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Listening to him, Xing Ying and Hao Feng pulled themselves together, their eyes so strange.

Ban Yu snorted and sneered inwardly. "Well, just continue to posture. Let's see how long you can pretend!"

Ouyang Luo Shuang sighed and forced a smile. Her bright eyes looked reluctant as she thought, So you think you can scare everybody? You've deceived Xing Shang and Wei Yun once. Do you think you can trick them one more time?

The warriors of the Broken Hall and Thousand Fantasy Sect wore cold faces and looked at him, their murderous aura shooting into the air.

"Who keeps the key of the Primordial Spirit Lock?" Shi Yan walked out of the room, looking at Xing Shang and talking arrogantly. "She and I have a deep relationship. Give me the key. I'll talk to Caesar about this myself."

Xing Shang's face grimaced. He couldn't hold it anymore and he shouted, "Shut up!"

"Don't fight on my ship," Ban Yu intervened and frowned, "If you damage our ships, you have to compensate. If you want to fight, please choose another area."

"The Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, and Heaven River Temple have invited me here. Is this how you treat the distinguished guest?" Shi Yan snorted and said coldly, "Alright, it seems like I need to find your superiors on the Fantasy Star to talk about this."

He extended one hand to grab Ouyang Luo Shuang's sleeve to avoid physical contact with her that would activate the Primordial Spirit Lock. He held her sleeve and dragged her out of Ban Yu's merchant ship as if he didn't see the warriors of the Thousand Fantasy Sect and Broken Hall around watching him. He wanted to head to the Fantasy Star directly.

Xing Shang and Wei Yun moved and stood in his way. At the same time, Xing Ying and Hao Feng had signaled the warriors of the Thousand Fantasy Sect and the Broken Hall to ride the Fantasy b.u.t.terflies to block his way.

"Sir?" The warrior on Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's ship couldn't help but ask their captain.

Ban Yu shook his head, implying that they shouldn't interfere with their business. "We're responsible for transporting the materials that the Thousand Fantasy Sect ordered. We shouldn't care about the other stuff. Just stand and watch them."

His warriors stood silently, their heads stooped.

The Thousand Fantasy Sect wanted to capture Shi Yan first and receive the materials from the transport ships later. Thus, Ban Yu's team didn't dare to leave. They had to wait until this event finished.

Ban Yu and Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's warriors looked at Shi Yan who was surrounded. They had to stay alert to see how the situation would develop.

Shi Yan was still flying like a dumb fool who wasn't afraid of the power of the Thousand Fantasy Sect and the Broken Hall.

Xing Shang smiled darkly. He opened his mouth and spurted out a blue lightning ball. This lightning ball was created from billions of lightning bolts. The sharp electrical beams sizzled with Xing Shang's pure Soul Consciousness. The lightning ball was ma.s.sive with domineering power and it was aimed at Shi Yan's chest.

"I want him alive!" Xing Ying suddenly smiled, her l.u.s.ty eyes watery and her mouth parting erotically.

Xing Shang's face stiffened as he cursed his s.l.u.tty niece under his breath. He had to change his attack midway. The ma.s.sive lightning ball then turned into a thick mesh lightning net that stretched towards Shi Yan and attempted to capture him.

He knew that his niece and his cousin Xing Ming had the same character. They were really into the stuff between a man and a woman. As he had made mistakes this time, he didn't dare to offend Xing Ying. He could only follow her order and fulfill her wish. He had to capture Shi Yan so his niece could have fun with this hunky man.

Xing Shang felt so bitter and worried. At first, he had followed Xing Ming's order to kidnap Ouyang Luo Shuang and right now, he had to serve Xing Ying and capture Shi Yan. It made the Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm expert, the number one character in the Broken Hall like him, feel so resentful that he wanted to vomit blood.

But he had to do that.

"It's your Broken Hall who started to attack me first. Later on, when Caesar comes, don't blame me for having no mercy," Shi Yan suddenly sneered.

Ban Yu looked further ahead and shook his head with a dark face. He thought that this man was about to die, but he was still talking boastfully. Did he really think that he could create an imaginary relationship with Caesar with some sentences to scare Xing Shang of the Broken Hall?

He doesn't want to live anymore!

Ouyang Luo Shuang had the same thought. She had soon recognized that Shi Yan had only First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivation base, one level lower than Xing Shang. She also knew that Xing Shang wasn't weak. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been captured. Thus, she became more desperate as she thought that Shi Yan had just been posturing.

While the people here were cold and indifferent and waiting to see Shi Yan embarra.s.s himself, Shi Yan took action.

He rose one arm and grabbed Xing Shang's neck despite the s.p.a.ce and distance between them as if he didn't see the lightning net s.n.a.t.c.hing over him.

The strange situation happened abruptly!

It was obvious that his arm was too far away from Xing Shang. However, as soon as he rose his arm, the s.p.a.ce between him and Xing Shang shortened instantly. After just a blink of an eye, people found that it looked like Xing Shang was too puzzled. It seemed like he proactively craned his neck so Shi Yan could grab him!

It was so bizarre!

Layers of s.p.a.ce energy waves emerged at Shi Yan's fingertips that helped him close the distance and grip Xing Shang's neck before his lightning net reached Shi Yan.

"Mmm! Mmm!"

Quickly, Xing Ying's face reddened, his eyes bulging and his face extremely panic-stricken.

The lightning net that was about to s.n.a.t.c.h over him was erased by Xing Shang himself when Shi Yan's eye met his.

In that short moment, the vicious Xing Shang, the Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, had his neck grabbed by a young man that had forced him to cancel his attack.

Ban Yu, Xing Ying, Hao Feng, and Ouyang Luo Shuang were amazed. They thought that it was so unreal. It was as if they saw a ghost in daylight.

The warriors of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce rubbed their eyes instinctively. They thought that they were dizzy. However, the scene didn't change afterward.

Shi Yan was grabbing Xing Shang by his neck. Xing Shang looked so frightened as he tried to pull Shi Yan's hand to get rid of his strangler. But he couldn't do that.

Xing Shang's legs were wiggling like a pig lifted to the air, waiting to be slaughtered. He looked so helter-skelter. He was so embarra.s.sed.

However, Xing Shang didn't have any extra bit of effort to think about his reputation. He was filled with fear.

Because all of his powers including the Qi of his blood body, his soul energy, and his G.o.d power were being drained little by little from the moment Shi Yan had grabbed his neck.

It was some sort of unrecoverable outflow!

He understood clearly and fear crept over him. This feeling of his energy being drained weakened him slowly and made him edgy! He was about to collapse!

He knew how strenuous it was for him to reach his realm and cultivation base today. He had let others humiliate him to receive the precious cultivating materials from Xing Ming. He had to kidnap beautiful women for Xing Ming. He had even acted servilely to his niece, Xing Ying. To be strong, he had to struggle a lot.

He was so wary of the time without power. He knew that once his realm was reduced, he wouldn't be able to keep the position in the Broken Hall, even if Xing Ming took care of him. He was so afraid. He was afraid that this vision would happen.

With power, he had taken steps to come to this day. He understood better than anyone else that without the intimidating power to survive, he was nothing.

"You keep the key of the Primordial Spirit Lock?" Shi Yan gazed at Xing Shang and asjed indifferently as if he didn't recognize Xing Shang's fear or the shock on the others' faces.

Xing Shang choked painfully, his face so red that it looked like it could bleed in any minute. He shook his head and struggled continuously.

He had tried to let his soul altar fly out of his body. However, as soon as his soul moved, it was struck. Countless flows of sinister, desperate souls invaded his soul instantaneously. He was so scared as if he was about to be buried. He hastened to stop his deed.

"So you keep it?" Shi Yan was surprised. He turned to ask Wei Yun.

Wei Yun shook his head, his face panic-stricken. "No, no, I don't have it. Really, I don't have it."

"Buddy, you dare to attack the others in our Thousand Fantasy Sect's territory. You didn't care about our Thousand Fantasy Sect's reputation. Don't blame us for not showing mercy!" While Hao Feng was talking, he retreated and gave the signal to an Incipient G.o.d Realm of the Thousand Fantasy Sect on his side.

The man became stern as he said, "Your s.p.a.ce power Upanishad is really excellent. Little friend, you must be the mysterious expert of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. Only the strong forces like Tsunami Chamber of Commerce could have elite experts with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. Please give the Thousand Fantasy Sect face once. Release Xing Shang. Our Thousand Fantasy Sect will solve this seriously."

"Sir, is he one of us?" The warriors of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce couldn't help but look at Ban Yu.

Ban Yu frowned, his face astounded. He wasn't so sure about this.

In this vast sea of stars, most of the warriors with profound s.p.a.ce power Upanishad had been recruited by Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. Although Shi Yan didn't admit that he was a member of Chamber of Commerce, come to think about it, Ban Yu had received the order from Cold Iron City's Manager to deliver Shi Yan to the Fantasy Star. Also, he was pretty young with a high attainment of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. These signs showed that Shi Yan could become a real member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Ban Yu tried to know Shi Yan's real ident.i.ty. All of a sudden, he remembered one expert and his face changed immediately.

"Are you Sir DeCarlos' son?" Ban Yu suddenly shouted. He was startled and he spoke resolutely, "Oh right! Sir DeCarlos is the important Consecrator of the Chamber of Commerce. He has built so many marvelous s.p.a.ce Teleport Formations. He said that he wanted to train his children so he has left the position for several years recently. Is it true that he's done his best to train you?"

While he was talking about DeCarlors, his face was so respectful as he thought it was true.

DeCarlos was a special expert in Tsunami Chamber of Commerce that even the President had to respect him a lot. In the cosmos, his reputation was well spread. He was best known as the expert with the First s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. DeCarlos had built many complex teleport formations on the Tsunami Star.

Ban Yu thought that if Shi Yan was one of DeCarlos' children, he wouldn't need to be afraid of the Thousand Fantasy Sect or the Broken Hall. It was because DeCarlos had befriended with Bloodthirsty. At the same time, DeCarlos had helped Imperial Dark Tribe and Heavenly Monster Tribe to build the s.p.a.ce Teleport Formations. He was a sage with supernatural powers and an extraordinary position in this vast universe.

Hearing Ban Yu shout, Hao Feng and the Incipient G.o.d Realm expert of the Thousand Fantasy Sect together with Xing Ying and her Broken Hall's warriors had to change their visages.

When they looked at Shi Yan once again, their faces were strange as if they were really afraid of DeCarlos. They felt as if their hands were tied.

"Sir DeCarlos is the important Consecrator of our Chamber of Commerce. Although he doesn't admit that he's our member, we always consider him as one of us! Of course, his family members are our Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's members too. You guys, you know what to do now, right?" Ban Yu suddenly hissed.

Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's warriors shouted to reply to him. They rode the war chariots, flew out, and prepared to engage in this battle.

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