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Crack! Crack!

The ma.s.sive mine created by several mineral stars could be compared to a small-sized life star, but its volume wasn't small and its weight could be even heavier than a big life star.

Explosions and shattering sounds became thicker.

The members of the Chen family were frightened. Looking at the mine with earth-shaking commotions, they were guessing what was going in there.

"Retreat! Retreat! All of you!"

Chen Rong and Chen Lei shouted and asked the Chen family warriors to leave the mine. They discolored and instinctively moved away.

While they were retreating, the commotion inside the mine became scarier. They could see many big rocks explode and shoot up into the sky before disappearing bizarrely.

They were so frightened. However, when they looked at the mine created by several mineral stars, they found that it was shrinking!

Looking carefully, they recognized that it wasn't the mine was shrinking. It was because many big rocks on the mine were disappearing. It was like a fat man had his fat drawn away rapidly, so he became lanky.

Evidently, it was so strange.

Everything was beyond their knowledge. They didn't know the reason so they could only run away fast to not get involved. They were afraid that they would disappear mysteriously like those rocks.

Shortly after, the ma.s.sive mine shrunk. Now, it was only one-third of its original size!

They saw many fine s.p.a.ce slits drawing the rocks into them and disappear.

"The warriors of the Chen family… get one hundred miles away!" Shi Yan's voice arose with power that the others couldn't deny.

Chen Rong was bewildered and hesitating.

"Chief, it's... I think there's a precious treasure! They're about to dig it up! That mine belongs to our Chen family. He asked us to leave to claim that treasure alone!" A greedy old man of the Chen family couldn't help but hiss. His eyes thirstily looked at the mine.

Listening to him, more and more members of the Chen family had their hearts beat frantically. They became excited when they looked at the mine.

It was human nature. When their lives were threatened, they wanted to live, so they only think about their lives. However, once they were sure that their lives are secure, an evil thought rose in their mind.

Many warriors of the Chen family though that the others were digging some treasure in their mine. They thought that treasure should belong to the Chen family.

Chen Rong hesitated and debated on whether to leave or to stay and bargain with Shi Yan to have a share of the treasure.

At least... he has to give us a bowl of soup, right?

He thought instinctively.

He knew Wright and the entire G.o.d Clan warriors here were killed, but he didn't know that Shi Yan did that. Shi Yan had only First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm and he had never told them his real position. Also, the Chen family didn't have a lot of communication with the world outside, so he guessed that someone else had killed Wright.

Thus, he wasn't really afraid of Shi Yan. When his life wasn't threatened and he was greedy for treasure, such enticement made him not recognize his position.

"Retreat!" Chen Lei hissed. The scar on her cheek twisted. She looked worried and hurried.

She knew the situation better than Chen Rong and her eyes were much sharper. She knew Shi Yan's intimidation. "Listen to him. Or else, we will receive a deadly disaster!"

"That treasure should belong to our Chen family! We should at least know what it is. We should at least have a share of it, right?" The man who had triggered the crowd talked again. He looked at Chen Lei with cold eyes. "Do you like him? Don't ever think about it. With your appearance, it's impossible!"

Listening to him, Chen Lei felt so cold. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. "Uncle Hong! How dare you say that?"

Chen Hong was at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. He was an important warrior in the Chen family too. With a cold and stiff face, he said, "Isn't it true? If you don't like him, why are you protecting him? Why don't you think about our family's welfare? You brought him here, didn't you?"

Many warriors of the Chen family were surprised. They then looked at Chen Lei.

Except for the warriors who had followed Chen Lei for years, the mine slaves and the other warriors of the Chen family looked at her doubtfully, their faces dark.

They doubted Chen Lei that she had found the treasure when she had managed this mining area. They thought that Chen Lei had used this ma.s.sive treasure to pay for Shi Yan's service of killing the G.o.d Clan warriors here.

Chen Lei looked at their countenances. She felt so down. Eventually, she looked at Chen Rong. "There are some people we can't ever offend. For our Chen family, I hope you will think more carefully."

"I know," Chen Rong frowned at her. "We will just watch from a far distance. We want to see what kind of treasure it is. I think we can try for something. It's good if we can get it.

Chen Rong's eyes sparkled.

"It should belong to our Chen family. Even if he's more overbearing, he should give us some soup, right?" Chen Hong licked his lips.

Chen Lei was desperate. She wasn't a fool. She could see Chen Rong's greed. As they weren't threatened from the G.o.d Clan anymore, Chen Rong wanted to show off his power. The "big treasure" there was also a big chance to him.

"Whoever believes me, come with me now," she sighed and left with a desperate countenance.

Many mine slaves and the guards under her commands followed her silently.

Chen Rong and the other members of the Chen family retreated a little and continued watching the mine. They didn't listen to Shi Yan's order to retreat one hundred miles away.

"Chief!" Chen Hong looked at the place with greed. "When the great treasure appears, it will come with a great phenomenon. That man has just First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. It will take a lot of energy from him to activate the treasure. Should we?"

"Shut up!" Chen Rong hissed.

Chen Hong looked at him. He was moved, but he just nodded and said nothing. He got his calculation.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The mine still had earth-shaking commotions.

Gradually, many clouds came from the far away area, hovering above the mine. Lightning flashed and thunder echoed inside the clouds. Lightning bolts shot out of the mine and stirred up the entire area.

In the flashes of lightning and the echoing thunder, a gigantic silver dragon skeleton arose. A thick layer of Wind Thunder Stone covered this skeleton. They then fell off the dragon's body.

Shi Yan and Ouyang Luo Shuang appeared in the dazzling light so the others couldn't see them. They continuously changed their positions above the silver dragon skeleton as if they were surveying something.

"It's... It is..." Chen Hong stammered as he was so shocked by the ma.s.sive skeleton.

"That skeleton belongs to a level 13 beast! Oh gosh, the lightning and thunder energy from it is so earth-shaking! It's a real treasure! An incredible treasure!" screamed a warrior of the Chen family.

"Sir!" Chen Hong looked at Chen Rong, his eyes showing his greed.

Chen Rong's heart beat frantically as his eyes were fixed on the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's remains. "Sir, we've been guarding this place for several thousand years. That mine belongs to our Chen family. Please consider our harsh living situation for many years and give us a bit of that skeleton. We will appreciate your good deeds a lot!"

Shi Yan was astounded in the light. He looked at Chen Rong from a far distance and frowned. "I told you guys to retreat one hundred miles away. Didn't you hear me?"

"It's our Chen family's territory. Why can't we stay here to investigate from the beginning?" shouted Chen Hong.

Shi Yan was so surprised. He looked at the man from a distance and talked oddly. "Oh, it turns out you're greedy for treasures. How ridiculous! You're just a bunch of ants that had to struggle to survive. And now you're so greedy that you want to steal the elephant's food. Haha."

As soon as he finished, a moonlight shot out from Ouyang Luo Shuang's light and fell on Chen Hong like a meteor.

Immediately, Chen Hong shattered like gla.s.s powder. His body exploded so quickly that he could not even register that he was dying.

Chen Rong was shocked. He was awakened quickly and he screamed, "We will go now!"

He had never thought that the others would be so cruel. He thought that he could bargain for something because the others would have spent a lot of energy already so it was a chance to seize something.

But he regretted it now.

"I'm going to clean this mess for you. Just focus on your work," Ouyang Luo Shuang said and then flew away. Instantly, the moonlight beams shot out like a shower of arrows. The remaining Chen family warriors exploded shortly after.

Shi Yan just felt that it was ridiculous. He didn't even bat an eye on the Chen family member as he said deliberately. "Then thank you. I don't need to distract my mind then.

Then, he continued to use his energy and cut off the rock on the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's body to reveal it completely.

"We were so wrong! We know that we were wrong! We beg for your mercy!" Chen Rong screamed as if he could even tear his intestines and begged. At this moment, he knew that he would never have sharp eyes like his sister Chen Lei. He knew that he was so wrong this time.

Unfortunately, Shi Yan didn't mind and Ouyang Luo Shuang wasn't going to stop her slaughter.

In her eyes, the Chen family's deed was so low. She had to kill all of those greedy, despicable warriors to clear her mind and purify her mood.

Thus, Chen Rong's group had to die.

In a pretty far area, Chen Lei and a group of warriors in shabby clothes looked at them and the moonlighting shooting like arrows. Although she was so mournful, she said through her gritted teeth. "No one's allowed to get there!"

"Madame Lei!" screamed a guard.

"Please, I'm begging you. Please stay to hold on to the Chen family's bloodline. Don't go there to die." Chen Lei clutched her chest. "It's they who seeks death. I told them those weren't warriors we could provoke. They didn't listen to me. Their fate was determined by their greed."

Listening to her, the warriors on her side quieted down.

They also knew that Chen Rong and Chen Hong weren't nice people before they were enslaved by the G.o.d Clan. Living under the G.o.d Clan's subjugation, they had to turn more honest. However, as soon as the G.o.d Clan's threat was gone, their nature came back. They did the same things they used to do.

However, the one they had encountered this time was even more brutal and heartless than the G.o.d Clan.

Thus, their dramatic fate was sealed.

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