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"No need, Sir."

Xing Ming stooped, bending and handing the key of the Primordial Spirit Lock. He clasped his hand and spoke to Shi Yan sincerely. "I didn't know that this lady is your woman. Please show mercy. My cousin was wrong this time. We will give you a proper explanation."

He looked at Xing Shang, pondered, and then talked, "Chop off one hand."

Xing Shang paled, his mouth twitching. He wanted to cry but he couldn't.

Xing Ming's eyes were so cold and sinister as he at him. Xing Shang shivered and gritted his teeth. He then took out a sharp knife and chopped off his left arm. The pain from the cut made him crouch.

"Sir, is it okay now?" Xing Ming looked at Shi Yan.

All of them looked at Shi Yan.

Ban Yu, Hao Feng, and Xing Ying discolored. Seeing Xing Shang cut his arm, they felt like it was a sharp saber cutting their bodies. They could even feel the pain and their minds were so tense.

"Hold on. I need to make it clear." Shi Yan didn't change his visage as if he didn't mind that Xing Shang chopped off his arm. He received the key and used the method Ban Yu had told him to unlock the Primordial Spirit Lock.

The Primordial Spirit Lock had a notch, which was the keyhole. Shi Yan inserted the key and sent a beam of his G.o.d power. After a cracking sound, the Primordial Spirit Lock was unchained and the wisp of soul confined inside the chain returned into Ouyang Luo Shuang's head as an invisible snake, merging with her host soul.

After she was unchained, the first thing Ouyang Luo Shuang did was throw Shi Yan a resentful glare. Then, she still stood by him, her face friendly to him.

She knew that it was Shi Yan's words that said that she was his woman who had returned her freedom to her and cut off Xing Shang's one arm.

If she wanted to maintain her freedom one more time, she had to continue playing her role.

Thus, she could only stick to Shi Yan. Her exquisite face became shy although she was cursing Shi Yan under her breath. He had seized the chance to bully her, but she could only go with his flow.

"Little Shuang, what do you think?" Shi Yan said gently.

After Shi Yan said that, he could feel Ouyang Luo Shuang's body that was sticking to his side stiffen. Shi Yan sneered inwardly, but his face was still serious and his voice was tender, "Little Shuang, if it's not enough, it's okay to cut his other arm..."

He threw a glance to Xing Shang.

Xing Shang felt a chill run down his spine. Even his veins were shivering.

Ouyang Luo Shuang looked at Xing Shang then Xing Ming, her eyes cold. She talked indifferently. "You don't need to be bothered with that. I can move now, but I can't contact my teacher. He...will take revenge for me."

Shi Yan was bewildered.

Caesar's team was also baffled. Then they laughed casually as if they didn't mind Ouyang Luo Shuang's words much.

"Sir, please go to the Fantasy Star." Ling Xiang smiled and nodded to the Incipient G.o.d Realm expert who had reported to him on the event as he thought they were done here. "Hao Feng isn't suitable to the Fantasy b.u.t.terfly Troop's captain. You go and talk to his seniors."

The other nodded and regarded him respectfully.

From a distance, Hao Feng's face turned ash-brown. Now, he had only reluctant despair in his eyes. He knew what Ling Xiang had said was similar to a death sentence to him. He could never rise again in the Thousand Fantasy Sect.

He looked at Shi Yan leaving, his heart filled with regret and bitter thoughts. He knew that he could never take revenge against Shi Yan. This guy was a character that their Sect Master had to come and welcome personally. Hao Feng and his family could only stand with their heads lowered. If they dared to protest, they were going to be erased from the Thousand Fantasy Sect. He could only swallow this bitter fruit and forget this event.

Different from Hao Feng, Xing Ying's eyes were bright as she was so obsessed with Shi Yan. Her l.u.s.ty desire churned in her heart.

In her eyes, Shi Yan was cold and haughty, which was the traits of the most perfect man in this world. If she could have one night with this sort of man, even if she had to die, it would be worth it.

She had put Hao Feng, the one who had one hot night with her, out of her mind already. She didn't even look at Hao Feng in his distress. She didn't give him a word to console him. She directly walked away and swung her hips from side to side. She walked to Xing Ming, her father without giving the other a glance.

To her, Hao Feng was now just someone in the past.

"I know from Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's President that you would come here. That's why Caesar and Lorraine are here to wait for you. I'm so sorry you have to experience some little trouble..."

Along the way, Ling Xiang smiled, deliberately led ahead, giving his apology to Shi Yan.

Caesar, Lorraine, and Lena moved by him. This group of people crossed the white light ring outside the Fantasy Star and landed directly on the Fantasy Star's land.

Xing Ming, Gulian, and Ban Yu stayed behind. They didn't follow them.

"Ban Yu, you guys have a rough trip this time. Stay and rest on our Fantasy Star. I will send someone to receive the materials on the ships. You guys come here with us," Gulian invited Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's staff after she had received Ling Xiang's secret signal.

As Ban Yu was so curious about Shi Yan's ident.i.ty, Gulian's invitation suited him well. He agreed immediately, "Oh, then I have to bother you. The items you ordered are on the ships. Just like many previous times, please check and receive them." Ban

"Okay, I'll handle it." Gulian smiled, taking Ban Yu and some high-realm warriors of Chamber of Commerce to follow Ling Xiang, Shi Yan, and Ouyang Luo Shuang to the Fantasy Star.

Hao Feng kept his head low and said nothing. He rode the Fantasy b.u.t.terfly and left, his shadow lonely.

Xing Ying didn't notice him leaving. She pretended to know nothing and said to Xing Shang. "Uncle, don't blame my father. It's the Hall Master's order. We couldn't do anything."

"You should rest well. After this thing is settled, I'm sure I can heal your limb. You've been troubled this time. I will remember this. I won't mistreat you." Xing Ming hadn't left yet to comfort Xing Shang. He used the sincere words to ensure he would recover Xing Shang's cut limb to prevent the man from keeping a grudge against him.

Xing Ming didn't have power as intimidating as Caesar's. He knew himself well. He understood that if he wanted to keep his position in the Broken Hall, he had to have strong subordinates. To achieve what he had today, it was all because of his excellent interpersonal skills.

"I just what to know who he is." Xing Shang's wound had stopped bleeding. He quivered, his face pale.

Hearing him, Xing Ying, Wei Yun, and the other Broken Hall's warriors gathered their spirits and looked at Xing Ming curiously.

It was the biggest doubt in their hearts.

Who was Shi Yan after all?

"He's the new Master of the Bloodthirsty Force. He got the Genesis Fruit. If nothing unexpected happens, he will become the real overlord of this cosmos in the next ten thousand years." Xing Ming sighed and then comforted Xing Shang, "It's our bad luck this time. But it's good that he doesn't care about it anymore. You'll be alright. Right. Because he just enthroned, our Master will give him face. It's because if he can survive and inherit the power of that man, he will influence people in a short time."

Xing Ying, Xing Shang, and Wei Yun were frightened, their faces pale.

"No wonder..." Xing Shang sounded sad.

Bloodthirsty Force was the force that used to be stronger than the G.o.d Clan. Their brutal name was heard in every corner of the world. After ten thousand years, since Shi Yan got the Genesis Fruit, the rumor that the Bloodthirsty Force was about to rise again had spread out in this entire universe.

All the forces in the vast sea of stars had thought that only the Bloodthirsty Force could stand shoulder by shoulder with the G.o.d Clan. They were going to replace the G.o.d Clan and become the main characters of the cosmos in the coming ten thousand years.

They had never thought that they would be in bad luck after they had provoked the future overlord of the universe.

Xing Shang and Wei Yun could only accept their misfortune.

Xing Ying had starlight sparkle in her eyes. Shi Yan was very attractive to her. And now, because of his echelon and position, he was even hotter to her.

She had to grab every chance she had to get this man! She must have him at any cost!

She had made up her mind.


Outside the Fantasy Zone.

It was a chaotic, broken s.p.a.ce with six ma.s.sive meteorites that created strange energy fields like six rivers congregated.

A beautiful star nucleus like the moonlight zoomed over from a far distance falling toward the six meteorites.

A lazy-looking man was sitting on that nucleus and drinking fragrant wine and sparkling fruits. He slowly landed. This man had narrow, phoenix eyes, and the contours on his face were so tender and soft like feminine characteristics. His makings were like supple water, which was really strange.

The man wore a loose robe that could be found anywhere. However, his sleeves were really wide as if he kept the endless supernatural power in there.

The moon nucleus he was riding was the essence of the Bright Moon from a lunar star he had recently refined. It was the tool he had prepared for his student to cultivate.

This area was the place he and his student had agreed to meet up. After he had landed, the lazy-looking on his face disappeared. The holy light shot out from his eyes and illuminated the place. It then projected the situation that had happened here. Slowly, his face became sinister. He snorted, "Those people from the Broken Hall dared to force my student. They should know how high this sky is!"

Then, he touched the moon nucleus. Billions of moonlight beams shot out like silver needles that were extremely sharp.

Puff! Puff!

In just a blink of an eye, the six meteorites exploded. Their fragments bombarded the Fantasy Zone ma.s.sively. They created a fierce tornado twirling around the Fantasy Zone.

Many warriors who of the Thousand Fantasy Sect operating around the Fantasy Zone were in danger. The man's flame of rage had troubled them a lot. Many Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts were killed violently.

The tornado was created inside the Fantasy Zone. It attacked around and then headed to the Fantasy Star. Eventually, the white light rings protecting the Fantasy Star had stopped them.

And that man was riding the moon nucleus, maliciously charged around violently. He had killed a lot of fantasy animals in his way. As easily as if he was breaking dry trees, he stormed straight to the host star of the Thousand Fantasy Sect.


In the blood sea forbidden land.

A flow of Ming Hao's soul stormed into Frederick's palace on the Corpse Qi Island.

Frederick and Xuan He were discussing important matters. Seeing Ming Hao's soul coming, they didn't look happy.

Ming Hao's floating soul moved around and said sternly. "Something has changed. I received the news that Carefree has arrived at the Fantasy Star."

Listening to him, Xuan He and Frederick discolored. They jolted up from their seats.

Xuan He and Frederick knew the name Carefree well. Knowing that he was on the Fantasy Star, they changed their countenances and immediately began to prepare their arrangement.

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