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Ouyang Luo Shuang hadn't left because Shi Yan didn't have much energy remaining. He had consumed a lot of his G.o.d power for the trip.

Shi Yan didn't ask her to leave as he thought that it was good to have someone protect him now. It was true that he had consumed a lot of energy.

By the barriers of Thunder Firmament Star Area, he gathered his spirit to see the lightning bolts flash at the barrier. He was so surprised.

Now, he could confirm that the lightning here was the wisps of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's soul. However, he didn't know how to resurrect it.

He was puzzled. If that expert knew that was the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's soul and wanted to revive the Immemorial Thunder Dragon, he should have let Heavenly Monster Tribe know about this, especially the Holy Beast Azure Dragon. Why did he want to bring Shi Yan here?

Shi Yan didn't understand.

The Immemorial Thunder Dragon was one of the ancestors of Heavenly Monster Tribe. Although he didn't have the unique echelon in Heavenly Monster Tribe like the Four Holy Beasts, he was still just as important. With the continent's Origin and the memories of the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird, he knew the secrets of Heavenly Monster Tribe. He knew that Vermilion Bird used to fight the Immemorial Thunder Dragon and couldn't defeat him.

If the Monster Ancestors of Heavenly Monster Tribe could live until now, they should be at the Immortal Realm.

Once the soul of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon was gathered and restored, Heavenly Monster Tribe would have another Immortal Realm warrior. Also, Shi Yan was sure that Heavenly Monster Tribe would stand on his side.

He suddenly understood.

This Immemorial Thunder Dragon could be a special arrangement that someone had kept here and was waiting for someone to resurrect the dragon.

"The Immemorial Thunder Dragon was a creature born in Grace Mainland during the Immemorial Epoch. It had used the Origin's power of the continent. The Origin is structured with the heaven flames. Oh, the heaven flames, the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, the Immemorial Thunder Dragon, hmm Origin..."

He frowned and tried to find a way to resurrect the Immemorial Thunder Dragon. He seemed to grab the key element... His eyes brightened...

"Someone is coming." Ouyang Luo Shuang furrowed her bold brows, screaming.

"No need to mind them," Shi Yan said casually.

Ouyang Luo Shuang didn't say anything else. She stood upright beside him and looked at him quietly, her bright eyes a little strange.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The three gold war chariots like beetles maneuvered near them and accelerated toward them.

The war chariots carried twelve warriors, four on each vehicle. The strongest of them were at Ethereal G.o.d Realm and the rest were at Original G.o.d Realm. They were from a native force of Thunder Firmament Star Area and were working around the star area barrier. Receiving Wright's orders, they had to push their patrolling teams in this area.

As they had Shi Yan's drawing, they recognized him when they saw him by the barrier. The three war chariots hurried to approach them.

The two First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm on the other war chariot looked at the highest realm warrior in this group, an expert at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. That expert had gold hair that was flying with the wind. She was a mature woman. Although she looked mild, her eyes were so wise. However, she had an ugly scar across her face. That scar started from the corner of the left eye to the right corner of her mouth. It made her charming face fearsome. She looked at Shi Yan and Ouyang Luo Shuang in the distance and, her face heavy.

"Madam Lei, he's the man in the picture," said Chen De Qiao, a fat, pale warrior.

The woman he had addressed "Madam Lei" was called Chen Lei. This group of warriors was from the Chen family dwelling in this remote area of Thunder Firmament Star Area. They were living on a level-4 life star. Although the earth and heaven energy here wasn't rich, this area had many precious natural products and mineral stars. The Bradley family had sent a troop to their life star to enslave the Chen family. The warriors of the Chen family had to exploit the ores for them.

Chen Lei was the younger sister of the current Chief of the Chen family. She had the Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm cultivation base, which ranked right behind her brother Chen Rong. Chen Lei had based on those mineral stars year round. Today, as Wright had ordered, she left the base and brought some warriors to this remote barrier area to patrol.

She thought that she just needed to come here and move around before returning. She hadn't expected that she could find the one who Wright wanted.

As the Bradley family had invaded this star area, it had cut off the connection with the world out there. As the Chens were living in an isolated star area, they didn't know the turbulent commotions in the universe lately. They didn't know that the Bloodthirsty Force and the G.o.d Clan were about to fight each other.

But Chen Lei wasn't dumb. She knew the one Wright wanted to find wasn't someone they could offend.

Thus, even though she knew he was the one they wanted to find, she didn't dare to move. Her face grimaced as she hissed. "De Qiao, don't talk nonsense or report it."

Chen De Qiao nodded and followed her orders. His hand clutching the Sound Stone relaxed.

The warriors of the Chen family looked at Chen Lei and waited for her decision.

As the others were looking at her, Chen Lei took a deep breath. Her face became respectful. She flew out of the war chariot alone and slowly moved towards Shi Yan. "I am Chen Lei from the Chen family on a level 4 life star in the Thunder Firmament Star Area. Greetings..."

Wright had given them only a drawing without a name. Thus, she recognized Shi Yan, but she couldn't address him.

Ouyang Luo Shuang's eyes were clear but cold. She had found Chen Lei's team earlier. She had asked Shi Yan what to do with them. Shi Yan told her to consider everything and just do what she wanted. She hesitated whether she should kill them all or not...

She wasn't an innocent girl anymore. After many years moving in the sea of stars, she had experienced many sinister events. She knew how to protect herself in a special situation. Sometimes, killing people to survive wasn't a knot in her mind. She thought that it was inevitable.

She had adapted well to this mad world.

"You guys better not use the Sound Stone. Otherwise, you shouldn't dream about continuing your lives." Ouyang Luo Shuang's cold eyes glared at Chen De Qiao's hand hiding in his sleeve.

"Put away your Sound Stone," Chen Lei was a little shaken. She hurried to order her troopers.

The Chen warriors hurried to follow her order. They all looked frightened.

They were very far from each other, but Ouyang Luo Shuang could recognize that they were holding the Sound Stone. It made them scared and feel unsafe.

And now, they felt lucky because of Chen Lei's wisdom. If they had acted normally and reported to the Bradley family right when they saw them, they would have become corpses now.

Chen Lei was astounded. Although she was at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, she felt a ma.s.sive pressure as if she was beholding an imposing mountain range after she had come near to Ouyang Luo Shuang. She felt dispirited as if she couldn't wiggle. She was so baffled, but she could confirm immediately that this cold girl was at Incipient G.o.d Realm!

This finding made her more insecure.

"Tell them to come here. We need to ask for more information. We don't even know where we are. It's a little troublesome, though," Shi Yan rubbed his chin and frowned.

"Come here, all of you!" Ouyang Luo Shuang gave a light shout.

Chen Lei led her troop. Before the warriors of the Chen family arrived, she said, "I just said that this place is in Thunder Firmament Star Area. We're from the Chen family living around here. We've received Sir Wright's order to check this area. He wants to find you..."

"I saw the picture you keep. I'm the one you want to find. Okay, now tell me. Who is Wright? Tell me the current situation of this place," said Shi Yan indifferently.

As Shi Yan cultivated s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, even though he consumed a lot of his energy, it wasn't hard to check the moves of low-realm warriors like Chen Lei.

However, Chen Lei's team was panic-stricken when they knew that Shi Yan could see every small move of them. Chen De Qiao hurried to explain, "No, we haven't reported anything. We don't..."

"I know. Otherwise, you would be dead now." Shi Yan's face was impatient. Looking at Chen Lei, he said, "You. Explain to us."

"Three thousand years ago, the Bradley family of the G.o.d Clan had invaded our Thunder Firmament Star Area. Then, we've become their dependent star area. Currently, Wright of the Bradley family controls our star area. Wright has Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivation base. He..."

Chen Lei reported in detail the events and the situations in Thunder Firmament Star Area. She had even stressed on Wright's evil, corrupted, and greedy behaviors. She even told them that he kept a lot of beautiful women and made them his pet dogs.

While talking, She carefully noticed Shi Yan's expression as she wanted to get more information.

Shi Yan frowned. After listening to her, he nodded.

"Sir, why did you come to our Thunder Firmament Star Area? Wright wants to find you. Is it because you are against them?" Chen Lei pried.

Before the G.o.d Clan's invasion, the Chen family could be considered rich. With many natural products in this remote area, they had quiet and relaxed lives. When the Bradley family came, their doomsday came together. Chen Lei and Chen Rong's precursors were killed in the battle against the G.o.d Clan. Chen Rong and Chen Lei knew that they couldn't defeat the G.o.d Clan. To maintain the family, they had to be subdued.

Recently, Chen Rong and Chen Lei were abused so badly. Today, they even didn't have enough divine crystals to cultivate. The ores that they had exploited were all brought away ma.s.sively and unceasingly. They couldn't have a bit of it, so they wanted to take revenge.

However, they weren't strong enough to resist, so they had to endure this terrible situation.

As Chen Lei knew Ouyang Luo Shuang had the Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivation base, she had an idea. She wanted to borrow their forces to do something. Thus, she was so cooperative.

"Did anything strange used to happen in this barrier area? Since your Chen family always lives here, I guess you should know something." Shi Yan didn't answer Chen Lei's question, frowning and asking.

Although he could confirm that the lightning beams in this area were wisps of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's soul, he didn't know where the dragon's body was.

If he wanted to revive the Immemorial Thunder Dragon, he needed its corpse too besides collecting the soul. If he could find the corpse with the method he just thought of in his head he was 70% sure that he could resurrect the Immemorial Thunder Dragon!

"Anything strange? A lot. What do you want to know?" asked Chen Lei.

"The events related to the lightning and thunder. Is there any mountain range that suddenly has lightning and thunder, and suddenly produces a lot of crystals with Lightning and Thunder attribute?" Shi Yan said directly.

Chen Lei's eyes brightened, her face surprised. "Oh, you're right. Something strange had happened as you said. My ancestor had recorded something like that!"

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