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"Thunder Firmament Star Area will change its master? Muahahaha! You think you're Xuan He or Ming Hao? You think you're the real master of Bloodthirsty Force?" Wright grinned and opened his arms. Lightning beams appeared in his palms and became a lightning python that was thousands of meters long. It attacked Shi Yan grumblingly.

"Sir, allow me," Lei Dong lowered his voice, shouting and stepping forward.

His sleeves shivered. Thousands of silver b.a.l.l.s rolled out and brought earth-shaking lightning power to encounter the electric python. When they collided, lightning bolts shot out everywhere. The grumbling thunder shook the entire sky as if the sky was about to fall.

Lei Dong used to be the Deputy Hegemon of Thunder Firmament League. He also cultivated lightning and thunder power at the same realm as Wright. He had to change his name and live in seclusion but it wasn't because of Wright.

It was because he was afraid of the Bradley family and the G.o.d Clan behind Wright that could utterly destroy Thunder Firmament League and Thunder Firmament Star Area.

Today, as he got Shi Yan's promise, he had finally erased his fear and worries. Finally, he dared to stand up and yell his real name. "Wright, I'm telling you. I'm the Lei Bao you've wanted to find!"

"Oh, turns out you're that fish!" Wright grinned after the time of being baffled. "It's very good, indeed. As long as you die, Thunder Firmament League will have no spark anymore and this Thunder Firmament Star Area will quiet down. I will set you off."

Ji Feng and Harmon made up their mind upon hearing Wright. They wanted to attack him immediately.

"Your opponents are the people over there." Shi Yan walked and stood in front of them, pointing at the guards of the G.o.d Clan on the watching tower.

Ji Feng and Harmon were so surprised.

They were ready to die and to fight Wright and the two Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm experts. They had prepared to die for Shi Yan. They could pay with their soul altars exploding to help Shi Yan damage Wright's team.

At the critical time, Shi Yan had baffled them by saying that.

"It's enough as you have the will to do that," Shi Yan smiled, patted their shoulders, and strode toward Cook and Jeremy.

He touched his glabella. Two blood lights shot out from his Incipient Extent and turned into a sword and a shield. Both of them were as red as blood.

The eyes on the b.l.o.o.d.y sword opened and looked at Cook and Jeremy.

At that moment, Cook and Jeremy were covered in an endless blood sea. They seemed to see piles of skeletons that had fixed their souls and shaken them hard.

It was the evil that had attacked the deep place in their souls!

Although Cook and Jeremy were at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, their minds were shaken instantly. They felt their blood burn by the fiery flame. Their calm and cold faces were gone.

"Cut the confused mind!"

Cook's pupils turned dark blue immediately as he hissed. Right after that, a cold light came from the sky and cut off the evil thought in his heart.

He immediately regained his calmness.

A cold, sharp peak appeared at his glabella and extended unceasingly. It turned into a crystal clear ice mountain that was ten thousand meters tall and hundred of mu wide. The cold light emitted from the mountain with the power of Ice. It spun and released countless light beams that bombarded Shi Yan.

Cook regained his consciousness. Jeremy was awakened up by the cold air. A burning flame mark appeared on his forehead and began to release the terrifying heat.

Shortly after, Jeremy was covered in that flame. He turned into a burning flame with a powerful heat. Strangely and magically, his heat was matched with Cook's ice and it gave Shi Yan more pressure.

"Ice and Fire Purgatory!"

Cook and Jeremy bellowed. The cold peak suddenly flew up and was placed above the fire. They created a layer of cold and heat energy, flashing and taking turns to appear. It felt like the purgatory with endless torment.

Ji Feng and Harmon weren't far from Shi Yan. The shockwaves of the cold and scorching energies had taken turns to attack them. Their faces turned red and pale alternatively as their bodies felt so chilled and boiled at the same time. Their G.o.d power became chaotic and their soul altars were extremely unstable.

Cook and Jeremy had joined hands and used a special method to fuse the extremely cold and hot power Upanishads. Their combined attack could affect the others' G.o.d power and soul altars. It immediately subdued the others and made them not able to use their real powers.

Ji Feng and Harmon were at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. Under the joint attack of the two Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, they were helter-skelter so they had to retreat, their faces fearful.

Now, they finally recognized the difference between their realms. It was like an abyss that they could hardly cross. It made them feel helpless.

They were shaken when they remembered that they weren't Cook and Jeremy's target. They had just been affected. They then looked at Shi Yan, the real target of the other two.

Ji Feng and Harmon were bewildered.

Under their gaze, Shi Yan stood still like a ten-thousand-year-old rock. He stood imposingly under the bombarding cold light. The icy lights shot rapidly at him like a shower of arrows. However, he had a shield to block them.

Magically, those ice lights weren't shattered. They melted into a cloud blood mark in the middle of the shield.

Shi Yan seemed to not be affected by the extremely cold and hot Ice and Fire Purgatory. With the b.l.o.o.d.y sword in his hand, he quickly turned into his Immortal Demon Body, the fighting mode of the Immortal Demon warriors. The energy fluctuations on his body increased ma.s.sively.

Ji Feng and Harmon found that Shi Yan's energy had surpa.s.sed theirs and wasn't less than Cook and Jeremy's.

"See, he's the new Master of the Bloodthirsty Force. He's not someone we can foresee." Ji Feng complimented and then said to Harmon. "We should listen to his suggestion and help him clear those people there. Just let him handle that tough trunk."

"I think so," Harmon nodded.

They immediately changed their targets. They scattered and attacked the G.o.d Clan guards.

For the time being, Thunder Firmament Lake was so chaotic. The beauties with the dog collars had to run away and try to find the exit to escape.

The battle taken place in Thunder Firmament Lake wasn't something that they could stand. Only a shockwave was enough to burn them into ashes instantly.

The two cold and hot energies attacked Shi Yan like waves in the sea and hit his body brutally.

Shi Yan stood still.

In the s.p.a.ce crack, he had known the real power of the b.l.o.o.d.y sword and the b.l.o.o.d.y shield through the "Ring Spirit." Since then, his competence increased one level.

After the recent slaughter, Shi Yan got used to using the sword and the shield. With the marvelous abilities of his three power Upanishads and different explosive energies, he dared to challenge the three Incipient G.o.d Realm experts.

He was confident that he could kill them all!

"Today, I'll borrow your energy to reach a new height."

Shi Yan's eyes became as red as blood. His thoughts flickered and the b.l.o.o.d.y shield had turned into many cl.u.s.ters of blood clouds, fusing perfectly with his Immortal Demon Body. The Immortal Demon Blood in his body boiled as it was activated altogether. Instantly, Shi Yan got endless power.

Touching his forehead, a brilliant band of starlight moved out of his glabella. The others could see the blood light moving inside that magnificent starlight band. It looked like a star river now had the blood veins like a human body, which was extremely strange, indeed.

The star river flew out and aimed at Cook and Jeremy. However, it slowly disappeared in midair and Cook and Jeremy couldn't locate it with their Soul Consciousness.

Abruptly, it became clear!

This time, when it emerged, the starlight band thrust into the ice peak that Cook had created like a sharp knife!

It came with the sharpness of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The gigantic ice peak shattered and broke into millions of ice pieces at different sizes after the sharp star river struck it. The pieces then disappeared into Cook's body.

"How can you have such terrifying power?!?" The armor on Cook's Undying G.o.d Body cracked and broke. He had many cuts on his body as if many pairs of scissors had just cut him.

"Well, without such power, how could I dare to challenge the three of you?" Shi Yan grinned fiendishly and turned into a meteor light that fell on Jeremy's fire. "Don't you know that I'm fused with the ancient continent Origin? Why do you dare to play with fire in front of me?"

Shi Yan opened his mouth to spray different-colored flames. They hovered like lanterns around him.

As soon as flames emerged, the distinctive auras of the heaven flames diffused while Jeremy's flame shrank rapidly. It was like a low-level creature that instinctively avoided the high-level creature.

"Ice and Fire Fusion!"

Cook and Jeremy changed their countenances. After exchanging looks, they shouted in unison.

The ice pieces Cook had taken in were sh.e.l.led out of his body like cannon b.a.l.l.s falling into Jeremy's fireball. Although it had received the ice, the fire wasn't extinguished. Quite the contrary, an unknown power was generated with the terrifying, turbulent energy fluctuations.

After Cook and Jeremy had performed this joint power Upanishad, they looked restless and anxious as if they were afraid of some sudden trouble.

Apparently, they hadn't mastered this collective power Upanishad yet. If they weren't in a reluctant situation, they wouldn't have used it.

The fireball ballooned after receiving the ice pieces. It looked like a big hot air balloon that was about to explode. The energy fluctuations from the fireball were so formidable.

It was like an entire life star that was about to explode!

Shi Yan changed his visage for the first time and gave his compliments. "Ice and Fire aren't supposed to be together. You're really talented that you can make it to this level. However, it's not perfect. The fusion happened too slowly and you guys aren't strong enough control it."

Shi Yan urged his soul altar and charged the power Upanishad. His starlight band now magically turned into a s.p.a.ce crack that affected the ballooning fireball.

Suddenly, a s.p.a.ce energy that didn't belong to Shi Yan strangely came over and changed his star river.

A s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage appeared inside Shi Yan's starlight band with a suction force that cooperated well with Shi Yan's thought.

The fireball that could explode at any minute was pulled into the star river and it teleported to an unknown area.

Cook and Jeremy immediately lost the connection with the fireball. Half of the G.o.d power in their bodies was used. They discolored and their faces looked like the color of the earth as they were so frightened.

It was clear that they had more bad luck than good luck this time.

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