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Fantasy Star.

In the middle of a lake inside a forest were some simple bamboo cottages. Early in the morning, the thick mist fumed from lake carried abundant spirit Qi that made this place a wonderland from the fairy tales.

Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine were staying on the islet in the middle of the lake. They were discussing the marvel of their powers Upanishads and the attainment they got after years of cultivating and comprehending the truth of natural power Upanishad. They hoped that they could gather more useful knowledge from the others to increase their realms.

Now, they were learning from each other's opinions and trying to decode the secret of Bloodthirsty's remains. However, they failed every time.

It wasn't an exception this time.

They sat cross-legged inside the bamboo cottage and formed a triangle formation. Three Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade boxes lay open in front of them. However, Bloodthirsty's remains inside the boxes were invisible. Both the naked eye and the Soul Consciousness couldn't see it.

Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine reached out their hands and touched the objects inside the boxes. They released their power at the same time, striking bones inside to see what they were hiding. However, an unknown force from the bones then counterattacked them and shook their minds hard.

They had to retract their hands, their eyes tired. They shook their heads reluctantly.

"We haven't touched a bit of that marvelous energy. I wonder how he can comprehend it." Ling Xiang's finger quivered when he knocked at the lid of the box.

"After many years, I wonder if the G.o.d Lord has found anything. If someone besides Bloodthirsty could understand this power, it would be the G.o.d Lord only, I a.s.sume," Lorraine contemplated, her face heavy.

"After that battle, the G.o.d Lord was hurt severely. His body shattered and his soul was damaged badly. He had to slowly and quietly recover. I don't think he has spent time to learn the mysterious power from Bloodthirsty's remains. Otherwise, we wouldn't have had ten thousand years of living in peace without worrying about keeping our star areas from being invaded," Caesar snorted.

Ling Xiang and Lorraine nodded in agreement. They thought that whoever rumored that Caesar was just a nerd who was so pa.s.sionate about learning martial arts and didn't know how to treat and manage his organization was a liar.

He did have keen eyes and a thorough thought process.

With the G.o.d Lord's tyrannical bearings that year, if his realm and power hadn't been affected after that battle, he would have subdued all the forces of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, and Heaven River Temple and quickly make them the G.o.d Clan's dependent territories.

It was because he didn't have any solution to do that. The Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight hadn't all fallen, so the Four Great Heavenly Kings still had the pressure. Thus, even though the G.o.d Clan had ruled the cosmos for ten thousand years, they knew that they should behave. They didn't explicitly invade the forces that could be a threat to them like Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, Imperial Dark Tribe, the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, or Heaven River Temple.

"I heard from Tsunami Chamber of Commerce that Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick notified them that they have acknowledged that kid's Master position. Tsunami Chamber of Commerce announced that he would go to the Fantasy Star to meet us three to discuss the alliance to be formed. What do you think about it?" said Lorraine, the Master of Heaven River Temple.

"Ling Xiang is already prepared," Caesar squinted.

Lorraine turned to Ling Xiang. "What did Tsunami Chamber of Commerce say?"

"He's enthroned. According to our agreement, we will follow it. We will fight with them shoulder by shoulder. We will give the newly elected Master face. Otherwise, Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick would blame us for not knowing how to behave."

Ling Xiang's eyes were cunning as he said naturally, "Of course, we have to make them fight against the G.o.d Clan. And just like the time we had helped the G.o.d Clan that year, we will support them. However, we're smarter this time. We won't invest a lot of forces in this."

Caesar and Lorraine nodded at the same time.

Ling Xiang looked at the three boxes in front of them and said, "Hmm, we haven't figured out the power of these things. We should give them to him as proof of our sincere partic.i.p.ation. It's best that they decode the secret of this power. Perhaps, we can receive benefits from it too."



Lorraine and Caesar agreed with him.


Deep inside the blue clouds of the Fantasy Star was a hovering group of several warriors. In front of them was the area of the Fantasy Zone with countless illusions of the Fantasy Star underneath.

A girl in the light green dress was hovering in the front. Her phoenix eyes were filled with murderous intent as she was waiting for something.

"Don't worry, Miss Xing Ying. Our Thousand Fantasy Sect has sent people to pick them up. I think they will arrive soon," said an elegantly handsome young man.

However, his hot eyes were deliberately scanning her slender back and ample rear end. He swallowed his saliva, his eyes l.u.s.tful.

Thinking about her wild and wanton characters last night, he couldn't control the heat in his body. He hated that he couldn't rip the dress off her body and put his body against hers one more time.

"Hao Feng dge, is there a problem?" Xing Ying turned her head to look at him. The cold countenance vanished from her face. She smiled as bright as a flower and spoke softly.

Some warriors of the Broken Hall got used to her ability to swiftly change her countenances. They didn't find it weird, though.

"I'm sure there's no problem. I've arranged it myself. I asked Ban Yu of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce to pick them up on his way here. I think they won't have some new trouble. Don't worry. I've arranged for them. I've sent the Fantasy b.u.t.terfly troop to get them. They should be here soon," confirmed the young man of the Thousand Fantasy Sect.

Hao Feng dge, you're so powerful," Xing Ying threw him a charming look.

Hao Feng laughed l.u.s.tfully. His bright eyes gazed at her heavy b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Xing Ying was Xing Ming's daughter. Among the three forces including the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and Heaven River Temple, Xing Ying, Guling, and Cecilia were the famous flowers that many handsome and talented young men yearned for.

Different from Guling and Cecilia who kept their dignity, Xing Ying was famous as a promiscuous girl. She had love affairs with many young, handsome, and talented men of the three forces.

The young men of the three forces thought that it was their glory to have transient relationships with Xing Ying. However, not any young man could do that. Only the young, handsome men with profound realms of the three forces could have a chance to observe her glamour.

Hao Feng had craved for Xing Ying's body for years. This time, Xing Ying had come to the Fantasy Star and requested him by chance. Finally, he had the chance to taste her. Even now, he still recalled their romantic moment.

While Hao Feng was still sinking in the sweet moment he had experienced last night, some beautiful, bright-colored b.u.t.terflies appeared in their sights. They were as big as war chariots, but they were more elegant and tender. The warriors of the Thousand Fantasy Sect were riding them. Surprisingly, Xing Shan and Wei Yun were sitting on one of those b.u.t.terflies.

Earlier, Xing Ying and Wei Yun had to run away helter-skelter to dodge billions of s.p.a.ce fragments that Shi Yan had struck. Then, they contacted Xing Ying to tell her their situation. Hao Feng had arranged the Fantasy b.u.t.terfly Troop to pick them up. They had arrived at the Fantasy Star before Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's ships.

According to the report of the Fantasy b.u.t.terfly Troop, they knew that those billions of s.p.a.ce fragments were just illusions because the Fantasy b.u.t.terfly's troops had told them that Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's ships were still heading to the Fantasy Star without a small scratch.

Knowing this, Xing Shan and Wei Yun were so bitter. They clenched their jaws along the way here and thought about how to take revenge.

Especially, they had ditched Ouyang Luo Shuang. Xing Ming had asked for this girl. They had messed up his business now. It made them tenser.

"Uncle," Xing Ying lifted her head to look at Xing Shan and Wei Yun riding the b.u.t.terfly. She mocked and didn't try to be polite. "Well, I heard that you've found me another step-mother? Where is she? You've lost her even if she's chained by the Primordial Spirit Lock? You're really good. You even asked me to send someone to pick you up. Well, you have my respect."

Xing Shan grimaced. He knew how fierce this niece of his could be. Although he was sullen, he didn't dare to retort.

"You tell me, what happened?" Xing Ying snorted and turned to Wei Yun as she saw Xing Shan stay silent.

Wei Yun stooped and forced a smile. He didn't dare to conceal and told her the situation. "We don't know that kid, but we're sure he isn't from Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. As Tsunami Chamber of Commerce has violated the agreement by bringing some stranger here and we're the long-term partner of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, we wanted to ask Tsunami Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the Thousand Fantasy Sect. We didn't think that we would create such a commotion."

"What did you say? He didn't respect our Hall Master and he wanted to speak to him directly?" Xing Ying shrieked as she heard half of the story. Her phoenix eyes were filled with rage. "What is he? He dared to call our Hall Master's name? Wanton!"

"We thought so," Wei Yun nodded and spoke faster.

"Oh well, you guys are really excellent!" Xing Ying clapped her hands and coldly spoke to the other two. "Two experts at the Incipient G.o.d Realm were teased by a kid. You've made our Broken Hall proud. I do admire you two."

Xing Shan and Wei Yun discolored. They felt bitter but they could only lower their head to listen to her.

Xing Ying looked at them for a while and then snorted. Then, she changed her visage and turned to the young man next to her with a bright smile. She asked softly. "Hao Feng dge, when will Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's ships arrive?"

"Very soon," frowned Hao Feng.

From what Xing Shan and Wei Yun had told them, he knew that Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had violated their agreement by bringing some stranger to the adjacent area of the Fantasy Star. Patrolling the peripheral areas of the Fantasy Star was his family's duty. Hao Feng was alarmed. He became more cautious.

"Are you sure he's not from Tsunami Chamber of Commerce?" He asked Wei Yun.

"Ban Yu confirmed this. He told us that the young man isn't from Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. We're sure!" said Wei Yun.

Hao Feng nodded, threw Xing Ying a look, and smiled. "Miss Ying, you and I will wait here. We'll wait for Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's ships. If it's true, you can take the woman chained by the Primordial Spirit Lock. We want to capture that stranger to interrogate him. After that, Miss Ying can do anything you want to him. What do you think about this?"

Xing Ying smiled brightly and threw him a l.u.s.tful glance. "I listen to you, Hao Feng dage."

Hao Feng smiled, his eyes were seductive and his stance out of the ordinary.


Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's merchant ship.

Ban Yu wore a cold face and walked to the closed cabin. He pondered for a while and then snorted coldly. "We're about to get to the Fantasy Star. You should prepare. The Broken Hall will not let you go easily. You'd better leave early."

He didn't mention that Hao Feng had called him to pry on Shi Yan's ident.i.ty. Since Shi Yan was here under the arrangement of Cold Iron City's Manager, the manager Ban Yu had always respected, he knew his limit and he would never disclose the information.

However, he didn't alarm Shi Yan that the warriors of the Broken Hall and Thousand Fantasy Sect were waiting for him outside the Fantasy Star. They were guarding the tree-stump and waiting for this rabbit.

"I won't bother you. When we get there, I will leave quickly."

Ban Yu rubbed his nose and sneered coldly. He wanted to see if this young man could act casually when they got there. He had to stay under pressure from the Thousand Fantasy Sect and the Broken Hall.

Shi Yan opened his eyes to see Ouyang Luo Shuang with her clear eyes sitting next to him inside the closed cabin.

Ouyang Luo Shuang was looking at him quietly too.

During this time, they often looked at each other like that and vaguely found something in each other's eyes. Strangely, they could subtly understand each other that way.

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