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Avatar descended from the sky. His twelve electric dragons roared and stormed out, releasing scorching heat that covered Chen Rong and Chen Yan.

Inside that wild electric current, Chen Yan shivered. He used the Wood power Upanishad to pull the ancient trees together and shield himself.

Chen Rong cultivated Wind power Upanishad. He gazed at Avatar, his energy flying out of his eyes. Hundreds of wind blades appeared in the void of Heaven Cloud Star. They came ma.s.sively like daggers covering the sky that attempted to crush Avatar.

Unfortunately, Avatar was wearing the excellent armor of the G.o.d Clan. The light rolled torrentially on his armor and created layers of light to stop Chen Rong's wind blades.

Avatar was the warrior of the Bradley family, so he had many good weapons. Many materials that the Bradley family had robbed from the star areas were used to create many good items that were distributed back to the warriors of the family.

Although Avatar had only Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, he had many secret treasures. Chen Rong could never be compared to him in this aspect.

Avatar's armor had neutralized all the wind blades from Chen Rong. The twelve electric dragons swarmed over the trees Chen Yan had grown and exploded them. When the big trees were blown off, Chen Yan spurted out blood. His smoking body was revealed in the middle of the wood pieces. His face paled and his eyes were filled with deep resentment. He said coldly, "Avatar, even if I become a ghost, I won't let you go!"

Avatar sneered, "Then I will leave you no chance of even becoming a ghost."

While he was talking, the wind shield on Chen Rong's body exploded. The dragons then slashed his body.

Although both of them were at the same realm, Avatar had always had the upper hand. Chen Rong was much weaker in any aspect including the power Upanishad understanding, the G.o.d power, and the level of secret treasures.

He finally understood why Wright had sent only Avatar, a warrior at the same realm as him, to be based on Heaven Cloud Star. Wright knew that Avatar could subdue the Chen family by himself.

When he recognized this sad fact, he knew that it was too late. The doomsday of the Chen family was going to come soon.

"Do you really think that we couldn't find any other slaves to exploit the mine besides your Chen family warriors?" Avatar sneered, "Well, to tell you the truth, our Bradley family is going to invade another star area. We will have a lot of mine slaves then. If you don't behave, you will disappear, just like the Thunder Firmament League. First, I will bathe the Heaven Cloud Star in blood. Then, I will order my troopers to kill all the slaves on the mineral stars."

Chen Rong's face was filled with desperation.

Chen Yan gawked. Now, he recognized that an impulsive action without power would only bring their family a deadly disaster.

Unfortunately, there was no solution to this regret. He knew the Chen family was coming to an end now.

"Save my brother! Please, hurry! Save my brother!" A voice that shouldn't be here came from the sky and expressed its owner's worries.

Chen Rong was baffled. His face became grimaced as he thundered, "Chen Lei! Move! Go away!"

To this sister, he had always regretted. When the family was about to be destroyed, he wasn't happy to hear his sister's voice. He felt so chilled as if he had just fallen into a dark abyss.

"Save my brother, please!" Chen Lei's voice arose one more time. Then, gold beetle war chariots appeared from the layers of clouds in the sky.

"Oh well, good then. I can kill you all. I don't need to order the others." Avatar laughed, his eyes scanning Chen Lei's body. He was shocked when he saw Ouyang Luo Shuang standing behind Chen Lei on the gold beetle war chariot. His eyes became so hot.

It was also the last time his eyes became bright.

Immediately, Shi Yan landed like a sharp sword and thrust it into his head.

He thrusted into the man's head.

One hand of his stabbed through Avatar's skull, grabbing his brains and urging his Devouring power Upanishad. Then, the others could see Avatar's body wither terrifyingly as if a pump machine was sucking his blood and flesh. Shortly after, he had only a skin bag covering his skeleton. Shi Yan retracted his hand and Avatar's remains scattered like dust gone with the wind.

The warriors of the Chen family on the gold beetle war chariots were frightened. Shivers were sent down their spines.

Shi Yan licked his lips as if he wasn't satisfied yet. He mumbled, "Oh, turns out it works this way too. I was too afraid that I would be discovered, so I haven't tried all the abilities of Devouring power yet..."

He released his Soul Consciousness to look around. Throwing a glance at the mountain where the holy land of the Chen family was situated, he grinned. After one step, he disappeared.

Ouyang Luo Shuang didn't want to go with him and she didn't even throw a glance at the mountain.

"He... he is..." Chen Rong was bewildered. He sounded terrified. "He's the man on the drawing?"

Chen Lei nodded.

At the same time, the painful and horrible screeching arose from the mountain. They then saw that the warriors of the G.o.d Clan who they hated to the bone, were trying their best to run away from the mountain.

When Chen Rong turned around to see, they found a layer of blood covering the entire mountain. They could hear the screeching and screaming from the warriors there, but they couldn't see what was going on there.

"It... What's going on?" Chen Rong stammered.

"Before we came here, we were in the mineral stars. There's no G.o.d warrior guarding this place anymore," explained Chen Lei.

Chen Rong and Chen Yan were frightened. After several minutes, Shi Yan returned and he had changed into another black costume. He strolled toward them, shaking his hands that had the dark blood stains. He came to Chen Lei and Chen Rong and said, "Is there any G.o.d warrior left in Heaven Cloud Star?"

Chen Rong shook his head.

Shi Yan frowned and said, "Where's the nearest spot that the G.o.d Clan warriors can gather? How is their scale? Is there any Incipient G.o.d Realm expert?"

"Yes, there's an Incipient G.o.d Realm expert guarding Heaven Wind Star near here," said Chen Rong hurriedly.

"Which direction?"


"Very well!"

Shi Yan turned to Ouyang Luo Shuang. Contemplating for a while, he said, "My power is recovered sufficiently. You don't need to go with me anymore. If you have stuff to do, you can leave now."

"I don't know where the Sea Territory is," Ouyang Luo Shuang said faintly.

"Have you ever thought about returning to Grace Mainland? Perhaps you don't know, but it's very different now. It can be compared to any high-level life star," Shi Yan said after pondering.

Ouyang Luo Shuang was surprised. Her eyebrows twitched then she said. "I will absolutely return. It's my homeland but not now. My teacher treats me well. I must meet him at least. We have to talk."

"What you want to do now?"

"I'm not hurried. Wait until you find the Sea Territory. You will take me there directly. It saves my energy."

"Okay, you should come and wait for me on the mineral star."


"You should go there directly."

Shi Yan spread his arms. The starlight appeared in his hands and he sketched a magical s.p.a.ce Teleport formation. With his G.o.d power, he created a spatial door.

The other side of the door was the mineral star of the Chen family.

Ouyang Luo Shuang didn't doubt him. She directly walked through the door.

Shi Yan felt warm. He turned to Chen Lei, "I'm not going to return to Heaven Cloud Star but that mineral star. This door will last for one day. If you want to leave, you should prepare. You can use this door to go to that mineral star."

Then, he turned into a starlight beam flying East. His journey as a G.o.d of Slaughter began from here and he had terrified the entire Thunder Firmament Star Area.

"Who is he? Why did he help us?" Chen Rong looked at Chen Lei after Shi Yan had left, his face bewildered.

"I don't know," Chen Lei shook her head.

"Madame Lei made an excellent decision. She stopped us from reporting to Wright. She had approached these two and given our Chen family the light of hope," Chen De Qiao appraised then narrated the story.

"Wright sent the news to the entire sea of stars. He asked the forces under his management to find that man. I think he's not an ordinary warrior. Maybe the dismal life of our Chen family is about to over." Chen Rong eyes brightened. Then, he said, "Tell the family members to prepare. We will leave this place. We will have a better environment to live."



Cloud Thunder Star in Thunder Firmament Star Area was a famous market in the entire star area. The warriors of the forces in the area often came here to trade. They were from different and complicated echelons.

"Did you hear the news?"

"Haven't you gotten the news?"

"Oh yeah, a Slaughtering G.o.d has come here to kill only the G.o.d Clan warriors!"

"I heard that many warriors of the G.o.d Clan were killed. There's no G.o.d warrior in the adjacent areas."

"Three Incipient G.o.d Realm experts and several hundred Ethereal G.o.d Realm and Original G.o.d Realm were killed altogether. This man has erased some bases of the Bradley family too."

Similar conversations were heard on the streets, in the restaurants, and in many secret chambers on Cloud Thunder Star.

Many native forces of Thunder Firmament Star Area had heard this big commotion of their star area through their private channels. A young man from the world out there had come and ma.s.sacred the G.o.d Clan warriors who had enslaved them for a long time in Thunder Firmament Star Area. They received the news of the G.o.d Clan warriors getting killed almost every day and of this G.o.d of Slaughter.

In a secret chamber of Cloud Thunder Star, several elderly warriors were meeting up, their faces grave. This chamber was protected by many layers of barriers that even a fly couldn't escape.

They were the representatives of the native forces in Thunder Firmament Star Area, the va.s.sals of the G.o.d Clan. They were the ones with a good sense of who had been subdued by the Bradley family for so many years. Today, they were meeting up because of a person.

"What do you think?" The oldest warrior of the group asked and didn't look at the others.

"Old Lei, it's your opinion that matters in this event. That year, you were the Deputy Hegemon of the Thunder Firmament League. We will listen to you." The others had their eyes brighten.

"Don't mention that. The Thunder Firmament League is gone. I'm not Lei Bao. I'm Lei Dong now. Guys, you should walk on your path. We know who he is now. He's the new Master of the Bloodthirsty Force, the future overlord that can resist the G.o.d Clan. The Bradleys couldn't compare to him. If we get his favor, we will have hope." The old man called Lei Dong had Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm and he cultivated Lightning power Upanishad. After the Thunder Firmament League was destroyed, he had changed his name and hidden. He discreetly worked and didn't dare to provoke Wright.

"We've put up with enough! If we have hope, we will agree to try once more!"

"I agree!"

"Sure thing!"

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