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The partic.i.p.ation of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's warriors had troubled the warriors of the Thousand Fantasy Sect and the Broken Hall more. They felt that their hands tied upon seeing Shi Yan keeping Xing Shang as the hostage.

Ban Yu had confirmed that Shi Yan was the descendant of DeCarlos, which had made his ident.i.ty heavier. Decarlos had a good relationship with Bloodthirsty, Dark Imperial Tribe, and Heavenly Monster Tribe. It meant that the Thousand Fantasy Sect and the Broken Hall couldn't offend him.

Xing Shang was captured. What should they do? Xing Ying and Hao Feng felt terrible headaches.

Shi Yan was so surprised.

He had never heard about the expert called DeCarlos. He was bewildered when Ban Yu sounded so sure that he was DeCarlos' descendant. However, he didn't try to make it clear. He maintained his grip on Xing Shang and spoke coldly, "Give me the key of the Primordial Spirit Lock if you want him back."

As Ouyang Luo Shuang's sleeve was chained with a tender starlight, she stood upright by Shi Yan. Although she couldn't move or talk, her pure, elegant makings were so attractive. Her clear eyes were so mesmerizing that they rippled with beautiful lights. She was also frightened.

In the past years, she had been wandering around the vast universe alone. She had a better knowledge. She knew the name of this First Consecrator of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce: DeCarlos. She knew that he was a master of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. It could be said that his attainment in understanding s.p.a.ce power Upanishad was the best in this cosmos.

Shi Yan was DeCarlos' child?

Ouyang Luo Shuang was astounded, but she was more skeptical because she knew that Shi Yan was from Grace Mainland and when she was in their homeland, she had never heard about the name DeCarlos.

She checked his expression and found that he was also surprised. Ouyang Luo Shuang understood it immediately: Ban Yu had misunderstood and Shi Yan was just posturing!

She didn't know whether to cry or smile!

However, hope rose in her heart!

She knew the truth, but the Thousand Fantasy Sect and the Broken Hall didn't. Neither did Ban Yu. With DeCarlos' reputation and Xing Shang under hostage, she might have a chance to be rescued.

"We don't have the key to the Primordial Spirit Lock. We can't give it to you." Xing Ying was struck. She pondered and then said mildly, "How about this? We're going to the Fantasy Star first. I will find my father to get the key and give it to you. Can you give me more time?"

Shi Yan shrugged and spoke casually, "Maybe."

Then, he used the star energy to bring Ouyang Luo Shuang with him while his other hand still held onto Xing Shang. He began to fly towards the Fantasy Star's territory.

Currently, Xing Shang's face was grimaced and as purple as pig liver. He continuously blinked at Xing Ying in the hope that Xing Ying would help him or rescue him.

Xing Ying acted as if she didn't see his signals.

Since Ban Yu had confirmed Shi Yan's ident.i.ty as the later generation of DeCarlos, Hao Feng and the Thousand Fantasy Sect's warriors didn't dare to act rashly. They kept silent and indifferent.

"He's the descendant of an important Consecrator in our Chamber of Commerce. We shouldn't enter the Fantasy Star. But I'm afraid it will be an exception this time. After we make it clear, we will leave." Ban Yu sounded bold. He signaled the warriors of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce on the war chariots to follow Shi Yan to the Fantasy Star.

"Wait a minute. It's an important matter. I have to report it first!" The Incipient G.o.d Realm expert of the Thousand Fantasy Sect accompanying Hao Feng finally recognized that something was wrong.

He didn't want to let Hao Feng act on his own. He had to take it seriously as it was his responsibility to patrol the outer layer of the Fantasy Star.

"Sure," Ban Yu nodded.

Everybody turned to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan grinned and then turned his grin into a strange, bright smile. "You'd better report it to Ling Xiang directly. Otherwise, it will be hard to solve then."

The expert changed his face in fear. He found that it had become even more strange. Instinctively, he thought that something was so wrong.

Shi Yan was too calm. When the Thousand Fantasy Sect and Broken Hall surrounded him and threatened him, he didn't look scared or panicked at all. His calmness was odd to them.

From their experiences, this kind of performance belonged to two kinds of people: the pathetic and dumb, and those with strong backgrounds!

This expert could see that Shi Yan wasn't stupid at all. Thus, there was only one possibility now. He wasn't afraid of anyone from the Thousand Fantasy Sect or the Broken Hall!

This conclusion had scared the expert. He originally thought that he should contact Hao Feng's superior. But now, he changed his mind. He decided to report directly to the Sect Master!

"Please wait up here!"

His att.i.tude became more respectful. He bent his body slightly and then turned around to get some distance from Shi Yan before using his secret method of contacting Ling Xiang.

Hao Feng, Xing Ying, and Ban Yu looked shocked as they couldn't comprehend what was happening. Especially Hao Feng. He knew this expert held a high position in the Thousand Fantasy Sect. Unless he was meeting his peers like Lena and Xing Ming, he wasn't so cautious or respectful. As he treated Shi Yan this way, it spoke up the fact that he had considered Shi Yan's position like Lena or Xing Ming!

Hao Feng was scared. He regretted his rash acts as he knew he had stepped on needles this time.

Xing Ying's beautiful face was uncertain. She coldly snarled and glared at Wei Yun. "You guys have done good things this time!"

Ban Yu looked relaxed and waited When he looked at Shi Yan, he smiled.

Hao Feng, Xing Ying, and Ban Yu a.s.sumed that Shi Yan was the later generation of DeCarlos as they thought that it was the reason why he wasn't afraid of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, and Heaven River Temple. He wasn't afraid of their punishment.

Right when they were chasing their own thoughts, the Incipient G.o.d Realm expert who had contacted Ling Xiang suddenly said something that made them completely perplexed.

The man turned around, his face frightened. "Master has ordered us to wait here. He will come with Master Caesar and Master Lorraine!"

Even the expert himself was shocked. He looked at Shi Yan as if he was something really incredible.

Ban Yu, Hao Feng, Xing Ying, and Wei Yun gawked as they couldn't catch up with the situation.

At their positions, Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine didn't need to welcome Shi Yan, DeCarlos' children, or even DeCarlos himself.

Moreover, the three of them came here together!

In this vast sea of stars, who was qualified to make the three of them welcome him personally?

The G.o.d Clan's Chief?

The Matriarch of Imperial Dark Tribe?

Xing Ying and Wei Yun paled. They were restlessly anxious. Hao Feng's face was sour as he regretted his actions so much.

Ouyang Luo Shuang thought she was dreaming. She looked at Shi Yan, her heart beating frantically. She found that she had underestimated Shi Yan and his mysteries...

Ban Yu was puzzled. He rubbed his chin, his face strange. He didn't know the reason why, either.

He understood that even if Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's President came here, he wouldn't have such a welcoming delegation. While they were still baffled, Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine came together. Gulian, Xing Ming, and Lena, the managers with real powers of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, and Heaven River Temple also accompanied them.

"Ha ha ha!"

As soon as Ling Xiang arrived, he laughed cheerily, his voice filled with joy. "You do give me face. As soon as you've enthroned, you come to visit my Fantasy Star. It's our honor. However, before you arrived, you didn't notify us of the exact time. That's why we couldn't arrange earlier to welcome you properly. We feel embarra.s.sed, though."

Ling Xiang's team had discussed and decided to give Shi Yan face to eliminate his guard and help them smoothen everything.

Thus, they all came to give him a good impression to fulfill what they had discussed. In their eyes, Shi Yan was very young so if they treated him well and gave him the respect he deserved, they could persuade him.

Ban Yu, Hao Feng, Xing Ying, Wei Yun, and Ouyang Luo Shuang, of course, didn't know Ling Xiang's plan. They didn't know that they came here personally with some other purpose.

Thus, all the warriors of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, and Thousand Fantasy Sect outside the Fantasy Star became dead silent after they heard Ling Xiang's voice. They all gazed at Shi Yan now.

They were all dumbfounded.

They had a big question in their heads that filled their minds and occupied the room of their other thoughts.

Who was this man?

"Hmmm! Hmmm!" Xing Shang was still struggling. It was his limitation. He tried to wiggle and make noise to attract people's attention.

"Who is this?" Caesar frowned, his voice low-pitched. "Hmm, a subordinate of my Hall. Why did he offend you, Sir?"

Shi Yan threw a look at Ban Yu and asked, "You explain it to him."

Ban Yu was bewildered. He was still sinking in this big suspicion. As Caesar and Shi Yan were watching him, he bent slightly and narrated the situation.

Caesar snorted and glanced at Xing Ming standing behind him, his eyes so sharp.

Xing Ming lowered his head, sweat beading his forehead. He didn't even dare to retort.

Although Caesar had almost ignored the matters of the Broken Hall, Xing Ming knew how terrifying Caesar was. At the Immortal Realm and with a cultivation base, it would be a piece of cake if Caesar wanted to kill him. Xing Ming had depended on Caesar's name to do many things!

"Well, I don't think our Broken Hall needs your permission to capture one or two people, Sir. If she's your friend, it's our mistake. But I heard from Ban Yu that you guys..." Caesar frowned.

He hadn't finished. His face was still stretched. Caesar, the warrior who was obsessed with martial arts, was also famous for his bold and cold characteristics, but now he looked so surprised.

Many warriors surrounding were shocked, their faces weird.

Because at this moment, Shi Yan suddenly released Xing Ying and pulled Ouyang Luo Shuang, embracing her perfect body. He then placed a kiss on her succulent lips. His kiss was rude and strong that everyone could see clearly.

After that, he didn't care about the anger and embarra.s.sment in Ouyang Luo Shuang's eyes. He just nodded to Caesar and said, "She's my woman!"

His voice was tyrannical and overbearing.

He had surprised many women around. They looked dizzy and pa.s.sionate because of him. Xing Ying felt her body get very hot.

Even Lena and Lorraine were baffled. They blushed, their eyes strange.

"Alright, it's our Broken Hall's mistake. My apologies. I'm sorry for not controlling my subordinates well. I hope they didn't trouble you too much, Sir." Caesar was also an overlord of a big force, but he resolutely admitted the mistake. Then, he looked at Xing Ming brutally and snorted, "Do you need me to teach you what to do?"

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