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Chen Lei told them everything...

The Chen family had lived in this star area for dozens of thousands of years. They had the family records. The rumors said that from the beginning, there wasn't even a single mineral star around Heaven Cloud Star. They had only dead stars and many ma.s.sive hovering meteorites. They had sometimes blocked the way.

The Chen family used to seclude and they had only cultivated in their Heaven Cloud Star. When they needed cultivating materials, they visited the market in Thunder Firmament Star Area.

According to the Chen family's records, there was a terrifying commotion at the star area barrier ten thousand years ago. A loud explosion accompanied with reverberating thunder like doomsday was heard all of a sudden. The precursors of Chen family came to check and found that a large area of the s.p.a.ce barrier was shattered. Dazzling electrical beams shot out and killed many warriors of the Chen family who came to investigate.

The lucky warriors had escaped from the scene at their max speed. They didn't dare to linger to observe.

After that, the outer s.p.a.ce around Heaven Cloud Star of the Chen family still had earth-destructive shock waves that came from the dead stars and the meteorites that blocked the star.

But the Chen family didn't dare to go there to observe anymore.

Several years after those terrifying shockwaves disappeared, the precursors of the Chen family came to see. Until that time, they found that many ma.s.sive meteorites that used to block the s.p.a.ce were broken into many smaller pieces. The brutal thunder and lightning storm filled the s.p.a.ce. The dead stars there exploded and disappeared while some other small stars had changed their positions. It seemed like a huge change had affected this remote area.

After several hundred years, the strong electric currents still appeared in that area and moved around before disappearing.

Then, the Chen family came and found that the dead stars there had changed. The mountains there began to produce a Wind Thunder Stone. The Wind Thunder Stone had lightning and thunder energy that was like divine crystals to the warriors cultivating Lightning power Upanishad.

The dead stars had become the mineral stars. The Chen family had become richer with a large amount of Wind Thunder Stones exploited. The Chen family had gradually been stronger thanks to those Wind Thunder Stone mineral lodes.

Then, the G.o.d Clan had sent a troop to Heaven Cloud Star because of this ma.s.sive quant.i.ty of Wind Thunder Stones. They had enslaved the Chen family to exploit the ores and transport them away.

"Wind Thunder Stone. . ."

Shi Yan was touched. He nodded as he got it now.

From what Chen Lei had told them, Shi Yan confirmed that the emergence of the Wind Thunder Stone was absolutely related to the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's remains. Perhaps the Immemorial Thunder Dragon was buried in one of those mineral stars. The Immemorial Thunder Dragon used to be an existence at the Immortal Realm, so his remains had terrifying thunder and lightning power. Because it was buried for a long time underground, it was able to change the mountain rock and produce Wind Thunder Stones.

"Take me to those mineral lodes," Shi Yan ordered Chen Lei.

Chen Lei was hesitant.

"So?" Shi Yan frowned.

"It's not impossible, but... the G.o.d Clan's warriors guard the mines. When you get exposed, it will be troublesome," explained Chen Lei.

"What's the highest realm of those people watching the mine?" asked Shi Yan.

"Not very different from ours. However, at the same realm, the G.o.d warriors are stronger than us. The warrior with the highest realm here is at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. He's more intimidating than me..." Chen Lei answered.

"Too weak. Not enough for me to recover my power..." Shi Yan mumbled and then said, "Take us there. You don't need to worry about those G.o.d warriors. We'll handle them."

Chen Lei's eyes brightened up. She nodded happily. "It's good then."

After she could see that Ouyang Luo Shuang had Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivation base, she believed that she would use their power to overturn the bad situation of the Chen family. And now, Shi Yan proactively wanted to attack the G.o.d Clan. It was her wish, actually.

Chen Lei talked to her troopers and took Shi Yan and Ouyang Luo Shuang on a war chariot. They flew towards the mineral star that the Chen family guarded.

Shi Yan stood on the war chariot and looked at the s.p.a.ce barrier that had the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's soul. He secretly left a wisp of Soul Consciousness to mark the place.

Not long after they had left, DeCarlos appeared from a s.p.a.ce slit on the star area barrier. He looked compa.s.sionate when he looked at the wisps of Immemorial Thunder Dragon's soul. He sighed, "My old friend, it's not my wish to let you wait and suffer for so long time. To resurrect you, I need the Origin of the planet that gave birth to you. Even if I was more worried, I would still have to wait. However, if it goes smoothly this time, not only will you be revived, but you will also have good luck. The one with the Origin of your ancestral planet also has the Genesis Fruit. Your fortune is coming to you!"

DeCarlos looked at the lightning beams and smiled, "When you're revived, I will bring good wine to drink with you and congratulate you. I'm waiting for you."

He looked in the direction Shi Yan had disappeared. He mumbled to himself, shrank into a light dot and disappeared.


The gold beetle war chariot slowed down.

Chen Lei pointed at the area ahead of them and said sternly. "That's the mineral star that our Chen family guards. There are dozens of mines. Take a look at them. Can you see those mineral stars connected to each other by some strange matter? It wasn't like that previously. After that great commotion, they've become connected."

Shi Yan looked in the direction she was pointing at, his face surprised.

There were some mineral stars in front of them. Those planets didn't have plants or gra.s.s. There were only mountains. Chen Lei said that those mineral stars were the transformation of the dead stars. It was true, indeed.

Those mineral stars had strange shapes of an egg, a spear, or a ball. Those mineral stars used to be separated. But right now, they were stuck to each other and looked like an ugly chunk.

More pieces of meteorites scattered around this group of malignant, tumor-like mineral stars where people had built some accommodations. They looked beautiful and luxurious with many people walking in and out.

He closed his eyes, scanning through the area. Immediately, he found many low-realm warriors working on a ma.s.sive mineral star. They were most likely warriors of the Chen family. Only warriors could become miners who worked and were exposed to outer s.p.a.ce. Ordinary people couldn't breathe or have enough energy to do that.

Thus, the G.o.d Clan had bullied and forced the Chen family warriors to become their slaves.

The warriors of the Chen family had to live inside the dark mineral stars without sunlight and exploit the ores.

The members of the Bradley family scattered around the mineral stars and stayed in those accommodations. They didn't need to work. Everyday, they just spent time to cultivate, drank and, had fun while watching the Chen family warriors.

Chen Lei looked at those small houses around the mineral stars and the G.o.d warriors, her scarred face showed a deep resentment. The flame of anger burned in her eyes.

"You hate them a lot, right?" Ouyang Luo Shuang asked faintly.

Hearing her, the Chen family warriors on the three gold beetle war chariots gritted their teeth and nodded in unison.

"The strongest warriors over there have the same Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm like you. Why don't you dare to attack them?" asked Ouyang Luo Shuang.

Chen Lei's face showed her bitter and mournful feelings. "I tried and failed. I was confined for three years. If they didn't need more slaves to exploit the ores, they would slaughter us and destroy the Chen family. We exist to exploit the mines for them. They want the Wind Thunder Stone. They use the precious stones to exchange for their wealth and the better conditions for their family member in Ancient G.o.d Star Area. Compared to them, we're just the low servants."

Chen Lei ground her teeth, her eyes filled with reluctant sorrow.

"We can kill them all and even their warriors on your Heaven Sky Star. But aren't you be afraid of them taking revenge later?" asked Ouyang Luo Shuang.

"We heard that they're in trouble now. Lately, they have sent many battleships out of Thunder Firmament Star Area. We think that they are in a war. We want to seize this chance to escape their confinement and leave. We... we don't want to live here anymore because we can't even have basic conditions to cultivate. Our realms have begun to decrease," Chen Lei was dismal and helpless.

"If you sincerely cooperate with me, I agree with you that I will give your Chen family a way to survive. I can take you guys to another star area to live," said Shi Yan all of a sudden.

Listening to him, Chen Lei and the Chen family warriors had their eyes brighten and they looked at him with excitement. "Is it real?"

"It's easy for me," Shi Yan smiled.

The Chen family warriors were so thrilled. Chen Lei replied immediately, "We will try our best to cooperate with you!"

Shi Yan grinned, nodded, and then turned into a light beam that shot forward.

"Who's that?!"


"Ah! That's him! He's the one Sir Wright wants to find!"

Many warriors of the G.o.d Clan on the meteorite by the ma.s.sive mineral star were startled. They hissed and shouted, their faces angry.

However, the blood rain then covered them.

Shi Yan was like a b.l.o.o.d.y sword that brutally thrust into the flesh body. The G.o.d warriors exploded in a blood light. All of them were killed tragically.

Although his G.o.d power was ma.s.sively consumed before, it wasn't a problem for him to deal with the warriors below Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. He discreetly used the Devouring power Upanishad. Every time he pa.s.sed by a warrior, the acupuncture points in his entire body sucked forcefully and the essence Qi, blood Qi, and even the flesh body of the G.o.d warriors were sucked out. They turned into dried corpses quickly.

Shi Yan came to the G.o.d warrior who was at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivation base and placed his hand on the man's head.

While Chen Lei and the others of the Chen family were watching, the essence Qi and even blood and flesh of that G.o.d warrior were sucked out. His vitality drained rapidly. After dozens of seconds, the man had turned into ashes and not even a bone was left.

Shi Yan touched his glabella. The black hole appeared and moved around the meteorite to swallow the soul altars of those dead warriors.

After several minutes, thirty-five G.o.d warriors were slaughtered.

The Chen family warriors were petrified.

Even Ouyang Luo Shuang became slightly pale. She began to doubt if going with Shi Yan was a good move.

Everything had happened quickly. When the Chen family warriors and Ouyang Luo Shuang could get a hold of themselves, the G.o.d warriors were all killed. Their vitality was drawn.

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