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Crack! Crack!

The thick ice in the heavenly lake cracked. Waves of fierce energy expanded from Shi Yan and exploded even the void. Billions of beams of light bloomed in the universe.

At this moment, Shi Yan became a volcano that had just erupted after years of sleeping.

That kind of energy fluctuation was fierce and abundant and it made Lei Dong, Ji Feng, and Harmon change their visages. Instinctively, they backed off and made some distance from them.

"Absolutely. This isn't the power that a Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm expert could have. Moreover, he has just broken to the new realm." Ji Feng's face twitched as he had a sour countenance. "He's worthy of his t.i.tle of the new Master of the Bloodthirsty Force. The power he now shows can compare to Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm experts who have been in that realm for a long time. So scary!"

"If he was like the warriors at the same dream, how could he kill Wright?" Lei Dong smiled.

When they were talking, the glacier over there exploded altogether with the s.p.a.ce.

However, after one piece of the s.p.a.ce there exploded, it immediate recovered as if there was a hand smoothening them immediately.

They didn't know that Shi Yan's commotion when he was breaking through had also cracked a corner of DeCarlos' seal and made him spend a huge amount of energy to fix it. He also cursed Shi Yan under his breath for his vandalism.


Shi Yan walked out of the pile of broken ice and appeared directly in front of Lei Dong. He grinned, "You did it well."

If Lei Dong hadn't been calm enough to stop Ji Feng and Harmon from acting rashly, Shi Yan would have had more trouble.

The Ring Spirit wasn't someone Shi Yan could underestimate. If Ji Feng and Harmon had used their Soul Consciousness to check, their souls would have been unguarded and the Ring Spirit could have possessed them quickly. It then could have used their bodies to attack Shi Yan and stop him from finishing his breakthrough. It could have even broken his soul altar.

Lei Dong's calm state made Ji Feng and Harmon stand and watch, letting him handle everything.

He had successfully drawn the energy of the Origin through his co-soul to freeze and seal himself. Then, his co-soul had guided the star energy to draw more energy from the sea of stars and used the Devouring power Upanishad to gather the starlight that had successfully transformed his G.o.d power Ancient tree.

Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness checked his internal conditions and he was so happy to see the G.o.d power Ancient Tree had become shiny with magnificent light sparkling from the branches and leaves.

That light came out from his lower abdomen and connected with his veins to create a complete circuit.

Today, the G.o.d power Ancient Tree in his body had grown twice and its branches had connected to his veins. When his thoughts changed, the G.o.d power surged ma.s.sively and directly poured into his veins, merging with his blood and flesh. This kind of rising energy was almost tyrannical to him.

The amount of his acc.u.mulated energy was much more than what the warriors at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm had. The energy he took from Wright and the other two had provided him with a lot of G.o.d power!

The warriors at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm had their G.o.d power Ancient Tree connect with their veins direction. It allowed the G.o.d power to flood the veins instantly. This had doubled the attack speed!

Touching his glabella, the radiant Incipient Extent arose in the middle of the sky. The stars in his Incipient Extent were like ma.s.sive, dazzling diamonds.

As soon as his thoughts changed, green trees and gra.s.s grew and bloomed with the mountains, rivers, and lakes. He could even create earthquakes and shift among the four seasons. His Incipient Extent had become closer to reality.

The three power Upanishads in his soul altar had been blending with each other magically and harmoniously. As his realm increased, his three power Upanishads could change soon and make his Incipient Extent more real. This feeling was so clear. After reaching Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, he seemed to have found the right direction.

The direction to reach the higher realm!

The Incipient Extent was the key to doing that. Shi Yan understood it well.

He vaguely knew that the Incipient Extent and the soul altar were related to breaking to the Immortal Realm.


Lei Dong, Ji Feng, and Harmon bent their bodies slightly, their faces respectful. This kind of respect came deep from their souls.

"Until now, is there any G.o.d warrior remaining in Thunder Firmament Star Area?" asked Shi Yan.

"According to our subordinates' news, we found no living G.o.d Clan warrior. This star area is... clear for now," Lei Dong answered respectfully.

Shi Yan nodded. Pondering for a while, he said, "Thunder Firmament Star Area is temporarily sealed. The G.o.d Clan can't cross the barrier to come here. Don't worry for the time being. I'm the G.o.d Clan's target. They won't send the top experts. Don't you worry. I'll arrange it. My men... will come after I leave to help you rebel against the G.o.d Clan."

He knew that Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick would never gift Thunder Firmament Star Area to the G.o.d Clan. Once he could contact Ming Hao, the experts of the Bloodthirsty Force would come here.

The subordinates he saw in the Bloodthirsty Force's holy land weren't all of them. They were the key members and many of them had their own forces or organization.

In addition, they had the mysterious forces that Ming Hao had controlled in the dark. Shi Yan believed that the real forces of the Bloodthirsty Force wouldn't be weaker than the G.o.d Clan by much.

Counting the other independent forces like Heavenly Monster Tribe, the Immortal Demon Clan, the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple, the Bloodthirsty Force wasn't in a bad situation in this war.

"Thank you, Master! We will go all out to counterattack the G.o.d Clan!" Lei Dong sounded excited and determined.

Shi Yan looked at him deeply in the eyes. "You just remember it."

"Sir, is there anything you need us to do? We won't deny it!" Ji Feng smiled, intervening.

"No need for now. If I need anything, I'll contact you," Shi Yan placed a finger on his mouth, looking at the void around and frowning.

When he escaped the ice, the void had shattered altogether because of his breakthrough. However, all the cracks were closed shortly after.

Shi Yan knew that the expert was still here and he had used the incredibly supernatural power to mend the world here and continue to seal this star area.

"Precursor, are you still here?" Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness after thinking and sent it to the s.p.a.ce crack.

His wisps of Soul Consciousness had moved, but Shi Yan a.s.sumed that he wouldn't receive any reply. Thus, he decided to go.

Suddenly, a wisp of Soul Consciousness came to him from afar void. "You have around twenty-five days. After that, the seal in this star area will be deactivated. Heavenly King Light and Heavenly King Carefree will come. If you can't resurrect the Immemorial Thunder Dragon, you will have to face them alone, then. Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick have declared war with the G.o.d Clan. The great star area war has ignited. They won't be free to come here and find you. You should pray for yourself."

"Who are you?" Shi Yan shook. A starlight beam flashed in his eyes and stretched towards that direction to scout.

"Ming Hao asked me to take care of you for a while. And as for who I am, you will know after you revive my old friend." The Soul Consciousness came to him and disappeared suddenly.

Shi Yan found that his Soul Consciousness couldn't get into that s.p.a.ce crack anymore. He knew that the other had closed it to prevent him from entering the s.p.a.ce crack.

As they both cultivated s.p.a.ce power, Shi Yan knew that the other's realm was much more profound.

Such a character was truly the top expert of the sea of stars. He could move freely between star areas. In this sort of expert's point of view, there was no distance worth their consideration in this world. After a thought, they could even cross the entire star area.

"Sir! Sir!" Ji Feng called Shi Yan as he saw the person immerse into his thoughts, frowning and changing his countenances continuously.

Shi Yan was awakened. He turned to the other three and said, "You guys should check the forces in Thunder Firmament Star Area and prepare for a war in the future."

He rose one hand and pulled. A door appeared. After one step, he disappeared right in front of Harmon, Ji Feng, and Lei Dong.

Then, he appeared by the peripheral area of Thunder Firmament Star Area and landed on the mineral star.

Chen Rong, Chen Lei, and many members of the Chen family had their eyes brighten. They came close and looked at her with hope.

Ouyang Luo Shuang was still cold. Her bright eyes looked at him, but she said nothing.

"Sir. . ."

Chen Lei called him, her face frightened. She seemed to be afraid of Shi Yan.

"What?" Shi Yan asked indifferently.

"You've agreed with us that you'll arrange a new place for our Chen family. I wonder..." Chen Lei chose her words carefully.

"Sir, as long as our Chen family stays here, Wright will come for us. They will obliterate our family. Sir, please help us and give us a beam of hope," Chen Rong bowed to him, looking at him and begging.

To Chen Rong and the Chen family, Wright was a ruthless, ma.s.sive mountain that they couldn't cross. As long as Wright was still in Thunder Firmament Star Area, they couldn't ease their minds. They would be scared every day.

"Wright?" Shi Yan pouted his lips and looked at them oddly. "You Chen family don't communicate with the world out there?"

"Er, we live in an isolated area. We've been living alone for many years. Yeah, it's true that we rarely contact the people out there," Chen Rong answered honestly.

"Wright is dead. There's no G.o.d Clan warrior in Thunder Firmament Star Area now. If you don't believe me, you can call someone out there to check," Shi Yan frowned and said, "Today, there is no G.o.d Clan warrior in Thunder Firmament Star Area, your homeland. If you still want to leave, I will take you. Make up your mind."

Listening to him, the Chen family members were baffled. Then, they burst out screaming and cheering.

Shi Yan didn't mind their decision. He turned to Ouyang Luo Shuang. "If you want to go back to Grace Mainland, I can take you there now. What do you think?"

"I want to see what you want to do," Ouyang Luo Shuang replied faintly.

Shi Yan nodded and walked into a dark mine. He disappeared.

Ouyang Luo Shuang didn't hesitate and followed them. She also disappeared into the mine.

Chen Rong closed his eyes and held a Sound Stone in his hand. He carefully contacted someone and asked, "Dino, I'm Chen Rong. Yeah, we haven't contacted for around one hundred years... How's it going in your place?"

"Are you the Chief of the Chen family? You're still alive! Yeah, we haven't talked for one hundred years. It's really good here. Very good, indeed. The G.o.d Clan warriors are all dead now. We're going to rebuild our homes. How about you guys? Are you going to build your new life?"

The friendly and good-willing laughter came from the Sound Stone, which was the joy of relief.

All the members of the Chen family looked at the Sound Stone and listened to the voice that came out from the device.

Then, people bustlingly smiled and hugged each other. Tears rolled down their cheeks as they were celebrating new lives to come.

It was their new life, the new life of Thunder Firmament League, and the the new life of an entire star area.

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