesitating, Ouyang Luo Shuang turned into a clear moonlight beam and followed the Immemorial Thunder Dragon at a normal pace, approaching the fearsome, ma.s.sive dragon tail.

From a distance, Chen Lei and the other members of the Chen family looked bitter and sorrowful. They sighed as they were distressed.

They didn't get along well with Chen Rong's team, so they didn't live in the main star of the Chen family. Instead, they had based on the mineral star.

However, they were still from the same family. They were so upset and dispirited when Chen Rong's team was killed.

Especially Chen Lei!

She was Chen Rong's younger sister by blood. Even though she knew Chen Rong was despicable and callous, he always took care of her very well.

She touched the long scar on her face, her eyes miserable. She sighed, "I didn't blame you for making this scar on my face. I knew it clearly. I know because of this scar I can live until now. But you shouldn't be impulsively greedy. I... I'm afraid I can't take revenge for you..."

The guards and the members of the Chen family by her had a close relationship with the ones who were killed. Many of them didn't have the same thoughts as Chen Lei.

Some of them still thought about retaliating. However, they didn't dare to show it out and tried to hold it in their minds.

"Madame! Madame Lei! What is that?!?"

A lanky teenager suddenly pointed, shaking and stammering.

The teenager couldn't help but retreat. His face paled. The hem of his shabby clothes fluttered like anxiety in his heart.

Everybody looked as he pointed.

They discolored in fright. Deep desperation appeared in their eyes while chills were sent down their spines.

A ma.s.sive silver dragon skeleton bigger than any battleship they knew with lightning flashing and thunder booming slowly approached them in layers of dark clouds and mist. A prestige from the chaotic, primal time swarmed over and filled each corner of this area!

It subdued every creature!

Sitting on the skull of the dragon was a stern and majestic figure like a mountain. He had the makings of the lord of the stars. Naturally, people felt subdued and didn't have the will or thought of rebelling.

Looking at the figure sitting on the dragon's head, Chen Lei and the remaining warriors of the Chen family felt so bitter. They all wore desperate, reluctant faces.

They suddenly understood that they would never have the power to take revenge on this man.

While they were glumly sighing, the gigantic dragon skeleton stopped by. Shi Yan's line of sight fell on Chen Lei like a meteor. He said indifferently, "The greedy ones who dared to scheme against me have gone one step ahead. It's not your fault, I understand. I kept my words of what I've agreed with you."

Pausing for a while, he frowned. "Do you want to leave here or rebuild the Chen family? Have you made up your mind yet?"

Chen Lei was surprised. She thinned her lips and pondered for a long time. Then, she said softly. "I want to stay and rebuild the Chen family. We don't want to abandon our homeland. We don't want to start all over again in a star area we don't belong in."

"I highly appreciate your choice."

Then, a ma.s.sive hand made of the stars suddenly got through a vortex in the sky, pulling and twisting in there. Shortly after, the ma.s.sive hand forcefully grabbed a lot of items and took them out of the vortex. The hand then unfolded above Chen Lei's head.

Instantly, many precious crystals, excellent sets of armor, fragrant pellets, and sharp weapons fell from that ma.s.sive star hand.

Many of those cultivating materials, armor, or pellets were at the Divine Grade level. Chen Lei and her warriors became dumbstruck.

"Those things came from Thunder Firmament Lake. After I killed Wright, they've become unowned. Since you've cooperated with me well, I bestow these things to you. I hope it will help you strengthen the Chen family."

Shi Yan looked at her and pondered for a while. "You are more suitable to become the head of the Chen family than your brother Chen Rong. With his characteristics and vision, even if he had those items, he would never be able to give a new brighter future to the Chen family. You can do that. Don't fail me. I hope that when we meet again, the Chen family will become the number one force in Thunder Firmament Star Area."

Afterward, the Immemorial Thunder Dragon rolled one more time and went to the barrier inside the layers of dark clouds and mist, heading to Shi Yan's bright and magnificent future.

"Soul Reviving Pellet level 5 Divine grade! Spirit Jade Divine Grade level 6! Gosh, he gave us all the good stuff!"

"He killed Wright! He killed Wright! Oh my G.o.d, Chen Rong and Chen Hong were crazy. They dared to scheme against them!"

"They deserved it! Bad sight. Why did they have to provoke them?! They went against the G.o.d of Slaughter!"

"Wright had collected all the treasures of the star area. And now, we got half of them. Our Chen family has a future now!"

"Hey, this is... this is the Ten Thousand Flower Congregated Essence Dew! It can erase all kinds of scars!"

A guard of the Chen family carefully gave Chen Lei a jade bottle and said excitedly. "Madame Lei, this Ten Thousand Flower Congregated Essence Dew can recover your beautiful face. Madame Lei used to be the most beautiful lady of our Chen family. With this, Madame Lei will never be upset because of your appearance anymore."

However, Chen Lei ignored him. Her eyes fixed on the direction the Immemorial Thunder Dragon had disappeared. She kept silent for a long time.

"Madame Lei! Madame Lei!" the guard kept calling her.

After a long time, Chen Lei took a deep breath and mumbled to herself before talking to her warriors, "From now on, I'm the Master of the Chen family. I will give you guys and the Chen family a whole new future! The Chen family will definitely become one of the strongest force in Thunder Firmament Star Area!"

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